I guess I could get alot of creeps with pictures like this (even though I don’t really show shit), but I already get reblogged on porn blogs and shit anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I post.
I just think it’s a nice look and I’ve seen plenty of cis-girls post alot “worse” without anyone caring, it shouldn’t be any different just because I’m transgender.
I shouldn’t need to cover up more than any other girls just because some people can’t keep their damn fetish in check and treats every transperson as a sexual object.

It makes me sick, but it’s not like I can do anything about it except block those people. As I’ve said before it’s fine to have a fetish of course, but hell, don’t bring it on random people.
Go watch some porn or whatever, but act like a normal fucking human being and don’t just assume people like me give a shit about your fetish.

I’m transgender. Not a sissy, faggot, abomination or some damn sexual object.
I’m a woman, that’s it. Just like any cis-girl but with worse luck and I shouldn’t have to be sexualised/a fetish just because of who I am.

@ Smarks bitching about Roman Reigns vs Rusev in HIAC being the ‘match nobody wanted’/’borefest’.

The exact same shit you said during Roman/Big Show.

The exact same shit you said during Roman/Bray Wyatt. 

Both matches exeeded expectations and were contenders for match of the night on multiple sites.

Let’s make it three in a row, because I like my chances and I like his chances of proving you wrong. You know. Again

(And again and again and again)

Why I’m Bitter about Frozen

The reason I’m bitter about Frozen is because there were so many things Disney could have done with it, but they focused too much on breaking cliches and being unpredictable that they ruined any chance of it being good or coherent.

I’d have been just fine if the Duke was the real villain. If he’d rallied a party of people not just from his own court, but from Arendelle as well, against Elsa because of her powers, and those people were to turn against their own queen because she was different and strange, and it would take Anna’s help and Elsa herself to convince them otherwise. If the people came around to see that her powers weren’t evil, but beautiful and unique, that would’ve been enough to thaw Arendelle.

I’d have been fine if Elsa were more of an antivillain. If she were allowed to be bitter and jealous of her sister for leading a normal life, not confined and always having to be on guard because of her magic. Bitter and angry at her parents who told her to bottle up her sorrows and keep her powers under a tight seal, hiding her emotions and unable to tell anyone, even her own sister! That would’ve added so much pathos and emotion to Let It Go.

I’d have been fine if we had Anna/Hans and Elsa/Kristoff like what was very blatantly in the original plan, because they are two different kinds of men with very different backgrounds, but they can both reach out to and relate to these sisters. They could both be someone to support them and rely on them with. None of this nonsense where Elsa, shut out from everyone for most of her life, is touted as “revolutionary” for never having a prince, and Anna is shunned and scolded and talked down to for daring to want love in her life. And definitely not this bull where Hans, the nice, gentlemanly, charming guy, was secretly a conniving sociopath all for the sake of a surprise villain, while Kristoff, the grumpy, antisocial, gross, rude loner, was the “right guy” all along.

I’d have been fine if Elsa and Anna’s parents were portrayed and explicitly meant to be abusive, even despite trying to be loving and supportive. They already were, but if the narrative had recognized that fact, it would’ve been so much better. Sometimes parents are deeply flawed individuals, and their ways of trying to help a child only makes things worse. Why must here be such a dichotomy, between loving, caring parents who raise well-adjusted children, and hateful, ugly, abusive monsters who never cared for their children at all? Disney needs to recognize that you can love your children and still end up hurting them.

But they didn’t. They didn’t do any of those things, because they were far too focused on nuancing a movie while dumping on all the previous movies. And while the hype was fun while it lasted and I was caught up in that hype, it died off the more I pondered it over. And they ruined what could have been a perfectly good movie.

And I’m bitter about that.

Maya’s Shin Godzilla Review

Well, I finally, FINALLY managed to see Shin Godzilla on Tuesday– last Tuesday, more than a week ago, because I am a super functional human being who can get things done in a reasonable amount of time– and as per Tumblr Kaiju Krew tradition, I now feel obliged to review it. I’ve seen the extensive political commentary in this film discussed and debated to death over the past week, and I don’t think I could add anything to that discussion, so I’m going to be focusing more on my own thoughts, things that I haven’t seen echoed as much. By this I mean ranting. I’m going to rant, and then clean it up a little so it resembles something that you could turn in to a liberal arts professor, but no promises beyond that.

