December 3rd is the birthday of Adam Strange.  Happy Birthday, Adam!

DC Editor Juilius Schwartz came up with the basic idea for Adam Strange (combining elements from John Carter of Mars, Buck Rogers, and Flash Gordon).  Artist Murphy Anderson came up with the design of his costume.  Adam Strange first appeared in Showcase #17 (December 1958) in a story written by Gardner Fox and penciled by Mike Sekowsky.

Adam Strange is an archaeologist from Earth who is transported to the planet Rann by a Zeta Beam.  After defending himself from a predator, Strange meets an Rannian woman named Alanna, who takes him to meet her father, Sardath.  Strange learns about Rannian technology and culture, and becomes enamored with the planet and its inhabitants, particularly Alanna.  Using his wits and thirst for adventure, Adam Strange becomes the defender of Rann.  Although the Zeta Beam eventually wears off, returning him to Earth, Strange learns where future Zeta Beams will be, and returns to Rann and Alanna as often as he can.

These comics (and many more) are part of the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa: Special Collections:

DC Comics Presents v.1 #82 (June 1985), cover by Klaus Janson

Brave and the Bold v.1 #90 (July 1970), cover by Neal Adams and Gaspar Saladino

Strange Adventures v.1 #224 (June 1970), cover by Murphy Anderson

Justice League of America v.1 #138 (January 1977), cover by Neal Adams

Strange Adventures v.1 #242 (July 1973), cover by Carmine Infantino

Showcase v.1 #101 (June 1978), cover by Joe Kubert

Strange Adventures v.1 #241 (April 1973), cover by Nick Cardy

Justice League of America v.1 #120 (July 1975), cover by Dick Dillin

Strange Adventures v.1 #243 (September 1973), cover by Nick Cardy

DC Comics Presents #3 (November 1978), cover by José Luis García-López