TS4 Rant - Still Unimpressed

This is a long, heated, and possibly offensive post. You have been warned.

It’s no secret that I can’t freaking STAND EA. If it weren’t for TS3 they would’ve stopped getting my money a long time ago.

Yes, TS3 was very different from TS2, and left a lot to be desired, but EA also gave us a lot of great things, too. That’s undeniable. I love TS3. In a lot of ways I think it was practically better than TS1/2 – not by much, of course! But it really opened up the sandbox, and to me that’s VERY important when it comes to indulging in an open-ended game.

For a (brief) time it seemed EA was open to learning from its past mistakes, and improving the game where it needed the most attention. Their simgurus were all over the forums – when we complained or had fresh ideas and insights, they sorta listened (sometimes :P ). They offered polls and surveys, and what arrived in the Store and EP/SP games reflected what the players actually voted for (only occasionally >_> ).

BUT EA must have straight up gone and got selective amnesia with the release of TS4.

I have not seen a single thing we had been clamoring for since TS3 ended come to pass in TS4.

EA may have been pretending to want our opinions in TS3, giving the lip service just to shut everyone up, but I swear they’re just pointing and laughing right now in TS4.

Heck, I;m still waiting for the regular stuff to make an advent – the Missing Features List speaks for itself, EA! >:(

All I’m seeing is rehashes of the same old staples being regurgitated over and over again. Where is your originality, EA? Where is the balls to the wall groundbreaking intrepidness that made The Sims the success it is to this day?

Get to Work is NOT Open for Business, and Get Together is NOT Hot Date/Nightlife.

You’ve had years and years to guinea-pig us to death in TS3 to get it right, EA. You heard our complaints/ideas about Ambitions and the Bakery Venue and the Savvy Seller Venue and the Into the Future mall of the future. And yet we still have no legit shopping mall center or bonafide DIY businesses – heck, EA gave the giant Eff U Finger and eliminated rabbitholes entirely. Hospitals, Cops and Science were BASEGAME staples that shouldn’t have even needed an entire EP wasted on simply introducing, let alone expanding upon.

And now this new EP seems like old ideas in a different title. Late Night hardly held a candle to Nightlife/Apartment Life, but so far Get Together seems like barely half of Late Night! (And that’s saying something, since I like LN the least in TS3).

In that Get Together trailer I only saw four things get any real emphasis: The DJ party, the bonfire, the pub, and the walk-in closet.

THAT’S what we’ve been waiting all these months for? T_T

It’s sad when you have to get EXCITED for BASICS.

At this rate, I sincerely hope the next TS4 EP is Get a Clue or Get Better, and EA stops pussyfooting around and starts amping up the quality of the TS4 titles already, because I am honestly being so underwhelmed right now!

It’s making me ANGRY. I know TS4 simmers are gonna cuss me out for this post, but I’m sorry not sorry! I’m 85% unimpressed with TS4, and it’s all EA’s fault!

I’m a simmer. I want to have all the sims games and love them, I really do. But EA keeps making it HARD for me to invest in their games, when all they keep giving us is clubs, bars, woohoo locations, more bars, miniskirts, more clubs… Come on!

Zomg new CUPS!

I spotted two new (ugly) bonfires in the trailer - wowzers! And a fire dancer (like we didn’t have a sword dancer in Showtime – much amazing!)

Best thing about the trailer was the closet, IMO. Tell me that wouldn’t have been great put to use in an actual shopping mall venue.

But alas.

Where are the actual skills and hobbies, EA? Where is the depth?

The sims are smack dab in a Tudor village (I’ve seen custom worlds that look 10x better, but whatever). Where are the woodcarvers and beekeepers and flower arrangers? Where are the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers? Where are the glassblowers and seamstresses and llama farms and ANIMALS and CULTURAL clothes and items – heck, you’re so gung-ho on parties, EA: where is the traditional group dancing activities sims can learn and take part in, and new musical instruments? Hell, where are the wagons and buggies and CARS, to even GET to places? (Will that be the EP to bring back driving, EA? Getting There?)

This world just looks like a wasted opportunity, really. What does European village have to do with late night raves? You could have kept the sims in California for that, EA. ;) ;) ;) 

The best you could think of was a DJ booth tucked away in a bunch of ancient ruins? Are you freaking kidding me right now? Can sims collect anything at these ruins (aside from the obvious)?

In WA, AMB, and ITF we could forage around and dig for rare goods and artifacts – what NEW things can sims in Get Together do except Get. Together? They’ve BEEN getting together since 1999 – what ELSE is there to do?

What can the KIDS do? What can the ELDERS do?

Why are you constantly shoving the fast lives of the rich and fabulous in our faces? When will we finally get a village where sims can take it easy? Enjoy nature? Focus on art and not artifice? Exploration instead of exploitation? Pioneering instead of profiteering? Love and not lovemaking? Playing with the kids instead of being so busy always making them?

