morning suprise! @luxjii 

oh man… have soo much things to say to you.. but first.. thank you, seriously. I still confused, why someone so nice like you can be chatting with me. We started talking when I was depressed af, you made me change in some stange way, I’m bad at explaining… idk man,, I really feel happy. Your happiness is good 4 all.. and I really feel bad when you’re sad… but i suck at giving advice?? Just…….. aaAA,,, ily, you deserve being happy all ur life 

thanks for being the best <3

scene: a baby's gender reveal party

there is a box with colored balloons in it, telling the crowd of the parents’ vague acquaintances the societal expectations the fetus in its mother’s womb will be held to when it is born, based on its genitals. the half of the couple with the penis brandishes scissors and dramatically cuts open the box. the crowd gasps. blue balloons come out of the box. “It’s a water baby!” the person with the vagina in the relationship exclaims. the crowd cheers for the water baby. everyone is elated. the water fetus cheers from inside the womb. everybody in the world claps. obama is there.

Why “straight passing privilege” Is Not Real

*in this post I will often use the term bisexuality, but please note that this applies to pansexual and polysexual and all bi+ people as well

A very common misconception that exists within the LGBTQ+ community is that being bisexual means that you have something called “straight passing privilege,” which basically translates into heteronormativity to your benefit. A lot of people assume that it is somehow easier to be bisexual than it is to be gay because not every crush that you have or not every relationship that you are in is necessarily gay, always having that “straight side” to turn to and not always having to come out to your family or to your loved ones because you can just use that “straight side” of yours as a shield and still feel comfortable. 

Except, um, no.

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