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some realistic and in-character father/son conflicts boruto could have

- naruto is an overbearing parent who wants to be involved with Everything they do and doesn’t know how to give his kids space

- naruto is over-protective of his loved ones to the extreme

- naruto has no idea what ‘normal’ father-son relationships are like thanks to his childhood, as a result he can make a lot of mistakes due to wanting his children to like him more than doing what’s best for them

- naruto is the entire village’s dad and boruto wishes he could have more one-on-one time rather than ‘nart is babysitting Everyone’ time

- naruto is the Most Embarrassing of all dads

- boruto is terrified by the prospect of ever living up to his father’s legacy

- boruto expects that his dad/the ninja world would hate him for not becoming a ninja and following in naruto’s footsteps

- boruto expects that his ninja skills will be handed to him on a silver platter due to his parentage

- boruto doesn’t take in naruto’s many lessons on hard work because his skills were handed to him on a silver platter

- literally anything but what we got

  • Professor X: 50 Shades Darker has grossed more at the Box Office than the Lego Batman Movie, and currently stands as the highest grossing film of 2017 so far. We have to help the world of Cinema.
  • Logan: Someone will come along.
  • Professor X: Someone has come along.

how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

to all the yoi fans that ship something BESIDES viktuuri,


you are not a pedophile.  you are not disgusting.  you are not ruining the fandom.  you are not “only here for the yaoi !!!”. 

Ships are ships.  You can ship whatever you want.  You can EVEN ship things that you may not condone in real life.

I’m getting sick of the elitism that’s developing among members of the yoi fandom.  We are blessed to have a healthy, stable, romantic, and canon homosexual pairing in an anime.  I do wholeheartedly ship viktuuri.

I also ship otayuri, and that’s terrifying in this fandom.

Many shippers and fans seem to have developed this complex that viktuuri can be the only healthy, allowed, happy pairing in the fandom, and if you stray to another, you’re “only interested in yaoi, you only care about sex, you don’t really support us!!!”.  And that’s not only illogical and petty, but very upsetting.  I find it to be very similar to bullying.

The character yuri plisetsky is sixteen years old, and otabek altin is eighteen.  This is not pedophilia; this age difference is not statutory rape.  This age difference is not uncommon in relationships.  This does not make Otabek a pedophile or a rapist (it doesn’t take common sense to figure that out).

What I’ve given is only one example, and it IS right to stop and analyze ships for toxicity.  Shipping a child, wait - LET ME JUST SAY, pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children, 12 and underEphebophilia is the attraction to late adolescents, 16-19.  There, if you can’t seem to understand, is a huge fucking difference.  I am not condoning either; I do, most definitely, condemn pedophilia.  Shipping a child with an adult is abhorrent and can never, under any circumstances, be healthy. 

Yuri Plisetsky is not a child.  Besides Minami, from what I understand of their ages, all characters are capable of consenting to a romantic relationship.  So, stop going into the tags of the characters and ships that aren’t involved in the oh holy, oh righteous, oh perfect, harmonious, blessed by our lord Viktuuri and making those who still do what, guess what, pretty much everyone in every fandom does - having fun.  Let us enjoy what we damn well please.  Thank you.

tl;dr - quit shaming ships in the yoi fandom that aren’t viktuuri, and stop bullying people with other ships.

EDIT: Minami is 17, not 13 as I had thought, so NO CONSENT ISSUES WITH ANYONE!

This entire captain swan drama has me LIVID. Are you FUCKING kidding me Killian? You spent episode on episode angsting about telling Emma about killing her grandpa…and then you don’t…and then Emma finds out anyway. You don’t even have the dignity to come out with it on your own. And you probably never would have told her if she didn’t catch you staring at a dreamcatcher (which I guess they still have lying around in the shed out back?) by a very open fireplace where anyone can see you.