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honestly as a (dark skin) black woman I’m just really tired of having to tiptoe around my life acting a certain way to make sure people don’t assume I’m a bitch and don’t judge me. and this happens from both black people and other races alike. can’t be quiet because you’re a rude, bougie, bitch. can’t be too loud because you’re “ghetto”, “ratchet”, etc. why can’t I just be quiet and mind my business? why does that have to put 5000000 targets on my back? why can’t I be the person I want to be? why are black women under so much judgment all the time?

Hibike s2 ep 4 rant

i’m literally crying right now. paused the anime while mizore told kumiko about her relationship with nozomi and not watching it for a few minutes.

what happened to mizore when she broke down and ran away happened to me in high school. my friends were looking for me too. i had ran away in the middle of clarinet sectionals. i remember i curled up in a stairwell and started sobbing. eventually it was “Taki” who found me and comforted me. it was all because “kumiko” had stopped speaking to me and wouldn’t even look at me, and something happened in sectionals and made me just snap on the inside.

i still play my clarinet in college even though my heart is broken in three pieces. because it is the only thing connecting me to the Kumiko and Taki in my life. I play because it makes me think of them. 

I play because when I come home from college on breaks, “Taki” smiles at me and hugs me and introduces me proudly to the music superintendent and his other superiors as “one of the top clarinetists at [university], even though she’s not a music major.” 

i play because it makes me think of “kumiko” and the books we wrote together, the compositions we composed together, the duets we played, the artwork we created. before it all went to shit. Because to the extroverted “Kumiko,” I was just another friend out of many. but “kumiko” was everything i had in my world.

I play clarinet for the connections with these people who are so, so , so important to me in my life, because i am an introvert. that is why i play clarinet.

writing this made me feel better. i’m gonna finish the episode now.

It’s Okay to Have Best Friends

I remember a long time ago (aka last year), some “friends” told me it’s wrong to have a friend you prefer to hang out with more then anyone else you know. Now, I know some of you may be thinking “Well, yeah, it IS wrong!” however, you are all being hypocrites. That’s basically saying it’s wrong to have a Best Friend. We all know you most likely have a best friend that you just love hanging out with over everyone else. 

Sure, you might say something like “But all my friends are my best friends!”. You are lying to yourself. You know very well not all your friends can be your best friends because there are no other friends but them. The Title “Best Friend” is for those you consider trustworthy and feel closer to then most. You feel comfortable talking about anything to them. THAT is a best friend. 

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Just discovered the whole thing going on with harry shum jr, seriously what the hell? Harry has been nothing but supportive of the lgbtq community since he got the role of magnus and even before that. And people go hate on him for one stupid speech that he didn’t even wrote, going on about how he shouldn’t have read the script altogether and how he broke their heart. First I don’t think he had a choice, he probably signed a contract and he can’t just go like “i won’t read that shit fuck you”. And maybe he didn’t realised that he was saying offensive things, or he didn’t get the note about the fandom being offended at literally everything ever. Second, being a fan is one thing, crying and being heartbroken over something a celebrity said when you never even met them, it’s ridiculous. Fans like that really need to take some distance bc that shit isn’t healthy. And no fans has the right to say things like “i’m so disappointed in you but thank you for apoligizing, i hope you’ll learn from this blablabla” like some patronising mother, who do you think you are?

the shadowhunters cast is so nice and they share so much with us and it’s like the fandom do everything they can to make them uncomfortable. Don’t be surprise if they ever stop sharing on social media, i would have done it a long time ago

Oh my god, an anti feminist is now reblogging from us. As if the TERFS weren’t bad enough.

Do people not understand the point of this page??

This is a page to call out injustice against fat people.

That includes fat women. That includes fat trans people.

That means transphobia, transmisogyny, and misogyny are not tolerated here.

Do people not get that nonbinary people and feminists are running this blog?

I mean what exactly makes people look at this blog and go, “Welp, as a person who hates *insert some oppressed group here*, this page is totally meant for me!”

Apparently we need to do a better job of making it clear that this is an intersectional feminist space dedicated to fighting not only fatphobia but also every oppression with which it intersects.

Which is all of them.


