Hataraku vol 19 maou emi small details? Idk but maou get your shit together

So after Suzuno confessed and Maou as usual being a complete idiot when comes to romance just blueticked her irl. One day it was raining and Emi found out that Maou kept this expensive af umbrella she gave it to him but can tell he rarely uses it. She was kinda surprised that he kept it and also kinda annoyed that he didn’t use it. (Anyway idk why but she was pretty touched) When everyone was there, Emi asked Maou why didn’t he use the umbrella that she gave it to him and Maou entered major panic mode and be like “OK shhhh don’t mention about you gifting me this umbrella let’s not make things worse” and of course Emi who didn’t know about Suzuno’s confession was like “?????????”

Hello Maou Sadao??????????? Stop leading people on!!!!! OK on a side note I really wonder how much he’ll panic if Emi ever confess to him in the future.

You know being an “ally” (for HOH/Deaf people) isn’t always just talking loudly or learning the ASL alphabet. Its all about the little things you do in every day acts. 

For example, when I got my hair done for an event once 5 years ago, my hair dresser noticed my hearing aid and talked to me about her brothers hearing problem and asked if I wanted my hair styled to hide, or show my aid. She wanted what I found to be the most comfortable, because she didn’t want the elaborate hair style to cause feedback/discomfort. 

 Most hair dressers ignore my aid, or awkwardly ask if I could take it out (which I usually end up doing anyway)

Whenever my friends and I watch TV together without question, they put on closed captions. 

When walking and talking some of my friends will always walk, or move to stand on the side of my good ear when talking. (i’m HOH in one ear and perfectly fine in the other)

Another time I was getting my hair cut my hair dresser sometimes would stop cutting, or blow drying my hair just to continue the conversation, so that way I could hear him. 

It’s the small details like these that count to support a person with differences. Its not these big boisterous acts of helping, its just being a friend doing friendly things. Instead of glorifying it, just normalize it.  

i just wanna put this into perspective here

because it irritates me but makes total sense

Lapis, vs

(how fast she poofed against) The Diamonds

Lapis is a really powerful gem, mk?
regardless if you side with her or not (i know the fandom is a bit torn about her) she’s freakishly powerful
she created water clones to fight the Crystal Gems, can speak through them, and can control multiple at any one time

she took the whole friggin ocean to get into Space, making a tower from the water, consistently rising up

ALL WHILE Chilling at the top of the tower, which is literally over 60 miles tall AT LEAST and Rising

NOT ONLY THAT, but she did ALL of this AT THE SAME TIME With A Cracked Gemstone

not even at full power, and fully capable of all this without even looking tired

without a cracked gem?
she can fly at incredible speeds, making it back to Homeworld pretty darn fast without a ship’s capabilities
flew out past the Milky Way, carrying a Barn full of stuff, in a water bubble, THEN turned back and plopped it on the moon to chill a while

but… vs a Diamond?
she’s still pretty capable
at least… with someone like Blue Diamond

who can incapacitate Gems without much of a problem by sheer grief alone

completely unimpressed in the face of a Diamond
and that incapacitating grief?


her powers of Depression are unmatched

single handedly, chained Blue and cancelled that power

granted, it is easily broken, Blue still has to put forth the effort (even if it is a little) to use her own power to break it
Blue is strong as hell too, taking a straight hit from a physical barn, (also thrown by Lapis) several hits from the Crystal Gems, (including Lion’s roar which we don’t know too much about) and having her own giant ship crash down on top of her

what happens?

upset, but pretty well unfazed

and that brings us to Yellow Diamond.

and what does Yellow Diamond have?

which brings us to why Lapis Lazuli poofed so easily

because, although I’d love to say that Lapis shouldn’t have poofed that fast because she’s INCREDIBLY powerful for the reasons listed above… shes still a Water type gem that got hit with an Electric type attack

This is like a lvl 100 Water Starter and built Pokemon, going up against a lvl 85 Electric Legendary

It’s Super Effective!

You need to...

