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hc that Tim will sometimes get high off pain medication, and the end result is always so random and weird and no one knows what to expect.

like one time he called Bruce and started ranting about the depth of space and theories about other universes until he suddenly stops and goes, “Bruce, I can feel colors.”

“Sure you can.”

“Yeah gray is rough, B. Yellow is slippery.”

I don’t know if the requests are open are not. If not, please ignore. But you know how in Danganronpa 2 there was something called the “Despair Fever? ” How do you think the NDRV3 boys would react if their S/O had caught it? Sorry if it seems like a stupid idea. But if you do write headcannons for it, thank you! And good luck with the page! <3

Thank you so much!!

This is a very interesting idea! I literally made up almost every single disease the s/o catches, so I hope this is what you want!

Excuse the awful disease names

-Mod Kaito

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I love mass effect, and I’m enjoying the amount of bisexual characters in the game but I can’t help but question the reasoning behind it. I don’t think they were created because Bioware was trying to represent actual bisexual characters, I think they’re bisexual because it caters to the straight players. Reyes does not strike me as bisexual, and neither does Vetra. Vetra’s romance is better suited to female Ryder and I think Reyes romance is better suited to Male Ryder. The only reason Bioware didn’t make them gay was because of the heterosexuals ™ playing the game who would of gotten butthurt.

ST TAS Episode 3. So here’s the deal: Spock just MINDMELDS with a space cloud monster (hey i guess TMP wasn’t the first time for him), then kirk is like “oh don’t worry let spock/alien fusion mindmeld with ME too i don’t mind” all gentle uhhh, then kirk’s like “don’t self destruct WAIT spock WILL save the day just give him a little more time” THEN afterwards jim is like sunshine rainbows fondness and asks spock what it was like. And spock gushes about it. And jim is just So Fond hearing his bf rant about space miracles. Just like… jim is so Ultra nonchalant about getting mindmelded Anywhere Anytime by his bf, and absolutely the most I Support Whatever U Love Tell Me About it bf type. Babe.

*bonus that Bones is That Overprotective Friend, ready to fight a vulcan-space-cloud-monster hybrid if he has to, just to keep jim safe.

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What do the entire bat family thoughts on Keith and the rest of the Voltron team, including the Alteans? Zarkon? Haggar?

okok so I’m going to go on with assuming that Shiro is already part of batfam (the whole AU where he was a batkid before joining the Garrison and going on the Kerberos mission).

Bruce: I think he would pretty much adopt Keith; he has all the qualifications for a troubled batkid, and he’s good with hand to hand combat and he doesn’t use guns. He would adore Lance, Pidge & Hunk, but would probably grow annoyed by them at some points (because Bruce can’t handle happiness and fun heheh) and he would seriously respect Allura. At first he would be skeptical of her (Selina Kyle vibes) but he would trust her when he sees how much Shiro loves & trusts her and how she’s badass. Coran would be like a second Alfred to him, tbh.

Dick: tbh some days Dick just gets really fed up with Keith. He can barely handle Jason and Damian––last he needs is another snappy, quick-tempered kid who gets offended by everything. But most days, Dick loves Keith and treats him like another one of his younger siblings: with love, patience and scolding. I think he’d fall in love with Allura tbh, then pout because she & Shiro are already a thing (but he’d be really happy for Shiro because if he deserves a someone amazing, then it’s Allura). He and Lance would be good friends I think, because Dick can appreciate when someone is trying really hard to lighten the mood and ease the tension in the room (usually that’s his role, so he’s happy that Lance seems to seriously help).

Jason: would be such an asshole to Keith, because it’s so fun. Whenever Keith makes a sad comment about how he’s half-galra or something, Jason will say “wow, must suck. I only died and came back to life” just to piss him off (and Keith keeps getting pissed off, every time). He and Lance wouldn’t get along well at first, because his comments are too sharp and he ends up hurting Lance’s feelings… until they kinda realize they both have some pent up thoughts about how they just don’t fit in the family and how everyone else seems to be better than them in the eye of the leader, and Lance begins to understand Jason’s sarcasm and dry humour, and they get along really well. He’d respect Allura and keep calling Coran “Alfred” for jokes. I also think he would secretly love Hunk’s hugs, but would never admit to it.

Tim: Tim is BEST FRIENDS with Hunk & Pidge!!! He would be good friends with Lance and Keith, too, but not quite their best friend. He loves to nerd over tech & ideas with Hunk and Pidge, he loves to listen to them explain how the Lions work and what Pidge felt when she felt every atom of Green, etc. He and Pidge stay up late at night, living off caffeine, and Hunk brings them some of the tasty food he cooks because “guys, you need to eat actual food.” 

