rano's art

The first bab of the OC thing is complete (well almost I gotta color him BUT STILL): (he looks so pouty in this pic omg)!

Fun Facts:

-He is a Blacktip Reef Shark (on top of being, y'know, a merdude)!

-Other merfolk make fun of him because his singing voice is utter shit. Also he has a bit of a lisp because shark teeth.

-He has a crapton of rakes and scars from various sources: food fighting back, messing with orca mers when they’re in the neighborhood, etc. etc.

-Very social but kind of an outcast among his own little group so he’s starting to venture close to shore in the hopes that someone might be his friend.

-He hates seagulls. Hates them.

-He’s occasionally a grumpy dork but also a total nerd who is super curious about anything and everything that isn’t underwater culture. 

-Also pls help with a name idk what he should be called ;n;