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I saw it more as a fucked up guy trying to get with this persona of a girl he crated all around a real human that he actually knew nothing about.

Yes, it IS about that, but I’m considering another aspect.

I’m thinking about the role reversal. The obsessive pursue of a female character by a male character is much more acceptable, nay, it’s encouraged, not only in films, but in our society. If a guy calls a girl 10 times a day after she’s left him, he’s considered romantic and the girl is considered a bitch for not taking him back, because ‘isn’t he such a nice guy’, 'wow, he really must care about you’.

Whereas, for a girl to even show interest for a guy before him, for a girl to even make the first move, she’s constantly put down and called wanton and “slutty”. If Summer did everything Tom did in that film, she’d be considered a desperate crazy bitch.

As it is, there’s no way to win. She didn’t want him even after “everything he did for her”, so she’s a bitch. In the other scenario, he doesn’t want her, so she has no right to pursue him, so she’d be a bitch for doing so.

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I’m glad you’re still writing since you haven’t posted about it in a while. Are you still working on that script you showed me?

 yes I am, very very very slowly. i have everything brainstormed out for it but every time I work on it, I want to write for something else I have started.

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I scrapped mine because I found out that I could never write anything because I suck. Glad you’re still working on yours! At least one of us will be successful!

ur just lazy

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I do the same thing!

twinsieeeees. it’s kind of therapeutic, tbh.

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I always find it funny, that prison rape is an accepted rape joke, and even shows have made humorous situations out of kids getting touched inappropriately, but its adult rape that is the touchy subject.

Shit Family Guy has made whole episodes about an old pervert who gets off on touching little kids, when the Jackson accusations came out people were having a good old time laughing about how he molested kids, whenever a female teacher has a relationship with an underage male people always joke about “Oh he probably liked it” it’s really an unfair situation. It’s like only certain rape victims get sympathy, as if the people getting prison raped were laughing when it happened or something.