GM Bear

the episode should been better if they literally focus on Riley’s growth all i saw through the ep riley looking and her family and maya just being grumpy. Why was she the one who was seeing the younger version why wasn’t it riley who saw it IT WAS HER BEAR.It would make sense it was her to see how she grew up not her friend and family tell her she is growing out of her childhood comfort. I didn’t see that in this ep, i saw was again riley stop being selfish (for once can she be selfish without feeling guilty because she literally tries hard to be selfless) and be the one who is Sorry. Why is it that any Riley centric ep (GM The real world and Bear) is either destroying Riley’s character for a lesson or somehow make it about others because they show more insight about Farkle (even L*cas surprisingly), Auggie, Maya and FREAKING J*SH (a character that appears like 4 times) but not Riley the Girl of Girl Meets World. I just wanted Riley to reflect her growth. 

 When can i finally get a proper riley centric ep/arc focus on riley only WHEN!!!!!!

Only girls who are inlove with make up would understand.

Simula nang magtrabaho ako, I started to love make up. I tried my best to learn everything, but not in a professional way. The reason why I decided to put make up is that I’m now working, in a corporate world. And it is best to present yourself properly, from the clothes you wear and how you present yourself, and your face is the focal point. Mukha naman kasi ang unang tinitingnan, di ba? And wearing make up makes you look matured. Tipong swak sa edad at masasabing “aba marunong nang mag-ayos, nagdadalaga na talaga”. It’s like being serious with what you are doing. So moving on, I started collecting make up. Number one na dyan ang lipstick. Every time na dadaan ako sa cosmetics section ng isang mall, I would check lipsticks. Sabi kasi nila, kilay, mascara at lipstick, pak ka na. At para di ka mahirapan you should have at least 3 shades so that may choices ka sa tuwing may lakad ka. But I did not end with three. Hindi ko na nga alam kung ilan ang lipstick na meron ako. Lol.

Then may mga make up din akong hindi nagagamit like blush on powder at eye shadow. Yung blush on kasi parang ang oa na pero lip tint would do. Sa eye shadow naman, I still dont know how to use it. Kaya nakatago lang sya. But the rest, nagagamit ko. Again, I am no expert on this.

Pero ngayon na meron na akong mga gamit, bihira ko na silang gamitin. Madalas kasi pagod ako. So yung time ng pagmemake up ko, nilalaan ko na lang sa oras ng pagtulog ko. But if I have a lot of free time, I use them. Syempre sayang naman kung nakatengga lang, di ba? Nakakatamad lang din talaga ang araw-araw maglagay ng make up sa mukha. Kasi madalas ka rin magreretouch tapos blablabla. Ang hirap maging babae, swear. Madaming arte pero hindi dahil sa nag-iinarte lang but it’s a way for us to boost our confidence. By looking good for ourselves, not for somebody else.

Just my Rant on Monetary Stuff...

For whatever reasons, I’ve been getting more and more complaints of my commissions and Patreon rewards being too expensive, money money yada yada yada.  This has been going on for quite some time and so, let me give my word on that.

Everything ISN’T free.  You think groceries, clothes, entertainment, and all the other necessities cost a penny? You think my art should be free? If you actually want my stuff, go get a job or save up for crying out loud.  I am not going to sell my artwork of less of what it’s worth, let alone allow requests.

Now if you can’t afford it, that’s COMPLETELY fine by me.  But going to me and complaining that my things are too expensive is what pisses me off the most.  There’s a clear difference between not affording and complaining about being unable to afford it.

Which is why I stick to my goal of reaching $200 on my Patreon so that I can pay off some monthly college funds.  I don’t have a car, I can’t have a part time job due to school, and I certainly have college to focus on.  By paying me, I will be motivated to give you rewards and continue my comics and artworks.

Life sucks for me and I’m definitely not the only one feeling that.  But if you’re complaining that having to pay me for my things is too much, then you DON’T HAVE TO do so.

All I’m saying is just giving respect to me and every other artists making money of their stuff.  Whatever complaints you’re giving, you’re typing it to a real life person’s screen.  Every artist you see out there, we got bills and especially a life.  We’re a HUMAN, like you.  But I suppose complaining to me shows me you don’t have the decency for respect and appreciating my artwork.  Shame on you.

Sorry for my rants, but yes, comments like these have been popping up and especially on my notes when peps try to commission me.  It’s been REALLY irritable for me…

Thanks for reading peps and please know that I, along with everyone, is a person with a life.  All I’m asking is the respect.

One reason it’s really exhausting having multiple marginalised identitities is that it’s basically impossible to cut yourself off from every person who hates you for one of your identities.

Consuming media, interacting with family, having friends, coworkers - there are always parts of yourself you have to do your best to play down for your own self-protection.

You’re constantly forced to make compromises and split your identity apart, because the one show that doesn’t have misogynist jokes has homophobic jokes, or your friends can handle you being poor but they’re super ableist.

It’s exhausting to navigate the world when you have to find acceptance piecemeal.

