People who are reacting to this debate with “oh my god idek who I’m gonna vote for lol” are really scaring me right now. Any vote that isn’t for Hillary actively helps Trump and I don’t understand how you can be alright with that. And all the people who are die hard Bernie fans don’t seem to understand that voting for Bernie now will only help Trump by taking liberal votes away from Hillary. I’m honestly terrified for the future of this country. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

koji je kurac ljudima, sve se svodi na sise, guzice, picke, kurce i novce
muskarci su postali tolike ovce
dragi moji pa gdje vam je nestala hrabrost
ne govorim da trebamo biti vitezovi i spasavat princeze
ali malo muda bi muskom rodu dobro doslo
koji kurac si vi umisljate, javljajuci se svakoj mogucoj curi na internetu, i da, odmah prva namjera je:
mogu dobit sliku, znas, ne prica mi se bas s tobom ali zanimas me (vise manje obline)
naravno, nisam licemjer, tko ne voli vidjeti lijepo tijelo, ali u pizdu  materinu zar je to sve na sto su se sveli ovi odnosi danas
“oh, ali ja samo zelim da budemo casual. znas ono, seksanje i to je to.
ja dodjem, odradimo to i za sat vremena odem.”
i vi to zovete odnosom?!
razumijem da nije ugodno kada te netko odbije, ali jebemu mater pa zar nije vrijedno barem probat?
umjesto da se kuhas na mjestu, krčkaš, dinstaš, mozes otic pitat, ako se bojis uzivo, pa posalji poruku
inace isparis kao voda
fear not muski rode, u vasoj glavi se okrecu klikeri, samo je pitanje u kojoj.
na vama je izbor,
beskicmenjaci jedni


If I have to read one more thirteen year old’s ‘friendly reminder’ that RPF is creepy or dehumanizing, I am going to join hands with satan and smack a bitch down myself.

I will take down ALL OF YOU.

Here’s the thing.  Tumblr did not invent real person fan fiction.  I guess it might seem like it if you weren’t there to experience the wild fucking west of Fanfiction.net and LiveJournal, but all Tumblr did was make RPF fucking weird.

You know how long RPF has been around for?  Your #1 bitch Shakespeare used to write stories about the Brontë fam.  Charlotte Brontë, with her on-going boner for the Duke of Wellington (aka a real adult male person), used him as a character in a series of stories.  CB even went through a shitty goth phase like the rest of us!

Not interested in that dusty old shit? Fair. You should still know that your mom and maybe your grandma were writing stories about people like Donny Osmond and Gene Roddenberry LONG before you turned your nose up and decided that it was “creepy - ew, mom.”

(For the record I do think a story written about Donny Osmond would in fact be creepy, even though I probably would still read it just so I could gross myself out a little, think who the fuck would write this, and then feel even better about my own life choices.)

THAT ASIDE, I remember the days when RPF (bandom, thank you, you’re welcome) was something you didn’t know about UNLESS you were into reading it or writing it.  It always had a disclaimer - something like this is just a story, it’s not real, please don’t sure me haha! - and it always STAYED IN ITS LANE.

Side note: If you want to read more about the history of RPF, visit Fanlore.  They good.

So that means: links were not sent directly to the actors via fans on various social media networks.  That means: interviewers and YouTube stars did not read the stories out loud on air/on video as a form of shock entertainment.  That means: whoever the story was about? did not know of its existence - in any way or form.

Like, do you see where I’m going with this?

RPF is not an invasion of an actor’s privacy, because the personality said actor is presenting to the public is not their real goddamn personality.  It’s a character, a manicured version of themselves.  There is a real person behind that manicured and marketed image, and that’s not the person we write about.

Don’t even get me started on the finer subtleties and aspects of this argument, because I’ll go on and on and on until someone tells me to shut the fuck up, and even then I’ll probably keep ranting.

So let’s make a deal: you keep your shit out of my shit, and I’ll keep my shit out of your shit.  You don’t go in the tags of the pairing you don’t like, and I won’t slap a couple of fictional dick stories in your face.