Sip This Fine Tea With Me, Y'all

So I don’t know if anyone pointed this out or thought about this…

Jared Leto using the Joker to be a dick is bullshit. I have several examples that I could use to prove my point using each and every one characters in Suicide Squad, but for now I’m just going to use Harley.

Like, it’s been stated several times that Harley is crazier and stronger than the Joker. They pointed this out even at the BEGINNING of the movie, stated it clearly. But you don’t see Margot claiming that a ‘downgraded PG-13’ version of Harley is forcing her to send used dildos to people, or fucking dead animals to ya doorsteps. 🐸☕️

Basically, Jared Leto should just apologize like a CIVILIZED PERSON and face the fact that what he did was fucking disgusting.



My boyfriend wants a figure on TOM now that they’re doing Bonus Points thing. His figure was $149.99 and for free shipping you need $150 =__= so I added a memo pad that was $1.99 so that the total is $151.98. Imagine my surprise and anger when I use my $20.69 TOM Points that it makes it UNDER $150?!?!?! Thus not qualifying for free shipping?! WTF TOM! 

First you made us pay for EMS shipping instead of it being free shipping and now you don’t count TOM Points as money?! On top of that the shipping for my boyfriend’s figure was actually $5.20 while the memo pad was $8.80…. cause I guess his pre-order figure will be in their USA warehouse while the memo pads are shipping from japan. 

This is so dumb. I ended up taking off the memo pad and just paying the $5.20 shipping cause my TOM Points make is so my order doesn’t qualify for free shipping. 

I feel like the Alpacasso community hasn’t been as active cause we can’t do Group Orders for the Free EMS Shipping anymore. Guess it’s that and the fact that they’re becoming more and more shady D:

Mandela Effect

RANT: (this one is gonna be a novel)

I just wanna know I’m not the only one who thinks this and I’m not entirely insane because this legitimately keeps me up at night. Hundreds of thousands of people on the internet are just as mind blown as I am.

Alright so,

Anything I see ‘Mandela effect’ related I have to spend an hour or more researching because not only is it fascinating but so messed up that there could be a parallel universe that is changing the way things used to be years ago in our universe.

*Before you think I’m crazy please keep reading…

For example: we all remember in Star Wars when Darth Vader says “Luke, I am your father.” We ALL remember it that way.

No… apparently it’s ALWAYS been “No, I am your father.”

You would think that Star Wars, something that is so widely populated with different generations, we wouldn’t have made the mistake of ALL thinking and saying it’s “Luke, I am your father.”


If you don’t believe me, look it up. I already have with other conspiracies as well. He will say “No, I am your father” and it will leave you dumbfounded. It drives me insane that this has never been the saying. It’s apparently a 'false’ memory we all have and that’s where the Mandela effect comes in. It’s just one of many where this 'parallel universe’ is changing the way history used to be. It’s mind blowing and it makes me not know what to think of it. Should I be scared? Is it a good thing? There’s so many questions…

It’s 2016 and I’m having a fucking argument with a guy on gender roles.
This guy says all women can naturally cook and clean better and all men can naturally work better since the beginning of time. When I told him my mom can’t cook or clean, does better working, and that my dad does the cooking, cleaning and doesn’t go to work. This guy doesn’t believe me and is calling bullshit.
You can’t stereotype an entire gender. That’s like stereotyping an entire race.
Honestly, who even likes to clean? Boring.
Most women that are good at cooking because they’re taught at a young age. They get over 12+ years to be taught. People go to colleges just to learn how to cook. It’s a skill you learn, you’re not automatically a professional cook because of your sex.
Work. You realise you go to college to learn the skills to work no matter what sex you are. And before you get a job they’ll teach you what to do.
Secondly, I’ve been doing months of study on early humans. People didn’t do all this stuff since the beginning. Men hunted, brought back food, women took care of babies & children. They ate meat raw before they learned how to roast over a fire, and each person ate for themselves, no one was cooking for you, only the babies and children were fed by their mothers. Early humans ate vegetables too. They literally ate anything they needed to survive. If there was none, they needed to adapt.
Early humans weren’t cleaning caves… ugh people are so ridiculous.