Stephanie: Adores Allura, and eventually becomes her mentor and teaches her some kickass moves in combat. She’s always in awe at Allura’s powers, and they become very close, like sisters. Allura opens up to her about how losing her entire planet and kingdom was so devastating. Stephanie would also like Lance and would keep giving him adorable nicknames (and plays along with his corny pick up lines)… they both know they’ll never be a thing, but they enjoy making everyone else uncomfortable by playing corny flirty kids. I think she would also be sort of a big sister for Pidge, and they’d play video games together and she would happily listen to Pidge rant about technology and space. And Keith––I’m not actually sure how Steph would feel about him. I think she have a similar relationship with him to Dick’s.

Damian: okay so I have this whole headcanon that Dami & Lance become best friends because Lance treats the kid like a kid, despite his bratty remarks and the fact that he speaks like an old man from the early 20th century. He spoils Dami, always buying him ice cream and inviting him to play soccer/basketball/tennis/video games etc with them and he never gets angry when Damian is too good––instead, he tells the kid how good he is. At first Dami brushes it off with narcissistic remarks, but it later means a lot to him. Eventually, he loosens up and feels so comfortable around Lance that he opens up to him about his nightmares, fears, and how despite being the bloodson, he fears that he will never make his father & Dick proud and that Tim will never like him. 

As for Keith, I think he would be a tiny bit jealous of him because Shiro & Dad loves Keith, Dick fights super well alongside Keith, Jason actually jokes more with Keith (and teases him more), and Tim actually likes him, despite his snappy responses. So at first Dami avoids Keith, always feeling like he’s the new star of the show… but one day Keith challenges him to a swordfight, and softly laughs when Damian nearly kicks his ass. They become sword buddies, and eventually good friends/brothers.

As for Zarkon & Haggar, I think pretty much all of them would hate them because 1) they’re bad guys and 2) what they did to Shiro 

feel free to reblog this and add more for Cass and Duke etc!! I just wasn’t sure about them!!

//lovely a day of misgendering deadnaming and going to whatever person my mom got as a councilor for me. Is that supposed to be a fancy name for therapist or are there differences or what? And in top of that I’m semi-verbal today. And all of this after one of the most vivid nightmares I’ve had in a long while so I’m dead tired. Fun times all around I guess.

ID #23415

Name: Karla
Age: 23
Country: Mexico

I am an artist/English teacher. I am looking for a pen pal just to have someone new to talk to. Maybe hear about their world. I like long rants, talking about space, books, T.V and movies. I love questions like If you were an alien what would you look like? I have a dark sense of humor at times.

Preferences: Would prefer 22+, not great at talking to women but open to whatever.

I always feel so so guilty for being ace like… If someone expresses sexual desire for me I feel like an awful person because I can’t reciprocate. I feel so wrong and weird and just uncomfortable with sexual content, am very rarely okay with sexual actions but I have a firm limit, and other people just… Can’t arouse me. And I’ve tried and experimented because I felt like/have been told that I can’t really know unless I do try, but I don’t like it and looking back I wish I could undo every bit of it. I gave up my innocence to try and prove my validity and for what? No one will ever take me seriously anyway. I’m still not valid.

I can’t stomach the thought of sex and am so uncomfortable with being sexualized, but that’s not valid enough. I have no sex drive and don’t experience any sexual pleasure from things that should cause it, but that means nothing. I’ve been told how much of a shame it is that I’m ace because I’m just so desirable, and all it does is make me feel so sick, so mean, so cruel for not being able to feel sexually for someone. I’ve gotten rape threats and wishes sent to me, I’ve gotten so much shit thrown at me, I’ve put myself into bad situations just to try to force it but I just can’t and I’m so sick of going through all this only to be told that it’s a choice, that I’m broken, that I just haven’t tried yet, that it’ll hit me later on, whatever else gets thrown at me.

And I’m so sick of feeling like there’s absolutely no way I can be open about any of it because here on this blue hellspace of a website, if I even try I’ll just get hate. If I scroll too much in the ace positive tags, there’s hate. I post something about it and there’s hate. I’m so done. I feel so sick. Everyone who excludes aces is so sick.

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so we all know that UT sans is a giant science nerd, yeah? How do u think he'd react if he an his S/O were just lounging around one day an he starts going on an on about some complicated astrophysics nonsense and his S/O just drapes themselves over his lap and stares up at him, all mystified and love-struck, and then when he asks them what's up they just whisper "baby ur so fuckin smart..." like they've never been so amazed in their life?

This is fucking precious.

Classic (Ut Sans)
He was ranting about astrophysics and space and the stars and getting all excited when you suddenly draped yourself in his lap. He grinned and wrapped his arms around your waist, opening his mouth to ask what was up when you spoke. He has never turned so blue so fast. His entire skull was a deep navy color, and he went from clear speech to nervous, flustered stuttering in a split second. You laughed, and he hid his face in your neck as he held you as close to him as he could.

