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So I just checked Thomas Sanders’ blog to look for this allegedly terrible, un-childsafe nsfw content and

He posted some topless pics of himself as an opportunity to talk about body positivity and self-confidence. And someone asked if they could draw nsfw of him and he said it was okay as long as they were of age.

That’s it. Like, that’s literally it.

Now may I ask what the fuck is the problem here???? He’s an adult man? He’s allowed to talk about his own body and sexuality on his own damn blog.

Y'all are fuckin ridiculous

Okay, so I’ve seen everybody freaking out about Logan, Virgil, and Patton...

but what about Roman? In this new video, he definitely wasn’t himself. Something was up. He was desperately trying to come up with ideas, he was trying too hard to push away ones the others thought were stupid, and he just seemed kind of….I don’t know. Panicked, hyper, manic, something along those lines. I’m worried about the other three, but Roman is worrying me too. 

I have SO much to say about the new Sanders Sides video. I don’t even know where to start. I’ve forgotten so much about the video already.

There was so much to see. So much to hear. So much. So. Much.

Roman was trying so hard to be so nice to Virgil.

Even though he got accepted and everyone is being nice to him, Virgil seems to be even harder on himself. He’s trying not to be as hard on everyone else, but he’s being even harder on himself.

Logan seemed a little nicer. Other than that, something else about him seemed off. I don’t know what it is.

Patton somehow managed to be even more adorable and more aggressive at the same time. I am impress.

I feel like Thomas’s message at the end wasn’t just about Hogwarts Houses.

I appreciate Thomas saying that not all Slytherins are evil. (Slytherin and proud right here.)

And the fact that I’m a Prinxiety shipper and a Logicality shipper. I can’t tell if I ship Prinxiety in this video or not (I mostly just find their efforts to be nice to each other adorable), but I definitely ship Logicality.

I don’t remember the exact words, but-

Patton: *about Logan* Because he’s my hero.

Logan: *clapping* We get it! You’re adorable!

But all that Harry Potter merch. So much merch.

Logan and Roman and their jam.

Everyone trying their best to be supportive and accepting of Virgil. Fun fact: They succeeded.
















@thatsthat24 @thejoanglebook and @tallykat3 are so cool and amazing and awesome and I love them.

But I didn’t get Patton’s joke about Logan’s glasses. Can anyone explain?

Oh yeah, and “Pump the breaks, Princey”, “FALSEHOOD”, Patton and Logan matching (first the glasses, now the logos), and Panic! at the Everywhere.

I’m so full of emotions right now.

To quote Patton, I just have a lot of feelings.

One more thing: Uploading a Harry Potter video today was perfect. And the fact that Thomas, Talyn, and Joan put SO much work into making it. Okay, so two more things.

the characters in sanders sides as actual quotes i have heard in theatre


virgil: it’s okay, he won’t be onstage in time anyway

roman: i started in the fourth grade with a saxophone and dreams

patton: they’re quick changing. it’s pretty quick. *cast groaning*

logan: john could drive to home depot and get a kitchen faster than the stage crew could bring it out *entire cast: OOOOHHHHHHH*


Children’s movies are no place for promoting a harmful sexual political agenda, one that offends the deeply held beliefs of countless parents and families. 

 I pledge to boycott both the Beauty and the Beast movie, and other Disney films and products, until such a time as Disney commits itself to protecting, not harming, the innocence of our children. 

-From the above image

 A harmful sexual, political agenda? Really? You do realise that regardless of a film’s content there is bound to be at least one LGBTQ+ person in the audience, whether out or closeted. And guess what that mean? There are gay children. Shocking right? Children can be gay, who knew? It’s almost as if people can be born black, or Hispanic, or white, or any other race. Children can also be born with any sexual orientation or gender identity.

I feel terribly sorry for the LGBTQ+ children of these countless parents and families. For these are the types of people who will refuse to validate you for your sexual orientation and/or gender identity if you aren’t a heterosexual cisgendered person, it seems. I am also terribly sorry that my pansexuality offends people who don’t even know me and my existence bears no impact on their life. It must be such a burden to feel offended by me at all times. 

