KARABITA WEEK: Oct 30th-Nov 5th

thanks to everyone who submitted and voted for prompts!
because there were so many winners each day will have 2 prompts that people can choose from, you may even do both if you wish, go nuts!
without further ado, here are the official prompts for karabita week:

Sunday, October 30th: Height Difference OR Switched Bodies/Personalities
Monday, October 31st: Vampire AU OR Zombie AU
Tuesday, November 1st: Hanahaki Disease OR Angst
Wednesday, November 2nd: Comfort/Support OR Blind Kara! AU
Thursday, November 3rd: First time OR Fashion
Friday, November 4th: Marriage OR Domestic
Saturday, November 5th: Free day! If there’s a prompt idea that was not featured this week, this is your chance to do the one you liked the most or to do anything your heart desires! here’s the list of all submitted prompts in case you need inspiration

thank you all for helping me put together karabita week specially in such short notice! i hope you all have fun participating, and don’t forget to spread the word!

make sure you tag your works as #karabita or #karabitaweek for me to see them, i promise to reblog them. late submissions are always okay too!
i will accept all kinds of submissions (fics, art, cosplay, gifs, edits, all is fine!)
just please make sure you follow the rules!


Okay so I guess I got the delivery dates wrong or something, because ALL THREE BOOKS ARRIVED TODAY!

The mail deliverer went upstairs to leave I Am Spock for me in person, which was why I thought the other ones hadn’t arrived yet, but they were actually in my downstairs mailbox.

Anyway, I’m super excited to read I Am Spock, Beyond Uhura, and The Travel Guide to Vulcan! 😍👏💖🖖💫

I wish that some of my followers who don't ever interact with me would unfollow

I have like over hundreds of followers. But only a few couple handful actually talk to me or like my stuff or repost my things or even care about me. I really wish the people who follow me that don’t care enough to talk to me or like my stuff or reblog would unfollow me. Because it just makes me depressed seeing hundreds of people following me yet they don’t interact with me. Idk it just sorta makes me feel alone even though I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of people. But thank you to the few people who do interact with me. You all mean the world to me and I love you guys.


Hey y’all! 

I’m almost done with my Bitty cosplay for youmacon! All I have left to do is sew on the tail and get the socks (and work on taping my breasts down better,,)

Bitty is from the wonderful comic Check, Please! which is written by the even more wonderful Ngozi! You should totally check out the comic/ngozi’s artwork.

Anyway I’ll see you guys next weekend! Come say hi! <3