Sorry guys, but it’s 2016, if you don’t support the liberation for trans people you’re a bigot. You don’t get to continue to support the dehumanization of people and pretend you’re morally outstanding. There’s no conversations left to be had, if you don’t support trans people, you are a bigot in every sense of the word and are tied to every death, suicide, and traumatic event they face, because it’s the culture you uphold that leads to these things.

can we please delete the reylo/zutara “parallels” the ship is literally more problematic than shipping pre-redemption/book one zutara the only similarity is that kylo ren is being built up as a potential anti-hero with a common struggle between right and wrong which has been addressed since shakespearean literature and that rey is a strong female protagonist the similarities end there kylo ren is a spoiled trash can, ruthless killer and zuko was an abuse victim teenager who fucked up please stop you’re adding ammo to the anti-zutara shippers’ arsenals 

Every woman who calls herself a lesbian when she falls in love with a man is another stone to get piled on our backs when we try to explain ourselves.

Every woman who calls herself a lesbian while she enjoys sex with men is another brick they wall us up with.

I hate it so much.

Why are they so ashamed of being our bi sisters? I don’t call bi girls who date mostly men straight, why would I say it the other way around?

Anyone I see who calls themselves a lesbian while talking about how happy they are with a man gets blocked. Instantly.

If you “met the right man”, you aren’t a lesbian. There is no “right man” for any of us.

It’s hard to make people understand how hard it hurt us when men touched us when you tell everyone how much “lesbians” like you like it.

I know this is not my usual tone. But I’m very heartsick right now. Love to my lesbian sisters, your exclusive love for women is beautiful. And solidarity to my bi sisters who are unabashedly themselves. Your love for women is beautiful too.

Lets all just pretend that the fact that Aelin felt what it was like to be Rowan when she touched the wyrd key, and Rowan (who has been in a mate bond and knows how carranam works) had no idea why that happened, from the first night they met could have conversations without speaking, and feel each others pain when they aren’t around isn’t driving us crazy because dammit we need to know wtf is actually going on with these two seriously. And before you before you ask, the answer is no, its not the just because of the blood oath or being carranam. 

Seriously, what is Rowaelin. Cause there is something way larger at play here

“it’s just my opinion”

Newsflash: Opinions can be bigoted. Often times opinions are bigoted. Bigotry operates off of opinions. It being your opinion doesn’t absolve you of bigotry, it just proves it more when you say such.

Men consume the female body everyday in advertisement. Womens bodies are used to glorify everything from cars to deodorant to a fucking sandwich. You consume our bodies through porn endlessly yet as soon as we are aware of our own beauty, our own power, our own strengths. It is then we are vain and conceited. Condemning my body, my self worth and my existence unless it is on a platter for your consumption.

"Just be yourself "

Three words that have been said for centuries, that have gathered different, more eligible meaning over time. They’re said to you when you’re nervously fumbling with your fancy outfit’s fabric, waiting for your date to arrive. Your mother told you these magical words when she tucked a napkin in your new uniform’s pocket and kissed you goodbye, while you wondered if you’d be able to make a single friend that day. Your father patted your back and whispered these words as you entered the doors where three people could get you your dream job. History has taught us that these words are supportive, they’re suppose to make us feel imperterbable, dawn us with a sudden epiphany and show us the way. But when I come to think of it, it is rather a very ironic phrase. Can you really be yourself? Don’t you have to still think before you speak, act poised, be reasonable and not do something batshit crazy? Hell, do we even know who the fuck we are and why do we exist, really? Dealing with puny problems all our lives, most of which we invent due to ourselves, I wonder if you too, feel all itchy and just want to elope with those rare shooting stars and never return to your skin again.


Also, before the questions come in, yes I do hate street fighter. The controls are bland as fuck, all the characters look retarded except for that one purple spider lady and the ones who have no real design in them like Ryu or Ken, it’s overrated, and the AI is cheap and spammy as fuck.

It’s almost as bad as mortal kombat, but at least mortal kombat tried fixing its flaws in the most recent game, even if it didn’t help much.

Oh also the super moves are all really underwhelming.

