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Everything you wanted to know about the Jaden Smith anime

-A Toblerone is used as a symbol of romantic affection.

-I’m serious. It’s a recurring theme.

-Someone also uses a giant Toblerone as a weapon. Like they smack someone over the head with it and knock them out.

-The protagonist (Kaz) is so extra he has a grave pre-marked for himself for when he dies in the future and will lie down on it when he’s sad.

-There are demons. This guy’s job is being an exorcist. But it’s not about the demons. They’re important, but it’s also a slice-of-life/quirky romantic comedy-ish/harem/family drama/political drama story? It literally cannot be put into a genre.

-There is also a “Bacherlor Board.” It ranks the single wealthy men of the city according to their mass appeal and how appealing of a partner they would be according to public opinion, fashion choices, and social/sports/career standing. It’s really stupid. This forms the crux of the show. I’m not kidding.

-Midnight blue vs black as a color scheme is literally used as a plot point.

-A girl becoming obsessed with tearing down anything remotely capitalist and never leaving her room after being possessed by a demon is also a plot point.

-Trying to find a demon sympathizer, assuming it’s a weird gay musician who wears black draping clothing all the time, only to find out he’s just visiting his DJ boyfriend who specialized in “Gregorian [Chant] House” music-also a plot point.

-There is a robot mecha butler named Charles with a British accent. Its existence is never explained. Charles is piloted by a boisterous old woman named Sadie (who the protagonist-and the audience) don’t know until several episodes in is actually the one in charge of Charles. The mechanics of this are also never explained.

-The “archnemesis” character is named “Archangelo.” I’m not kidding.

-Archangelo tries to make up with Kaz after the Bachelor Board is destroyed, making their rivalry meaningless. When Kaz later asks for his help, Archangelo accepts in exchange for Kaz calling Archangelo his “homie.”

-A hospital gown and head bandages are used as a fashion statement.

-It’s in New York but the future and part of the city is functionally underwater???

-But Russia is, apparently, still the Soviet Union and is 100% functionally communist.

-The plot makes no sense. And no one talks like this in real life.

-Very terrible Russian accents. As in, offensively terrible.

-There are some really great lines. Including gems such as, “I see you BITCH; you’re wearing black against a midnight blue sky and you’re sparkling,” “I do like you, but I hate this city more,” “I can’t handle the hellish vortex between breakfast and dinner,” “Do you live [in this suit shop because I see you all the time]?” “I wish I lived here.” “Me too,” “Sorry I’m disgracing the family name, but I’m depressed,” “I don’t hate you; I just wish you weren’t such a lapdog of the bourgeoisie,” “Good thing I brought my vape,” and “What in the name of Shakespeare’s ass is going on here?”

-Someone makes a Caprese martini. Yes like the salad. Complete with mozzarella ball in place of an olive.

-There is a really good discussion about gender and using women as mere chesspieces to further men’s goals when one of the male characters accidentally ends up in a female body. This is one of the few genuinely good things about the show.

-Kaz is obsessed with fashion. Which is fine. Give me more not-gay male characters obsessed with clothes. But he is unhealthily obsessed with fashion. To the point where he sees women not wanting to wear school uniforms as a nonsensical, unforgivable break from tradition that represents everything the school in question stands for. And constantly tries to make an ex-fashion blogger feel bad that she quit the fashion industry because she became tired of the superficial shit she had to deal with while she was there.

(-I’m not saying everyone in the fashion industry is superficial or terrible. But the point is she didn’t think it was for her anymore, and he thought that wasn’t a valid life choice.)

-There’s also a side story about a big international Grand Prix? There are so many side plots. But there’s somehow not really a plot at all. I don’t know how this anime is real.

-The best way I can describe it is that it’s basically a slightly watered-down abridged version of a pre-existing anime. Except the anime it’s abridging doesn’t exist. Rather than making an anime that someone else abridged, they just jumped straight into making an abridged series with no source material.

-I can’t say I don’t recommend watching it because it truly has to be seen to be believed. It’s not good. Not at all. But it’s definitely not un-enjoyable. My friends and I had an absolute riot watching this, plus there are only six episodes. But if you can’t handle cringe, this is not for you, because there is a lot of that. If you can stomach that, I guarantee you will be in for the ride of your fucking life.

No one knew, really, what Shepard had to do to make N7. They talked, they guessed, in the end they just made shit up – but no one knew

In which Yvaine Ryder meets Eliza Shepard. 

Someone who didn’t know better would think Alec Ryder had never been discharged at all, the way he glad-handed across the reception hall, slapping shoulders and shaking hands like he still belonged here, with all the other Alliance types. Yvaine watched him, laughing over champagne like nothing had changed, and shoved her own glass aside before she could do something stupid or embarrassing, like shatter it with a badly-timed corona flare.

The Ryder family name could stand up to a lot, judging by how no one openly rejected her dad, but public displays of idiocy would definitely cross the line.

“I need some air,” she yelled in Scott’s ear. If he heard her over the music, he didn’t act like it. Just kept bobbing his head and making eyes at one of asari across the way.

Good luck with that, Yvaine thought, her throat hot, and headed for the door to the balcony. That’s one of Matriarch Odrade’s acolytes. You’ll have better luck getting inside that volus’ suit than her panties. Or whatever she’s wearing under that dress.

She made it outside just before the headache hit and left her reeling and dizzy and more than a little sick to her stomach. Shit. Not another migraine, not tonight.

Weakness was the one unforgivable sin in this family, she reminded herself, and forced herself to keep walking, even though the lights made her temples pound and her mouth had gone all dry and sour. Sure, she could get her amp replaced, again, but that meant surgery, and recovery time, and she still wasn’t guaranteed a fix.

