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Blow Me Kiss Me Kill Me Yearly Ranking: April 2013

1. Klixen [=]

2. Cindy Hope [=]

3. Zoey Kush [+]

4. Lily Carter [-]

5. Dani Daniels [=]

6. Karlie Montana [=]

7. Tori Black [=]

8. Lisa Ann [+]

9. Gianna Michaels [-]

10. Charley Chase [-]

11. Lily Love [+]
12. Jenni Lee [-]
13. Sunny [+]
14. Tiffany Thompson [+]
15. Melanie Rios [-]
16. Emma Mae [-]
17. Holly Michaels [+]
18. Jada Stevens [-]
19. Bibi Jones [NE]
20. April O’Neil [-]


Out of the way !!! Suzu Hirose’s skyrocketing from nowhere to the top. She’s not even in the list last year.  Oricon rank Top 10 breakthrough Actress in First Half 2015 :

  1. Suzu Hirose (Gakko no Kaidan, Umimachi Diary)
  2. Arimura Kasumi (Yokoso Wagaya e, Umi ni Furu, Eien Bokura no Sea Side Blue, Strobe Edge, Biri Gyaru)
  3. Takahata Mitsuki (Mondai no Aru Restaurant, Enka : Gold Rush)
  4. Anne (Date -Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira-, Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai Season 2, Oriento Kyuko Satsujin Jiken)
  5. Tao Tsuchiya (Mare, Toshokan Senso Book of Memories, Toshokan Senso The Last Mission, orange)
  6. Yoshida Yo (Ouroboros, DoS Deka, Koinaka, Ai wo Tsumo Hito, Nounai Poison Berry, HERO, Biri Gyaru)
  7. Fumino Kimura (Zeni no Senso, Mother Game -Kanojo tachi no Kaikyuu-, Ishi no Mayu, Kuchibiru ni Uta o, Initiation Love, Piece of Cake)
  8. Ayase Haruka (Umimachi Diary, Galaxy Kaido)
  9. Mayu Matsuoka (Genkai Shuraku Kabushiki Kaisha, Mondai no Aru Restaurant, She, Little Forest : Fuyu Hen ・ Haru Hen, Samulife, Strayer’s Chronicle) [tight on 8th place]
  10. Oshima Yuko (Zeni no Senso, Yamegoku - Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu, Romance)

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In honor of me finishing Persona 5 and planning on getting to work on Jamais Vu and streaming the Persona 5 fanfiction run, here are some things that are definitely a thing with me in regards to the characters:

  • No one on the team is straight.
  • Poly Phantoms is a thing.
  • Ryuuji has ADHD.
  • Ryuuji is too far into the closet that he’s found Narnia. (He’ll get better when he comes out, tho)
  • Protag has anxiety and does things to ease it (things like adjusting gloves a lot, plays with hair when answering, and so on)
  • Protag has cat-like fangs (because Protag was based off a cat and I thought let’s take it a step further since Ryuuji has sharp teeth so aaay teeth buddies)
  • Protag was a former gymnast and is very flexible. (adds more to the cat thing and explains the confidence in doing all those flips and so on)
  • Ann sees Shiho as more than just a friend. (I ain’t ignoring that “I love you” from Shiho to Ann in Rank 9)
  • Yusuke is nonbinary. (Usually goes by him/his pronouns since it’s what he’s used to, but otherwise, he doesn’t really have a preference)
  • Yusuke is autistic and so is Futaba.
  • Futaba and protag get along rather well because of anxiety issues.
  • Makoto is lowkey bi with a preference for girls.
  • Makoto drives the cat bus in Mementos after joining, no ifs, ands, or buts, she’s taking control of the wheel.
  • Makoto manages to money the team earns while out in Mementos or in Palaces. It’s absolute chaos when she isn’t around to monitor spending.
  • Morgana is prone to doing cat things, like following after laser pointers and getting affected by catnip.
  • Haru is trans. (it was a headcanon I had in mind before the game came out, which got SUPER validated when the Catherine DLC outfits were revealed and Haru ended up with Erica’s outfit)
  • Protag goes to Haru for tips on how to care for the plant in the attic. In their spare time, the two like to talk about gardening.
  • Sleepovers at Cafe Leblanc are a thing. Especially after a Palace heist. Soujiro pretends he minds, when he really doesn’t.

This is about all I have for now, but yeah, just something I thought I’d share, since I’ve had these on my mind for a while.

For Mother’s Day: Tier List of Evillious Moms*

* Not to be taken seriously, because if it were I wouldn’t try to fit them into rigid tier rankings to begin with.

(New and improved with edits because I forgot a character and I figured out how to compromise on a joke.)