Fall. You need to fail. You need struggles. You need trials. You need challenges. You need life to smack you around… to kick you when you’re down… and when you think it’s about to end… you need life to go at it again. You need heartbreak. You need debt. You need loss. You need pain. You need periods of hopelessness. Do not try to hide or avoid these things. You need to face them. You need to face yourself. You need to walk through the fire. You need to go through hell to burn away all the negative labels you give yourself so you can get to the truth of who you really are. You are a creator. You are powerful. You are worthy. You are greatness. You are endless possibilities. But you won’t realize it until you overcome all of it. It’s not gonna be easy. But you will appreciate who you become in the process. Hang in there. You’re not alone. I believe in you. Peace. - Rob

Buckle the fuck up cuz we about to go on a long ass rant here. Let’s call me Magic for a while shall we?

First off Antis can choke on a dick

Now that’s outta the way let’s look at the situation here: A powerful wizard who can wield an infinity stone is captured and is about to be tortured by another space wizard to get the said stone.

I mean we could just let the guy go and re-Assemble and hope that this wizard didn’t crack and give the stone, right? Let’s just go back and catch up with some ol’ pals who left Tony to die at every situation ever and leave the time stone to this guy you just met??

But Magic, you’re forgetting Fury you say! Of course we could also go to Nick Fury who is somehow always AWOL whenever earth needs him. The Accords would have connected all the superheroes and a plan would have already been drawn for emergency situations like this but oh wait the Ex-Vengers aren’t a part of it oops

Buutt Magic you whine, A kid! Tony brought a kid!! do you mean the kid who Tony asked to stay away and stay at home? That kid??? Peter is a dumbass who came to Space on his own despite Tony ordering him not to ( we still love him tho ) also Peter would have died if he stayed on Earth too ya dick

So in conclusion the sun shines out of Tony’s ass and y’all can:

Books with Morally Ambiguous Characters

I thought I might share my personal favorite books with evil or morally ambiguous characters since you’ve all shared your favorites.


(main character is awesome and very grey)

The golden compass

(really goes into detail what evil and good really mean and has a ton of morally questionable characters in the second book)

The Bartimaeus trilogy

(main character does a lot of bad shit for selfish reasons but you still love him anyways somehow?? And there’s a lot of themes involving systematic oppression and propaganda manipulation and ethics)

The curseworkers

(the main character is constantly put into situations where he has to choose the lesser of two evils. Not to mention mafia families)

Six of crows

(do I even have to say…?)

Howls moving castle

(howl is seen as morally ambiguous in the beginning because of his reputations, so this technically counts. Also I love this book to death)

I hunt killers

(so the main character is super psychopathic and manipulative and overall a creepy ass person. He’s always questioning whether or not he’s truly a good person or just pretends to be or is hiding something worse. This psychological thriller is fucking incredible and underrated.)

The name of the wind

(the main character is the most realistically human I’ve ever met. He’s so real I can touch him. He’s also very morally ambiguous in ways I can’t say because it’s all spoilerly)

Artemis Fowl

(greedy selfish 12 year old criminal mastermind kidnapps a fairy for ransom money. What I love about this series is that he grows throughout the books and his character is constantly developing. He is definitely morally ambiguous and has no problem embracing his cunniving and devious nature)

The Cruel Prince

( every character is an asshole. Every. Character. No excuses, no secrets, just pure assholes. And you’ll love them)

The lies of Locke Lamora

(one of my ALLTIME favorite books. Locke lamora is like a darker shade of grey. He’s selfish, slightly murderous, incredibley human and very handsome. This motherfucker is the leader of a group of conmen who steal money from the rich but keep it for themselves. They are grade A smart assess and they have to make actual hard choices that really determine their character. I’m not gonna say more because there’s no way I can fit this masterpiece into a small summery bye)

The wrath and the Dawn

(The Prince is such a morally grey character. As you read on you’ll question whether or not he actually kills his brides or if there’s another deeper mystery to him. His choices are very questionable and very….bad? I can’t describe how amazing these books are)

PSA For New Witches

Be careful, be respectful, and be on guard around entities or other witches’ magick. 

I see a lot of newbie witches treating witchcraft and negative entities like an exciting game, or some kind of ya novel that has bad spirits and curses. 

  It can be exciting, I know, when you first enter the craft. Magic is real! Why don’t you want to explore every single part of it? Why not mess around a curse site? Why not explore that abandoned hospital? Why not try to cleanse those negative entities because I am the best thing that’s ever happened to them and I’m finally leading them to their rightful resting place. 

Stop. Take a very hard look at yourself, and take a step back. 