I’m learning something recently


the worst part of being married

is being talked to by other people about your marriage

The amount of mildly sexist shit David and I have heard from friends and family since we got hitched is exhausting

Getting married didn’t suddenly make me domineering, always right and someone who exists to bicker with her husband.

Getting married didn’t make David a stupid sitcom husband who can’t do anything right, doesn’t deserve an opinion and has to bend to my will.

I am tired of older married women talking to me like I am supposed to be annoyed with my husband and always rolling my eyes at how stupid he is. And I don’t like seeing David having to awkwardly laugh with people as they tell him how we HAVE to do what I say because I’m the wife and I own his life now. If you do see us bickering over something, guess what? That ain’t your fucking business. We’re adults, we’ll sort it the fuck out. You don’t get to go tell my husband that he is useless and has to do what I want him to do without question.

I know we’ve barely been married a year but we’ve been together for almost 9, lived together for over 5 and I can tell you guys now, the only thing marriage changed is our tax forms and what jewelry we put on in the morning. 

Also if one more middle aged white woman walks into our guest bedroom and goes ‘this could be a nursery~’ you know what that room is going to become? Your grave. 

Sorry, David and I were setting up our nerd cave last night and I noticed we kept apologizing for shit that wasn’t a problem and we just had to stop and be all…..oh THIS is what the actual problem is and I just wanted to rant lol

when the fuck did jake & dirk learn how to play soccer. like. theyve been alone their entire lives w no soccer ball to practice, i dont think theyve bothered to look up the rules and/or how to play, and dirk doesnt even have a decent area to practice in

so what im thinking is that theyre both just kicking a soccer ball back & forth like a bunch of dorks

This is just a Phan theory so sit back and enjoy. This is also quite sad

I haven’t slept in 36 hours and it’s 6 am I’ll probably delete this later on

So I wondered for a long time why (mostly) Phil is the one killed in the phan fiction stories. Why was it Phil who had cancer? Got into the car crash? Got shot? Why was Phil targeted as the victim in our fictional universes? Then it hit me.

It’s not about Phil. It’s about Dan. It is all about Dan. Every detail is about Dan.

Now I know what you’re thinking that it’s because well Dan didn’t have a best friend till Phil, it’s clear that Phil makes Dan happy, it’s clear Dan would be emotional. Dan’s writing in The urge proves it beyond anything. His exact words basically stating that he himself would be more upset by Phil’s death then any other person. We know how Dan would grieve. We know how bad it would be. It’s been written by the person himself, Dan’s emotional and shows how much Phil means to him. We know it would effect him and we know how to capture it because we know how to capture Dan.

But let me point this out.. We do not know how to capture Phil in that way. We do not have that many emotional moments from Phil. Phil has a strong wall. There is a big line between AmazingPhil and Phil Lester. Yes Phil let’s it show how much Dan means to him but Phil is a quiet person with his emotions. Dan is not.

We could kill Dan all the live long day but we do not have the material to give Phil’s grief the justice. Not many people can paint Phil’s picture well because we don’t have the colors.

Dan knows he wouldn’t want to leave the house, that he wouldn’t want to share that piece of friendship with everyone, he’d want to moron on his own, that if Phil were to come back in any way (in the supernatural way if certain things were real) he would freak out completely because it wasn’t him and it would hurt him to much to open his eyes and realize that it was a cruel joke but couldn’t help but fight it.

We know how he would be because Dan wrote it himself

Even in Phil’s own fanfic as funny and weird as it was. Phil wrote himself as dying. Phil killed himself in his own book and I think just maybe it’s because he doesn’t know how he’d cope without Dan.

Maybe the reason behind everything with the phanfics of Phil dying is that we know, it’s been shown, that Dan would break in every way. Dan would be emotionally wrecked and We can’t write Phil that way because we can’t picture him broken. We can’t write it too justice. Phil would be as broken as Dan would be but no one can write that. No one can give it the justice it deserves.

Then again of course we can’t completely pin point Dan but Dan did that himself.

Phil, I could just imagine how rough it would be and I don’t think Phil would hide it but we don’t know how to write Phil with very strong sad emotions because he’s never really shown that.

Maybe the simplest reason being we kill off Phil instead of Dan is because Phil’s emotions would be to stormy and strong and we haven’t seen that side of Phil.

Long story short. Phil would grieve Dan’s death as bad as Dan would grieve Phil’s yet we can relate to Dan on an easier emotional level. So every emotion towards losing Phil we write down is just a reflection on how we would feel, that it would hurt so much and nothing would feel good for a while and we wouldn’t know what to do but if we lost Dan none of us would know what to do because Dan reminds us of ourselves

controversial opinion

people who are straight and cis: your friends and relatives should not be forced to choose between giving you an entire 101-level education in gender and sexuality or forever suffering through your clueless remarks/questions that, trust me, are sometimes incredibly painful, however well-intentioned you are

and they definitely should not have to spend years laying this groundwork of educating you in order to feel safe coming out to you

do. your own. research.

