The Orchestra by Marko Rantanen

Finnish photographer Marko Rantanen has brought  alive the new visual identity of Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra through impactful photography that perfectly captures the power and energy of the orchestra’s music.

Thinker by nature, what intrigues Marko’s projects are the diversity of the end results. Because of his fascination for storytelling, Marko has expanded his creative expression into both stills and moving images.

WHAT’S ON: CK One Daily, July 12- August 2, 2014. Night Gallery, 2276 E 16th Street, LA.

Featuring: Jaya Howey, Julia Kennedy, Shawn Kuruneru, Nevine Mahmoud, Rose Marcus, Shimon Minamikawa, future SC Artist Chadwick Rantanen, Anna Rosen, Kathleen Ryan, Carter Seddon.

Courtesy Night Gallery.