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can we all agree not to see the new heather’s movie? bc i know we all love heathers, but i really don’t want to sit through a movie where the plus sized, poc, and genderfluid characters are the villains who have to be taken down by 2 white straight kids…like that’s not okay…the entire purpose of the movie was that it was about a bunch of privileged white girls who are so diluted and unaware of anything outside of themselves that they turn suicide into a trend. i don’t want good representation to turn into another chance for the young, beautiful, white, straight kids to save us from the evil of diversity.

Dan openly talking about his use of psychiatric medications for his depression his so important and I don’t think enough people are paying attention to it. Taking medication is something that’s necessary for a lot of people like me with mental illness. It’s so important to me that Dan is openly talking about using them and working to break the stigma against them. Psychiatric medications are necessary to keeping chemical balances in many people with depression and that is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m so grateful that Dan decided to be open and talk about them

Writing Tip

because I see this everywhere and most people don’t know about it. The hyphen(-), the en-dash(–) and the em-dash(—) are three completely different things with completely different uses. If you write fanfiction, it’s likely that your readers won’t care, but if you want to submit a manuscript for publishing, you need to know the difference. 

The hyphen (-) is the basic symbol you find on your keyboard, and it’s meant to only be used for hyphenated words (well-being, two-thirds). 

The en-dash (–) is a slightly longer dash. It’s usually the width of an uppercase N, hence the name. You can find it by looking through the ‘insert symbol’ option in MS word or many word processors, and it is meant to be used to show a particular distance, or for intervals (May–August, 1900–1916, pages 12–22)

The em-dash (—) is what people most commonly use, but they refer to it as a hyphen. It’s the longest dash, about the size of an uppercase letter M, and you can either find it through the list of symbols in your word processor, or some word processors actually automatically transform two hyphens (–) into an em-dash  (—). It is meant to be used as a break in the sentence, in a place where a comma, semicolon or colon would normally be used or as a break in dialogue. (Her niece—the daughter of her oldest sister—is the one over there.) 

*All three types of dashes are normally meant to be used without any spaces on either side of the dash. 

When you have a child, you’re not signing up for them to be an exact copy of you, you don’t sign up for them to be straight, cisgender, a certain religion, you sign up to bring another human into the world and raise them as their own person, and the minute you make a decision to have a child, you have signed up for them not to be straight, not to be cis, not to have a certain religion. You can’t attach terms and conditions to a human being, and as a parent, your child being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, non binary and so many more identities, should not be used as an excuse to make their life hell, to remind them all the time that they’re not what you signed up for. If you do that, you are not a good parent. You can tell yourself you are, you can tell your child you are, but really you’re a monster. When you have a child, you sign up to accept, love and support them for them.

*loses Steve in a store*

Dustin: don’t worry I got this guys

Dustin: *uses hand as microphone* “oh Steve’s hair? Yea he uses-”

Steve: u little shit I will disown u right now

introvert: *reads*

society: you must be lonely. go outside and socialize!

introvert: *draws*

society: what are you doing inside on such a nice day?

introvert: *creates*

society: why are you wasting your time with your pointless delusions?

the struggles of an introvert in an extroverted society

This literally breaks my heart??? Like when did we, as a fandom sunk so low, that Finn Wolfhard can’t catch a fucking break without being criticized, as if he owes us shit? Like he literally can’t be happy about his own achievements because every step he takes away from what the “fans” want to see him do (as if he’s some kind of a circus animal), he’s suddenly rude, awful, ungrateful, stuck up, whatever. He’s 14. He’s a kid. Neither of the other kid actors from IT or Stranger Things get as much shit simply being the way they are as Finn. Just because the way he looks, he’s being attacked, preyed on, and honestly I’m not surprised it takes a toll on him. 

