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First, I would like to start off with how much I love your blog. BUT, I'm in need of either straightforward advice, or inspiration. You can pick between the two once you hear the rest of the story. Lol. I'm kind of going through a crisis, and for some reason trust your objective opinion. My dream is to become a doctor, but I didn't realize this until I started volunteering at a hospital. I was originally on the nursing path (because my mother told me to) and realized that after I had applied I wanted to become a doctor. So I applied to schools and recently got rejected....from both schools I had applied to. Yeah, that was a real blow to the gut. I had planned on taking the pre-med prereqs if I didn't get in, but it suddenly dawned on me "how the hell am I supposed to get into med school if I can't even get into a nursing school?!?!". So I'm torn. Should I even bother perusing my dream of becoming a doctor? Or just keep re-applying to the nursing schools? Or just give up on life completely? JK! (sort of...)
I've also been looking into PA school since I've finished those prereqs because they're similar to the nursing prereqs and I wouldn't have to start ALL over like the pre-med route. I know its an option, but I still dream of becoming a doctor... Thanks for listening to this completely unnecessary and fear-induced rant. :)

Well, Rantosaur, I can tell you’re frustrated. But IMO (and in my experience, as well), a bit of frustration and unexpected obstacles can actually be good for your career decision-making process in the long run, by forcing you to:

  • accept your unchangeable flaws
  • identify your areas of possible improvement
  • discover your natural skills and how they might best be used in a future career

So, take heart! All is not lost, just because two schools turned you down. As I’ve told other readers before, rejection of your application by a school DOES NOT equal “You’ll never become a doctor/nurse/PA/whatever.”

As I’ve also told other readers before, I think the Physician Assistant (PA) field is a booming industry which has TONS of potential, especially in the face of America’s looming doctor shortage. And while a PA does put themselves at the mercy of the P which they are A-ing, their typical job requirements can lend to a PRET-TY NICE lifestyle, with more time for family and “outside” interests.

I can’t tell you how to proceed, Rantosaur, but perhaps you should aim as high as you dare, and then if you continue to have doors shut in your face for that goal, drop your sights a notch and repeat the process. Meanwhile, I strongly recommend doing lots of volunteering in various settings, shadowing various professions (doctors, nurses, PA’s, etc.), which may also help you to rule-in/rule-out certain fields of study.

Now get back out there and let those application boards hear you ROAR, RANTOSAUR! :)