Dad would tell her to work through the pain, that she could always find a way to succeed, no matter the odds, but then he didn’t have a fucked-up nervous system, did he? And even if he did, with Dad’s luck, he’d just sail through without a headache or any of the other hundred bullshit ways biotics messed with your life.

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Naruto RP Mission Starters

Rank D. Finding someone’s lost/run-away pet.

Rank D. Carrying and distributing water/food/supplies around workers/farmers and giving first-aid help if needed.

Rank D. Taking a violent dog for a walk.

Rank D. Taking care of a garden.

Rank D. Taking care for on old person.

Rank D. Baby-sitting/kids watching.

Rank D. Helping duties at a temple.

Rank D. Gathering herbs.

Rank D. Gathering food/water supply.

Rank D. Delivering mail inside the village or nearby places (within the land).

C rank. Delivering mail in a long distance or to another country.

C rank. Escorting a single person from x to y. Protection from bandits.

C rank. Catching a wild animal that’s destroying supplies/scaring people/attacking people/attacking livestock/a run-away ninja animal.

C rank. Guard duty in the village for a day.

C rank. Guard duty at the gates of the village.

C rank. Be a squad leader for a day to a 3-man academy students team.

C rank. Carrying out a drill.

C rank. Being a teacher at the academy for a day.

B rank. Espionage.

B rank. Investigation.

B rank. Tracking someone down.

B rank. Taking out a single person/ninja.

B rank. Guarding/transporting a group of people.

B rank. The village is under attack. Secure villagers to safety.

B rank. Head of security for a big event.

B rank. Delivering an important message where something more valuable is at stake.

B rank. Catching bandits or minor shinobi/hunting down lesser missing-nin.

B rank. Transporting a dangerous criminal to a prison.

B rank. Guarding a scroll with secret/forbidden techniques.

A rank. Leading a platoon to assault an enemy force.

A rank. Engaging enemy forces/ambushing enemy forces.

A rank. Infiltrating an enemy village in order to gather information for the long-run or shortly in order to get hands on something valuable.

A rank. Stealing a horbidden technique/weapon/treasure.

A rank. Eliminating an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Guarding an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Hunting down a notorious missing-nin.

A rank. Gather information on a dangerous subject that should remain in secracy.

S rank. Wiping out a whole organisation/mass murder.

S rank. Destroying a village.

S rank. Taking out an S-class criminal.

S rank. Disposing of an authoritative shinobi (examples: kage, village hero, someone of great value to a village)

S rank. Bounty-hunting.

S rank. Designing a forbidden technique in secrecy for a village to use against other villages.

S rank. Hunting down bijuu.



This is a shortened version of an idea I had for a full series. I turned it into a oneshot, but if you all like it, let me know and I’ll write the full series when I finish some one of my current series.

The bright and vibrant colors, the ornate tapestries that hung about the exquisite architecture, the beautiful and glamorous people that filled the marbled halls, giving it a sort of ghostly, haunting life with their laughter and chatter. It all made him sick. Gabriel stood off in a corner, hesitant to enter the dazzling light of the ballroom, eyes scanning the room meticulously in search of any threats or signs their cover had been blown. All around him were drunken revelers, cackling and chortling at their dry humor and ill perceived wit.

Letting out a low growl, the man shifted in his heavy and overheated costume, checking again to make sure his skull mask was fastened securely. The last thing he needed was for it to slip. All the other guests were also in masks, splendid and ornate. But then, that was the point of a masquerade ball.

Somewhere, amongst this writhing mass, was their target. A high ranking general, the man was making great strides to avoid a war with the Omnics, doing everything in his power to help Overwatch build back up into the great force it once was. With all the masked figures about, a stealthy assassination would be easy, they just had to find him first.

Sombra and Amélie were flirting their way through the crowd in an attempt to play to the general’s ego. Meanwhile, Akande was impressively social. Despite his intimidating stature and demeanor, he was a very easy man to converse with, maneuvering social situations with ease and charm. He could be seen, standing nearly a foot over the other merrymakers, tilting his head back with a hearty laugh as all around him hooted along in great amusement.

That just left Gabriel. Grumpy, unsociable, uncomfortable Gabriel.

He didn’t know why he needed to be there. Stealth wasn’t his forte and he was never good at maneuvering social event. Even in his days at Overwatch, he had usual spent his time at these events at the open bar, drinking till Jack or Ana dragged him off, sick of him making a scene. But he couldn’t do that here. There was too much at stake.

Again, his eyes swept over the masses, studying the various masks in an attempt to discern which one hid his target, but to no avail. Several minutes passed in much the same manner, till finally, Akande approached him, smile bright and welcoming in its deception.

“Any luck?” Turning to look up at the man that towered over him, Gabriel let a disgruntled hum slip past his mask. “Well maybe if you actually got out into the crowd, you would have some better luck.” Face half covered by his mask of a rhino, Gabriel could tell by the purse to the man’s lips that he was in business mode.

“Why did you even need me to come along? I am of no use in these scenarios.” The shorter man grumbled.

“This mission is too important. I want as many pieces in play as possible. Plus, this is a mission you can actually blend in on.” Sparing the other a jovial grin, Akande wasn’t surprised when the shorter man just spared him a disgruntled growl, turning his attention back to the drunken partygoers. “Go out into the crowd, socialize, you’ll be of more use that way.” The dark man stated flatly as he turned to take his leave. “Besides, you look suspicious just sulking in the corner.”