AND THEN. And oh, and then. When you have one fight about it in which Emma basically says “be better than this and be FUCKING HONEST with me for a change”…you bail? You bail the first minute you can. Remind me why we’re supposed to be rooting for this guy again? The guy that constantly keeps secrets from Emma and is so scared about having an open conversation he runs away? And while I hate to admit it, Hook is not a villain anymore. He hasn’t been in a long time (ignoring his fugue state Dark One arc of course, and honestly I don’t even know what to make of that shit show). HOWEVER if you keep doing shitty things and then after being found out declare “whelp, it’s in my nature I guess” THAT is what makes you a villain. And we constantly see this from Hook. He does something shady, gets easily forgiven, and then does something shady again without learning a lesson. And now when Emma finally calls him on his shit? He bails. Doesn’t even try to figure it out WITH her. Like what an actual good boyfriend should try to do.

And it becomes especially apparent in a episode where Regina FINALLY accepts herself, owns up to her shit, and is able to have meaningful conversations with her friends and family. She had the chance to kill the literal embodiment of everything she hates about herself, but instead chose the tough choice of accepting the Evil Queen as fully part of who she is. It’s easy to run from problem to problem and ignore the root of it all, but if you take a stand and finally face it, that’s what makes you a hero.

Watching this episode just further convinced me that Regina is so much better for Emma than Hook. Or really, that Regina is just a better person than Hook all around. They have a lot of parallels, most notably that Regina has done some awful shit in her past too, but the difference is that Regina actively tries to be a better person every single day. She wants to make her relationships work. She wants to be honest and good. She wants to be better. And she is. What does Hook want? It seems like he just wants to keep getting away with everything without consequences. And it absolutely kills me that Emma is going to end up with this cowardly, selfish, entitled bowl of wangs.


i drew this thinking i could play with expressions.. only to realise.. no.. not really.. and then i got really disappointed with myself and started doubting how i draw Rhys and well.. how i draw.. -side eyes- 

Tim Lawrence and Rhys©Borderlands
-disappointeeeeeed- ©me

The thing with CCs writing isn’t that there a just like two or three problematic things in her books because that really wouldn’t be a basis to hate the stuff. I’m pretty sure most books and movies, even with generally good presentation, have their problematic factors here and there. It’s human, sometimes we either don’t know better or simply didn’t think and as long as we are willing to learn how to do better that’s not a bad thing. The bad thing about her writing is the fact that there is such a big amount of problematic stuff that it’s impossible to even keep track of. Not to mention the shit she herself can be associated with. It’s not just about “oh, so he cheated, it happens in real life too” but about ALL of it piled together connected to how it’s handled.

Nobody hates on the books because of one or two things, that would be ridiculous. It’s about the big picture and the fact that there are constantly problematic actions displayed and that wouldn’t even be so bad if they were at least handled accordingly - if the books would point out that the things are bad and wrong, if they would make an effort to do better and let the characters develop into better versions of themselves. But they don’t learn from their mistakes, that aren’t even depicted as such, and they keep on doing shitty things.

The problem is that you could write a whole damn book or even book series listing the problematic thing surrounding CC and her work. THAT is why people react negatively because they have more than just one reason to and everyone defending CC with the argument of “well, it happens in real life too” clearly needs to get a reality check because if you don’t even get the problematic factors of a fictional world I don’t even want to know how you see the real world…

Why You’re Gonna (wanna) Fuck Alec Ryder
  • He was born in 2129 which puts him about early to mid 50′s when Andromeda starts (circa 2183) DAT DUDE IS 50. DAMNY DAMN DAMN.
  • THIS MAN IS THE CAPITAL ORIGINAL FUCKING GANSTA. He was with dem boys when they found the Charon Mass Relay and WENT THROUGH IT. BALLS OF MOTHERFUCKING IRON to approach a Mass Relay and be like lol where does this go having NO concept of a mass effect relay or what it does or what it could do you you.
  • You remember what happened after that right? Remember the first contact war? WELL HE FOUGHT IN THE FIRST CONTACT WAR. Not only that but at SHANXI. This means two things: He was either apart of the guerrilla forces that fought against the turians on the ground facing things like orbital fucking colony drops OR he was part of the alliance liberation operation that kicked the turians T U R I A N S off the colony. Either way. Bad. ASS.
  • He’s smart as shiiiiit. He invented the program that iterally jacks into your mind and matrix’s you. You need to know what the history of this planet? You’ll have that information downloaded directly into your brain. You need to learn kung fu? DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN/BODY. HE WROTE THAT SHIT. AIN’T NOTHING FINER than a smart-ass silver fox bad ass heroic ass mf-er like him.


