I’m beginning to really despise my patient’s family members

Dear son of my patient,

Congratulations. I know that you’ve been at your mother’s bedside at Bumfuck Community Hospital for the past week prior to her transfer here to our humble hospital. It’s a real help having you at bedside because you’re so goddamn knowledgeable about everything.

Really, thank you for fixing my IV pumps when I’ve specifically asked you not to. 

No no, thank YOU for letting know constantly about your mothers normal AF vital signs.

 I mean, here I am just a lowly, slightly experienced, ICU nurse at a one of the top hospitals in the state and metropolitan area taking orders from silly doctors who only have been in school since pre-K and have graduated from worthless institutions like University of Chicago, Brown, WashU, and Yale.

Sorry I wasn’t able to fetch your mother’s hot tea as soon as she asked for it, I was busy trying to keep my other patient’s life support going so that she may actually live the next 24 hours and get a liver transplant. Gosh was she needy.

And sorry I made your mother turn with the assistance of another nurse so that I could get her cleaned up after she shit all over herself and her hundred skin folds. I really should have just let her sat in it, right?

Where in the hell do you people get off? Seriously?!? I get concern for your family members. I appreciate questions or concerns that you have and am more than willing to address them as they come up. But please, PLEASE do not treat me like I’m some stupid fuck who fell off the turnip truck. I’m at the very least halfway decent at what I do, and on the unit where I work, that’s 5 steps above almost everyone else in the world. We nurses are not stupid. Sorry I don’t know every test, med, and procedure performed on your loved one at an outside hospital 15 years ago. I’m looking out for what’s going on in the here and now. That’s my priority. I don’t tell you how to do your job, whatever that may be, so I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d kindly not tell me how to do mine.

God I cannot wait to go back onto night shift. Intubated/sedated patients with no family need apply. 

My goodness do I love Overwatch, but my god does is make me mad.

I’ll be playing comp (alone or with friends) and I’ll get matches where my team is implied to be the team with a better chance of winning. Someone leaves early and it cancels the match. Then the next game I try it flips it and I get rolled.

I have a season high of 1417. This pisses me off. Season 2 I managed to get into gold with 2002 season high. Season 3’s placements screwed me over something fierce and put me in bronze, but I got into silver by the end. Season 4 has done nothing but screw me over again and again. I did better than season 3 in placements, yet I got dumped less than where I started in season 3. And climbing up to silver is damn near impossible because I get people that think going widowmaker, hanzo or genji at such low level play is a good idea.

I get they can be useful at times, but we’re getting them on maps like Nepal Viillage where there’s little to no line of sight in most places.

To summarise: I’m just a salty person that gets very angry at times. I cool off pretty quick though.

FF15 - Whaddaya know, more ranting: SUMMONS

curmudgeonness replied to your post “Late Replies! School Blues”  

FFX was not a winner in my book.  I cared for very little of the FF series. The blitzball was a total turnoff and was needed for my favorite character’s weapon.  Lost interest very quickly.              

This is EXACTLY the way I feel about FF15. I know I’ve taken some epic dumps on FF13, because I thought the gameplay was wretchedly linear and the storyline was clunky and derivative, but at least it was a visual masterpiece, and emotionally compelling – even if half those emotions were irritation or frustration.

In FF15 however I’m just BORED. I didn’t even finish! I left it hanging somewhere, I don’t even care. Once I realized that the Summoning system was STUPID, I threw in the towel.

(Does Carbuncle even qualify as a summon? :P )

The Platinum Demo was so freaking good; they should have gone in that more lighthearted chibi-chan Kingdom Hearts direction instead, IMO.

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The Thing About Gloves

*late night rant alert*

I dunno about y’all, but I don’t really like wearing gloves.

The only time I consistently wear them is when I’m touching hot stuff (I.e., focusing lights and operating followspots). For that I wear TIG welding gloves. Those are designed to handle a lot of heat.

Very rarely do I wear non-heat-handling gloves for other items. And those are always fingerless.

Why? Because I don’t like losing my dexterity/grip strength.

Tonight an arrogant AF “lighting designer” responded to me showing off an unexpected cut on my hand (to one of my coworkers) with an uninvited, “I’m surprised you guys don’t wear gloves.” My colleague and I gave a look… I responded, “I’d rather get cuts on my hands than accidentally drop a light,” as I was loading one of the brand-new MAC Axiom Hybrids he was renting into its roadcase.