I know I need to get a grip, but sue me; I’m a hard-to-please malcontent.

I really thought the next sims title was going to be freaking amazing, if TS3 was anything to go by. And instead I see nothing but backpedalling, cut corners, and catch up.

Is it just me, wanting more than what’s been offered!?

The fact that we celebrate everything that Australia is about on the day of white settlement is a awful thing.

I love this country, I really do and I love being able to call myself Australian. Its people have their flaws but I truly believe as a nation we could unite over these flaws and do what we can to talk, listen and take action over the causes of these problems. I’ve seen mateship in action in disasters and tragedies over and over and it makes me so, so proud. But the biggest, most recurrent problem in Australia that we are yet to stand against all together is racism, especially racism against Aboriginals.

We are a very racist country built on white supremacy at the cost of the single biggest act of destruction to an entire culture. No, most of us white people today did not choose to be here. It is not our fault that our ancestors did what they did to Aboriginals. But the racism that continues today is.

We can not make up for what we did with benefits. We can’t make up for what we did with one apology from a prime minister one time. We can’t do these things and think that it’ll fix everything and they’ll be alright on schemes alone. We destroyed a culture, but that does not mean that culture doesn’t live on. But because of us, destruction has been ingrained into that culture. We took everything away from them when us white people came to Australia on the 26th of January 1788.

The Aboriginal culture is a culture that is vastly different from ours, with different beliefs and views that we refuse to listen to. With this lack of understanding that there is a difference, we will never be able to help with any sort of healing. I’m not going to pretend to know everything or anything about this or about what Aboriginals need from us, nor should I. We need to listen to them, let their voices be heard. We need to unite together as a nation, like I’ve seen us do so many times, and take real action. We can not truly be a multicultural nation until this happens.

Australia Day marks the day the First Fleet of British Ships landed in Australia. This is when the destruction of the Aboriginal people began, and we’re celebrating that? I couldn’t think of anything more insulting. Today should be a day of reflection of sorrow. I want to celebrate everything that’s good in this country as much as the next person, but this should wait for another day. 

“Rin-san, it’s okay, I can handle this”

“ … " 

"Rin-san, you already have the things, you dont have to-”

“My hand is empty, so shut up.”


Sounds so much better in my head, honestly… 

Day 1- Flustered. Sorry I was late TAT

Like, seriously--people who hate on Elizabeth Midford for no reason other than the fact that she "gets in the way" of their ship are so childish. Build a bridge and get over it! Ciel needs people, be it as just friends or as lovers or what ever else, who bring light into his life and that's exactly what Lizzy and Prince Soma do!!!

does anybody has a friend that talks about themselves all the time? like when they ask how you are doing you know they are only asking that so it gives them the excuse to talk about what they’re doing. or when you say something, they’re only waiting for you to finish so they could talk about themselves again or just switch the topic back to themselves. uGH

Sephiroth's Parentage and FFVII Genetics:

So before I get started with my rant I want to tell you all that canonically Hojo is Sephiroth’s father and this rant is to prove that Professor Hojo did father the General. 

Two people have a baby. The baby doesn’t have to look like the parents. The parents of the child have inherited genes from their parents. Genes also can be recessive and dominate. The way that a child looks is influenced by their genes and if they are dominate or recessive.

Sephiroth has a very similar face shape to his mother. However, his features are more manly. Which could be from his grandfather on Lucrecia’s side. They share the same features. Hojo has a strange face. His nose doesn’t sit quiet right and his lips are a little too large. However, it makes him look human because not all humans are perfect. You can look at Hojo and Sephiroth and see that they share some features like a harsher jawline, the lip shapes, and arguably part of the nose as well. You’d need to look at the the family background to really see how genetics work in a family. However, sadly we never met any family on Lucrecia’s or Hojo’s side.

However, Sephiroth may have gotten most of his features from his grandparents. Though Sephiroth looks more like his mother. However, may I stress that all embryos start out as female and harbor more of the mother’s genes when you have a boy due to the Y chromosome not carrying that many genes. 

Jenova had a big influence on how Sephiroth looks. His hair color, eye shape, eye color, and height were all influenced by Jenova. Sephiroth was injected in uretero. The Jenova cells were able to become a part of Sephiroth, they grew with the baby. Sephiroth took on many of Jenova’s features because of this. However, Sephiroth’s height and the way that he might have grown could be because of Jenova, Growth Factor Hormones, Mako, and a cocktail of other chemicals. Sephiroth’s disposition and attitude was because of the abuse that he suffered in the science department. Sephiroth was mentally abused. His attitude was learned, he didn’t inherit it from Vincent Valentine. 

