Our baby boy was born! The greatest day of my life, on July 13th after 29 hours of labor our little boy entered this world. He was born at 38 weeks, 2 weeks short of his expected due date. At 7 lb 3.8 oz and a length of 20 inches, I’m thankful he came out when he did! The birth, although extremely painful, was a magical experience thanks to the love of my life, Nick, who coached me through the entire process from the contractions starting, to the pushing at the very end. We are so happy that Gray is here and healthy, and are looking forward to this journey together as a family!! We love you Gray ♥


Faced one of my biggest fears today(the ocean) by snorkeling!! It was a magical experience! I was really scared at first though from all the fish, but after riding on backs for a bit it helped me warm up to it a lot. I got to see a whole new world <3

The giant rainbow-y fish that looked like it had funny teeth was my favorite! I was scared of the spotted fish at first because I thought it was a pufferfish too hahaha.

So close now to the baby coming!! Eeee!! Pregnancy has been such a wonderful experience, and I feel more ready than ever to have this baby with the love of my life.

I maybe didn’t post it on here, but a few weeks ago I was hospitalized for a 3-4 days because my body was going through a “false labor”. Contractions 2 minutes apart for 25 hours, I was strapped to fetal monitoring, and the doctors couldn’t stop the contractions. Because I was 33 weeks at the time, they sent me to a special hospital (on day 2) via ambulance to see if they could stop the contractions there or have the tools to help the baby if he or she was premature.

When we got there, we found out what brought on the contractions..my body reacting to kidney stones. Apparently very common in pregnancy! Even though we discovered the kidney stones, it was still uncertain if the baby was coming because of contractions for some time (no dilation though!). The experience was incredibly painful, and I was informed the whole ordeal was probably worse than what I’ll experience when the baby comes. And believe me, I was in PAAAAIN. I was vomiting from the pain, shaking, I couldn’t move any of my limbs..

But you know what I learned? What a wonderful support Nick will be when the baby comes. Nick stuck by my side those 3-4 days, sleeping in chairs, holding my hand, helping me get in and out of the bathroom, pressing warm washcloths against my head, going through the extreme cold of the room when I needed it to freeze because I was burning from the contractions. He was wonderful, and the whole time he did it with the most gentlest smile, reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. As long as he was there, I wasn’t scared, no matter how much it hurt.

I didn’t know what Nick would be like on the big day, I was a little nervous, because Nick is the strongest person I’ve ever met in my life. In a way, I was a little scared that he was going to be so strong, that he’d be too tough on the big day. I’ve always seen and known his gentle heart, but I wasn’t sure what would come out the day the baby came. Now, I feel so much better because I know, yes he will be strong..But he’ll be strong for me, and treat me incredibly gentle, loving, and caring. The perfect dad I want for my baby.

I love you Nick. Thank you for this wonderful life.