Getting cuts on my hands are not beneath me.

Neither are callouses.

And dirt comes off with soap & water. It’s a great motivator to wash your hands regularly!

Neither is wanting to feel the damn item you’re holding. Seriously, I don’t understand how some of my colleagues feel comfy loading weight 30+ feet above everyone else while wearing gloves.

Maybe I’m just a weirdo.

But then again, to be normal is to be weird, and to be weird is to be normal.


*end rant*


Having a chronic illness (or several, like me) is really hard work. But you know whats even harder work? Hearing on a daily basis “but you don’t look sick” and “if you were that ill then you’d have to stay in bed” and my personal favourite “why don’t you say you were having a bad pain day? How are we supposed to know that you’re sick if you don’t say anything?”

But you know what? The ignorance and neurotypicalness of people who aren’t Spoonies is what fuels me. Right now i’m lucky enough to actually be able to get out of bed myself and live a relatively ‘normal’ life. BUT, istg, at this point in my life, i manage to get out of bed in the mornings using pure rage, sheer bloody-mindedness and a whole lot of fuck you.

Okay so rant alert!!!!

I’m not pissed off at Jen for leaving OUAT - i mean I think we all knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. 6 years is a freakin long time playing one character. I don’t think people realise how gruelling a tv schedule is - working 16-18 hour days every day for the majority of 6 years would take a toll on anyone - i couldn’t do it.

But i am pissed off at Adam, Eddy and ABC. I just rewatched the musical episode (yes i was brave af for doing that considering everything that’s happened over the last 48 hours) and i couldn’t help but feel like it felt like the end. I felt it the first time i watched the musical. But everything just seemed so… final?

So if this really is going to be the Final Battle that Emma has to face (BUT HELLO SPOILERS) it seems like she’ll survive and be with her new husband, why can’t they just end the show there?

This is the end of the storybook that has been the core of this show for 6 years. The last chapter is written and it ends with the finale battle - we’ve known this all season. So why reinvent the show and drag it to the grave? Why don’t they just give the show the ending it throughly deserves and finish OUAT while all the main cast are still together and it’s a sensible ending (hello storybook reference again.)

But its true - its the end of Henry’s storybook, its the FINAL BATTLE and we know this will probably be the last time we see Emma - the heroine that has transformed the way we see Disney Princess’ in her red leather jackets, jeans and her knee high boots. And we’ll say goodbye to Jen, the amazing woman who has brought this character to life.

So please ABC, Adam and Eddy. Give the show the ending it deserves. Not this time next year when you’ve tried to drag it through the ashes to get more money. This is a sensible ending point and everything will feel complete.

Can we talk about Archer and Cyril for a second?

Because tonight’s episode is so fucking important in terms of character development that I have to take a second and talk about how impressive the writing is for this show six seasons in. 

So Archer is an asshole. No brainer. He’s a lazy, womanizing, irresponsible alcoholic. But you know what? He’s honest. If it pops into his brain, Archer says it. He calls it like he sees it, even if it’s horrendously mean or shallow things. 

And that’s why Cyril is such a great foil.

Because Cyril is the real asshole.

Cyril is actually a great representation of this little demographic of guys who wear the Nice Guy disguise. They don’t say offensive stuff out loud, they don’t brazenly chase after women, and they aren’t outlandish bad boy assholes. They are quiet about being douchebags, and to me, that’s actually worse than just being a douchebag.

I’m speaking from experience, here, mind you. The first Cyril I met was back when I worked retail and I got to know this guy who was pretty cute and he had a great sense of humor and he seemed kind of nerdy and he later asked me out on a date. We went out. We had a great date. We went out twice more, on consecutively less nice dates. Then he didn’t call or talk to me for more than a moment at work for more than two weeks and so I finally forced him to tell me what was up and he said the ever popular excuse of, “I’m not ready for a relationship” and then proceeded to enter into an eight month relationship with the new 18 year old the store hired. Nice guy, right?

Then there was the guy who I talked to online for a while for a couple months. We went out twice–once for dinner and ice cream, the second time to the park and dinner. At the end of the 2nd date, he tried to invite me into his apartment and I declined, so he stole a kiss. It was unpleasant and aggressive and I didn’t like it at the time, but then when I got in my car and drove home, I got progressively more upset about the fact that he did that without my permission. So I spoke with him later that I wasn’t feeling up to dating for a little while and he never talked to me ever again. Nice guy, right?

