The refreshing white water is a very beautiful site. It flows past the high rocks to the lower rocks creating a refreshing environment for the mind and body. Whoever comes to Ngao Waterfall will enjoy the main attraction of Ranong province. The Waterfall is surrounded by jungle making this a very tranquil setting. We invite you to put your feet into the clear water and surrender yourself to the cool relaxing setting.

Shift Focus to the Unique Thailand Experience…Amazing Thailand

From a small rocky hill that disappears into the ocean, there appears a large hole formed by erosion from the salt water. You can walk under the small stone doorway, called “Hin Thalu”. This miracle from nature can be found at Ao Khao Kwai on Ko Phayam in Ranong province. In addition, you can fall in love with the clear water, white beaches and beautiful sunset.

Shift Focus to the Unique Thailand Experience…Amazing Thailand

Ci siamo.
Ormai è un mese che sono in Thailandia.
Un mese emmezzo che non so come incominciare questo blog.
Quindi taglio la testa al toro e salto tutta quella parte patetica.

Non so esattamente perchè ho voluto iniziare con questa foto, però mi piace molto.
Giuro che nei prossimi post farò meno il “FotografoMaledetto” e mostrerò un po'più di Thailandia.
Nel frattempo benvenuti ThailandesesiDomenicali

Ranong Fishing Port, Ranong, Thailand, November 2013.

Ranong is the jump off point and last town to pick up cash and supplies before you get on your boat to Koh Phayam. For the first 15 minutes of the boat journey we travelled past flooded mangroves and beaten up old warehouses. This was one of them.