Totally digging the monochromatic “children’s blocks” that make up the set. Lots of possibilities and really emphasizes the actors and the story rather than spectacle. 

@ms-wendla-bergman asked: “the questions/HC for falsettos, could you write about a double date between Whizzer/Marvin and Trina/Mendel? Post-baseball game but pre-diagnosis?”

•No one is sure why they’re all there /together/, sitting around the (romantic, lovely) table but they’re there. They opted for a night in as opposed to one at a restaurant

• And dear God the tension could kill

• Trina is opposite Whizzer and Marvin is opposite Mendel. Which is… Fun

• Mendel already has finger prints on his thigh because every time Whizzer kisses Marvin’s cheek there is Trina’s hand, squeezing away at his leg like some sort of stress ball.

• Trina requested sausages, which was weird because Marvin wasn’t aware that was on her list of favourite foods

• But he cooked it anyway

• (By ‘cooked’ read: told Whizzer to cook)

• For a good five minutes Trina holds eye contact with Whizzer while slowly cutting up the sausage

• Whizzer goes to the toilet and stays there for about 20 minutes

• Jason walks downstairs halfway through, makes some obnoxious comments about how awkward it must be for Marvin

• Marvin glares at Mendel. The. Whole. Damn. Time.

• When Whizzer comes back he avoids looking at Trina

• Trina just looks smug

• Towards the end of the night Trina cuts her finger open

• Marvin doesn’t even offer to help. He’s too busy glaring at Mendel as he comforts her

• Whizzer then gets annoyed at Marvin because he’s useless

• Trina and Mendel leave early because no one can deal with that amount of tension for longer than a few hours

• Whizzer takes Marvin upstairs and sucks his dick so hard Marvin screams because they’re both so tense they need a deprive

• They all have to admit it could have been worse


The cast of Hamilton photographed by Josh Lehrer using a ‘44 Speed Graphic with a retro-fitted Petzval Lens from 1840 (the ones released so far)

Never gon’ be president now! Never thought I’d see the day where I was drawing pictures of the First Secretary of the US Treasury and King George III, but the Hamilton soundtrack has forced my hand. I have the honour to be your Obedient Servant, M dot Barr’.