Finally: if anyone here actually thinks they can end the RPF war that has been waged since literally 1960 via a classic Tumblerina text post, please raise your hand so I know which direction to throw my head back and cackle in first.

PS: If anyone is still looking for a witch hunt, can we all agree to take down those Reader/X people first?

Sleepover Confirmed Starco

I’m really late to the celebration party, but Sleepover basically confirmed that Star has a crush on Marco. 

And I’ve already seen the fandom’s reaction to THAT. 

While the shippers of Starco are happily rejoicing in the fact that half of their OTP is canon, the anti’s are salty as fuck because they don’t want another “cliche” romance. 

Just tell me: How is a well progressed and developed romance “Cliche”? 

The best kind of romances start out with the two being friends and that’s because they get to know about each other on a personal level. With time, those feelings become something more because they realize they care about each other more than they thought they did. 

We also had SEVERAL if not many hints in Season 1 that Starco was going to become a thing in this series. ESPECIALLY with Blood Moon Ball and the whole hidden prophecy they’re building up to with Star and Marco. 

And it also really bothers me how some people are like “If Starco becomes canon, I’m dropping the series.” 

Like? Are you not interested in the other qualities of the show? Are you not interested in learning more about Mewnie and about Marco’s family? Are you not interested in learning more about the hidden prophecy they’re building up to? Was your whole purpose for watching this show to ship two characters together? 

Like you can drop the series if that’ll make you happy but I think that’s really fucking stupid. Especially when this series is focused on so much more than just romance. 

There’s also so many episodes left of Season 2 so we’re not even half-way through the whole Season yet. And we still have Season 3 that is still on the horizon so a lot could happen in that time span. 

So calm the fuck down and enjoy the series. 

tell me why trump thinks it’s okay to talk down to hillary and interrupt her during a presidential debate… on one of the most important and viewed venues, for one of the most important positions in this country, and he reacts in one of the most immature ways to handle a simple debate. is this who you want as president? how could he ever be trusted to handle foreign affairs when he can’t even respect his opponent

Congrats if you’ve seen enough depictions of happy & stable romantic relationships you can identify with, that you find them ‘boring’ now.

No, seriously, congratulations.

I literally can barely even imagine what that must be like.

I’m sorry, but queer people like me dont have the luxury of safety & long track records of success that allow us to get bored by that.

Don’t pretend we have the same leeway to comfortably revel in ‘dramatic tension’, because we know things will turn out well for us.

Don’t come tell me that a queer pairing ending in death or painful ugly breakups, is just 'more interesting’, or would 'make for a better story’.

Dont tell me how cool it would be if the main pairing, which is for ONCE canonically queer, should break up so they can mayyyybeee get back together later, because then they’d 'grow as people more’, rather than letting them stay together.

Don’t tell me they should break up over being closeted because you think that would somehow be a more unique storytelling experience than actually letting queer people be happy and work through obstacles.

Don’t tell me they should go and date someone of the opposite gender instead & end up with them because 'it’s bisexual representation’, like the most common narrative bi characters get is their SGA being footnotes in a traditional romance narrative of a guy and a girl.

Don’t tell me to settle for caveats, for asterixes, for blink-and-miss-it, for 'they were totally canon we just never mentioned it’ after the fact.

Don’t tell me how their deaths were 'realistic & so gripping’, or 'gave you feels’, or because it just feels like you’re telling me our pain is more entertaining than our happiness, and therefore more worthwhile.

Dont tell me how us dying would be 'needed for the story’, because it just tells me 'this story isnt about you’ when we wanted so badly, just this once, for it TO be about us.

Let us have some goshdarned happy endings, the way straight people get all the time, because SOMETHING MOST OF US HAVE BARELY SEEN A HANDFUL OF TIMES IN OUR LIVES ISNT BORING, IT’s VITAL.