As much as he hated to admit it, Gabriel knew the other was right. Resolving that tonight was going to be nothing more than a miserable experience, he straightened himself with a huff. The sooner he could find General O’Sullivan and kill him the sooner this could end. So the man stepped down from his elevated perch, moving to mix with the swarm of debauchery and sin.

Wading his way into the crowd, Gabriel grimaced beneath the mask at all the drunken fools that jostled about. Despite his discomfort, he did his best to discern the identities of the many guests, keeping to the outer ring to avoid the dancing that consumed the center. There were celebrities, politicians, businessmen and performers, all swaying about the room in disjointed patterns. But try as he might, the man had no success over the course of the next hour.

Frustrated and hot, Gabriel prepared to make his way back to his corner, checking his mask again as he pushed past a particularly drunken fool that clambered up the grand stairs a few steps to look out over the crowd. The Talon agent only faltered when he heard the man’s booming voice ringing out from behind him.

“Ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, our esteemed guest of the evening, and one of the loveliest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Now, when I invited you all here, did I not tell you that I would be bringing one of the brightest stars to shine today? And many of you doubted me. And now, singing for you tonight, le joyau de Paris.”

Applause erupted all around Gabriel as all heads turned in the same direction, eager to catch a glance of this renowned woman. At the top of the stairs appeared a young looking woman, shapely and glowing under the rosey lights that illuminated her. Her gown was black with ornate red accents, her mask covering only the upper portion of her features with the face of a demon, two large twisting horns sprouting from her hair. Many cheered as she came into sight, men whistling, women trying to look disinterested.

Gabriel had never heard of her. She looked a bit young to be so well celebrated by such famous and influential people. But then she began to sing.

As the music played, Gabriel felt himself holding his breath, eyes transfixed on the woman as her lilting voice carried him to a far away place, where it was only the two of them and her song was sung for his ears alone. It was like nothing he had ever heard. More real and haunting and ethereal than anything he had experienced before. Everything around him faded away, and all his senses were overwhelmed by her. Her voice, so soothing, so effeminate and lyrical. Smoother than satin and sweeter than even the greatest treats, Gabriel felt his heart begin to melt, swelling and souring with the notes she carried. Never before had he been so enamored, so swept away by feelings, unexplainable and all consuming.

As her song came to an end, the man found himself paralyzed, unable to look away as she glided down the steps towards him, mind still playing the sound of her angelic voice over and over again in his head. He felt compelled to move towards her, to speak to her, to hear more of that inspiring voice. But as her lips pursed, eyes sharp and displeased, a sense of intimidation never before felt took over the man. As her eyes locked on him, Gabriel was consumed by a feeling of nervous excitement that he hadn’t felt since he was sixteen. With hurried step, the woman came to stand directly in front of him, assertive and forceful as she spoke.

That is how you met him.

“Would you dance with me?” You asked, tone sharp, as if it wasn’t really a question and more of an order.

“Huh?” Was all he could think to say in response, so caught off guard by your directness.

“Please?” Your eyes pleaded with him. While Gabriel struggling for a response, another man came over to interject himself into the conversation.

“My dear. You simple must dance with me. I do believe this will be the night you finally fall in love with me.” The man was trim, well built, but something in the way he carried himself and the exaggerated expense of his costume left Gabriel with a sour taste for the man. Arrogance, the man reeked of it, looking down at you as one would a steak or fancy car.

“I’m sorry Monsieur. I’m afraid I’ve already promised this man my hand for the evening.” Suddenly taking Gabriel’s arm, you were quick to move to his side, smile forced as you regarded the other.

“Oh, I’m sure he won’t mind. Would you, Sir?” The man stated, reaching a hand out for you to take. It was then that Gabriel seemed to wake up.

“Actually, I would.” Putting his hand over yours, he moved you back, putting space between you and the pushy man. “So shove off.” You were surprised by his response, but said nothing as he put himself between you and the annoying man who sought to court you.

Moving you to the dance floor, Gabriel’s brain was in a panic, running over thousands of routes and possible outcomes this could have, not sure where to take this or what was happening as he moved into position to dance with you. He didn’t dance. Even in his days at Overwatch, he had always refused, turning away countless offers in favor of sulking at the bar. What was he doing? But as he looked at your eyes, dazzling with a sort of gravity as they looked up at him compliantly, he felt compelled to keep this going as long as he could. Just a little bit longer.

With ill practiced steps, he began to lead you in time with the music, focus split between your eyes, and not stepping on your feet. It was jerky and lacked finesse, but he managed, doing his best to calm his beating heart.

The two of you swayed in time to the music, not speaking a word as you turned about the dance floor, many envious eyes on you. You were light on your feet, Gabriel noted. Probably well practiced and experienced in this type of world, you seemed to glow before him. He tried to think of something to say, something that would start up a conversation, gain your attention, before you were swept away by another.

“Your voice is beautiful.” He muttered without confidence. You smiled graciously, this sort of compliment very common for you.

“Thank you.” Despite the masses that churned about the two of you, your eyes were only on him, giving Gabriel your undivided attention as those beautiful eyes inspired him with feelings of appreciation and contentment.

“So… you’re a singer?” He asked, not wanting the conversation to lull. You looked at him confused, questioning how someone attending such a party could be clueless as to who you were.

“Yes. Opera.” You stated, sparing him a hesitant, yet sincere smile. You found yourself very at ease with the man. His awkward attempts at tête-à-tête and lack of social graces refreshing, leaving you with the impression of a genuine man.

“Opera? I didn’t think young people were into opera anymore.” His tone was incredulous as he spun you beneath his arm then back again. “Hell, most people my age don’t like it.”

