I think Nick needs a sweetheart… Aria’s mii wants to hook up Aria’s irl boyfriend with someone else.


Our baby boy was born! The greatest day of my life, on July 13th after 29 hours of labor our little boy entered this world. He was born at 38 weeks, 2 weeks short of his expected due date. At 7 lb 3.8 oz and a length of 20 inches, I’m thankful he came out when he did! The birth, although extremely painful, was a magical experience thanks to the love of my life, Nick, who coached me through the entire process from the contractions starting, to the pushing at the very end. We are so happy that Gray is here and healthy, and are looking forward to this journey together as a family!! We love you Gray ♥


Faced one of my biggest fears today(the ocean) by snorkeling!! It was a magical experience! I was really scared at first though from all the fish, but after riding on backs for a bit it helped me warm up to it a lot. I got to see a whole new world <3

The giant rainbow-y fish that looked like it had funny teeth was my favorite! I was scared of the spotted fish at first because I thought it was a pufferfish too hahaha.


Our pregnancy announcement!! We had been mentioning a special guest on our anniversary show for days, and revealed it was our baby!

Pictures from today of me and my honey picking out bikinis and clothes for our trip next week!

I was hesitant, but I decided to go with bikinis instead of one pieces for the Caribbean. I was worried because my tummy is such an inbetween now that  I have a little tummy, but not enough to look pregnant and I was worried I’d just look chubby.. But you know what? I decided to flaunt that belly anyway with two new Victoria’s Secret bikinis we picked out!!

As for dresses, I ended up getting stuff loose fitting so that my tummy doesn’t hurt from any tight-fitting cloth there. I also picked up some heels to wear for some cute nights out, which was very odd for me!! Even though Nick is 7 inches taller than me, and I get so paranoid about heels because when I was younger I dated a guy close to my height who always slouched, so if I even wore an inch in heels I’d be taller and I haaated it! Nick and I have been together for almost 2 years now (in April), and it’s my first time wearing heels around him! Hope the pregnancy doesn’t make my feet swell too much!

Sorry for the rant! Just nervous and excited for my vacation! Look at my cute honey and daddy-to-be!!

Hi Aria, Lynne here!

While reading my school’s confessions page, I came across a confession that just reminded me of you and Nick’s relationship & thought that it fit so well with your journey going through your pregnancy:

#3919 “I had my wisdom teeth extracted and was given hydrocodone for the pain. Little did I know, those narcs back you up; I didn’t poop for nine days. Finally, I became so concerned, I told my fiancé — he then proceeded to give me the biggest dose a person can safely take of his mom’s ‘fast-acting’ laxative/stool softener. I waited six hours and nothing happened. I was spending the night at his house, so we climbed into bed and fell asleep. Well, at about 3 a.m., I woke up and my bowels IMMEDIATELY began evacuating my body at a velocity I did not even know was possible. All over the bed, and all over my fiancé, who was still sleeping. I tried to clench my poor booty hole, but nothing would work. I hopped up thinking I would make a run for it to the bathroom, but the flow did not stop. It was like a river in the bed, on the floor, and on my future husband — and then I started to cry. Only when I started to cry did my fiancé wake up. I just flopped on the bed and curled into a ball, sobbing because I was more mortified than I had ever been in my entire life. The love of my life was innocently lying there, covered in a river of my nine-day-old shit, and he just started cracking up. That was the moment I knew that he must really love me, for better or for the absolute WORST.”

Just wanted to share and hopefully give you some laughter today. :D & I have no doubts Nick his as loving as the guy who got shat on by his fiancé.

Response: OMG! I have to say, Nick has helped me through some baaad poop times during this pregnancy. This was perfect! Hahaha thank you <3