Honestly one thing I can’t stand is when niggas use the “ice cream analogy” to explain why they date interracially (and lowkey hate on Black women in general). Like, they would honestly compare Black women to Vanilla ice cream, saying it’s “bland” and “they’ll get tired of eating it after a while.” And then they compare all Non-Black women to these “exotic flavors that they “can’t wait to try out of curiosity.” And I’m just like….

Black women? Just plain vanilla?? As in, no individuality???


Can you just admit that you HATE Black women and call it a day!? Like, you DO realize that Black women (and just Black people in general) can come in over 300 different shades, right?? So NO ONE LOOKS COMPLETELY THE SAME???

And that there are many different cultures that they can fall under???

And not every Black woman has the same mindset/personality???? They can be multi-faceted too??????

Um, yeah, you can have your “hundreds of different flavors,” my nigga. I’ll stay with the ones you call “vanilla.” Besides, vanilla is the safest option anyhow.

Yes, So is abusive, no matter how you look at it his character is abusive AND manipulative. And yes, the fact that its staying true to its historical context of him being abusive does not excuse it either. 

What DOES excuse it, is that this is all part of his character development. This is all mistakes he’s doing in order to become a better person. He made the mistake of forcing Haesoo to kiss him once and then once he realized he was doing it again, he immediately stopped himself and said “I won’t force you”, and that alone is a DAMN huge step for such a mentally scarred person. And trust me I hate the way the writers tend to romanticize his abusiveness too - but you have to understand, this is all part of his journey, this is how you damn learn. Because until now all he’s known is being treated like a possession, like trash. But you have to give people the opportunity to become their better self and So has so much potential. It usually happens with fictional characters, shocking I know!!

Also?? This is literally just a drama, and yes it has its flaws but literally anything put out in the media has its flaws however if I stood here pointing out every single one of them, not only I would be unable to enjoy practically nothing but also be bitter literally all the damn time. So, I won’t feel bad for liking So? Because I do recognize his flaws and I do recognize the drama’s flaws, but that doesn’t mean I will spare myself a perfectly intricate plot and amazing characters. 

I don’t need to hear it, I’m already aware of it, just let me enjoy my damn drama.

...oh yes a little DS rant...

haven’t done of these in a while but,

you know what i find so maddening? are the comments and tags under people’s (including my) Doctor Strange posts, talking how this film could have been more “diverse” and might have had a better lead than your “typical white cishet male”… and “thanks but i will give this white trash movie a pass”.

and then you see white actors called chris all over that person’s account. and no mention of the fact that this film is actually one of the most diverse MCU films to date, and the difficult choices that had to be made when working from outdated canon.

yes the casting of the ancient one deserves analysis and discussion. yes diversity in cbms (and representation in western culture) needs recognition and ownership by those being excluded. but don’t try to borrow these complicated issues to mask the fact that you don’t like the lead actor chosen, or because your own personal fave wasn’t picked.

because imv that’s the textbook definition of ideological tourism. which in fact makes a mockery of the very causes you supposedly espouse. 

As a dark skin black woman that wants to be a wrestler, Naomi is currently an idol for me. To see her go out there every night and face adversity, and deal with this racist company inspires me and other young black and brown girls (and boys). She may lose and get the short end of the stick but she continues to get back up and prove that she has what it takes to thrive in the wwe. Along with every person of color that we see on our tv (The New Day, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Apollo Crews, Sasha Banks, Jason Jordan, and many more)

I appreciate Naomi and what she stands for. I feel the glow!

God I hate music snobs. This goes for Beatles fans who think they’re above 1D fans, as well as 1D fans who try to say whatever the boys do is better than anything the Beatles have ever done. Get off your fucking high horses and stop comparing artists!