“I take it you are not a fan.” You chuckled, enjoying his honesty amongst the sea of pretense. Despite his mask and costume, that covered every inch of him, you felt the man bare himself more open than anyone around you.

“No. Too boring.” He grumbled, eyes briefly scanning the crowd before returning to you with a start. “I mean- but when you sing, it’s not so boring.” You laughed, heartfelt and sweet as the man attempted to catch himself.

“I’m glad my singing has impressed you so.” The song ended, most of the crowd separating to stumble to new partners, but the two of you never released each other.

“I did sort of commandeer you, so I would like to take this opportunity to formally ask. Will you be my date for the evening? I find you an absolute delight.” You asked, eyes forsaking all others as they remained heavy on the man. The music began again, signaling it was time for him to make a decision.

Tightening his grip on your hand, Gabriel consented to your request as he pulled you closer, making it clear to all the eyes that lingered on you that you were taken for the night. He was ungainly and a bit clumsy as he guided you about the dance floor, but as you smiled up at him, eyes soft and warm, he felt at ease.

“I must say, I love your costume, Monsieur. Tell me, do you read Poe?” Gabriel grinned beneath his mask, charmed by your culture and awareness.

“Mask of the Red Death.” He stated, on the same page as you without needing further explanation.

“So it was planned.” You smiled, teeth flashing pearly and stunning beneath your red lipstick. “It is a delight to meet someone else with a love for the macabre. I must say, I felt something in the air the moment I entered the room. The chill in the atmosphere, the somber tone of the band, the lights, the masks. It is the perfect night for something tragically beautiful to start.” The way you looked at him, the words you spoke, the way you seemed to inch closer to him with every twirl, Gabriel knew exactly what you meant.

There was something about you, something shadowy and forbidden and almost dangerous that drew him to you, craving more as he became lost in your dark enchantment. The shape of your lips, the lilt to your voice, the way you swayed towards him as you danced, you were intoxicating.

“But listen to me go on. I fancy myself a poet I fear. No doubt I should stick to singing. I’m at least good at that.” You chuckled, amused by yourself, only to be surprised when the man laughed along as well.

“I think you’re wonderful.” He stated, causing a shy smile to pull at your lips.

“Well thank you.” You both looked at each other warmly, the world fading away till it was just the two of you, swaying in time to the heavenly music, the mission long since forgotten by the man.

“May I step in?” A well dressed gentleman stepped forward, extending his hand to you as he flashed a charming smile. The two of you had failed to notice the music had stopped, and people were again switching partners. Gabriel’s hand tightened on yours, a silent snarl curling his lips beneath his mask.

“I am quite content. Thank you.” You stated, eyes briefly regarding the man with disinterest before returning to the man that stood before you. The intruder floundered, surprised by your words before retreating sheepishly back into the crowd. Gabriel smirked beneath the mask. He liked a woman that could handle herself. As the music started again, he lead you further into the dance floor, more confident in his stride.

“I never did ask. What is your name?” Your expression was so sweet, so interested as you studied him, Gabriel almost felt like you could see right through the mask, see the him that hid away beneath this noble falsehood. This gave him pause. He felt compelled to answer you, to tell you his name, to leave that little piece of him with you. But then, would that be wise? There were members of Talon that didn’t even know his name. At the end of the day, this was just some random woman who he would never see again in his life. Then again, you felt like so much more than that.

When he gave no response, you spoke up, easing the situation with your charm.

“Forgive me. I suppose it is rude to ask someone their identity at a masquerade. For now, I suppose I will call you Death.” You smiled at him, head tilted, and Gabriel could not will his eyes to leave your lips. “So, What brings you here Mr. Death? You do not strike me as someone who makes a habit of attending such events.” Forcing himself back to reality, Gabriel met your eyes, releasing a breath he had been holding as your feet entangled about each other in the fast-paced dance.

“I’m actually looking for a friend of mine, General O’Sullivan. You wouldn’t happen to know if he’s even here?” With the swell of the music, he pulled you close, your chests pressed together as he was presented with an excellent view of your cleavage. Never was Gabriel more grateful that his eyes could not be seen through the skull mask. He was struck by the sudden urge to lean down and bite at your supple flesh, nipping and sucking until you were marked as his. But he maintained his composure.

“Monsieur O’Sullivan is no doubt about. Probably shamelessly flirting with woman much too young for him. It’s not like him to miss an event like this. Though I can’t say what his costume is. Most likely a lion or a king. The man boasts an ego as large as his stature. Although I suppose I don’t need to tell you this. Did you fight with him in the war? I am assuming you were a soldier. You strike me as the type. Strong build, commanding presence, a man of few words. Direct and to the point. Just like every soldier I have ever known.” Gabriel was taken aback as you rambled on, not sure when to interject, or if he even wanted to. You were right, he wasn’t much for mincing words. Besides, he rather enjoyed listening to you talk. Even when you weren’t singing, you voice was calming, bringing him a sense of ease and security.

The pleasant moment was interrupted however, as a sly voice rang in his ear.

“So who’s the girl?” Gabriel scowled as Sombra’s voice reached him through the earpiece, spoiling his mood. “You’ve sure been dancing with her a long time. Is Reaper hoping to get lucky tonight?” Eye’s scanning over the room, it didn’t take him long to spot the young trickster. Leaning against a pillar a few levels above him, she smiled down at him mischievously through her goblin mask. He spared her a disdainful glare that went unnoticed through the mask.

“Am I keeping you from something.” You gave him a questioning look, one brow raised as you moved away slightly, putting a little distance between the both of you as you noticed him eyeing the woman on the balcony. Realizing the connotation in your tone, Gabriel was quick to give you his undivided attention.