This film is about a woman and a beast-man. It details the romantic relationship between a man and woman, as they grow to see each other beyond appearances and stereotypes. It deeply baffles me how the sexual orientation of secondary characters can offend you so greatly. Your marriage isn’t at risk, you’re children won’t turn gay, your crops won’t wither, and the sky won’t fall. They are fictional characters who provide representation to a community highly underrepresented in the media, and often misrepresented when represented at all. 

I guess, in short, I’d like to say that I pledge to watch this film as many times as I damn-well please. I will throw all my money at this film and others with equally gay, or gayer, messages [And you can bet your ass I’ll be going to see the magnificently gay Lego Batman Movie again]. I pledge to do this because I also pledge to protect children. I pledge to be someone LGBTQ+ children can turn to their time of need, to be a voice for those silenced by bigoted family members, to be an advocate for LGBTQ+ representation, and I pledge to promote love and acceptance to any child who is perceived to be different in any way. Above all else, I pledge to promote love instead of hate. 

And if fighting your ignorance and intolerance means that I have to keep bringing on the gay, then I will. Because no one deserves to feel ostracised, especially not by their own parent.

I’m close friend with my teacher of history. He’s like between 49-55 I don’t really know, so anyways yesterday I went to his office while he checked some of his exams and I was sitting on his desk (literally the desk not a chair)

So he was asking about my life, and I came out of the closet and told him about my amazing girlfriend.

So, when he asked me where do I met her I told him about Thomas Sanders, and he was:

Teacher: Oh, he’s a guy from YouTube isn’t he? I have watched some of his videos where he pranks people.
Me: Yeah. He also have this videos where he explains things (I can believe I never knew).

So since we’re both historical nerds we watch the pacific one, at some point I told him the drama because I can’t believe they’re actually calling him a pedo because of the fact that he has younger friends, the videos of highschool, everything pretty much

And he told me this

Teacher: Yeah the highschool stuff is weird, but he’s an actor. I mean I can believe that a lot of older people can act as young people. But I kinda see their point to the young friends.
Me: *opens mounts ready to fight*
Teacher: That is what happens when you’re a male adult with young friends. We’re stereotyped as pedos lots of times. They believe that we’re machines with sexual drive that we can’t control. People actually believe we can’t have young friends, and while a part of me understand it, other part os deeply sad. That’s the reason whenever you came to the office I leave the door open. Or when we go to eat, I don’t sit next to you or I don’t pay the your meal, because people can believe I’m being mean to you… it’s sad but that’s how society work.


I think what makes people hostile about La La Land isn’t the movie itself. Standing alone, it’s a lovely movie. But when you get down to the principle of the matter of its popularity, it makes people who actually love musicals really angry. I guess it’s taken as a compliment when people say, “I normally don’t like musicals, but I loved La La Land!” But it’s really not. It just means you don’t watch musicals and most likely only watched that movie because it was the trendy thing to do and wow, it was great. And you attack the people who say they didn’t like it by saying, “You guys are talking shit about it for no reason.”

No. Not at all.

People who didn’t like La La Land actually regularly watch (AND LOVE!!!) musicals. And it’s astonishing to us that people are losing their shit over a movie that has been done a million times, and done better. It’s not a brand new thing just discovered and executed perfectly. What’s annoying is you all acting like it’s new.

White people falling in love in Hollywood? Fred and Ginger. That was their whole shtick. DECADES worth of movies. A musical about Hollywood? “Singing In The Rain.” And you don’t even have to go back to the older movies. A modern musical? A modern musical with a much more realistic ending? “Once.” And it’s like nobody praising “La La Land” knows what “Sing Street” is.

Anyone who claims La La Land is the best musical they’ve ever seen is either 1.) A liar, who didn’t watch musicals in the first place and probably doesn’t even like them, or 2.) Has really bad taste in musicals. Like this is coming from somebody who loved the film, but can see the faults in it. Faults that would be nitpicking from a musical watcher, but are ignored by the people who, before La La Land came out, had no interest in musical movies and honestly probably don’t want to see anymore unless they’re like La La Land.

Which means that you’re not going to see the SAME STORY done SO MUCH BETTER that La La Land was based on and inspired by.