But of course what do I know, i’m just a faggot who plays blazblue and soul calibur.

Excuse the Rant: Fanfic Author Problems

What is it about SI fanfiction that makes reviewers think its ok to critique the actions of the character?

Seriously—with regular fanfiction, I find it perfectly acceptable (if slightly annoying), that occasionally reviewers will comment that they don’t think so and so would have done X. It just means that the reviewer and I interpret the character differently. And, quite frankly, they usually move on because they find the story ‘out of character.’

But what is it with people picking on OCs, and SIs in particular, going ‘I can’t believe they’re doing x, that’s just wrong.’ Or, ‘I think your SI is just being a bully. Surely your other OC would have intervened by now.’ It is not that the reviewer thinks the OC or SI is ‘out of character,’ (they don’t have any other reference for the character’s actions) it’s that the SI is doing something/behaving differently than the reviewer would have done/expects in that scenario.

Reviewers don’t do so when it’s just a regular fanfiction story—reviewers can accept that the canon characters behave badly.  What is it about a SI character that makes it unacceptable for the character to exhibit flaws/bad decisions/ behaviors? Does the reviewer expect the SI to be perfect? To not have flaws and experience growth and development over time? That would be an awfully boring story. Why does the reviewer impose their own personality and moral expectations on the SI (or other OCs)?

I think, regarding my own SI story, a lot of it stems from the reviewer’s belief that my SI must be operating with a fully functional adult mind. That my SI acts like a child seems to baffle reviewers. But there isn’t a “correct” way to write a SI, and why is it so novel that I’m using fanfiction to experiment? If they’re that bothered with the story, why can’t they just go write their own SI in which they do things the way they want to?

I’ve not had to do this for any other story, but I’ve gone ahead and disabled anonymous reviews on LOG.  I can see it’s going to get old really fast that I feel like I have to constantly justify a character whose point of view I’m purposefully excluding. The least people can do if they are going to be simpleminded and exhibit their inability to consider other perspectives without having them written out word for word is sign in so I can yell back at them.

@electraposts, @tozettewrites, @youridiotwriter : Any thoughts on this issue or methods of preventing reviewer harassment?

Ok so story time, I remember when I got my first acknowledged feelings for girls it was for Terezi and Nepeta so like. I do that thing 6th graders do where I looked up x reader fanfics for it, and guess what I got???? Either male readers or genderbends. I was so pissed. I was like, no I do no want your stupid fucking ‘Nepeto’ and no, I (at the time) am not a boy. I would like to read about a girl making out with Terezi. Please. It pisses me off a lot now tho because like ???? I was 11 and first trying to explore my sexuality only to be told 'nah you gotta be straight man’ and that fucks me up a lot.


I’m feeling really frustrated over tumblr  absence of the comment  option .. I liked to comment on post… I don’t like to use their chat  thingie for that =_=…

“You don’t have to date anyone with a penis if it makes you uncomfortable”.  I mean, that is true!  You don’t HAVE to date anyone, and any reason is perfectly valid.  You also don’t have to date people with big noses if they make you uncomfortable.  Or black skin.  Or a missing leg.  Or attention deficit.

The thing you should be questioning isn’t whether you HAVE to date amab trans people out of some guilt tripping - frankly if you’re a TERF, none of us with any self respect are interested (and those of us without it I would prefer that YOU don’t prey on THEM).  You’re perfectly free to not date trans people, or disabled people, or people of colour, or whatever other people you think less of.  You should, however, ask yourself WHY a girl with a penis or dark skin or a disability would make you uncomfortable dating them.

Honestly, who still circulates this “predatory trans lesbian” idea, as if trans girls aren’t generally nervous wrecks with confidence issues.  The cis act like WE’RE the ones threatening THEM.

It’s funny how Thrasher Magazine dominates in the online and social media presence of popular #skateboarding. Skateboarder Magazine died despite quality and The Skateboard Mag got absorbed by that capitalist beast hiding behind the mask of skateboarders. Transworld, as you and it both age, loses it value to the point of just sucking; it sucks even more they own - those business kooks. It is humorous how Thrasher, the “rawest” of the bunch, ends up on top, especially in this business savvy world. 

