ranz kyle viniel ongsee

This one naman.. haha! Sa mga hindi nakaka-alam this is Trisha Lim!

Ranz Kyle’s ex-girlfriend :)

TRIVIA HERE: Sa mga hindi ulit nakakalam.. alam niyo ba na one time tinawag ni Trisha na kulugo si Ranz sa twitter! Haha isn’t that Sweet?? Hahaha,.

okay.. please.. wag niyo siyang i-tweet ng masasamang bagay!! Lagot kayo kay Ranz! Haha JK!

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Tumblr treeshalim.tumblr.com


Chicser (1D of Philippines)

Ranz Kyle Ongsee, Ullyses Basa, Clarence Villafuerte, Owy Posadas, Oliver Posadas and Biboy Chua. These guys are taking over to the next level! From being a youtube sensation to guesting in tv shows. Chicser is a boy band group, they show their talent by singing, beat box(only Biboy) and ofcourse dancing. Plus They’re expert in swooning girls over!! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Youtube! You can see them anywhere in the net. You may think they’re snob in twitter but still they make effort to say thank you for all their fans. Catch them on youtube&twitter for more information :)

Ranz Kyle Ongsee — @ranzkyle

Ullyses Basa — @chicserullyses0

Clarence Villafuerte —- @cavillafuertee

Owy Posadas — @owyposadas

Oliver Posadas — @OliverLaaance

Biboy Chua — @iiamBIBOY