AMBER “Ranting Monkey” EP11 Preview

[엠버 ‘Ranting Monkey’ EP11 미리보기]

'Ranting Monkey'는 #엠버 가 하와이에서 한 일을 알고 있다!?🌴
-AMBER in #Hawaii 편-

(※옆으로 넘기면서 봐주세요※)

하와이에 도착한 엠버!
귀여운 후배 #슬기 #예리 와 함께 수영하러 GO GO💃

#RedVelvet #SEULGI #YERI

좋아하는 #수영 #스노클링 도 맘껏 즐기고🏊

#SMTOWN 식구들과 특별한 저녁식사도 함께한 엠버💫

#하와이 나타난 엠버 와 SMTOWN 식구들의 모습,
곧 공개되는 Ranting Monkey EP11에서 만나보세요😊

#fx #AMBER #News


Let us all pray these do NOT happen in ACOTAR 3:

1. On the top of my fucking list : Feyre getting pregnant with Tamlin’s child. I doubt that she will deny him sex too often because it may raise suspicions. Tamlin is supposed to be her ‘knight in shining armour’ after all. *sharpens a hatchet*

He will want to protect her at all costs by locking her up. *counts number of arrows*

She’ll need to act like she misses being in the Spring Court with her crazy ex and the whore of a ‘priestess’ :)) *hires an army of Feysand shippers*

But on a serious note, if she does get pregnant with Tamlin’s child, I think she and Rhys will raise the child up as their own because, let’s be real, killing a child or even abandoning a child is not what they would do. Moreover, if the child inherits all of Feyre’s powers, not only is the child going to be hunted the rest of his/her life, when the child finds out what his/her mother had done to him/her, he/she will use that anger plus the powers to cause a shit ton of havoc.

2. Nesta or Elaine dying. We know that the Cauldron can do anything but we do not know of it’s side effects, if it has any. Because they were humans made into a Fae by a tub, we don’t know what it will do to them. After all, they were the lab rats.

3. The Court of Dreams getting destroyed, again. *sigh* Do I even have to explain why?

4. Cassian losing flight. Just fuck no. Can’t let this precious little peanut lose his wings. Also, Nessian. I’m damned sure Nesta and Cassian are mates. HE STRETCHED HIS WINGS TO MAKE THEM LOOK LONGER IN FRONT OF HER. SO CUTE. UGH. I CANNOT WITH THIS TWO LITTLE PEANUTS.

5. Azriel dying. Nope. Just no. STILL WAITING FOR MOZRIEL TO HAPPEN, OKAY?! THEY NEED TO HAPPEN. And it can’t happen if our darling little bean dies of the god forsaken poison. FUCK YOU HYBERN.

6. Amren doesn’t get taken by Hybern. Enough havoc has been done by Hybern, of Hybern has a powerful creature from another world in a form of a sexy woman on their side, all hell will break lose. Then again, she’s damn powerful and would probably slaughter an entire army before she gets taken. But, hey, it’s a possibility.

With the Cauldron on Hybern’s side, the King could forge a weapon of some sort to control Amren which is real bad. Pray that shit doesn’t happen. One of Amren is equivalent to at least 100 men. God save everyone of it happens.

7. I hope Mor does not reject Azriel anyMore. Pun intended. Coz c'mon Mozriel/Moriel seriously needs to happen. Oh yeah, I don’t want her to die too. I DON’T WANT ANYONE IN THE INNER CIRCLE TO DIE. I’M TOO ATTACHED TO THEM BABES. OKAY?!

8. Thought I’d forget Rhysand? Nope. Never. To be honest, I’m not prepared for what Rhys is going to feel and go through when Feyre is back in prison — literally the home of the man whose father murdered Rhys’ mum and sister. Like wtf. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid that would get him caught and tortured by Hybern again. LIKE SERIOUSLY BRUH, DON’T. YOU WANNA HUG? IMMA GIVE YOU A HUG. BUT DON’T, FOR EVERY ACOTAR/SJMAAS FANS SAKE DO NOT DO SOMETHING STOOPID. We don’t want Feyre getting PTSD again.


Business Attire

So, the invitation to the college reception I attended yesterday in NYC stated (very clearly) “Business Attire”. So I, who rarely wears a suit, put on an old suit that seemed appropriate for an evening reception in NYC. My understanding of “Business Attire” is a suit…matching jacket and trousers. Which caused me no small amount of angst as I haven’t purchased a new suit in decades and they don’t fit as well as I would like. The one new-to-me suit, a 3 roll 2 sack, fits well but is a brown Glen Plaid. I thought a grey, blue or olive would be more appropriate for the occasion.