But here’s my point: I think this past episode was so brilliant for giving us the full scope of the dynamic between Archer and Cyril. Archer makes Lana’s life a living hell, but he likes her. Hell, he loves her. He loves that she’s so smart and tough and gorgeous and she doesn’t take any shit and he can even sometimes make her laugh if he tries hard enough. He pushes all her buttons because he can’t get enough of her, even if it drives her away or puts a roadblock in any potential relationship they could have. He’s not marriage material and he’s barely father material, but he tries. We just watched him drag himself to a stupid family event with Pam. Pam, whom he used to hate and once beat with her own dolphin puppet. Archer did that. Sterling freaking Archer did Pam a favor and (that we know of) didn’t ask for anything in return.

Cyril, on the other hand, pretended to be nice to Lana and her new baby AJ just so he could fucking try to sleep with her.


Fuck Cyril.

[/end rant]

What kind of world.....

Rant alert!! What kind of world do we live that we bring children up to say to another child no one likes you why don’t you just go kill yourself?!!! Seriously!!???

My gorgeous 15yo son, who came to the aid of a complete stranger who was having a fit, who he looked after until the ambulance he had called came, has to endure this kind of cruelty on a daily basis and not just by one person but by a group - it makes me so angry……he shows a strength of character I never had but I am in awe of my brilliant, caring young man……I am also worried that these words will have a lasting impact……wounds heal, but words stick around, they reverberate around your head, hurting you……all I want for him is to be happy…..I hope he will be…….I have spoken to the school…..I have ranted but I am seen as an over protective mother…..and do you know why he is treated like this? Because he refuses to lie and because he is a loyal friend….what a world that such honest & true behaviour is downtrodden so viciously…..my son is my hero……I will do whatever I can to protect him…..

Samurai Jack, WHYYY

Spoiler alerts

Growing up there were a lot of different shows that had love interests developed with them, that heroes or villains seemed to be getting into relationships all over the place,and the love triangles formed got so annoying. I loved Samurai Jack from a young age due to in part the fact that he did not get into any relationships. It showed me that you can be independent and still be strong on your own and succeed in your goals.

For 52 episodes when the show was on cartoon network, samurai jack was fine on his own, there were spots of Ikra and Josephine flirting with him, Josephine he’d ignored entirely, and for Ikra (Aku in disguise) It was a long journey that he was looking for a portal with her help, while she sensually gazed at him across the fire he’d looked away awkwardly, not sure how to respond. He stayed single, staying focused on his task even through the four seasons of death episode, he didn’t let the strange spirit hold him back from his mission against Aku. 

So when Ashi was introduced as a helping character, it was first cute for his character growth, how she ends up going through basically the same journey that he did, but all her life she was taught that he is the enemy, that he is the evil, then while it took quite some time to convince her otherwise, all of two episodes, suddenly in the eighth episode, before the final great battle with Aku, they’re suddenly thrown together in attraction, awkwardness and shyness that came out of nowhere, then at the end she’s naked and they’re thrown into a make out session. WHAT. THE. HELL. There was no build up to it outside of the one episode, there wasn’t any deep intimacy, not to mention the fact that she is about 50-70 years younger than him! Throwing in the romance 60 episodes in to the series when there’s only going to be two episodes left, what was the point of that? It doesn’t leave much room for the growth of the relationship, probably going to be either ‘Welp, they’re together, they beat Aku, Samurai Jack travels to the past with her’ or ‘Beat aku and stays with her’ or the option of ‘Welp, Ashi gets killed and Samurai Jack is a mess’ All three of which would be extremely annoying endings to the series.

Sorry for the rant, needed that off my chest.



Im sad, I’m angry, I’m concerned for my sport.

Today I competed my beautiful horse, I was never out to win, I was there for the experience and to gain a qualifier to start competing this horse FEI. He felt quite good in the test and although we had a few minor errors on the rider’s behalf, I was confident that I would achieve a good score.

I got my test sheet back to find that I had only achieved 59.8% and placed second last…. whilst I wasn’t out to win, I was expecting a top 10 performance because I can honestly say we truly deserved it.

