rant saturday night live


Sometimes it really bothers me seeing Relatively Unfamous Kate vs. A-List Celebrity Kate and the difference in how she presents herself. I feel like some Hollywood asshole told her “you’re not going to go anywhere dressed like that.” And I hate the thought that she felt like had to change herself in order to get any attention from the media; that she had to wear form-fitting dresses that accentuate the aspects of herself that appeal to stereotypical beauty standards; that she had to sexualize herself to catch the eye of the male dominated world that is Hollywood. And this change may be absolutely her choice and how she is now comfortable and confident; and probably extremely biased; I just want her to know that we love her and find her stunning no matter what she puts on her body.

I would like to talk about something serious, I recently saw a post that said something FAKE about John. How I know this? Because the interview they were referring to I had read, and John didn’t say any of it. The person claimed that John said he loved abusing woman especially Gilda Radner and that is NOT true. It’s a huge rumor that John abused woman, but he didn’t. John was devestated by all the rumors. In a REAL interview he said:

“I was walking to NBC studios when a newspaper guy threw me a newspaper while saying "hey Belushi take a look at this” I looked at the front of it and it says ‘Comedian John Belushi abuses woman" I started reading into it more and saw all the lies about me, once I looked up I noticed mothers hiding their daughters from me, and men giving me dirty looks, everyone in New York City thought I was a monster, I was devestated.“

So, please know that John Belushi did NOT abuse women. He never landed a hand on a woman a matter a fact. Please don’t believe this awful rumor about a kind man.