He’s under so much pressure and we fans should be a safety net he should be able to rely on, not something he will eventually come to hate as you all will be ruining him in years

something from tlj has been severely bothering me ever since i saw it:

luke’s lightsaber. the one he tosses over his shoulder as a catch-you-off-guard gag. when i first saw this in the theater, i was simply stunned, but the more i’ve thought about it the more unsettled i’ve become.

the last time luke saw this lightsaber was on the darkest day of his life. he’d abandoned his training after hearing that his friends were in grave danger. he flew into what yoda promised him would essentially be a suicide mission. han, luke’s best friend, was taken, and luke was utterly powerless to rescue him. luke’s overconfidence led him to battle darth vader and nearly cost him his life, and after losing his hand, he found out that the most feared man in the entire galaxy was his father. luke nearly died that day when he decided that falling into a bottomless pit was preferable to joining vader. these traumatic moments were the last time he held that lightsaber.

not to mention that saber was the only thing given to him by obi-wan, his first mentor and the single person there for him in the wake of his aunt and uncle’s deaths, before obi-wan was killed. the time obi-wan and luke spent together was indeed short but there’s no denying the old jedi hermit had an impact on him, much the same way han had an impact on rey.

my point is: why not allow luke an emotional reaction to holding this particular lightsaber again after all these years? why is a sight gag preferable in this situation? even if luke being a bitter, detached old man is essential to tlj, that’s still no reason not to pay even the slightest respect to everything that lightsaber represents from the original trilogy.

Existing transformers games:

-you punch and kill some things

Games fans want:

-gay robot dating sim

-collect rodimus stars through increasingly stupid and bizarre tasks

-incompetent robot doctor sim

-rhythm game ala kinnect star wars dance game but with giant robots

-undercover cybertronian is forced to work office job via holoform while also going on missons. Bonus if the player character is markedly bad at pretending to be human. Triple bonus if other office workers are also aliens of various species but the player must spy on them while pretending not to notice they’re aliens

-literally anything with lost light shenanigans

-two player game where you each play as components of a headmaster and have to coordinate your controller movements and maintain drift compatibility while fighting

-minicon guerilla warfare

-a game where you play as soundwave and your only goal is to adopt every smaller robot you come across

-a game in which you play as whirl and hes whirl and its gr8

-a game entirely dedicated to jet judo

-transformers dress up/doll maker

-optimus prime is the player character but except instead of fighting your only goal is to avoid ratchet as he tries to bring you in for a physical. Bonus if its a two player and the other person plays ratchet

-prowl flipping tables: the game

36 years ago today Sirius Black was send to Azkaban for murders he didnt commit.

36 years ago Remus Lupin went to bed happy and satisfied cause he knew whatever happens, his friends will be there, he woke up to the news three of them were dead and one was the reason why.

36 years ago Petunia and Vernon Dursley went to bed and woke up to find Harry Potter on their doorstep.

36 years ago Minerva Mcgonagall waited the entire day at the steps of a house on Privet Drive just to confirm that Lily and James Potter, two of the most kind hearted people she knew, were really dead.

36 years ago the entire Wizarding world celebrated today.

36 years ago a hero was born.

dan didn’t open up about his mental illness so that you could look at previous videos and wonder whether he was feeling depressed when he made them.

dan specifically told you that he wasn’t looking for sympathy and that he is who he is in spite of the thing that was constantly holding him back. he didn’t ask for people to look at old videos and gifs and reblog them with ‘#i wonder if he was sad here’ or ‘#i’ll never look at this the same way again’

it’s really bothering me that people are using dan’s honesty as an excuse to play some sick ‘spot the depression!’ game, he wanted to share his experience and try to help other people who are suffering like he did, but instead people are doing this and it just makes me so angry that they have missed to point so blatantly!? 

I finally got around to draw another amazing scene from one of @crispykrimi ‘s fics !

I definitely didn’t cry reading this

Also apparently there’s “Is solarpunk REALLY punk” discourse and I’d just like to say there is NOTHING more punk that clean energy and domestic gardening and breeding new kinds of organics in a world that says diesel and industrialized agriculture are what’s right.