Upon looking at my test sheet to find out what went wrong, my heart dropped. The judges had absolutely caned me for having the curb bit “too loose”. TOO LOOSE. As you can see in the photos, my curb reins aren’t exactly flapping in the breeze but I’m certainly not pulling on it - I refuse to. I then looked at the other scores to see that riders who were pulling on the curb and horses pulled behind the vertical with a break in the neck were being rewarded and placed very well. Imagine that, in a sport where we are trying to abolish rollkur for the welfare of the horse and I am being punished for NOT reefing on the curb.

I was so upset that I left the event in tears and scratched from my other Advanced test. When I got home and jumped on Facebook, my newsfeed was filled with reports of Adelinde Cornelissen under fire due to speculation of Parzival having large swelling in his jaw caused by a hairline fracture due to extended practices of rollkur and not from a mere spider/insect bite as initially reported. I truly hope that the reports of a broken jaw are not true…. but I’m so worried. What has this sport become? Why are riders being rewarded for rollkur practises. The abuse is only going keep happening if judges keep rewarding it.

Im disappointed. I’m disenchanted. I’m devastated.

To my followers (Rant Alert):

No matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, lack of either, race, or religion as long as you are respectful of others and understand that not everyone is going to be just like you are or believe all that you do I will respect and support you. This goes for anyone that hates on cis people, straight people, white people, and Christian people. I know none of them really need to be stood up for, but just like you they can’t help who they are. But this also goes for anyone that hates on nonbinary or aro or ace people. All of us are valid and all of us should work together to live happier.

Wow can you believe that this murderer is so expected and this series is hella overrated and Cheryl Blossom is probably the only one who seems to be reasonable?
The first five episodes were fantastic but then it just went downhill and went to shit.
Oh my god can you even see Betty and how she blamed her friends for ‘doing that to Jughead’ when she was also a part of it? And how dramatic Veronica was and how problematic both her family and Archie’s are? Also the Blossom, no not really, Mr and Mrs Blossom are assholes omg such rich white people they treat their children like crap i cant even. Also the incest??? Sorry but like??? Wtf plot??? This show is an abomination im not even kidding. Oh my fucking god why on earth does this series exist?
Can you also believe that this show sickens me but i couldnt stop watching just because i like the casts and the music and the color and the vibe and just that? But im being serious haha the plot was poorly written.

If you’d be ever tempted to send anon hate well consider this: 

1. to everyone you’ll appear as the one who is actually acting blatantly WRONG (because you kinda are) 

2. you’re insulting another human being with their own emotions, opinions and ideas 

 3. if you think that user is doing something wrong or you don’t like the way they’re acting well TALK to them as a civil person I’m sure they will listen (if they don’t well it’s none of your business anyway you don’t rule the fucking world) 

 4. for god’s sake just DON’T send hate to people who are clearly trying to express their creativity it’s impolite and quite disrespectful because unlike you they are TRYING (maybe not always succeding but who cares? If you don’t like their stuff just don’t reblog it! Why on earth should you make them feel bad and ashamed on what they put so much effort in creating?) 

 5. don’t go claiming you can do/think/act better because seriously the latest news is that the world just doesn’t fucking revolve around you so grow up 

6. talking civilly should be always your first and best option 

7. treat people like you want to be treated (I know it’s an old story and assholes still exists but this is not an excuse to act like you were raised in the effing jungle) 


“While I have no issue helping out my fellow Assassins who are in trouble, I wish the council would just give me the mission in the first place if they have doubts. I’m always the one sent in when others hit a snag in their plans, and that is not their fault, they can’t be prepared for everything I completely understand and I’m glad whenever they manage to get out without being hurt. However, I then have to deal with the botched mission, with doubled sentry and snipers, who are all on high alert.” He ranted, roaming around the kitchen preparing everything he needed to make his famous strawberry jam. And by famous he meant his housemate liked it, so that was a victory in his mind. As well as other assortments of spreads.

FT Chapter 504 - To the people who are disappointed...

While scrolling down the Fairy Tail tags page, I’ve come across a few who seem disappointed on how the most recent chapter played out…. And the most common one seems to be that people are believing the conflict between Natsu and Gray is because of the two girls (albeit very important girls who play important roles in each of their lives). I must admit, they are not entirely wrong. But you got to see past the faces of the cause. 

For example; in Gray’s case, he has lost everyone his loved or cared about so far and with Juvia’s supposed death; It was his breaking point. That same scenario plays out with Natsu, although Natsu hasn’t lost as many people as Gray. He still lost his father which was a big impact on his emotions and him believing he just lost Lucy again (almost/technically like the fist time)… then to boost his emotional scars he’s been told he’s E.N.D by none other than Zeref himself. The very demon they’ve all be looking to stop. Oh, and that they’re supposedly ‘brothers’. 