May I also add that Jenova was only a threat when she was inside a body. She had to have a host. If she was left in the crater she would have remained dormant. She needed a body to become malignant. 

Unlike Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal were injected before they were in a living body or were injected while a small child. They were injected differently than Sephiroth, the Jenova most likely never integrated correctly causing the degradation. It was most likely because they were injected incorrectly. The only way to be injected correctly with Jenova would be in uretero. Yes they had her features, like the wings, but she was more likely a tumor and not completely intergraded or a part of them. She was poisonous to them and they began to degrade! You could argue that she was almost like cancer. Genesis degraded worse than anyone else due to the way that he was injected. Genesis was injected in a test-tube. He had no body, he was simply cells when he was injected. Angeal I suppose was able to integrate the cells better because his body was able to deal with the cells, and Sephiroth grew with the cells.  

The Lifestream emerged to push the Meteor back. Because some parts of the Lifestream had been infected with Jenova cells the people who came in contact with this tainted Lifestream contracted Geostigma. The disease is not contagious, but is believed to be so. Rufus must have come in contact with the infected Lifestream. It took a while for it too recede, but eventually it did. For him to become Geostigmatic he would have had to touch the lifestream that was infected with Jenova cells. This goes along with my cancer theory of Jenova reacting poorly in a body. Jenova was malignant. There is a lot of talk on how people contracted stigma and how it affected people. Now that I’ve done a bit of research I can say that NO ONE was immune, however people in the slums were more susceptible to it. It was a disease and how it affected them based on their immune system.   


Sephiroth is Hojo’s kid.

If you’d be ever tempted to send anon hate well consider this: 

1. to everyone you’ll appear as the one who is actually acting blatantly WRONG (because you kinda are) 

2. you’re insulting another human being with their own emotions, opinions and ideas 

 3. if you think that user is doing something wrong or you don’t like the way they’re acting well TALK to them as a civil person I’m sure they will listen (if they don’t well it’s none of your business anyway you don’t rule the fucking world) 

 4. for god’s sake just DON’T send hate to people who are clearly trying to express their creativity it’s impolite and quite disrespectful because unlike you they are TRYING (maybe not always succeding but who cares? If you don’t like their stuff just don’t reblog it! Why on earth should you make them feel bad and ashamed on what they put so much effort in creating?) 

 5. don’t go claiming you can do/think/act better because seriously the latest news is that the world just doesn’t fucking revolve around you so grow up 

6. talking civilly should be always your first and best option 

7. treat people like you want to be treated (I know it’s an old story and assholes still exists but this is not an excuse to act like you were raised in the effing jungle) 


To the coworker who publicly gave me crap for being Pagan, then quietly came to me ten minutes later asking for herbal medicine advice:

I will not give your name, or your disorder, and you’ll probably never read this. But what in the world are you doing? We’ll gloss over the fact that you just asked a warehouse employee you met three days ago for health advice, okay? I’m not a doctor. I’m a Liberal Arts major! I’ll give you the title and author of a book to start your research if you like, but for the love of your own God, talk to a doctor!

But… really? REALLY?? I’m not a nice enough person not to point out the irony in this. 

A facebook friend made a post about how the Occupy Wall Street protestors are hypocrites

because they are broadcasting, clothing, organizing, transporting, protecting, and feeding themselves with products and resources made by corporations.

Sooo are they expected to march naked and alone and without cameras? Are they expected to reject all products of capitalism just because they are protesting some aspects of a capitalist country?

I mean, maybe they are saying that our obvious collective dependence on corporations is bad. Maybe they think the government should not outright ban corporations but rather tax and regulate and treat them as billion-dollar corrupt and self-interested companies, instead of as individuals who need government bailouts and privileges at the expense of actual individuals who are actually struggling. Maaaaybe the protestors are saying they resent living in a country so fiercely capitalist that people protesting the jobs crisis are told to get a job.

Or whoops maybe I’m wrong sorry maybe they just suck for not magically staging a large and publicized protest completely independent of the economic system that effects every aspect of this country. Yeah. That must be it.

TS3 Console Version

So I got the little one the Play Station 3 version of TS3, since she kept bugging me whenever I play my game on my laptop – which she is BANNED from, of course.

I walked her through the gameplay a bit, laughing at the Traits (she’s a shady mess; she said I was Insane) but omg the console version is freaking trippy. O_O

The town map for Moonlit Bay looks like something out of TS4, no lie. It’s a SMALL town. Sunset Valley was way bigger, EA, wtf.

And the loading screen sucks major plumbbobs. Every time you leave your house to visit a lot or have a sim in your household who’s on a lot in town, the loading screen pops up. Omg am I playing TS4 or something? T_T

Live Mode is interesting - there’s this alien beam pointer you use instead of a mouse. It looks like sims are being abducted when you select them. :P

CAS is pretty much the exactly same; the buttons and categories are just all over the place, is all (omg I forgot how freaking limited vanilla base game CAS is, SMDH).