If you’re bringing down curses upon yourself, disrespecting ritual sites and graves, or in general being careless around entities or other witches’ magick, you are doing this wrong. 

There’s a reason we plead with you to be respectful of other people’s work, to protect the crap out of yourself, and to research as much as you can. It’s because you can get into a lot of hot water if you just flail around in this. Permanent hot water. 

Some spirits aren’t going to be able to be soothed and sent to the light, some consider it extremely disrespectful if you try. I don’t walk into people’s houses and start forcing them to do things because I have a savior complex and somehow think it’s my business to enter their space. 

These things don’t care if you’re young and stupid. They don’t care if you’re inexperienced and did something without realizing it. They will mess you up, sometimes for life. Some spirits are more powerful than you could ever realize.

Don’t mess with other witches’ work. Don’t desecrate their ritual sites. Don’t think you know more than them, or that their curse is somehow not supposed to be there, because anything that’s not happiness and light is bad, right? 

Be respectful. Mind your own business. 

Your friends laugh at you and think witchcraft is a game? Get better friends. Because it’s absolutely not something to scoff at. There’s zero shame in being cautious, and most witches and spirits will very much respect you for it. 

Protect yourself, and understand that it’s okay to just apologize and leave sometimes. 

- Solarian 

okay let’s talk

i’m writing this because 1) i don’t mind being blunt, and 2) i’m more than a little sick and tired of seeing other writeblrs get taken advantage of or be made anxious.

so today i’m yelling about




item the first involves a lot of uncomfortable truths that any writer is going to have to come to terms with sooner or later. stick with me - it’s gonna get depressing for a hot minute, but it’s necessary.

uncomfortable truth #1: you are not going to get the attention you want.

that’s it. doesn’t matter if you struck gold and got lucky enough to have your blog blow up in the first three weeks. you are not, 100% of the time, going to get 100% of the attention you want. there will be a point - several points, and honestly, probably most points - in time where you post something you dumped your heart and soul into, and you get all of three likes and zero comments. it’s going to happen.

if you’re anything like me, it’s going to make you upset and sulky and you’ll pout in bed at night after obsessively checking your notes for something you posted that morning, and you might even cry about it. this is an inevitability you just have to accept. it sucks, but you can move on.

uncomfortable truth #2: not everyone is going to like your stuff.

honestly, most people won’t like your stuff, and that’s going to have to be okay. it’s next to impossible to garner the adoration of the majority, and the only reason i say “next to impossible” is because jk rowling happened once. and that kind of thing is a once in a millennia event.

uncomfortable truth #3: you’re going to get feedback, criticism, or even uncalled-for, irrational hate for your work.

hopefully the third never happens to you. but honestly? if you get any sort of professional and popular, it will. so if your plan is to become any sort of professional and/or popular, prepare for the unbridled rage at your very existence.

uncomfortable truth #4: you have to have to have to grow a thick skin.

this is the most important thing. yeah, i know people are sensitive, and yeah, i know anxiety and depression are things that exist. i too am an uwu sad wittle depresso bean. but if you wanna be serious about writing and showing that writing to others, you have got to get over it.

sounds harsh? that’s because it is. i’m not writing this to hold your hand and sugarcoat things, you’ll have to pay me for that service.

writing is an incredibly sensitive thing to do. you’re putting up your creations for other people to see, and whether or not you personally agree with the things you write, your audience will see those things as a part of you. they will form their impressions and opinions of you based on what they read, because your audience likely will not have the chance to form their opinion of you on anything else.

growing a thick skin is a defense mechanism. if you want to keep writing past the first time an editor or an agent or a beta reader or a tumblr troll sends back their review and lambasts your favorite scene as unnecessary, redundant, and boring, you have to be able to take it. don’t ask for criticism or feedback if you’re not bracing yourself to be told that your entire life’s work is utter garbage. become a doomsday prepper. ready yourself for the worst.

now, being thick-skinned doesn’t mean you fire back at them and tell them that they’re wrong and stupid and don’t get the point. it doesn’t mean you shut down, either, and lock the critiqued work away in your bottom desk drawer forever. sometimes it means you step back, let yourself hurt and throw a pity party for a couple nights, and then come back and look at the reasons why the person said what they did, and then figure out what’s useful from them, discard the rest, and fix your mess. 