Solarpunks are the people who scream “down with lawn culture” and turn their entire yard into a vegetable garden. Solarpunks are the people who destroy the factory polluting their water and don’t lose power when the grid is cut off cause they have solar panels. Solarpunk is clean, organic punk, but it’s still punk AF.

White Vodou (I’m going to step on some toes with this)

As a black vodouisant, it’s a bit frustrating that the face of our religion online is a bunch of white folk.

Lemme explain.

If you look up videos, images, literature, etc about vodou nowadays, especially on tumblr, a lot of times you’ll find it’s a white person who became a mambo or houngan preaching about vodou.

The reason it frustrates me is, it seems as black people, we can’t have nothing sacred. It’s always colonized. 

Becoming a houngan or mambo can cost a LOT of money. Many vodouisants, even those in Haiti are not mambos or houngans, let alone initiates because it can be very expensive. So who better to become a high priest than some American who is privileged enough to pay all this cash to fly out to Haiti and pay the dues needed to become an initiate and a priest. You know, rather than someone who has grown up being a vodouisant, who has been saving all their life for this.

When I see this being done, I almost feel like it’s all for bragging rights. You get to tell all your friends that you went to Haiti and became a vodou priest/priestess. You get to say you’re not Catholic, you’re not Wiccan, you’re a vodouisant. You’re different from everyone else, and you hold a high rank to show for it. 

You’re so eclectic.

As vodouisants, we serve our ancestors who are from Africa. When a white person is serving their ancestors, they’re more than likely serving spirits from Europe. You know, the place that enslaved many of our ancestors. It almost feels counterproductive, in terms of vodou.

Practice neo-paganism if you want to be spiritual (or “unique”). Leave vodou, hoodoo and African rootwork to us, please.

Ethan's content lately!

Y'all Ethan’s content lately is so on point! I absolutely love to see how on fire and energetic his videos are lately. I watch YouTube to help stay happy and get good creative energy flowing so watching Ethan has helped so much! And the editing! Y'all, it’s been so good! Especially the recent videos like Mutant Football and Drunk Side of the Moon. They have me laughing through the entire thing. Even after the shitstorm of October and how busy he is, Ethan’s not only posting 2 videos a day, but he’s super active on social media and busy with traveling all over the place for holidays and tours. I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM AND HIS VIDEOS AND REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK HE DOES FOR US AND HOW HE IS SO FUNNY AND REAL, OK?!

I had a creative writing professor who told us we shouldn’t use more than two words to describe a character’s physical appearance.

He also told us we needed to make sure any actions we described were uniquely poetic and never repeated.

Let me tell you, people who give you advice like this specialize in short stories and flash fiction. This tip is wonderful for someone who’s writing a 3-7 page narrative with a cast of two or three named characters.

Do not let people make you feel bad for going in depth about the texture of your character’s hair. Don’t let them deter you from describing his skin tone and complexion or her height and fashion sense. Don’t let them make you feel anxious about simply stating a character “raised an eyebrow” or “smiled” without flowery additions.

You’re writing a novel. You have more than seven pages to work with, and a little detail and repetition won’t detract from your story. Let me tell you, there are only so many unique ways to describe a character’s smile, and when you have 50,000 words to work with, trying to make each mention special and beautiful gets old fast. For both writing and reading the story.

For most readers, the draw of a novel isn’t the writing style (though, a nice writing style is always a bonus). It’s the plot.

Hone your plotting skills. Learn your characters. Make them real, and worry about the flowery stuff later. As long as your personal writing style isn’t confusing or distracting, it shouldn’t be your main focus until you’ve gotten the hang of these other things. 

Able bodied people who think that if you can walk/stand at all you shouldn’t use a wheelchair … like… i hope you guys don’t use cars or buses

what do you mean that’s different? you can walk right? and you can run right? since distance doesn’t matter just walk and run everywhere u cowards