“No.” He stated flatly, regretting his tone the moment the words left his lips. You gave him a skeptical stare before glancing up at the woman on the balcony.

“Is she the one you came here with? I suppose I never did ask if you were already spoken for this evening.”

“It’s not like that.” He was quick to interject, wanting to derail that train of thought before it swept you away too far. Under the hot lights of the dance floor, amongst the humid crowd of twirling figures, Gabriel could feel himself sweating beneath the heavy folds of fabric, uncomfortable, but not wanting this moment to end.

“Oh, she looks upset.” Sombra chimed in, only adding to the man’s aggravation. “Did I get you into trouble?”

“Monsieur Death. I am rather enjoying your company. But if you are already promised to another, I will not be play-“

“I said it’s not like that.” He regretted the harshness of his tone, frustrated by Sombra’s meddling and the idea of you slipping away. For but a moment, an ill-contented glare flickered in your eyes, face harsh with disdain, clearly displeased by his tone.

Gabriel didn’t know what to say in response, didn’t know how to get things back on track as for the first time since he had taken your hand, an uncomfortable silence gripped the two of you. You both continued to dance, despite the heavy mood that edged its way into the romance that blossomed between you.

“I’ve located O’Sullivan. I’m going to make my move. Standby incase things get dicey.” At the hacker’s words, Gabriel was gripped with a sense of urgency, realizing the time he had with you was running out.

“Look, I’m not exactly good with women. And I don’t spend much of my time trifling with them. So when I say there’s nothing there, I mean it.” Something in his tone, in his body language as he moved closer to you, skull mask looking down at you, an intense spirit resonating from behind it, had you convinced of his honesty. “I don’t normally do things like this.”

“Do what?” You asked, wanting to hear him say it aloud. You knew what he meant, for it was the same thing you were thinking. But as the world eluded you, leaving you breathless and transfixed on the man that led you about the mass of faceless revelers, something in you yearned for the words to be spoken allowed.

‘Fall in love with strangers’ was what Gabriel wanted to say, his heart pounding as a haunting calm overtook him, leaving him lost in a dream like state as he stared into your eyes. It was stupid to say something like that, he didn’t even know your real name, you were too young for him, he was a wanted murder, he could never explain his decomposing body. But in that moment, he wasn’t thinking about any of that. All he was think about was your eyes, your lips, your wit, the way you consumed him, enveloped his every sense, the will in your spirit, your voice.

“STOP HER! STOP THAT WOMAN! SHE HAS MURDERED GENERAL O’SULLIVAN!!” A booming voice rang out over the crowd, silencing the revelers in a brief moment of calm before all hell broke loose.

Sombra could be seen dashing through the crowd, darting through the panicked guests as she made her way to the exit. Amélie and Akande were doing the same, their retreats being more inconspicuous as they bustled out amongst all the fearful guest that swarmed the exits.

“General O’Sullivan?” You murmured, eyeing the woman that dashed past the guards and through the large entry way door before it filled with terrified guests, scurrying like rats from a burning ship. A light went off in your eyes, mouth opening as you turned to look up at the man whose arm had wrapped around you in the bustle. “You!” As Gabriel looked into your eyes, it was clear you had figured it out, made the connection that this had been his reasoning for being here all along.

With a bitter sting in his heart, he slipped his hand off you, taking a step back as he glanced over to the packed exit. But to his surprise, you grabbed his hand, squeezing it tight within your dainty grasp as you pulled him along to weave against the current of people.

“Come with me!” You shouted, wasting no time dragging him through the panicked mass till you two reached an empty hall. Never releasing his hand, you ran as fast as your dress and heels would allow, never looking back at the man in tow as you maneuvered the corridors. “There’s a servant’s exit in the back. With the commotion, the guards will have left it. You can escape there.” Several more turns and sure enough, the two of you found yourself at a small staff door that let out into a dark alley of the old city. “Take this path until you reach the crossroad, right will take you to the outskirts of the city, but left will lead you to the city center.” Holding the door open, your gaze lingered on him with regret and concern. “Be safe, Monsieur Death.” Gripping the silky fabric of his cloak, you pulled yourself up, laying a kiss over the teeth of his skull mask, a mark of red lipstick proof of the deed as you pulled away.

Much to your surprise, a gloved hand snaked into your hair, cupping the back of your head as his other hand reached up to slip the mask up just enough to expose his mouth. His lips were at yours before you could register what he was doing, kissing you deeply as his passion overtook you, sucking the very breath from your lungs as his arms enveloped you. His lips were cold, but impossibly soft.

The contact lasted but a moment, yet it felt like a small eternity shared solely between the two of you. When finally he pulled away, breathless with the thrill of his courage, a satisfied grin flashed bright before being again concealed by the mask.

“My name is Gabriel.” He stated boldly, without hesitation or regret.

“Like the angel.” You replied, still beside yourself with the excitement that had set your heart aflutter.

“Yeah.” He chuckled breathily. “Like the angel.” As he turned to take his leave, darting off into the shadows of the city, a romantic wonder overtook you.

“I’ll be at the Paris Opera in December. Will I see you there?” You called out, giving the man pause as he glanced over his shoulder with a grin.

“We will dance again.” With that, he was off into the night, fading into the darkness of the allies and out of sight.

Systems Alliance: Military Ranks

The Alliance uses a modified version of the ranking system that has been used for hundreds of years. Soldiers are classified into rank-and-file enlisted personnel, experienced non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and specially trained officers.