Then you also got to think of the timing. The guild is all split up so it’s hard to know who’s up to what exactly, so obviously Gray doesn’t know the circumstances which triggered Natsu to become E.N.D. So he simply believes that Natsu suddenly went all Demon/evil out of the blue for no reason at all! Natsu in turn doesn’t know that Gray believe’s Juvia is dead and/or his intense passion for revenge to the demons that haunts his past. 

Remember this is happening literally after the one year time skip too. 

So if you really think about it it’s a very complex mix of misunderstanding, stress build-up, sorrow, anger, and revenge. Not simply because of Juvia’s and Lucy’s death… they just happen to become the symbol of the boy’s last straw of sanity.

Sorry I’m ranting… I just figure I should explain some things. I don’t particularly like it when people show their disappointment towards Hiro Mashima just because the don’t see past the appearance of the cause to their conflict.

You guys know the webseries Carmilla? Yeah, what about THE FREAKING BOOK!!!

I just finished the book Carmilla by J. sheridan Lefanu and i am so confused about how i feel. I cried at first, then i got angry, and now i just feel scarred for life. I expected it to be all romanticised like the webseries i mean come on guys, Hollstein is my OTP but nooooo, {SPOILER ALERT} carmilla freaking DIES. Freaking General Speilsdorf (Betty’s dad in the webseries basically), along with laura’s dad, some woodsman with an axe, and a priest unearth Carmilla from her grave (THATS WHERE CARMILLA ALWAYS DISAPEARS TO DURING THE DAY GUYS) and they freaking pull her out of her coffin, filled with 7 inches of blood,HER EYES STILL OPEN LIKE A FREAKING CORPSE, THEY STAB HER WITH A STAKE, THEY CHOP HER HEAD IN TWO, THEN CHOP HER HEAD OFF COMPLETELY THEN THEY BURN HER AT THE FREAKING STAKE AND THE WHOLE FREAKING BOOK ENDS WITH LAURA SAYING SOMETIMES SHE REMEMBERS HER IN HER EVIL FORM BUT SOMETIMES SHE REMEMBERS THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL SHE FIRST MET AND SAYS THAT SOMETIMES SHE THINKS SHE HEARS HER WALKING PAST HER ROOM WHEN SHES ALONE BUT NO ONE IS EVER THERE. I DONT KNOW IF I FEEL TERRIFIED, DEPRESSED, OR ANGRY. LIKE SERIOUSLY GUYS. NOW IM TERRIFIED TO SEE HOW THE WEB SERIES ENDS. IF MY SHIP SINKS I WILL BALL MY EYES OUT. SERIOUSLY kbearluna DONT LET THIS HAPPEN. #sorry not sorry

rant alert

I really don’t understand why everyone is so angry about Zendaya playing Mary Jane in the next Spider-Man movie. Yeah, in the comics she was a redhead. So what?

Most people were fine with having a black man as a stormtrooper and a black man as the human torch but as soon as a black woman gets an important role in a movie it’s “ruining their childhood” apparently.

The same happened with Leslie Jones in the new Ghostbusters movie. Nobody had an issue with a black man in the original but, as soon as a black woman has an important role in the franchise, she’s bombarded with hate and compared to a gorilla.

It’s completely ridiculous how much hate female poc in the media are getting at the moment.
Personally, I 100% support Zendaya as Mary Jane and I think the movie will probably be awesome (fingers crossed).

People really need to stop complaining about things like this “ruining their childhood” because it’s really just pathetic.

Cultural Appropriation Rant Alert, Cuz I'm Tired

I’m getting really mad at this effing community over this effing headdress.

I don’t usually stick my glittery nose into these shenanigans, but enough’s enough – I’m sick to death of y'all – always tryna run simmers out of town because they had the nerve to use non-Western CC in their games. You effing CC Nazis. And yet everyone wants to talk about how open-minded and liberal they are around here; let’s give all our money to some wheelchair fund cuz we care about people look how amazing our hearts of gold are – but then turn around and try to shut down blogs and call people out of their names who are just spreading awareness to people about non-white cultures and giving people rather beautiful CC to help represent different cultures; a refreshing change from all the effing Western contemporary clone CC we’ve been inundated with for the last 5 years. But it’s only because we’re concerned about not offending anyone. T_T The second a piece of tribal or cultural CC comes out everyone’s having heart attacks, like oh no you can’t use that, you can’t make that, that can’t be in people’s games; it’s appropriation and offensive and Jesus outta slap your mama and nonsense.