Top Tier:

  • Meta Salmhofer
  • Clarith’s Mother
  • Banica Conchita

High Tier:

  • Rin
  • Clarith
  • Mei Miroku
  • Mariam Futapie

Mid-High Tier:

  • probably Chartette Langley
  • probably Lukana Octo
  • Mikina Freezis

Mid Tier:

  • Anne Lucifen d'Autriche

We Just Don’t Know Tier:

  • Maria Moonlit
  • Milky Eights
  • Mikulia Greonio
  • Riliane Mouchet
  • Mira Marlon

Mid-Low Tier:

  • Rahab Barisol

Low Tier:

  • probably Behemo’s mother

S*** Tier:

  • Meguru Conchita
  • Ma

S*** Tier And Also Not Even My Real Mom:

  • Eve Moonlit
  • Irina Clockworker

Are You A Demon Or My Mother:

  • Persona 5: Okay so I initiated the confidant with yusuke today and because I waited long enough I can get a new skill on the persona in captivity and them fuse it into Shiki Ouji. I got 11 days left for Kaneshiro's palace and I think I'm close to the treasure so I'll probably grind a bit before sending the card. After that, I really got to rank up with Ann and Ryuji and finally raise my kindness to spend more time with Sojiro.
  • Real Life: Ehhh.......Fuck it, I forgot what chapter was assigned a week ago so I might as well just take the zero.

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Rank Anne books.

Okay, we are really talking hairs of difference here. The first two are really, really close, but I have to go Green Gables first because it has the most classic adventures and Matthew. But there are parts of Anne of the Island I will read repeatedly because I love them so much. (Plus SO many Gilbert feelings!) 

And House of Dreams really only beats Windy Poplars because of wedding!feels. (It’s so close, though. I mean, Rebecca Dew! Katherine with a K! All the letter writing innuendo! I do love WP.) 

1. Anne of Green Gables

2. Anne of the Island

3. Anne of Avonlea

4. Anne’s House of Dreams

5. Anne of Windy Poplars

6. Anne of Ingleside

(Rainbow Valley and then Rilla if we’re counting those.)

Cersei Lannister & Anne Boleyn : closer than you think

Recently, I’ve seen some metas linking Margaery Tyrell to Anne Boleyn. While the similarities are undeniable (though Margaery isn’t a clone of Anne, they do have differences), I found some of them could also be applied to another character. Who ? Well, Cersei Lannister.

Cersei isn’t the first choice when you ask which character would be inspired by Anne Boleyn. She is clearly from a higher rank than Anne, daughter of one of the main houses in Westeros, a bride worthy of a king ; while Anne was far below Henry or even his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, even if her family was noble and old. Thus, Cersei’s access to the Queen title was much easier (the prospect of marrying her wasn’t offensive with her rank, beauty and family’s wealth), while Anne had to fight tooth and nail to get on the throne - for all the good it had done to her. And ultimately, their main difference is physical. Cersei is amazingly beautiful, often referred as « the most beautiful woman in Westeros » - funnily, her features are what was known as the beauty standards in Henry Tudor’s age : long blond hair, clear eyes, pale unblemished skin. Anne was known to be the opposite : dark hair, dark eyes and an olive complexion. The authors of this time said she was pretty but far from being the most beautiful woman in the court. Her attractiveness came from other features.

But despite these differences, they do share a lot.

Both come from a very ambitious family. Both Tywin and Thomas Boleyn wanted and pushed their daughters on the throne. They didn’t hesitate to throw them in the kings’ hands (Robert and Henry, who are also surprisingly similar), despite knowing their reputation, to use them and their position to raise their families’. They both saw them as means to gain power, probably not caring about their happiness or safety.

« A very ambitious family, Ned thought. He had nothing against the squires, but it troubled him to see Robert surrounded by the queen’s kin, waking and sleeping. The Lannister appetite for offices and honors seemed to know no bounds. » Eddard, AGOT

Now I’m not sure if Tywin would have allowed Cersei to be beheaded, even if he had known about Jaime and the incest, while I’m fairly sure Thomas didn’t think twice about letting Anne die ; but that didn’t keep him to use her, to marry her and contemplate new alliances, even when she says she doesn’t want to.

« ‘Three children is quite sufficient. I am Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, not a brood mare ! The Queen Regent !’

'You are my daughter, and will do as I command.’ » Tyrion, ASOS

So the fathers of these families both had a role and no remorse using their daughters’ position. But to say it’s only because of them that Cersei and Anne became queens would be untrue, and unfair. Something sure about these two women is they would do a lot, if not anything to gain power. They were driven by it. It is Cersei’s ultimate goal to reign, to have the absolute powers for herself, and Anne used her influence on the king to help her family and rule through him, showing him some reforms and ideas he, in his infatuated state, actually considered seriously (ironically, his interest decreased after their marriage…).

