RANTZONE: What Did Everyone Think Of TopBoy?

I Think It Was Beautifully Shot, Loved The Cinematography. The Actors Were Actually Decent But Wouldn't Say They Were Great. My Favourite Characters Were Kano & Gem (What A Contrast) I Think They Played Their Characters Very Well. However, I Do Think The Story Line Could Of Been Better And There Wasn't Much Dialogue. I Know People That Hate The Show Because Its Based On Crime, Doesn't Represent Black Youth Positively But It Highlights Underlying Issues. To Be Honest There Was Atleast 3 Hotties On My Screen For The Past 4 Days So Im Kinda Pleased :)

adopted person: i personally interpret ere///mika as platonic because I can see myself and my adopted/foster siblings in them so it makes me a little uncomfortable to see them as romantic.

em shipper who is not an adopted person: NO you’re wrong you can’t feel ever uncomfortable because THEY ARE NOT siblings according to the LAW. They don’t have LEGAL papers of adoption so they will never be true siblings. Only blood siblings are real. Foster families don’t exist. Platonic emotional ties are a myth. Me, a biological child, am telling you, an adopted child, that you can ONLY see someone as family if you’ve lived with them SINCE BIRTH. Children over the age of 5 who have been adopted/taken in by a family can NEVER see someone as their sibling, ONLY romantic interest. Boy/Girl relationships can never be platonic. Your feelings are wrong and only I know the truth. 

PSA to fellow eremin shippers

ok I really want to do some spiritual cleansing in the eremin tag because I miss seeing actual eremin content, I went from checking it everyday to once a week because of how bothersome it’s gotten. So after seeing how many people are also annoyed by this, I’ve decided to write this post to spread the memo about how to solve it. Let’s just remember some things

what the eremin tag should be for:

- eremin fanart
- eremin fics
- eremin graphics/edits
- sharing eremin headcanons
- ideas for eremin aus
- eremin cosplay
- eremin centric things
- super important PSA’s like these
- eremin
- as in eren and armin

what the eremin tag is NOT for:

- ere//ri posts, i’ve seen too many it’s ridiculous
- random rant posts
- random asks
- personal posts
- stolen/reposted art that isn’t yours unless with permission + original credit
- spam
- “gonna tag a ton of ships now” NO
- honestly any other ship that is not exclusively eremin, but there are exceptions (such as fanart photosets where the artist drew other pairings)
- keep ere///ri in their tag please

how to keep irrelevant things that don’t contribute to anything from showing up in the tag (especially mobile):

- don’t tag it
- censor the ship name. Put slashes or stars within the name everytime you mention it somewhere on your post, including the tags (like I did above to ere///ri)

This method has worked before and I guess it sort of died down after a new wave of fans arrived, but we can make it work again.

All I will ask of you guys is to collaborate!! Please help bring the old eremin tag back ;~;

the anime team is that bad part of the fandom

- replacing armin with levi
- making levi seem like the main character
- and armin a background one
- making mikasa the jealous obsessive bitch who never interacts with anyone but eren
- turning eren into some fangirl and levi’s pet
- over-sexualizing the female characters when it comes to body armor and forgetting the purpose of sports bras

did I forget anything

RANTZONE: The World Is Just One Big Production

Sometimes I honestly believe that this World we live in is fake. Its like an illusion god has created for us, everything that we see on the news, all the natural disasters are just part of one big production. I cant comprehend how so much negative stuff can happen and nothing be done about it. The poor stay poor, the rich stay rich, modern day slavery still exists. We have come a long way from slavery but racism is still strong. You know when you watch the film “Precious” and you think how can so much bad happen to one person? That’s how I feel about the world.

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RANTZONE: I'm Going On A Social Media Cleanse

I’ve been thinking and I decided to go on a social media cleanse; This means no Twitter, no Facebook, No Tumblr (will miss the most) and im going to add BBM in there too. This may sound like im punishing myself but in a way I am. I have a lot free time on my hands lately and I need to make sure I use it productivity. I have absolutely no self discipline so this is a good way to start. I’ve set myself some goals that I need to be complete by the end of the year so the following month is crucial. I might Tumble here and there for Rantzone & the RealityTV reviews. To be honest im kinda tired of all these social mediums we use to communicate instead of just dialling the persons number. Anyways the main thing for me is to stay focused and work hard towards my goals with no distractions. Im probably not gonna last 5 hours lol but we will see x

RANTZONE: BGC Barbados Episode

I don’t understand how they can get aggravated because Judi is drinking whilst on holiday, Its BARBADOS not bloody Afghanistan. So what, she spilled a drink whilst in a moving vehicle. BIG DEAL. I don’t hate Staci yet; the way the show is edited is so easy to manipulate your opinions of certain people. We all know Staci is not the Bitch she is coming across to be. Shelly is the weakest and fakest bitch in the house. Staci is only acting like she is kicking Judi out the house so she get her straight and scare her, she even said so herself. The only way Staci knows Judi will fix up her act is by scaring her and letting her know she’s serious. Tasha deserves to home, she has absolutely no reason to be in the house. Anyone who boasts about their riches and their lavish lifestyle is scum. However, I don’t think she deserves to be beat up by someone twice her size but she did jump in on defenceless Judi in two fights. 

Rantzone: I hate ppl that think they’re to cool to keep up with the world

I can’t stand people that think they’re too cool to friggin open their eyes and pay attention to the world. I’m serious, if you’re under 30 how hard is it to keep up with mainstream trends? I mean I know people till this day that don’t understand twitter and make me waste my time explaining. So now I must inform them about Tumblr?  I’m not saying there is any harm in asking about things but when you already know cause I’ve explained it to you before, why pretend?

Seriously why you pretending not to know stuff? I feel like punching you. The excuse is “oh I don’t have time for those silly things.” But these are the same people that love facebook. You don’t have to have tumblr, twitter or whatever, just know what the f*ck they are.

I’m sorry if I like to keep up with mainstream but don’t flare your nose up just cause you want to stay boring and old.