So I am in the process of making some art finally after like, three weeks of nothing. But I also been having fun just making some fractals in Chaotica in between drawing in Photoshop. I’ve just been really lazy and enjoying my new apartment haha.

I basically made a whole bunch of desktop backgrounds, all based off of my Noisulli and their color schemes~ There’s about fifty of them that cycle through!

Despite my previous post about ditching Ranul’s old personality, when he was more cheerful, I still what to make references about it. Like he’ll age with the story and start to become radically different personality-wise.

Like as a child he was a lot happier and very naïve and pretty much was all about everything and thought stuff was great. As he grows older and into his late teens, he mellows out due to working to become a Creator/Successor, but partially retains a desire to act really childish/is an annoying shit still. But as a full-fledged adult something happens and suddenly he’s constantly faking being happy, goes from extreme extrovert to extreme introvert and becomes almost completely socially unacceptable and puts his job on the line. And maybe he was faking being happy his whole life up to this point, I don’t know?

I’m just trying to make both versions of Ranul the same being, not two separate storylines haha.

(Also the glowing crystal/Iolaria crud is more just symbolism, he’s not actually holding the stuff because that’d kill him. |:D)


“Come ride with me
Through the veins of history
I’ll show you why God
Falls asleep on the job

And how can we win,
When fools can be kings
Don’t waste your time
Or time will waste you”

Every single song Muse has done makes me want to draw Noisulli! |:D
It’s literally so fitting for the *coughnonexistentcough* storyline I made haha.

I find I draw Ranul’s head often when I don’t have any other drawing ideas, but it’s always drawn as “side profile” or “slightly tilted” or “straight forward”…

Basically not even I know how to draw the back of his goddamn head haha. And this is getting to the point where I might as well try to make a clay sculpture of his head or attempt a 3D program. SOMETHING to help me visualize my own OC’s stupidly designed head (but I’m too attached to change).

Sorry boring OC art of OCs nobody here knows about. @n@;;;
I just… can’t stop drawing them. I love drawing their face profiles and all the colors and aauugh. <3 My babies. <333

I’d write more about them but…
God it’s so lengthy and I really don’t want to type haha.
These guys are my most developed and worked on characters and storyline, just sayin’.
But I still keep revamping their designs every year or so!


Cliché group picture!


Quick speedpaints from earlier today!

A few years ago, I assigned various gemstones and metals to my characters. I assigned Ranul with bismuth, and Etinifni with angel aura quartz. Mostly as an excuse to draw pretty rocks that I really badly want a piece to own.

I didn’t realize it until recently though that I assigned them both artificially made crystals, which is kind of fitting for both of them I suppose! ….Is bismuth artificially made like that, or is it naturally like that? I have no idea!


Finalizing some of the appearances of the Creators! And a bonus Successors drawing too!

Unlike average civilian Noisulli, a lot of the Creators’ appearances come from past leaders. They are cloned from a special set of genetics gathered from each past leader, and then genetically altered using Iolaria to make each new Noisulli a unique individual.
Repetitive features happen a lot, and some are more common than others such as “mask” markings and crown-like formations on the forehead. They also skip around each generation. Ranul and Ralos got their looks predominately from Yrovi and Ynobe (who I have not designed yet!)

Also Noisulli have last names! Good luck pronouncing them! ;D

Whoops my hand slipped. (Actually this was going to be a small animation but I fizzled out.) The text is just my rambling haha.

Also tossing around some Iolaria concepts! There’s many versions of Iolaria: a virus/disease form, the crystal-like features on Noisulli, a nanotechnology form and a whole species of Iolarians. All of these are capable of using a Noisulli has a host.

And I’m working on some initial symptoms Noisulli would have getting inflicted with the virus version of it. They’d become somewhat blind and able to only see blurry lights and shadows before other phases of Iolaria kick in. Bloody nose is not one of the symptoms. (albeit it’s fun to draw)


Two small drawings from this past week! I’d post them separately but… nnggh.

The first one’s actually an old drawing of Muinnellim that I found and finished up real quick. The second one is a kind of out of character doodle of Ranul. I just like the colors. :T

I literally haven’t had any time to draw much, plus I have terrible art block! Or actually not really “art block” as more just “I’m going to draw Ranul over and over again”. My original characters are fun for me to draw again yaaay

Playing around with making a playlist for Ranul! (I know it’s suppose to have more than five artists/no duplicates but I don’t exactly have the widest range of songs I listen to. >m>;;;) This is probably more confusing than anything because I never really reveal much of anything about the storyline hahaHA…

1. Knights Of Cydonia Muse // 2. Ruled By Secrecy Muse // 3. All Rights Reversed The Chemical Brothers // 4. A New Sky The Presets // 5. Know Your Enemy Hybrid // 6. Steal You Away Hybrid // 7. True To Form Hybrid // 8. Believe The Chemical Brothers // 9. Useless Depeche Mode // 10. Use You Dave Gahan // 11. Waiting For The Night Depeche Mode //