The divide between naval personnel and ground forces (‘marines’) is small. Ground units are a specialized branch of the fleet, just as fighter squadrons are. This unity of command is imposed by the futility of fighting without control of orbit; without the navy, any army is pointless. The marines, as a matter of pride, maintain some of their traditional rank titles; for example, marines have Privates and Corporals instead of Servicemen.

In ascending order of responsibility, the ranks of the Alliance are:


  • Serviceman 3rd Class / Private 2nd Class
  • Serviceman 2nd Class / Private 1st Class
  • Serviceman 1st Class / Corporal


  • Service Chief
  • Gunnery Chief
  • Operations Chief


  • 2nd Lieutenant
  • 1st Lieutenant
  • Staff Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Staff Commander
  • Captain / Major
  • Rear Admiral / General
  • Admiral
  • Fleet Admiral

damn this book is good af, another great story:

a high-ranking kadet [center-right party] spoke at a mass meeting in a petrograd factory & said they needed to defend the fatherland

one of the workers shouted back, “a worker has no fatherland. he has a fist!”

the kadet replied that violent language like that would lead to people’s heads getting chopped off like in the french revolution

one of the sailors shouted back, “then off with your head too!”

& they booed & laughed him out of the factory

“As I have searched the scientific records in more than half dozen languages for a long time without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself the original discoverer of this truth, which can be expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. On my 79th birthday I made a brief reference to it, but its meaning and significance have become clearer to me since then. I applies rigorously to molecules and atoms as well as the largest heavenly bodies, and to all matter in the universe in any phase of its existence from it: very formation to its ultimate disintegration.

“Being perfectly satisfied that all energy in matter is drawn from the environment, it was quite natural that when radioactivity was discovered in 1896 I immediately started a search for the external agent which caused it. The existence of radioactivity was positive proof of the existence of external rays. I had previously investigated various terrestrial disturbances affecting wireless circuits but none of them or any others emanating from the earth could produce a steady sustained action and I was driven to the conclusion that the activating rays were of cosmic origin. This fact I announced in my papers on Roentgenn rays and Radiations contributed to the Electrical Review of New York, in 1897. However, as radioactivity was observed equally well in other widely separated parts of the world, it was obvious that the rays must be impinging on the earth from all directions. Now, of all bodies in the Cosmos, our sun was most likely to furnish a clue as to their origin and character. Before the electron theory was advanced, I had established that radioactive rays consisted of particles of primary matter not further decomposable, and the first question to answer was whether the sun is charged to a sufficiently high potential to produce the effects noted. This called for a prolonged investigation which culminated in my finding that the sun’s potential was 216 billions of volts and that all such large and hot heavenly bodies emit cosmic rays. Through further solar research and observation of Novae this has been proved conclusively, and to deny it would be like denying the light and heat of the sun. Nevertheless, there are still some doubters who prefer to shroud the cosmic rays in deep mystery. I am sure that this is not true for there is no place where such a process occurs in this or any other universe beyond our ken.

“A few words will be sufficient in support of this contention. The kinetic and potential energy of a body is the result of motion and determined by the product of its mass and the square of velocity. Let the mass be reduced, the energy is diminished in the same proportion. If it be reduced to zero the energy is likewise zero for any finite velocity. In other words, it is absolutely impossible to convert mass into energy. It would be different if there were forces in nature capable of imparting to a mass infinite velocity. Then the product of zero mass with the square of infinite velocity would represent infinite energy. But we know that there are no such forces and the idea that mass is convertible into energy is rank nonsense.

–Nikola Tesla

“Dynamic Theory of Gravity.” July 10, 1937 (Prior to interviews with the press on his 81st birthday observance).

A slice of forever: Wedding day

Ric and Dom met in the corridor. “How’s yours doing?” Ric asked with a grin.

Dom rolled his eyes, “Pacing about restlessly. Yours?”

“Oh, she’s very relaxed. Hair done, dress on. She’s reading the BMJ.” Ric paused, then laughed, “Of course, it would be more believable if she was holding it the right way up.”

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There was a time when the procession in honor of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary was considered the most important and the grandest in all Manila, drawing devotees from the ranks of the elite as well as multitudes of the masses.

Some of the Dominican saints joining the procession (T to B): Saint Dominic, Saint Vincent Ferrer, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Peter Verona, Saint Pius V, Saint Albert the Great.


Let me preface this by saying that while I enjoy military history and have done a lot research into the military, navy, marine corps, etc., I have never served myself. (Though I almost joined the air force, but that’s a story for another day.) These ranks are an amalgamations of various institutions across the world and what I imagine one world representative military organization might be like, when you combine various arms together.

This is the ranking schema I’m using for Crosshairs. People are welcome to use this for their own fanfics as well if they like. I simply wanted something a bit more complex than what BioWare gave us, to differentiate between the different jobs one can hold in the Alliance.


Right off the bat, there are two paths respective recruits can take - though Basic is pretty much universally the same. I see them divided up into ‘marines’ aka those who will do the fighting and those who run things behind the scenes: intelligence, research, ship side tasks, engineering, etc. Recruits bound for the marines enlist at rank Private 2nd Class, and everyone else enlists at rank Serviceman 3rd Class.

Enlisted who have a degree already graduate basic at the highest Enlisted rank: Corporal or Serviceman 1st Class.

The NCO ranks follow the same patterns, except they are Alliance personnel who have advanced to Officer without going through the Academy and being granted a commission.


NCO’s who enter the Academy in order to advance their careers are promoted to Officer Cadet (marines), Ensign Cadet (pilots), Ensign (everyone else). The point at which Special Forces recommendations are first considered.