  • honestly i am so done with the over sexualisation of women especially in comics because sure there are costume redesigns but that isn't stopping the artists (mostly men) from drawing women in horrible poses
  • i can't scroll through artist's instagram without seeing a spine-breaking boob and butt pose or suggestive face or unnecessarily giant boobs or girls bound up or masturbating and IM SO SICK OF IT bc it makes it so hard to feel included and interested in comics when your gender is being constantly sexualised and exploited
  • and guess what your comic book probably isn't very good if you need a sexy women on the cover
Frustrated Glassblower rant

I would like to just go off on an rant for a minute and tell y'all that being a Glassblower is frustrating as heck sometimes. I’m kinda breaking the main glassblower’s rule right now, which is “Don’t ever blame the glass” but glass is so mentally challenging like no other artistic medium I’ve ever worked with and some days I’m just like WhY!? Why is this what I fell in love with and not somethings little more forgiving?? With glass you can spend hours and hours on something, you can spend days making prep work, char your fingertips, get a million micro cuts and glass splinters, radiant heat burn your whole arm, sweat over a torch for hours straight and the glass doesn’t care. You make one wrong move, it could be just waiting 30 seconds too long to keep something warm- then you hear the one sound that sends every Glassblower into a panic- the tiny “TINK” the sound of a hairline crack appearing somewhere in the piece and then SMASH- everything you just spent hours on is gone. Either shattered on the floor from your handle snapping or the piece just exploded from thermal shock in the flame. Either way your rained on by bits of hot glass, probably melting holes in your clothes or burning some of your hair and your probably swearing like a sailor, cursing the gods and your own friggin carelessness, picking up all the broken bits with tongs and smashing them extra hard into the trash bin in frustration. It really makes you confront the hard facts that nothing is permanent, patience is key and that often you will have nothing to show for all your effort and hard work but that’s ok. You really can’t blame the glass- no matter what the circumstance, if everything breaks it was your own fault: your own decisions, your own impatience or hesitation that had consequences you didn’t expect. You can only own it, learn from it and start over. Ain’t that just like life?

I have slowly been figuring out "my type"
  • Its not even physical traits any more tbh. I love long hair and a pretty smile, but what gets me is confidence but in that dorky not cocky kind of way.
  • Respect - dont invalidate the others opinions and pretty much dont be a twat to them
  • Able to converse with me- not hold a conversation no thats important yes but im talking just can we even get along can we function together on a hour long car ride or out to lunch? Can we do absolutely nothing but it be good because we talked nice the whole time but wasnt chit chat or bullshit conversations. CAN WE DO A FUCKING PUZZLE TOGETHER WITHOUT FIGHTING... Those things matter more than you think.
  • If you cant give me affection, say baby often when we text, want to hold my hand from time to time, snapchat me lyrics to my favorite songs or play with me hair we we hug or cuddle. Attempt to show me you want me
  • Sex is NOT a priority for me i dont care if we ever make love, but kiss my neck here and there so i know im not losing your interest
  • Can we entertain ourselves with a pool table or chess board? Can we sit nice and watch disney movies discussing why the villian and a asswipe and what the main character should have done. Can we talk about conspiracy theory's without full blown arguments
  • Can we not treat each other like shit bc ones having a bad day,
  • Dont k me i will block you, dont rub pickles on my food i will stab you, dont push me into a wall i will destroy you. (...)
  • Cheating, lying, sneaking, snorting, ect. All bad very bad. No no

People actually have the nerve to say that Eddie Redmayne shouldn’t win an Oscar for playing Lili in The Danish Girl because he isn’t trans? Are you serious. The fact that he was asked to play her is not his fault, accepting the part was amazing since he probably new the amount of discomfort it would cause parts of the LGBTQA+ community, and the amount of backlash the film would receive.

You shouldn’t blame him and take away amazing things from him just because the director and cast organiser didn’t choose a transgirl to play Lili’s role?

The way he portrays her is so beautiful and sensitive, I don’t think we could have any better cis actor to play her.