unless you’re not here to get better. then you just go “lol kay bye” and move on with your life. no one says that to be a writer, you have to be trying to get better. the important thing is that you can’t let this weigh you down. if you’re an uwu anxiety bean, carrying around all this baggage is just going to make it five thousand times worse. you gotta train yourself to let it lie and move along.

how to fix?

support networks. you gotta have some friends. maybe you have some real-life friends (jealous), or maybe your only social interaction with other writers is on the internet. having people that let you blabber on and show interest in your work and make you write is what will save your life. however, it’s really easy to lose, or not have this at all, and this is where writeblr etiquette comes in.

disclaimer: most of this pertains to the tumblr writing sphere, but you can apply some of it to other areas.

etiquette #1: everyone is a person who has a life

except the p0rn bots, which are not people, and need to b u r n

just because someone posts on tumblr - and maybe even posts a lot, like all the time, and is really popular and welcoming and likes promoting other blogs and interacting with followers - it doesn’t mean that they have all the time in the world to cater you. because they don’t. because they exist in meatspace and have crap to get done that doesn’t revolve around you. deal with it. if they don’t answer you back right away, or even ever, then shrug it off and move on. don’t take it personally.

etiquette #2: give more than you take.

writers like to talk about their own projects non-stop. we all know this. we are all guilty of this. i, myself, am incredibly hypocritical when it comes to this point. the problem is that if you just launch yourself into someone’s inbox and yammer about your OCs and your own worldbuilding and all that, they’re gonna get tired of it real quick and probably start ignoring you.

so, instead, you ask them. wanna strike up a friendship with another writer? wanna share how cool your story is with them because you think they’ll jive with your aesthetic? be patient and ask about their work first. tell them how cool you think their latest moodboard was, and tell me more about the OC it featured? let them have the spotlight for a while, and i promise you, the stage will come around and you’ll get to gush, too.

and honestly? don’t just pay lip service to this point. actually care about their stuff. if you can’t bring yourself to care about their work, you can’t expect them to care about yours.

etiquette #3: respect boundaries.

if someone asks you not to do the thing, don’t freaking do the thing. if this writeblr says on their blog that their askbox is closed, don’t use the submission box or the IM feature instead. if they don’t like NSFW or smut things, or have known triggers, warn when your writing includes that. if they ask not to be tagged in writing or tag games, don’t tag them. if you want to tag someone, check their blog and see if they have anything saying not to, or maybe shoot them a quick message seeing if they’ll mind. everyone on writeblr is a mess of anxiety, including you, so take a moment to think about how you might be affecting them by demanding their attention like this.

etiquette #4: don’t send unsolicited stuff.

i feel like this should be obvious. if you read someone’s work and have some thoughts about how it could be better, literally just…….keep them to yourself???? unless they state very clearly that they’re looking for feedback or critique, don’t give it. some writers are cool with it. some writers are not. some writers will have an attack of sorts. 

this also goes for just going onto someone else’s blog and throwing your OCs or stories at them when, quite frankly, they didn’t ask. some writeblrs do fun activities that do welcome this, but check to make sure they’re doing it at that time. this also circles back to #3 and respecting boundaries. writers get worried and anxious when people do this, because they don’t want to seem like they’re mean or cruel when someone demands their attention, but in reality, you’re just being a jerk by forcing them to pay attention to you.

in the words of my disability sensitivity training from United Airlines: ask first, then listen.

etiquette #5: be gentle.

just. please. stay in your lane. calm down, be gentle, be nice. we’re all scared here, trust me. writing is an insecurity in and of itself. don’t demand attention. give your own time and effort to someone else, and you’ll get it back - and if you don’t? move on to someone else who will give it back, and let the first person do their own thing. not everyone can care about everyone else.

k i’m done now.




Ladies and gentlemen who write smut(this is being aimed towards kpop smut), believe it or not it takes a lot more than 1-2 minutes for someone to climax in sex. EX:

“He started thrusting into me and I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I came”

That’s not realistic at all, plus most women don’t even climax because of penetration.

It takes(for an average person) 5-7 minutes to climax, not 1 minute.

(Me adding on bc I saw some good comments)

The g-spot is a mythical land most never go to, they’re not gonna hit it the first time.


Another add on: DO NOT RUB A DRY DICK, you gotta lube it up. You can squeeze all u want. Just don’t RUB!