Some pilots enter flight school right out of basic, effectively ‘jumping ranks’, though some go the NCO route and pay their dues as flight technicians. They are not on a command path.

I added ‘General’ and ‘Fleet Admiral’ to the marine path.

The O6 - O10 on the ‘everyone else’ path are command ranks.

Dealing with Holocaust Deniers

Sometimes you will run into someone who denies there was a Holocaust, or, more commonly, who says, “Well, it wasn’t as big as people say.” Though you may feel they are wrong, you might think to yourself “But how do we know what happened?”

I’m posting this quick blurb from Wikipedia for those interested in the subject of rebutting Holocaust deniers. Of course this is a very superficial list but it gives you starting point for further study. Another entry-level link you might enjoy is the Criticism of Holocaust Denial page which goes a little deeper.

Use this to start looking into the subject. It won’t take you long to see that all Holocaust deniers use the same recycled rhetoric and their “arguments” have been disproved multiple times.

You probably won’t be able to convince a Holocaust denier that he/she was wrong – because they are not actually interested in facts that don’t fit their delusion– but you will feel more confident in addressing the issue  and you will be able to remove the doubts of others.

The Holocaust deniers do not have facts, they simply seek to create doubt. By learning more about the subject you become immune to their scumminess.

The key claims which cause Holocaust denial to differ from established fact are:[4][5]

  • The Nazis had no official policy or intention of exterminating Jews.
  • Nazis did not use gas chambers to mass murder Jews.[167]
  • The figure of 5 to 6 million Jewish deaths is a gross exaggeration, and the actual number is an order of magnitude lower.

Other claims include the following:

  • Stories of the Holocaust were a myth initially created by the Allies of World War II to demonize Germans,[5] Jews having spread this myth as part of a grander plot intended to enable the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and now to garner continuing support for the state of Israel.[168]
  • Documentary evidence of the Holocaust, from photographs to The Diary of Anne Frank, is fabricated.[5]
  • Survivor testimonies are filled with errors and inconsistencies, and are thus unreliable.[5]
  • Interrogators obtained Nazi prisoners’ confessions of war crimes through the use of torture.[5]
  • The Nazi treatment of Jews was no different from what the Allies did to their enemies in World War II.[169]

Holocaust denial is widely viewed as failing to adhere to rules for the treatment of evidence, principles that mainstream historians (as well as scholars in other fields) regard as basic to rational inquiry.[170]

The Holocaust was well documented by the bureaucracy of the Nazi government itself.[171][172] It was further witnessed by the Allied forces who entered Germany and its associated Axis states towards the end of World War II.[173][174][175]

According to researchers Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman, there is a “convergence of evidence” that proves that the Holocaust happened. This evidence includes:[176]

  1. Written documents—hundreds of thousands of letters, memos, blueprints, orders, bills, speeches, articles, memoirs, and confessions.
  2. Eyewitness testimony—accounts from survivors, Jewish Sonderkommandos (who helped load bodies from the gas chambers into the crematoria in exchange for a chance of survival), SS guards, commandants, local townspeople, and even high-ranking Nazis who spoke openly about the mass murder of the Jews.
  3. Photographs—including official military and press photographs, civilian photographs, secret photographs taken by survivors, aerial photographs, German and Allied film footage, and unofficial photographs taken by the German military.
  4. The camps themselves—concentration camps, work camps, and extermination camps that still exist in varying degrees of originality and reconstruction.
  5. Inferential evidence or argument from silence — population demographics, reconstructed from the pre–World War II era; if six million Jews were not killed, what happened to them?

Much of the controversy surrounding the claims of Holocaust deniers centers on the methods used to present arguments that the Holocaust allegedly never happened as commonly accepted. Numerous accounts have been given by Holocaust deniers (including evidence presented in court cases) of claimed facts and evidence; however, independent research has shown these claims to be based upon flawed research, biased statements, or even deliberately falsified evidence. Opponents of Holocaust denial have documented numerous instances in which such evidence was altered or manufactured (see Nizkor Project and David Irving). According to Pierre Vidal-Naquet, “in our society of image and spectacle, extermination on paper leads to extermination in reality.”[177]

-from Wikipedia

juzcsuzuya  asked:

i was wondering if you have any ideas on the reason why juuzou is now holding jason's 13 downwards instead of upwards as he used to?

Yes, Juuzou is holding it upside down when traditionally he’s shown holding it upwards. It could just be asethetic reasons, it made more sense to draw Juuzou holding it that way in that panel because Ishida wanted to go with a long rectangular frame.

However, if you wanted a symbolic interpretation, remember the last time we saw Juuzou holding his scythe right side up, was during the clown raids where he was much more confident in what he was protecting. 

It’s also important to remember that Juuzou’s Jason is specifically Juuzou’s first quinque that was made custom for him. Which was considered an exception at the time because he was only a rank 2 investigator at the time and most of them only receive mass production quinque. It’s also something that he went to retrieve with Shinohara, so it’s a sign of both his role of an investigator, his past, and also his recognition by the CCG around him. All of those things are key factors in identity as we have been predicting, Juuzou might be questioning or wanting to change at this time.

This is especially relevant if you remember that two arcs ago, the last time Juuzou was actually confronted by one of the victims of his behavior as a CCG officer Juuzou’s Jason was actually shattered in half.

Which means that the last time Juuzou’s Jason was actually whole, just like the last time the CCG was in its whole and complete form as Juuzou knew it was during the Rueshima raid. Afterwards, it was shaken up by Haise’s betrayal and the death of many investigators, and also then taken over by Furuta.