Of course my angst was for nought. Some of my fellow alums wore suits, but, many wore odd jackets either with or without a tie, just a shirt and slacks, and one even wore a leather Baracuta-type jacket.

Have we gone so far down the casual work wear path that “Business Attire” really means, “please don’t come in your pajamas”? Or is it true that, as an older friend once said, “Steve, you’re a dinosaur!”.

Maybe I am!

Message to All the Thirsty, Fake Ass BTS Fans

Anyone following BTS knows that the new album trailer was released recently showing the what appears to be J-Hope’s solo intro. Given that he’s been my bias since I got into BTS, I, along with other J-Hope stans are pretty excited that it looks like he’ll be getting his chance to shine during this comeback. However, this has showed me just how fake fans can be. During Epilogue promotions, Jin dyed his hair blond and lots of people started paying attention to him, even those who argued that he had no place in the group or those who just didn’t care about him. Conversely, when Jimin lost his abs, many people stopped stanning him for this reason alone. In the intro trailer, J-Hope’s shirt lifts up for a second exposing his stomach. Considering how this is a fandom full of fangirls who’d probably lose their shit if I posted a picture of Suga’s kneecaps, it didn’t come as a surprise that everyone freaked out. What’s irritating is how some people only started caring about him just because his abs were visible and this makes me really worried due to the fact that he isn’t one of the most popular members in the group. Hell, when his mixtape was released, some fans disregarded it and complained about when suga’s mixtape would be released. Just recently, he got disrespected in a V broadcast, with him ultimately just letting Jimin finish what was originally J-Hope’s broadcast by himself. He literally left his phone with Jimin. He even said he had stuff he wanted to talk about during the broadcast. Even after the trailer was released, there were fans complaining about how it wasn’t Jungkook or Jimin. Needless to say, I’m pretty fucking pissed that some ARMYs, the fandom that managed to get their bias group to stop reading comments because they were sexually explicit and made them uncomfortable, are paying attention to J-Hope solely because his abs were visible for a split second. He’s working his ass off yet some you of can’t control your thirst for two fucking seconds to focus on something other than his abs or his body rolls. Maybe, just maybe, focus on the dancing as a whole and not just those two parts. Even better yet, maybe pay attention to the intro track too seeing how in a music-based fandom it would make sense for people’s priorities to be centered on that. But no, instead we got a bunch of comments like “SO HOT!1!1!1!”. Newsflash: an idol shouldn’t have to reveal his or her body just for you to notice and value them. They are more than their physical appearances. If you are one of the fans who ignored him prior to the trailer being released then started paying attention to him because of his abs, consider this a wake up call to evaluate your behavior or if you want to continue to be a disrespectful asshat, feel free to get the fuck off my blog. I refuse to tolerate “fans” like you, and this goes for every group and idol, not just BTS. TL;DR Fuck all the fans who started paying attention to J-Hope for his abs. Control your thirst please.

My mom grew up poor and uneducated in a not-so-great home, so while I might use her as an example of hetero power dynamics, please don’t make notes or send anons calling her dumb because she did a lot to please her husband…

Like I shouldn’t have to say this but blaming women for trying to make the best of a bad situation is the antithesis of feminism.

Like, she raised three college educated daughters and tells us constantly not to be financially dependent on men, I think she gets it :/

Plagiarized Content and Stealing Work from Tumblr Users

Well, hello there. I am terribly sorry for this rant, but I urge you to take the time to read it. This is extremely important to myself and other LeafyIsHere blogs / imagine / fanfic writers. 

Please, protect yourself (content creators) and other users/readers. If you see my content being posted, or rather any content created by a Tumblr user, please notify that creator as soon as possible. We spend a great deal of time trying to provide quality content to you as a reader. This type of behavior is extremely discouraging to us; to be honest, it makes individuals, such as myself, not want to post as often or at all.

Keep reading