Neon-colored skull-print tutus and such

Peeps, if you want to wear those things, do it. Rock on with your fluffy neon selves! Just … there is NO One True Goth Style, okay? Not TradGoth, not Deathrock, not Gothic Victorian, not Cyber, not Pastel  Goth … NO ONE TRUE STYLE. There are personal preferences, but none of us under the shadowy cloud of Goth gets to dictate what everyone should and shouldn’t be wearing. 

(Waaaiiiit a minute. I just wrote about this on Gothic Charm School.)

For me? The aforementioned neon-colored skull-print tutus and paint-splattered leggings covered in inverted crosses will make me tilt my head in a very quizzical fashion, and they’re (probably) not things I’d ever wear. But I’m not going to tell someone they aren’t a Goth if they want to wear those things.

Oh bless. There are “fashion” blogs complaining about “the kids” wearing vertical b&w stripes, and how they should just knock it off unless they really are Beetlejuice. I think I’ll wear one of my b&w striped blazers today, because I CAN. 

Also, I am ALL FOR the proliferation of b&w vertical-striped clothing, and I feel that this is another case of some people getting cranky when something becomes popular. Yes, yes, I’m sure you liked it before it was mainstream. Now be a love and go fetch your Auntie Jilli some more tea, hmm? #amusedElderGoth

And again, let me be clear: I am ALL FOR people experimenting with goth fashions, styles, and imagery. Yes! Do that! The only thing that makes me go all cranky Eldergoth is when people don’t acknowledge the stylistic roots!  

I don’t expect anyone to be able to give a concise history of the goth subculture and fashions at the drop of a veiled and feathered hat, but at least admit that you are reinventing the black wrought iron wheel, okay?