rankins dragon


Cleaned up Lizard Bro’s enclosure today. He hated the background so it is now gone. Added a couple of new things for him to climb on and he seems really happy and active. Then I looked to my left and Mr. Jealous pants was sitting there watching my every move. So I decided I’d clean out his cool hide which needed a cleaning since he’s been using it more and more lately. He was not pleased. He wouldn’t go back in lol that’s what you get picky snek.

Rankins Dragon

After finding some more information about the little Bearded dragons I deffo desided that I’m going to get myself 2 Rankins or Lawsons Dragons. I want to put them in a 40x20x20 inch terrarium that I can take over from a friend! so I’m very happy about that ! 

to bad my parents hate reptiles so I need to wait with my plans till I move out with my boyfriend! I hope I can realize my dream very soon! ‘cause I’m so excited.

If you have any tips or tricks please let me know!