tbh i love how i don’t focus at all on food when i have exams. like today i had 2 cups of coffee in the morning before classes and got another cup after my exam. and for dinner i had a piece of turkey (50 cals) and like im not hungry nor am i craving anything. just want to coffee so i can study for my next exam. like my exams are exhausting and i could literally fall asleep any moment + anxiety is truly gonna kill me but it’s so f nice to not be binging or trying so hard not to eat. like i don’t even have to focus on not eating when im studying for exams, i just have no desire to

Weird illuminati shiz happening

In other news, did you guys see all the youtubers with their City Living overview? What do you guys think of the expansion pack I personally am pumped for the festival and the new items!

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Hey! Just a comment about the Maggie and Alex, Maggie and Kate debate. I'm really torn. Mostly because I am, like you, a jaded old ff veteran who expects the worst of TV (for a reason). If handled properly, I don't mind them using Maggie though. I am a huge fan of Kate and Renee Montoya, so the Maggie romance felt out of left field for me in the comics. It does seem a bit odd how the show seemingly just picked a 'famous' DC lesbian to fill the 'gay slot' though. We'll see.

Fun fact: Cherry and I actually cooked up a Grrl Band Supergirl AU in which Renee was part of the band, and Kate was the gf that came to most of their gigs. (Renee was the oldest member, the sound of reason among the baby gays.)

Also in the band: Lucy, Alex, Vasquez. We were going to do a Gone Home kinda AU, in which Kara was from that seemingly perfect family who kinda gets swept away by her new friend Alex and her crazy/cool bandmates.

Alas, she and I debated a bit over the appropriateness of women our age writing about teen romance which would have involved some sexual tones (probably would have gone with 18/19, but it’s still a little bit uncomfortable).

Would have, could have. I have like 20 other ideas I can work on instead. xD

That aside, yeah, I feel ya. There’s the chance that SG will do the romance well, but I won’t be hopeful because I can’t afford to be.

tumblr: i love character development 

steve harrington: goes against asshole bad boy trope, doesnt ignore nancy after having sex with her unlike we thought he would, doesnt tell anybody that they had sex just like he promised, deeply cares about her, experiences peer pressure from his friends that make him act like an asshole, realizes his friends are assholes and he was being one, knows what he did is wrong, apologizes about it repeatedly, doesnt expect or demand forgiveness, buys new camera for jonathan and keeps it a secret that he bought it, doesnt expect a thank you for jonathan, in general isnt an entitled asshole, helps kill the creature after them, swings bat like a cutie

tumblr: he’s such trash

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It's a bit of a spoiler, maybe, but I think they are actually trying to set up Maggie and Alex. I feel like I'm the only one unhappy about that. Maggie is with Kate Kane in the comics. I feel like they are making them interchangeable. I'm not impressed so far. So much OOCness this season. And gosh, do I miss Lucy and Vázquez. It feels so weird without them. And I still haven't heard an explanation as to where they disappeared? There are some cute superfam moments, but so far not worth it.

I don’t think you’re the only one unhappy about it. I haven’t read all of the comics, but I do know that Maggie isn’t supposed to be with Alex. I feel that anyone who has read the comics or watched a certain animated movie might feel unhappy about a potential Maggie x Alex.

They’re kind of just taking these great characters and using them for their own purposes, which I suppose is technically fine (though I really feel we missed out with the way they decided to do Silver Banshee and other characters). In their favor is what they’ve done with J’onn, though.

I know people are just excited at the thought of getting a real, canon ship. I get that.

My problem is that I’m jaded and bitter, and I can’t let myself get too happy about it because I know if they do become canon, one or both could die - or have something exceptionally terrible wrought on them - because that’s just how TV rolls. I am all for another queer couple for representation, especially with a WoC, but I always wait for that other shoe to drop. I can’t forget what happened to Nyssa x Sara. Nyssa has been particularly shafted, and I’d been forcing myself through season 2 of A/rrow when more shit went down for her and I finally just quit.

Another one of my problems with the season is how the CBS/CW family are carrying on the proud tradition of the idea that Women Are Replaceable. I know things were happening for the actresses, but if the team really wanted our other ladies still on SG (even for a couple of eps, like Cat) they could have done it. We already had a great cast of characters, and we didn’t need like 8 more. They could have taken some of that money and got our other favs in for some face time. Whatever. (Lucy’s actress is part Lebanese, Vasquez is Latina…how cool would it have been to have a bisexual Lucy Lane pairing up with Alex? Missed chances.)

Oops, this got long.


I haven’t watched the show yet, but I’ve heard a lot about OOC feels from the characters. The show is essentially retconning their characterizations and setups from s1…already. *sigh* They could have artfully transitioned, but they didn’t. I wish I could say I’m surprised.

I don’t really expect an explanation for Lucy and Vasquez, tbh. This is how I enjoy shows, though. I don’t let myself be talked up so that I have really low expectations. 

I promise you this, when you find your person you’ll know. Because you find them in every little thing you do and you picture doing everything with that one person. Every song becomes about them, every movie or tv show ends up being relatable to them. You start to feel more than just butterflies in your stomach but you get a feeling in your heart that makes everything feel as if it’ll all be okay. They’re voice is your new favorite sound and they’re eyes are your new favorite color. You can’t get enough of them in a day and you can’t picture anyone else by your side. Whether it’s miles or minutes apart you just know deep down that they are your person. And if you ever find that person, you’d be damned if you ever let them go.
—  Some personal shit

So many straight guys are so horrified by the remotest possibility of someone they’re not attracted to being attracted to them.

Like given the smallest suspicion of a one-way crush they’ll be truly awful to women they consider unattractive or men who like men, even if the person in question doesn’t even come close to flirting with them.

But then they turn around and fucking harass women who don’t return their attraction - with zero self-awareness. It’s truly mind-boggling to see the same guy say some cruel shit to repel the ‘advances’ of a gay man or a fat girl who barely glanced in his direction and like thirty seconds later be pushing his luck with some girl who’s already said three times she’s not interested.

That’s fucked up.

I’m learning something recently


the worst part of being married

is being talked to by other people about your marriage

The amount of mildly sexist shit David and I have heard from friends and family since we got hitched is exhausting

Getting married didn’t suddenly make me domineering, always right and someone who exists to bicker with her husband.

Getting married didn’t make David a stupid sitcom husband who can’t do anything right, doesn’t deserve an opinion and has to bend to my will.

I am tired of older married women talking to me like I am supposed to be annoyed with my husband and always rolling my eyes at how stupid he is. And I don’t like seeing David having to awkwardly laugh with people as they tell him how we HAVE to do what I say because I’m the wife and I own his life now. If you do see us bickering over something, guess what? That ain’t your fucking business. We’re adults, we’ll sort it the fuck out. You don’t get to go tell my husband that he is useless and has to do what I want him to do without question.

I know we’ve barely been married a year but we’ve been together for almost 9, lived together for over 5 and I can tell you guys now, the only thing marriage changed is our tax forms and what jewelry we put on in the morning. 

Also if one more middle aged white woman walks into our guest bedroom and goes ‘this could be a nursery~’ you know what that room is going to become? Your grave. 

Sorry, David and I were setting up our nerd cave last night and I noticed we kept apologizing for shit that wasn’t a problem and we just had to stop and be all…..oh THIS is what the actual problem is and I just wanted to rant lol