A girl will call you lame as fuck if you take her out show her a good time… don’t expect sex and treat her like a queen.. while she steady chasing a broke nigga who doesn’t even want her. They will chase after someone who doesn’t even value them. They’ll ignore you for a nigga with three different babymommas and traps outside a local gas station. Can’t stand that shit. I’m lame because I actually wanted to be a gentleman and treat you with respect. When you’re a single mother please don’t contact me. He can have your sorry ass….I didn’t lose you, you lost me.💯

haesoo is really one of the most irrational, selfish and just flat out stupid female leads I have ever seen, and i’ve seen very many kdramas within the past years. she tries to view everything from solely her perspective; wang so is simply, and clearly trying to clean up the mess that wook and yo left behind while they were screwing around, treating the position of king as if it were game to be leading a mass group of people.
wang so dotes on haesoo every moment that he can, even as king he still makes time for her and flirts with her, trying to keep her contended. he literally almost let the criminal who killed his brother, the CROWN PRINCE, the first born son, the old KING, go only because haesoo cared for her, he almost looked past it because he loved her. but she chose so stay attached to haesoo like a leech and he had no choice but to be mature, recognize his position and punish her for MURDERING A KING. he loves haesoo so blindly and she just continues to be more and more selfish with each passing episode, as if “empathizing” with everyone, except she’s just….. literally ruining everything and everyone. i try and try to understand her character but I simply cannot, she’s so awful.
chaeryung MURDERED THE KING, i repeat, is that too hard to understand? that she killed a very, very, /very/ important figure. aside from being one of the few people so cared about and that cared for him, he was a KING. of course the person who murdered him would be killed in this time period, her punishment fit the crime. the king’s death wasn’t quick, he died slowly, his energy deteriorating slowly for TWO YEARS, two years where he grew more and more incapable of doing day to day tasks, yet he continued diligently doing his job until the poison and the attitudes of his family made him grow paranoid, lose his head, and eventually die. the poison was administered by chaeryung who KNEW exactly what she was doing. “blinded by love”? are you kidding me? she was perfectly sane. each time she did it, when they showed her, she was nervous, nervous of being caught because she knew what she was doing was incredibly wrong. there’s no excuses. not a single excuse, “being in love” is definitely not a good excuse if any. so stupid on haesoo’s part, speaking of haesoo – how does haesoo feel empathy for chaeryung being “blinded by love”? in her life, in the future, her boyfriend leaves her for her bestfriend, they too were “blinded by love”. in her previous life she didn’t feel empathy for them, so why is she suddenly feeling empathy for a murderer? the punishment she was given, fits the crime. not to mention that chaeryung was spying on her the entire time and trying to ruin her life, that is why wang so finally had enough, he was thinking of HER, of haesoo, and yet she still remains completely selfish.

wang so is killing all the men who sided with yo because they can clearly be easily manipulated, they are all CORRUPT, and are were trying to keep him from the position he holds now, there’s no doubt they would easily plot against him. wang so is doing his JOB as KING. he is removing the threats to him so that he will be respected, he is not killing innocent people, so how does she still manage to cry, throw herself pity parties over how awful he is and paint him out as an awful person? i don’t understand haesoo, how is she in so much misery? wang so is going against what he needs to, to consummate his marriage, birth an heir, all because he’s so in love with her and views her as her only queen. wang so is looking out for her and trying to protect him in every single way he can, and she just keeps complaining about how tough life is, really? coming from her previous hell, she dares to call her current status hell? i really don’t get her.
HER misery is so grand that she’s going to call jung and selfishly put HIS life in DANGER, now? jung was already being punished but to take haesoo, knowing how so feels for her is so selfish and irrational.
if anything, i’m awaiting on a plot twist stating that haesoo, is in fact gwangjong. seeing as each of her actions are correlated with bad endings. wook, who seemed sketchy from the start, truly only dipped into all the malice he displays now because she made him paranoid.
and now what, they’re going to make wang so the villain for feeling betrayed by her in episode 19? all she does is cry and suddenly everyone else is horrid asides from her, she’s really the worst. she overthinks everything but though over-thinking usually leads to viewing every possible solution, even the impossible, and choosing the best one, she still manages to select the worst possible ending. ..is she truly over-thinking? about anyone’s safety asides her own? probably not. i really can’t stand her and all her terrible decisions, her way of thinking is completely twisted, she’s so stupid.