Shut. Up.

Cuz really it just sounds like a plot to erase all non-Western influence from a sandbox game that I must have misunderstood the intention of – to play as YOU see fit, to represent YOUR idea of what life is like and express YOUR ideas and creativity. Smells like white-washing to me – the more CC creators listen to y'all drivel is the less cultural CC we’ll have, and the more the Western Overlords win – I think it’s a conspiracy, and effing racist as hell! And it’s hypocritical BULLSH!T too – but fine. If that’s the way it is, I don’t ever wanna see another non-Indian sim wearing henna CC ever again – how bout that? ;) If I see one more bedroom-eyed sim rocking a mohawk fauhawk I’m cutting all y'all bedsheets in the middle of the night. One more white sim in dreads and big-hoop earrings and I’m peeing in your bathwater. ^_^


Meanwhile everyone who plays Cowboys and Indians are mostly little white boys anyway, so we should round all them up, too, huh? Ban Peter Pan and take down all the DVDs and VHSs and rides at Disneyland, cuz it’s appropriation. Let’s call SilFantasy and the EA Store Team and tell them to yank down their Native American sets at gunpoint while we’re at it, too, cuz it’s just SOOOOOO offensive to give a dying culture you only ever hear about during Thanksgiving actual exposure, so that people can remain aware of the great nations that actually existed outside of Europe before they were da*n near wiped off the face of the earth by effing racists out to erase their history and steal their land.

And this crap really only ever appears when it’s non-white CC, too. So if we’re American simmers, why are we decorating out lots with British phone-booth shaped coffee mugs and lockers with the Eiffel Tower on them? Ain’t that appropriation? Why even have a croissant or berets? It’s not ours. Right? Right? Eff outta here. I remember some mess about Gypsy CC that happened a while back, and telling Goth CC blogs that they’re satanists and to make “normal” CC instead, and there was the idiocy over the big hoop earrings and the gelled baby hair that y'all clowns freaked the eff out over, and of course there was that insanity telling an Asian CC blog not to post Hindu/Buddhist swastika CC cuz it was offensive/racist/whatever, like it’s their fault Hitler APPROPRIATED their religion’s iconography and used it to help spread his agenda. THAT’S appropriation, people. THAT’S offensive. (Omg the nerve of people). But the really big one was when y'all dragged Creaturefearsims on out of here for just *asking* for some new CC, and that was a shame before lord, it really was, especially since no one said a PEEP to SilFantasy or any other creator that made something sorta similar. Yet y'all played Castaway in TS2 with all that generalized Tiki grass-skirt luau stuff like your lives depended on it, didn’t you. T_T GTFO

I just really HATE it in my BONES when people try to tell others how to sim. First: it’s a game. Even when it’s some pervy straight up hentai stuff, hey, it’s their game, and as long as they warn people with tags it’s their right to kill as many sims and flash as many dingalings as they want. Second: this is a free country, a free website, and we all have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Some things truly are inappropriate and straight up offensive, without contest. But dressing your sim in a pair of dreamcatcher earrings or a pair of moccasin boots or a feather headdress is not one of those things. Oh, because only the chief or the shaman or whoever could wear them – excuse me; only anointed royalty can wear crowns and yet you can google them and get a crapton off CC accessories for those, so shut up! All these Laurel Leaf accessories we have in TS3, yet if the ancient Romans were still around they’d’ve had all us thrown in jail, too! No one talks about that though. Tch.

I’m sorry. I’m not as articulate or toned down as I should be, and I know I’m about to get cussed the eff out by some sensitive smarty pants (who probably isn’t even 100% Native) in a hot minute, but this is crazy, people. 200% crazy. And I really feel it’s counterproductive to what the game is about in the first place. Trampling down the presence of cultural CC is offensive, in my books. I wish we had more. I’m tired of all the contemporary Western crap, I really am, that’s why I do fantasy. It’s a game, people. Stop the madness. Please. I’m gonna throw up, all these bleeding hearts.

Feel free to report my arse in 3, 2, 1