He also might be Cerberus so….

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Please do make that Eliot body language rant

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forced people to listen as I extol the way Eliot touches him during the threesome scene, so I am DELIGHTED you’ve given me an excuse to do it again.

And really, that’s what gets me is just the way he touches Q. Yes, it’s a sex scene, so clearly they’re touching, but that doesn’t mean you touch everyone the same way. I really wish we had a shot of them from further out because it really sort of looks (to me, anyway) like Quentin is in Eliot’s lap for their kiss, but since we can’t see if he is or not, I’ll leave that bit of positioning alone.

Regardless, they’re close and despite the fact that I really don’t think what we’re shown is their first kiss, there’s this moment where they hover and stare before kissing like they’re taking a breath before taking the plunge. If you want to know why I don’t think it’s their first kiss… You can see their hair is caught together and there has to be a severe lack of personal space for that to happen because yes, Q’s hair is long, but it’s not that long. A strand of Q’s hair is stuck almost on top of Eliot’s head, which just makes me think he crawled on top of Eliot and it fell around his face and tangled with Eliot’s before they lifted back up together.

I am assuming they kissed during whatever they did to get close enough for their hair to tangle up, but maybe they didn’t. But what does happen is they’re lingering that close and Quentin’s holding his hands up like he doesn’t know what to do with them, like he isn’t sure where he can touch, but it looks like he leans in first and Eliot meets him open-mouthed.

It almost looks like Eliot wants to devour him and almost as soon as they start to kiss, Eliot has a hand on the back of Quentin’s neck, holding him in place and then squeezing like he’s making sure Quentin doesn’t pull away. You can see Eliot’s hand slide up and tighten as he presses in closer, rising up and kissing Q harder while Q finally figures out what to do with his hands and moves to settle them on either side of Eliot’s neck so they’re both holding on to each other.

The neck squeeze is important to me. It’s possible that this is just an Eliot thing, but I prefer to think it’s an Eliot with Q thing, an ‘I finally have him and I’m not letting him go’ thing. I cannot swear that Eliot never kissed Mike like that, but in the scene with Javier/Fen, he’d place a guiding hand on the side of their neck or let his hand slide along their shoulder(s), but there wasn’t the same neck squeeze. We see other people give Eliot the neck squeeze (Margo and Fen both, I believe), but Eliot only does it to Quentin.

And then there’s the morning after scene. You wouldn’t think there’s much reason to squeal over this except omg, yay, they’re in bed together, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG.

Eliot is in the middle of them and I don’t really care as much about why he’s in the middle as much as I do about what he does while in the middle. He was drunk, he just had sex, he probably just fell down wherever, the fact he’s in the middle isn’t a big deal, but it does let us see something. Eliot Waugh, while unconscious and vulnerable and stuck between his best friend and a guy he only met earlier that year, will choose to turn to the guy first.

‘But he’s drunk,’ you say! Yeah… I have no idea how intoxicated he still is by the time they’re done, but once he’s asleep, even if he’s inebriated, it seems like he’d want to turn towards the greater source of comfort/security. Forget terms of attraction, we know Eliot is perfectly fine cozying up to Margo and this is sleep, this is not sex, so don’t tell me the guy in bed is the logical choice. This is about the emotional connection. 

 Eliot Waugh is in bed between his best friend and the boy she once said he was obsessed with and given the choice between them, his unconscious mind chose to be close to Quentin. He doesn’t just turn towards him in his sleep, it’s more than that, he drapes an arm across Quentin like he’s trying to keep him close even in sleep, absolutely prepare to hold on and squeeze to keep Q from escaping his hold. Just let him hold on a little more.