Its short but OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!! 🖤


wow stfu junhong. :)))) i know im horrible for assuming shit but this pretty much confirms that when daehyun “apologized” for that himchan - pig thingy, it was just to please fans. does bap really truly feel apologetic about it? did bap really truly learn their lesson? & to babyz who think this is some form of genius “shade”, you guys are literally the worse :) bap & babyz, thanks for thinking that us fans, aka the people who reacts to bap poking fun at our insecurities, poking fun at himchan’s insecurities, are being sensitive and over reacting. @ daehyun & junhong nice to know that cracking all the fat jokes is just fun between y’all. even though you daehyun, specifically you the person.. your hyung… yeah that hyung you said you’ll be with forever & ever?? is hurt by those jokes. yeahhhhh nice to know that you don’t care about us. nice to know that bap doesnt care about himchan. thank you so much. wow truly an idol :)) 

-best regards, your sensitive fan :) 

Left to my own devices, I generally make male PCs in things, because, you know, cismale dude here. My WoW main (and thus my Saints Row Boss) was a woman because I knew I wanted to play a Warlock, and I knew I wanted to play a human, and human males were comically burly and fugly as hell. I have to not shudder when I look at my PC, anyhow.

My main run of Mass Effect was on a dude, though I did do a second run on a woman specifically to romance Garrus. Come on, it’s Garrus. My canon warden was a dude who made kissy faces at Morrigan until she decided he wasn’t terrible. My Hawke is a dude who made kissy faces at Merrill. My first Inquisitor was a human male mage who made kissy faces at Cassandra but my canon Inquisitor is a lady elf zwiehander-wielding elfy paladin who made kissy faces at Solas because the narrative demanded it imo.

But I’ve noticed something about my wargaming armies. My space marines not only include female marines, which is unusual for 40k to say the least, but also pretty much any character worth mentioning is a woman. My Chapter Master, my Chapter Champion, my Chapter Bannerwoman, my 1st Captain. My Eldar are led by a female Farseer, her Warlock Council is ¾ female so far, and roughly half of my Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons are elf ladies. My Tau are… well, they’re Tau, they’re generally helmeted and there’s no reason they’d have visible secondary sexual traits apart from their funny head-crease things, so you can assume half of them are Tau women. My crisis commander is, visibly, a giant fighting robot, but I named her Shas’o M’ori after the protagonist from Pacific Rim so she’s also a Tau woman. 

I think it’s because wargaming is so often shitty and sexist as hell that it makes me get my back up and be as aggressively feminine in my armies as possible. Women with thunder hammers smashing apart sexist dudes’ giant robots. Elf women casting doom on their precious macho tempestus scions and then scything them down. Tau women dropping into position right behind their lines and mowing down their brave little mans. 

I’m so damn friendly and courteous at the table it took me a long time to realize it but I am goddamn mean with my wargaming tiny womans. I want them to break other people’s armies. 

dannymay day four

So I was going to write about Danny ranting about space that would’ve turned into a research and infodump on my part, but at the behest of my pal @hamsterthegreat, I wrote for my Jedi Danno au. 

ao3 link here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10780767/chapters/24005661

Prompt: alterations/space

Even though Danny was in space on a bi-monthly basis, he still loved it. Watching the stars zip by in lightspeed, the different looks of the planets, the endlessness of space… It enchanted him, drawing him in and not letting go. Even back home, Danny stargazed whenever he could, even when he could barely see the stars. Light pollution messed with the upward view, but at least it was better than Coruscant.

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I really love it when people post articles about the female experience, and guys dismiss them with a smug “this article is fake.”

Then you provide them source links. LOTS of source links.

“I still don’t believe it! So fake!”

MORE source links. Screencaps of conversations had on twitter. Links to the actual store itself so he can see that it doesn’t sell merchandise for girls. Or links to scientific studies about body language and gender. SO MANY LINKS. So many sources.

“Pssh. Women are just making this up. They just want to whine about stuff. People are starving to death. Why do we even care about this?”

I don’t know. Because people are complex and are able to care about multiple issues at the same time? Because I can care that many people don’t have access to clean water AND I can care that the Disney Store doesn’t sell any Princess Leia toys and is marketing merchandise only to boys. I can care about the homelessness issue in America AND think it’s unfair that strange men invade my personal space on the subway because they feel entitled to it.

I’m just always amazed that you can provide some people all the proof in the world, and they simply refuse to believe it because it’s not an issue that effects them personally.

I’m really baffled at BigHit’s marketing strategy for BTS. They keep throwing merchandise at armys in such a small period of time, and then they expect them to keep buying it. But at some point armys will be out of money, and the profit will go down. They need to space it out more. 

The album is fine. They announced it well in advance. People can save up money for it. But the DVD’s that keep dropping out of nowhere?? And at least one every week? Why???

Also what is with the limited amount of DVD’s? They produce a few ton of them and sell them. But once they’re out of stock they’re out of stock permanently. They’re losing millions because they don’t replenish their old DVD’s and merch. There are new armys joining every day, and they want to buy the old stuff too. But they can’t. And it’s so much money BigHit and BTS are losing ><

Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.

the battle of azanulbizar + tilt shift
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