Instead of Lifetime Rewards there’s this really fancy-schmancy Wheel of Fortune Karma Points system. Karma points. Really, EA? At least you get extra points at midnight, which is nice. And they give you bonus challenge points every time your sims do stuff.

THEY TURNED CHEATS OFF THOUGH. If you crack the game to use cheats it kills the Karma/Challenge system so you can’t get the rewards – EA you skeevy b@$t@rd&! >_<

The interface is freaking stupid though.

I rarely touch her PS3, so I have no idea how to take pictures. It’s not connected to the internet (I think ???).

But yeah. It’s trippy.

I have learned much.

People who like the Hunger Games are SICK because they love a book about children killing children!
—  No. No. No.  The Hunger Games is about more than just children killing children.  If it were about children killing children, it would’ve been told from a Capitol person’s point of view.  It is about Katniss Everdeen, a young adult just like us.  It is about Katniss fighting herself.  It is about a dystopian society, in a futuristic country.  It is about overcoming a corrupt government.  It is about Katniss trying to survive in a fight to the death.  It is about a girl from the very bottom that rebels against a corrupt government to save lives.  It is about how anyone can make a change.  The children killing children is nothing compared to everything else in the book, and it is certainly not the reason we’re in love with the series.




I seriously can’t stand tumblr users who are always rude or acting blatantly superior towards their followers. I mean, pal, they’re kinda the reason you’re famous or something. Everyone can have a bad day but between a bad day and being an asshole there’s an ocean. None says you have to live for them but at least trying to be gentle that’d be great

I feel I should say something of philosophy. Philosophy itself, philosophical matters, and the study of it by people who genuinely have an interest in it, isn’t the issue. No, what I object to (and this is just my opinion) is this perception that, in order to appear a well-read and all-round intelligent person, one simply must get a stack of books by Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, &c., and read them ad nauseam (or pretend to do so). It’s the perception that if you haven’t read, say, Also Sprach Zarathustra, because you simply find the thought of doing so a bit dull, then you’re somehow not a complete ‘intellectual’. Why, as if philosophy is the zenith of all human writing and thought! I think there’s been this kind of fetishising of philosophy as a foolproof way of appearing clever - people who might not be genuinely interested in it still like to look as if they are, because it somehow looks cool, even fashionable. ('The philosophy-book as fashion accessory’, which is a discussion in itself.) It’s all very well to reel off a few pessimistic Nietzschean quotes when you’ve had a bad day - some existentialist spiel about lunatic asylums, society and the death of God - but if you’re just doing it to make yourself look intelligent or like a tortured soul, then you’re just being *insert synonym for 'pretentious’ here*. In reality it ends up being a kind of half-arsed pseudo-philosophy, the sort of thing cobbled together by hipsters and false intellectuals. I don’t have much of an interest in philosophy, so I wouldn’t then proceed to pretend that I do. I personally would never sit down and read, say, essays by Rousseau or Kant, because I just find it all rather heavy and laborious, like wading through treacle - give me a few Gothic tales, some Romantic poetry and the nonsense of Carroll instead! Does that make me a dull simpleton, then? Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t. But I shan’t stand for the implication that I’m not intelligent just because I don’t supposedly worship Nietzsche. This wonderful spoof illustrates what I think of philosophy in general.


Concept Keepers. 

Originally, Lantern was a lot more modern, had less of an accent and no freckles. Also, Boru was different. Lantern started out as a neutral party with a thing for Tooth and building stuff than an actual Guardian, but after I brushed up on Jack O'Lantern’s mythology I decided it didn’t flow very well. And he was more of a womanizer/less of a tragic hero-turned-asshole. 

Autumn came into a being a while later, when I figured he needed a ying to all that yang. She was originally pretty emo, being all about death and stuff (as fall is,) but the dynamic was just not working at all. XP This was before the idea of her being his apprentice, so she didn’t really have a uniform like she does now. I do kinda miss the goggles, but… they seemed gimmicky. 

I honestly think it's  ridiculous that people are now afraid to post their opinions on tumblr. People don’t post their opinions because people always tell them they’re wrong. I have experienced this. When someone posts an opinion, you respect it, you don’t tell them they’re ‘wrong’ or they’re 'stupid’, because that’s a horrible thing to do. Whether you agree or disagree with someone’s opinion, you respect it, you do not proceed to send that person hate mail. I have never told someone that they’re wrong, or that their opinion doesn’t matter, because it does. I believe that opinions are a fundamental part of society. So please, if someone tells you your opinion is wrong, don’t listen to them. And if you’re going to tell someone their opinion is wrong and send them hateful messages, stop and think about it. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, that’s where I’ll leave it….