Yes, he was drinking the night before. Yes, you can call him an emotional mess because of the emotion bottle, because of Mike’s death, because of the drugs used to deal with Mike’s death. You can say those affected his behavior in bed just like you can say it was just chance Eliot flipped to cozy up to Q instead of Margo. He had to cozy up to somebody, didn’t he?

Actually, no. Both times we see Eliot in bed with Mike, Eliot’s asleep on his back. 

We see Eliot kiss Margo, Mike, Fen, and Javier in addition to Quentin, but Q’s the only one that I spotted the neck squeeze with.

We see Eliot in bed with Margo and Mike as well as Quentin, but Q is the only one he turns to.

Yeah, you can dismiss it all if you want, but I’m still going to fangirl about it.

I saw somebody in the asexual tag saying that heteroromantic asexuals are straight and don’t belong in the lgbt+ community and saying that it was so sad the ace community wasn’t used as a tool to talk about sexual abuse

and then claiming they could do this because they “used to think they were asexual”

I used to think I was a lesbian. does that give me the right to completely invalidate lesbians and tell them that they don’t deserve a community unless it can be used as a tool? no. absolutely not.

and in what universe does anybody have the right to do that to another human being?

Why Eren x Mikasa is NOT incest. A Q&A for simple-minded people.

Warning: Spoilers for the manga.

Does Eren and Mikasa share the same blood parents?


Do they share the same blood in any way?


Was Mikasa adopted by the Jaegers?

No, she was taken in by them.

That’s wrong. She was adopted.

No, as I said, she was simply taken in by them. If she was adopted, her last name would have changed to Jaeger as well.

Does Eren see Mikasa as family?


How do you know?

Eren has stated multiple times to Mikasa that he is “not her brother/she is not his sister" (and that he is not a child).

Does Mikasa see Eren as family?

It seems that way in season 1. But because of the manga, there is evidence that Mikasa does not see Eren as family. 

Where is this evidence? (Spoilers)

There are a few scenes in which Mikasa portrays non-platonic love for Eren, but let’s cut to the chase and go to the iconic Chapter 50 scene.

If you can’t tell, Mikasa is leaning in for a kiss. You don’t kiss your family member (brother-sister) on the lips. Mikasa does not see Eren as family.

Does that mean that Mikasa likes Eren?

I’m 300% sure that Mikasa has a crush on Eren (or even more). 

Does Eren like Mikasa? 

Maybe. Eren has shown very little romantic affection to any of the characters so we can’t say if he has a crush or not. We’re getting off topic though.

You (usually) don’t have crushes on your family members though.

Exactly. Mikasa does not have a crush on her family member because she does not see Eren as her family. 

So, Eren and Mikasa aren’t related? 


And Mikasa and Eren do not view each other as family?


Because of that, Eren + Mikasa is not incest?

You got it!


Also, if you ever decide to be a complete asshole and argue with an ErenxMikasa shipper, DO NOT pull the incest card. It makes you look like a complete fucking moron. 