Even if you think you don’t know anyone who isn’t straight and cis, I guarantee you that you are wrong, and you should educate yourself so you’re not an additional burden to them before or after they come out to you. It is unfair to expect them to personally tutor you out of your cluelessness, when they’re the marginalised person and you’re the one with nothing to lose.

You have Google. Use it. And actively seek out writers who are trans and gay and bi etc and read what they have to say. Don’t rely on whatever bits of mainstream or even feminist media drift your way. Your loved ones deserve better.


someone you know who has to brace every time this topic comes up because you literally do not know how offensive you’re being, I love you but oh my god, please stop

Simula nang magtrabaho ako, narealize kong sobrang hirap pala talaga magbudget ng pera. Lalo na kapag lahat talaga babayaran mo, upa ng bahay, kuryente at tubig. Isasabay mo pa yung pangkain at pamasahe mo araw-araw. Jusko, mahirap talaga. Sarap maging estudyante ulit.

please dont make fun of an autistic person’s special interest, i dont care how obscure their interest is. their special interest could be a book written 50 years ago. their special interest could be a cartoon. their special interest could be cooking. their special interest could be a singer. their special interest could be flowers. their special interest could be rabbits.  whatever it is, dont make fun of them for it

Today I went to see the new XMen movie, for the second time. I was with my sister, in my wheelchair, waiting for our popcorn. We were the only people standing there, so we started up a chat with the girl behind the counter, who had also seen XMen already. It was friendly.

When we realized the dispenser was out of straws, an older 40-ish woman came out of the back room to fill it. She walked past me in my wheelchair and said, in a most infantilizing voice, “Are you excited for your movie?!” and then reached out and stroked my shoulder and did this weird sort of jazz fingers thing on my arm, then said, “I bet you are!” and kept walking.

Here’s the thing: When one of you comes to my ask box about this kind of behavior, I am full of advice. But when it actually happens to me, I freeze. I gritted my teeth and didn’t say a word until we were in our seats, when told my sister, who hadn’t seen it happen and was appalled to find out. I could still feel the woman’s fingers on my arm, like an after-taste I couldn’t shake. I could feel her for awhile after that. I felt fidgety and wired from it.

And humiliated. And I beat myself up for not saying something. For being able to be an advocate here, in this space, or for others, but not for myself. For letting her think this was okay. For letting her walk away thinking, “What a sweet little girl,” about me, a 38 year old grown-ass woman, who is not a child just because I am in a wheelchair.

And you know what? If I was a child? Don’t fucking touch me! Don’t touch disabled people without their consent. Don’t touch children without their consent. Don’t touch people, any people, without their consent! And don’t infantilize people because they have a disability. Don’t talk to me in that voice because you see me in a wheelchair and think I have the mental capacity of a four year old. Don’t talk to grown adults with developmental disabilities in that voice either. Don’t talk to actual fucking four year olds in that voice.

Just. Fucking. Don’t.

why passive aggression in roleplaying doesn’t work :

“#going to leave this starter here #not like anyone cares” “#btw here’s this cool thread that no one is responding to :)” “#maybe i should just leave haha” “#oh look another thread for you to ignore”

yes. it sucks being ignored. it’s no fun not having plots and not having people respond to your threads. but guess what? being passive aggressive and bitter about it makes any desire i had to dig through the dash to find your starters go from 10 to 0 real quick. why? no one wants to deal with a salty person. especially if you tend towards the anxious side, tags like the examples given above induce really bad feelings, the kind that would make me sooner close out of tumblr for the night than reply to your bitter post. nobody wants to feel guilty, called out, responsible for your bad attitude.

no, i’m not saying you shouldn’t call attention to your lack of fitting in or your lack of replies. it’s okay to bring it to peoples attention! but consider that it’s not always on everyone else to serve you meaningful plots or threads. sometimes, all it takes is messaging people to get them to plot with you! have a few ideas and you’ll be all set. other times, it’s necessary to look at your starter; maybe it’s hard to respond to. examples: open text threads where the other persons character is presumed to know yours, or godmodding starters where they might have to stretch their character OOC just to reply. if that’s the case, it’s no wonder no one’s responding. ask maybe why people aren’t responding instead of accusing them. if the answer is that they can’t respond, fix it.

there is also a way to ask for plots and threads that avoids being passive aggressive or bitter at all! sometimes, people miss a starter, drop threads or they just have too many threads they’re juggling already to respond when you first post it. we’re all busy and attention is a limited mental resource. consider making a separate post saying “hey! i made a starter here that no one’s responded to yet. i would LOVE to get threads going with more of you and if you’d like to plot something before you reply, feel free to message me!” see how open and positive that might be? encourage, don’t shut down or assume.

stop driving anxious roleplayers away from you because you can’t contain your bitterness. i know its hard being ignored – i get ignored too. but i never ever would try and guilt trip the players in a group with whom i am trying to make friends. that’s the quickest way to get them not to respond to your starter and to avoid your salty self for the duration of the rp experience.

this has been a rant. and feel free to disagree but i had to get it off my chest.