• Finn:So where’s Jake and Lady? They keeping each other company?
  • Marceline:Of course.
  • PB:Says our resident voyeur, a touch too knowingly.
  • Marceline:That was one time! and it wasn’t even the fun kind of voyeurism, since it was my *dad*. And i didn’t say it knowingly at all.
  • PB:The lady doth protest too much.
  • Marceline:I’m protesting exactly enough, and fuck you! It’s not like you aren’t privy to the sordid details about other people’s lives!
  • PB:Privy? Sordid? So soon after *ergo*? Have you been *reading*, Marceline Abadeer?
Syria army starts battle for Rankus in Qalamun: NGO
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Syrian regime forces have shelled the Rankus area ahead of an operation to retake the town, one of the last rebel-held regions in the Qalamun area, a monitoring group said Tuesday. Al-Manar television, which belongs to the pro-Syrian regime Lebanese group Hezbollah, also reported that the Syrian army had begun an offensive against Rankus. A military source, meanwhile, told AFP that regime forces had taken a hilltop position by Rankus and were surrounding the town. The Qalamun region is strategic because it lies along the border with Lebanon and the main highway between Damascus and the city of Homs runs through it.
Source: AFP

ranku-abadeer asked:

couldn't finn and farmworld finn just... turn their heads a few degrees so the noses go over the other's cheek?

I love how the go-to discussion we’re having as a result of the promo is discussing exactly how Finn could make out with his alternate timeline self

(And probably.)

For Whom the Dead Heart Beats

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1SCPsDT

by Ranku

Marceline returns to Ooo after forty years of traveling the world. The candy king has just died, and while on the way to the funeral, Marceline meets Princess bubblegum. Takes place ten years before the beginning of the show.

Words: 25444, Chapters: 9/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1SCPsDT


“Kyūkyoku shikō no hayabusa yo! Amatanaru hōyū no ishi o tsugi, shōri no tenkū e tobitate! Rankuappu Ekushīzu Chenji! Arawarero Ranku Jū! Reido Raputāzu - Arutimetto Farukon!”

“The supreme falcon! Carry on the wishes of your fallen friends, and take off into victorious skies! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Appear, Rank 10! Raid Raptors - Ultimate Falcon!”