Today is spartan day
  • Spartan!Blake, shooting her M6C Magnum pistol at targets in the base's shooting range, counting off her marks: One...two...three, four...
  • Spartan!Yang, coming out of absolutely nowhere to stand next to Blake, all the auxiliary lights on her armor flashing as well as the integrated lowlight systems, cooly leaning against the lane divider, nodding towards Blake: Hey...what's up?
  • Spartan!Blake, trying to ignore Yang and her flashing armor: Five...six...seven...
  • Spartan!Yang, flexing her free arm around: So uhh, yeah, sorry for the flashing lights but, y'know. Gotta keep everyone warned about...
  • Spartan!Yang, striking a pose: These guns, amirite?
  • Spartan!Blake, finally lowers her weapon and sighs, turning to face Yang, looking up right into the visor of the Spartan-II: Look. Yang, right?
  • Spartan!Yang, putting her hands onto her hips: Heh, yeah yeah, I get it. Playing hard to get, acting like you don't know my na-
  • Spartan!Blake, cutting Yang off by firing a single round into her gut, causing Yang to collapse onto the floor in groaning pain, shakes her head in disbelief: Oh don't be such a baby, a Spartan-II's shield could survive six or seven shots from the M6C.
  • Spartan!Yang, writhing around in pain, even through her helmet's speaker the voice obviously comes through gritted teeth: I had my AI divert all shield power to maintining the auxiliary and lowlight lights.
  • Spartan!Blake, looks at Yang in absolute shock, before shouting out: ....m-MEDIC!!
  • ~~~
  • Spartan!Yang, de-armored and laying in the infirmary bed, shirtless with a wrapping around her stomach, groans in irritation: That's not what my AI said.
  • Ironwood, stops in his tracks and turns to Cinder and Glynda, pointing an accusing finger at them, only one recoils while the other stands their unimpressed: And THAT'S why I have you two here. I would like an answer. WHY is one of YOUR AIs putting my Spartan in a dangerous situation.
  • Glynda, shakily looking down at a datapad: W-well this particular AI paired up with Yang is generally indifferent...to anything.
  • Ironwood: And WHO assigned Yang this AI?
  • Cinder, finally coming to attention when she notices everyone looking at her, defensively shifts her stance: Don't look at ME. Why not ask the AI herself?
  • AI!Raven, standing cross armed from a holobase on the infirmary's bedside table, shrugs: Personally I thought it would be funny.
  • Cinder, watches as Ironwood storms out in a rage, and Glynda follows suit, leans down to Raven and chuckles: It kinda was...
  • Spartan!Yang: I'm right here you know.

So I wanted to make a separate post to piggyback the one usoapp​ wrote about Franky being the father figure to the crew. I didn’t wanna ruin it by turning it into a ship war. Read that first, it’s delightful.


In this rant I’m gonna look past the ball-grab, past the subtle hints in the anime, past the little things that Oda puts in his SBS to TEASE ME……. I’m just gonna talk about Franky and Robin’s relationship.

Y’see, I agree wholeheartedly with Usoapp. Franky wants to be the family to others that he never had…. and that’s why he and Robin work so perfectly together. 

Think of it. Robin hardly had a childhood to begin with. She lost it along with her mother and all of her friends and the people that supported her. She grew up constantly alone. A cast-away. A demon. She was hunted for money and was shown so little kindness that she came to never trust anyone. Kindness was a trick.
Then she met the Strawhat crew. She found kindness. She was willing to sacrifice her life for the kindness that she found in the crew.

But now that’s not all. When she was to the point of throwing her life away and had lost all hope… Franky was there. Before she was even aware that the Strawhats were coming to save her. Franky was there. Being just the kind of person he was.

Growing up, he had been warned about her. He’d seen the wanted ad. Yet here he was, sitting across from her on the sea train to both of their demise. Telling her that her life was worth something. This may have been the first time in AGES that someone told her that she was human, that her life had value. That someone was willing to take a frickin bullet for her.

Franky knows what it’s like to be hated, rejected, and treated like his life was worthless. To him… she was someone he needed to protect. Her life was worth so much. He needed to show her that.

I particularly love the playful attitude that Robin has with Franky. With any other man she’d string them along and play like she’s interested but with Franky she can be herself.
She can be playful, smile, and call him out when he’s being a dork. They have the PERFECT  dynamic. And they both know the value of finding family in each other.

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So excited to see Chris again.. I miss him.. also what about the shade about making fun of his voice... Santana's rant anyone? I cannot look at Santana again after that and absolutely abhor that SL.. I watching Le Jazz Hot the other day and was thinking 'This guy belongs on Broadway!'

Chris is always throwing shade. And ironic he was throwing shade at Murphy last night of all nights!!

I loved when he called fan fiction “50 shades of Colfer.” Interesting choice of words as 90% of fic is Klaine. So makes you wonder which ones he’s reading/being presented with? Cause Klaine would be 50 shades of Hummel right?

