Sometimes I feel really down and I feel a swelling in my skin that wasn’t there before and I’m aching all over because when I’m down, I’ve also never felt so alive because I can finally feel something more than just blades to my wrist and paper to my lips and for once, I’m sad but I know that I won’t be for long and that’s so fucking terrifying because as agonizing as it is, I’d rather feel infinite amounts of pain than finite amounts of nothing.

I’m wondering why people forbade one from loving another. What is so wrong with falling in love? What is so wrong with wanting to feel emotionally connected with someone that makes you happy? I don’t understand. I don’t understand how the world is so indifferent and cold to those who say they love someone. Is it wrong to love? Then, why do people glorify ‘love’ to be so perfect and talk on and on about how love is what makes the world continue on when all they do is reprimand those who are “too young” to love…“too naive” to understand…that they are even simply wrong for loving someone who is of the same sex, or of a different religion, different class, different party, different race… Yes, there are sheltered people out there. Yes, you only want to protect them…but you know, locking them up and hiding them from loving someone will only make them more naive. You’ll never know if you never learn. Falling in love, getting heartbroken, falling out of love, breaking hearts… Pain is inevitable. Life revolves around the yin and yang of happiness and sorrow… but learning to cope and deal with the ache is how you grow and mature as a person. So, why take that away from someone? They will learn one way or another and the more you try to keep it from them, the harder it will be to cope as they continue with their lives. So, now, how dare you try to take that privilege away from someone… let them love who they want. let them freely be able to express themselves. Simply, just get the fuck over it.