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[Trans] Kiseop’s updated profile

[Thank you Roseline for checking it through for me ^^]

Name: Lee Kiseop
Birthday: 91.01.17
Physical Size: 181cm, 65kg
Blood type: A
Specialty: Loving KISSmes
Hobby: Driving, composing
Nickname: 짠돌이 (jjangdol-i, someone who’s stingy, a miser)
Responsibility: Angel
Skills: Not spending money and collecting cash
Habit: Mysophobia/obsessive about cleanliness
Body part you have confidence in: Smooth/slender legs
Favorite color: Black & white

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The English Beat- Ranking Full Stop.(live 1983)  This song was a highlight for me in the concert last night…


Ranking Full Stop | The English Beat

The Beat - Ranking Full Stop