Would love to see his Candyland Musical and his Wicked movie.

I feel very spoiled knowing we have years and year to look forward to with the different projects that he will be creating.

PSA: don’t blame someone else for not playing healer if you won’t do it yourself

It is official. I cannot write a story without wanting to throttle the pov character. Or slap him. Or forcibly grab a fistful of his hair to pull his head out of his arse and show him the fucking light.

And yet…I continue to write the behaviour that is pissing me off…because…I’ll…enjoy it later? When it’s…resolved?


milah (and the fact that i am a very pissed-off feminist)

in case anyone’s wondering, i am still fully committed to team Milah Is Fucking Incredible And Didn’t Deserve This, despite the way she was repeatedly characterized as a slutty shrew in last night’s episode

she’s sharp and ruthless and passionate and sometimes dislikeable and has admitted to being selfish for leaving baelfire, yet ALL of that only makes me like her more as a character: even prickly, un-maternal women have the right to leave their miserable marriages and be happy

don’t even get me started on the fact that this destitute, angry woman in her mid-forties is sitting alone at a tavern, and a handsome, cultured, worldly YOUNGER man approaches and politely asks her to run away with him. because that fucking kills a girl: when in the name of sweet baby jesus do we ever get to see a woman like milah get together with a man like killian?

milah getting permanently fridged by her goddamn horrible husband YET AGAIN is a travesty and an insult of the highest order, because it implies we’re not supposed to care about her or like her - because she bucks traditional gender roles and takes what she wants

a single mom whose husband abandoned her? well, that sucks, but if he was miserable and hated her because she betrayed him twice and sold their next kid and he wanted to see the world and she was better with their only child anyway, well: that’s how the cookie crumbles. because Moms Never Abandon Their Kids

but a single DAD whose wife leaves him and moves on with her life and finds happiness and might ask for shared custody some day? /KLAXON ALARMS/ nope! nope! terrible person alert! gotta kill her!

meanwhile there’s three entire storylines about dads who abandoned their sons to be total orphans without even so much as a foster system: and in the first, at least rumple had two nice women to look after him (amirite?), while the next ends with neal forgiving his (goddamn horrible) dad for being such a fuckup and promptly dying, and then the final story heavily implies that daddy jones really changed his ways and wasn’t so bad after all and would have been forgiven… if hook hadn’t himself been such a fuckup, angry and drunk and being directly manipulated by the evil queen

and poor, poor emma swan, caught in the middle of this clusterfuck. emma swan, who gave up a child for adoption because she was 18 and in prison and the shitty father not only put her there, but ran off to a foreign country. wow yes, the SHAME of a SCANDALOUS TEEN PREGNANCY that left her with scars for YEARS!

yup: let’s mock have rumple mock her for that terrible ordeal in front of milah just to win cheap points

i mean the small condolence is that milah and emma DID lock arms and defy that absolute shithead rumple, because they knew he was playing them off each other. and the double standards on this show don’t usually bother me, because hey: it’s fucking fairytales, man

but even david “charming” nolan bought into benign sexism for the first couple of seasons: some things are are funny, like “my well-armed grown daughter needs my dadlike protection from a flirty pirate!” or “mary margaret needs my help rescuing a fucking dove!” but they get successively less funny with “i love mary margaret and the entire town is slut-shaming her but my husbandly duty lies with katherine!” and “mary margaret i can’t believe you slept with dr. whale even though we weren’t even married at the time!”

david’s a nice guy, not remotely the worst offender but the list goes on and on and on and on. and somewhere in the middle of last night’s episode my brain imploded under the weight of sheer misogyny

if anyone bitches about this being “once upon a captain hook” i’m going to remind them that the show’s only remaining male bastion against blatant sexism IS captain fucking hook: who happens to be in love with and loved by mad badass feminist emma, and should therefore get as much screentime as possible

and when it comes to milah, i guess i should just conclude with “what a complete loss to the show.” an extraordinary, resilient woman, erased and defamed simply because she wasn’t a goddamned man