rankins dragon

This is what D&D orcs looked like in 1977, when David C. Sutherland III drew them for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. They’re a far cry from the Tolkien standard of the day, which was still the sort of inflatable reptile/rats of the Rankin Bass adaptation of The Hobbit (Bakshi’s unfortunately African-looking orcs in The Lord of the Rings wouldn’t appear until ’78 and the less said about them the better; Tolkien already put us in an awkward spot with orcs by mainly describing them as “swarthy”). Making them pig men, with all the connotations of that animal’s behavior, makes for a good visual metaphor. I dig it.

I also dig those door-shaped shields. I drew many a shield like that in my elementary school notebooks.

At any rate, remember this illustration – we’re going to revisit it (after a fashion) on Friday.


“Was that what you wanted?”


art for this fic by @thenarator

Rankins Dragon

After finding some more information about the little Bearded dragons I deffo desided that I’m going to get myself 2 Rankins or Lawsons Dragons. I want to put them in a 40x20x20 inch terrarium that I can take over from a friend! so I’m very happy about that ! 

to bad my parents hate reptiles so I need to wait with my plans till I move out with my boyfriend! I hope I can realize my dream very soon! ‘cause I’m so excited.

If you have any tips or tricks please let me know!


Tatsu the Rankins/ Lawsons dragon rubbing herself to remove the old skin. She’s not fussy where she rubs herself either!