Katar: Yeah, so, it turns out my birth mother is a human woman, she’s like, from Michigan or something.


Katar: I know, I was surprised too-

Shayera: No, it’s not surprising at all, it’s just that I have literally been wondering about this the ENTIRE TIME WE HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER, but I couldn’t be totally sure, and I thought maybe it was one of those things that’s super offensive to ask about.

Katar: Oh come on.

Shayera: I totally lost the bet, though, I bet Adam Strange 20 bucks that you were half Rannian, he said you were half human. J’onn has twenty on some other species.

Katar: You are the worst person I have ever known.

Shayera: It’s fine, I bet all the humans in the JLA twenty bucks that you WERE secretly half-human so it’s not like I’m losing money on this.