I’m bitter. It seems like everyone fiercely defending La La Land were the people who ridiculed theater kids and scoffed at Broadway and only took part in viewing a musical in the first place was so they would be in the loop, and now since they were exposed to a musical, they see how great they are and can’t take people saying negative things about it. And they won’t consider going to look at the movies that started it all. It’s hypocritical and insulting.

La La Land was nice, but it isn’t a special movie. The way I see it, it’s just getting the awards that Whiplash deserved.

honestly where is the standard for anticapitalism if we’re gonna hail fucking Bernie “Personally killed Rosa Luxemburg” Sanders, a tepid socdem, as being anticapitalist? he’s not anticapitalist, he just hates monopolies and wants universal healthcare. this doesn’t eliminate theory of value, labor exploitation and producing capital in any way. it’s just a nicer way of managing capital and that’s it. if that’s enough to call him anticapitalist then fuck me i guess

Christmas Presents

So, I’ve gotten back into painting. I love it. So much. And those of you in the TS fandom have made my life so much better since I joined Tumblr.

So, to thank you all, I’m going to pain something for you.

I’m creating a Google Form for you, and if you want me to paint something for you, fill the form in. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never interacted before- I still want to thank you.

I’d appreciate it if you reblogged this, to show other people, and I’d also appreciate it if you filled the form in by November 15th so I can have a chance to paint them all.

I also don’t know if the form’s going to work the way I think it will, so message me if you’re not sure about this.

If you have any other questions, message me and I’ll answer them. Thank you all!!


Calling all artists!

I really would like a new header for my blog, so I’m holding a competition! Here are the rules:

  • Draw a header for a mobile blog (3000x1055 I’m pretty sure) including Thomas and the Sanders Sides
  • Nothing NSFW! Guess that was kinda implied.
  • Tag it with #sanderssidesheader so I can see it.
  • All entries must be submitted by December 1st 12am (EST)
  • Winner will get a shoutout on this blog (and whatever else I can think of before then I will update it when I think of something)
  • Have fun!
Prompts list.
  1. “I may have mildly panicked.”
  2. “You know I’d help, not making fun of you is so much easier.”
  3. “That’s french for Go Away.”
  4. “We just met, this is crazy I’m referencing a son, but call me maybe?”
  5. “I can’t wait to drown you in compliments.”
  6. “It’s not that big of a deal” “You killed a man!”
  7. “Do I want to know, what’s in that box?”
  8. “Why did you think it might be a good idea to set that on fire ?”
  9. “Why are you eating tacos at 3AM?” “Why not?”
  10. “You’re insane.” “I know, isn’t that great?”
  11. “The floor is like my life.” “Care to elaborate ?’
  12. “What the heck happened while I was at the store?”
  13. “At any point did it occur to you that this might not be a good idea?’
  14. “What happened?” “You drooled on my pillow and I rolled in it.”
  15. “Help me hide.”
  16. “Um..Somebody broke that, I’m thinking a ghost.”
  17. “You’re not helping !” “Why did you think I wanted to help?’
  18. “Your skin is pale white, and ice cold. I know what you are.” “Say it.” “Okay. You’re a complete idiot for not bringing a jacket.” “Well I would’ve said ‘freezing’, but…”
  19. “You’re so cute when you pout like that.”
  20.   “Sharing a single strand of spaghetti is not romantic. Stop asking.”
  21. “The blanket is a shared utensil. You can’t just wrap yourself like a burrito and leave me to freeze to death.”
  22. .“No, you ARE talented. You’re the only one I know who can lay in bed and watch the same TV show for 47 hours straight.”
  23. “Do not. Tempt. Me.”
  24. “It’s what’s inside that makes you beautiful.”
    “Yeah…my liver’s blushing.”
  25. “No pillow fights! You broke a window last time.”
  26. “Can you quit being sarcastic, it’s the lowest form of wit.”“The only people who say that are the ones that aren’t funny.”

Okay, So I compiled a list of my favourite prompts, and I’d really love if someone would send them to me with the pairing (romantic/platonic). I really want to practice my writing,so I’d be glad to write any.