{Zion}: Women in Dzilis were wives and mothers first, and their jobs came second, if that. 

With that in mind, once girls came of age, they were ushered very heavily to find the proper person to be with. And by heavily, I mean it became such a concern to the point where every small movement a young lady made would mean the absolute world towards their future, leaving no room to breathe. 

But once that was done, the newly-wedded women were left to make their own successes in their occupational fields. Not nearly as much help with that in comparison.

Since I have met Jake, and for ages after meeting Ranwë, I have received messages like these on a very frequent basis. I’ve been ignoring the majority of them, because I have quite a lot of things to do around the farm, and answering these questions over and over again would tire me ten times faster than hauling hay bales.

I have more things to do than to continuously dote on and bother others that clearly have their own lives to live as well. When I do get the time or courage or go-ahead to send a message to who I choose, I will, on my own volition.

[[Note:: This interaction took place before Kaitu laid his egg thus he is preggy in this image! 030 ]]

@askneighbro: “We have some things in common, it sounds…but I must be honest, I have not been very trusting of mobs,” Ranwë replied honestly, still a little unused to staring the ender in the eyes,”Many of the mob friends I have had have long disappeared and I have only met hostiles lately,” He pulled Eldasilquë closer to his side.

The young girl was peering up at the ender, eyes sparkling and full of curiosity. It was safe to assume that she didn’t harbor as much fear as the grown man beside her. And perhaps that is what had lead to his change of heart around mobs…

“I feel anxious about story sharing, there are many situations that I keep to myself. But feel free to ask any questions, I will do my best to answer them.”

Feeling rather tired, the Elder lay, catlike, in the grass. “Of course, I understand, I know our kind can be a little dangerous, at times. Though…” He let out a soft chuckle. “Even if I was hostile, I don’t think I’d be much of a threat. The twins are taking a lot out of me.”

“Is that your daughter? She’s quite adorable. Innocent, and curious. Perhaps she can meet my twins when they hatch, though that won’t be for a few months yet. The Colony I am a part of can be a little… well, Darsha acts hostile at first, but if you mean him no harm he won’t attack. You can come and visit if you would like, I can tell you how to get there. The leader is a female named Khiva, she’s quite friendly and I am quite sure little Sarva would very much enjoy meeting the young one. ”

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Friendly Message

{Zion}: Hello, Ranwë! I’m doing quite well. My sister’s doing all right, too. It looks like our trip is going to take a bit longer than expected. We have to travel several days in order to reach the person we want to see.

It’s wonderful to hear from you. Have you been up to much? 

…I know this is a strange question out of nowhere, but what teas do you like the most? 

Send my regards to Miss Athyallë as well!


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