Cluny was a bilge rat; the biggest, most savage rodent that ever jumped from ship to shore. He was black, with grey and pink scars all over his huge sleek body, from the tip of his wet nose, up past his green and yellow slitted eye, across both his mean tattered ears, down the length of his heavy vermin-ridden back to the enormous whiplike tail which had earned him his title: Cluny the Scourge!

Cluny is the original Redwall badass. I find that some of the other villains never quite live up to his vile behavior. Anyway, I’m re-reading Redwall and I just wanted to draw a character, and Cluny happened.

By the way, the scorpion barb fixed to the end of his tail: it never said in the book that it was a scorpion barb, just a poison barb. However, as I was about to draw a metal barb there, I thought “well, he has a bat wing cape, a mole skull fastening, staghorn beetle antlers on his helmet… what if he used an actual scorpion barb on his tail end?”

So yeah! My interpretation of Cluny.

goddamn i just feel the need to like, appreciate and love all the girls on the entire planet, MAN u know what i mean?? like i see them get so much hate and bullshit thrown at them for no reason when they are nothing but beautiful creatures and i just want to crush it and erect a monument for them all in it’s place sjhgjfdg

the ugly christmas sweater series: kabby [x]

he said she wasn’t an angel so she proved him wrong

Full Res [x]

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“It’s a baby sized lab coat, Artemis!

We gotta get her into science EARLY! Studies show that girls are more likely to become disinterested in science and math as they get older, and no daughter of ours is going to slack in SCIENCE!”

I’m sorry, I’m experimenting with getting the colors closer to how they are in the actual show… Me and Veg had quite a time trying to help me straighten things up. 

Anyway, preggers chibi Arty, anyone? :3

“Well, here we are again, my Goddess of congeniality, my ninja-girlfriend, my–”


“Yes, Artemis?”

“I love you.”

Wally, the ever-romantically adorkable boyfriend, likes to pick up his girl and run her across the world sometimes.. Sometimes to quiet places, sometimes loud places, sometimes monuments… but sometimes, sometimes he likes to take her to places they’ve already been. 

IDK. I’m really proud of the lineart because WOAH, FULL BODY!

In my headcanon for this pic, Wally has been back with the world for like a month, and he came back totally fast and supercharged so he took up being the Flash while Barry leaves indefinitely to be with Iris and their soon-to-be-born kids.


(I like the plain old lineart better, but this is okay.)

“Artemis, I think these fuzzy Christmas socks have your name written all over them!”

“Oh really? Because I think these cheap plastic reindeer antlers have YOUR name written all over them.”

And then much later, Wally has no problem sporting his awesome reindeer antlers around the house. 

And Artemis just can’t help but smirk at his adorkableness while sipping her mug of hot choco. (and wearing her fuzzy Christmas socks, I might add!)

And later there was much hot chocolate and snuggling and Christmas movies and okay I’m done.

(for BLA and arent-you-a-real-prince-charming, who left me prompts for drawings for after my finals. I KNOW THIS IS HALF ASSED AND DOESN’T REALLY FILL THE HOT CHOCOLATE PART I’M SORRY I’LL TRY AND MAKE IT UP WITH SOMETHING COLORFUL)