So the CCG that Jason has been fighting for has actually been broken for a far longer time than Furuta took over, and if Juuzou is clinging to a broken identity it makes sense to draw it upside down because everything seems reversed.

Also, there’s the fact that the quinque itself is marked with the roman numerals “XIII” which is the tarot major arcana number for death. Juuzou carries a scythe, and is dressed in impenetrable armor like the representation of death on the card.

However, the death arcana itself does not meant physical death or even mortality. Rather it’s a sign of symbolic death. 

Similarly, Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. You need to profoundly transform yourself and clear away any of the old in order to bring in the new. Any change at this time should be welcomed as a positive, cleansing, transformative force in your life.

It’s a card of necessary change, not mortality. When Kaneki became Haise after facing the reaper in V14, he didn’t die, he changed into Haise. When Juuzou faced SHinohara’s death at the owl at the end of Tokyo Ghoul, he didn’t die, he changed into the current incarnation of Juuzou we know today.

Holding that scythe upside down could be an inverse meaning of the arcana then. In the reverse, death means resisting that change stagnating. 

Death reversed typically reflects that you are on the verge of major change but for some reason, you are resisting making that change. [x]

Which could clue us in to Juuzou’s mindset and reluctance at this moment. 

SOURCE: “Song Release Full-out Attack Team” at NUESmusic


✓ Things you should check on the 24th
✓ Temporarily recommended streaming list (subject to change)
✓ Mind control is important on the day of battle. Please don’t get shaken off of streaming/downloading.

25th PM 06:00 (KST)

July 24 - Checklist for the day before the release

☐ Encourage streaming on various music sites (1 LOVE, N streaming)

1st rank is Melon/Naver/Genie
2nd rank is Mnet/Bugs
3rd rank is Soribada / Ole Music

If you were going to use 2nd or 3rd rank, you don’t have to change it.
All the charts are important, so we encourage 1 LOVE N streaming.

☐ Let’s make sure to download from sites that don’t stream

In Bugs’ case, downloads count for 80%
Sign up beforehand for all the music sites (We encourage creating multiple accounts)
When the song is released, please download it.
(Start downloading at 6:10. From 6:30, focus on downloading.)

☐ While the placing on the chart is important, keeping a high rank for a long time is also important!!

Show the firepower of the fandom through the chart.
Maintain the high rank to show the mass public.
Don’t only stream for half the time, please stream all day for 24 hours.
The commuting time on the chart on the 26th is extremely important.

Let’s become LOVEs who give a chart ranking worthy of the time that Nu’est spent waiting for us.

25th Comeback Preparation
Temporary Recommended Streaming List

1. 있다면 (If You) ★
2. Love Paint
3. 있다면 (If You) ★
4. 여보세요 (Hello) ★
5. 여왕의 기사 (Overcome)
6.  있다면 (If You) ★
7. Love Paint
8. 있다면 (If You) ★
9. 여보세요 (Hello) ★
10. 있다면 (If You) ★
11. Love Paint
12. LOOK
13. 있다면 (If You) ★
14. 여보세요 (Hello) ★
16. 있다면 (If You) ★
17. 여왕의 기사 (Overcome)
18. 있다면 (If You) ★
19. LOOK

This is a temporary recommended streaming list.
There is a possibility that the songs following ‘If You’ will change.


Days of Why and How

Chapter 9

Author’s Note: Yes, I’m still alive. What can I say? Life’s been busy, as per usual. That being said, rest assured that I will be finishing this fic and have not abandoned Cophine. As always, feedback is much appreciated and I thank everyone for the support. Now that the show’s over, looks like we’ll have to entertain ourselves, huh?

She inhales a shaky breath with the hope that it will steady her and help her find her center, though the second she feels the air fill the chamber of her lungs, she’s more unstable than ever before; it’s as if she’s made of glass—both brittle and exposed at the same time, on the verge of breaking beneath the pressure on her chest that increases with each picture that flashes before her eyes as she scrolls through on her laptop.

It’s a violation.

She knows this.

She knows if Cosima ever finds out that she’s been monitoring her, any hope she has of maintaining even a speaking relationship with the cheeky brunette will immediately be crushed. Despite this fact, she doesn’t regret her decision; even as she brings the glass to her lips, taking a long gulp of bourbon and grimacing as it burns all the way down to torment her stomach, she knows now that every step she’s taken has been absolutely necessary. She clears her throat, shifting in her seat as she switches back and forth between two pictures in particular: one of Cosima entering a low-rise in the middle of the night following their argument at Bobby’s and the other of her leaving that same building hours later in broad daylight, hand-in-hand with a perky-looking blonde that’s even smaller than she is. They both climbed into a vintage beetle—the most obnoxious car she’s ever seen—and drove off to a gathering at one of the largest mansions she’s ever laid eyes on.

She instantly knew something was off.

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Not only Trump’s rank and file supporters who are among the masses but also, the above meme illustrates how the Republican politicians are presently responding to the Trump Jr. fiasco regarding the Russian attorney.

The rubber stamp President.

Just watched Stuck Together and

Going off of what Topaz said and how she behaved, along with various evidence through the show, Homeworld seems….borderline Orwellian.
The Diamonds and subsequent government/ ranking entities use fear to control those below them, the laboring masses seem to be kept ignorant of their history, and the Diamonds are held in a ludicrously high esteem and looked up to as though they were gods and are never in the wrong about anything. People are told that natural and meaningful relationships are something to be frowned upon. All of this leads to a terribly mentally unhealthy population, yet a population that is none the less very tightly controlled.
Sounds a lot like 1984 to me, tbh. I’m very interested to see just how Homeworld is depicted in the very near future.