« I waited, and so can he. I waited half my life. She had played the dutiful daughter, the blushing bride, the pliant wife. She had suffered Robert’s drunken groping, Jaime’s jealousy, Renly’s mockery, Varys with his titters, Stannis endlessly grinding his teeth. She had contended with Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, and her vile, treacherous, murderous dwarf brother, all the while promising herself that one day it would be her turn. If Margaery Tyrell thinks to cheat me of my hour in the sun, she had bloody well think again. » Cersei, AFFC

It’s also funny to note how their means to gain power are similar. Cersei and Anne enormously play on seduction to obtain what they want, not only on the king but on the court too. They use their beauty but also their courtesies, their skills on womanly arts (dancing, singing, etc…). They charm everybody around them. Anne offsetted her « lack » of beauty by her erudition, her charming personality, her vivacity,… And Cersei charmed with her beauty and by doing what was expected of a queen, sometimes by flirting.

« Sansa sat with her hands in her lap, watching how the queen moved and laughed and tossed her blond curls. She charms them all, she thought dully. How I hate her. » Sansa, ASOS

Anne played on the king’s (sexual) desire to marry him and rule, and Cersei often plays on the men’s desire to get things from them. Their only difference is Anne was smarter, as she waited enough for the king to have an obsession for her. Cersei gives the treat too fast !

And sadly, they also both believed being Queen would give them power and recognition. They learned it was quite the opposite…

Which lead me to talk of their fate. If Cersei and Anne were good at gaining power, they didn’t know how to keep it. They were both politically astute, intelligent women but their times and societies weren’t ready for them. Contrary to Margaery who is all in subtetly and manipulation, Cersei and Anne are far more straight-forward, agressive. They wanted to rule « like a man » (according to the idea that women must be sweet and passive – which is a big NOOOO), with people doing what they want without having to manipulate them. They both had a quick temper and were quick to anger, cold and calculating, and combined with them doing what they weren’t supposed to, people/their kings started to like them less and less.

« His Sister liked to think of herself as Lord Tywin with teats, but she was wrong. Their father had been as relentless and implacable as a glacier, where Cersei was all wildfire, especially when thwarted… She does not lack for wits but she has no judgement, and no patience. » Jaime, AFFC

« The longer Cersei waits, the angrier she’ll become, and anger makes her stupid. I much prefer angry and stupid to composed and cunning. » Tyrion, ACOK

When you think about it, their « storyline » (if I can call it like that for Anne) are very much the same. Both rose as high as could be, as high as women could in their societies. And yet, their falls were harder than anyone else’s. Ultimately, they both fell from grace, ended hated by their people (Anne wasn’t very liked to begin with, as Catherine of Aragon was really appreciated, and Cersei drew their hate by not caring at all for their needs/them) and scorned by the court – and all that mostly by men’s doings (Henry/Kevan). And something really surprising is they were both accused of the same crimes : adultery, incest and treason ! Even if in Cersei’s case they were true and not in Anne’s, the coincidence is big. And they were both punished and shamed for them (Penance Walk/Anne’s execution).

I also believe (but it’s an assomption from me) that Anne and Cersei’s mental state must have been quite the same as the end came close. Cersei slowly becomes more and more paranoid and desperate after Joffrey’s death, when she unconsciously realizes that everything can be taken away from her, when she sees even her position doesn’t give her what she craved for. I imagine Anne must have been in a similar state of mind when she saw the king loose his interest for her and that he was going to get rid of her.

And they had a kin with a similar name : there was Joffrey, Cersei’s son, and Anne had a great great great grandparent named Geoffrey. Coincidence ? Probably. But it’s interesting to note.

So they had the same temperament, the same ambitions, the same weapons, a similar background with ambitious fathers - and most of all, they very much had the same development. Where Margaery is all water, sliding and modelling herself to adapt to others’ desires and expectations (but, in the end, she always passes), Cersei and Anne are born of fire, burning brightly and consuming everything on their way, attacking head on – until they find something stronger, or somebody throws water on them.

Edit : this is not to say Cersei is Anne made fictional character. To tell the truth, Anne was a more suited and a better ruler than Cersei, despite her volcanic temper. She knew the importance of friends, of allies, and actively tried to make some whereas Cersei thinks she is the strongest and doesn’t need anyone. Anne could actually have been very good - she was intelligent, charming, charismatic, progressive, a diplomat,… - but she was born in the wrong era. Cersei is plainly terrible at ruling, for reasons I won’t say in this meta. My point was only to show the parallel between the two, and that Margaery isn’t the only character similar to Anne.

Ann Takamaki 

Arcana - Lovers (Rank 1)

Ann, a classmate who has awaken as a persona user.  Both you and Ann have the same vital interest: to revenge Kamoshida. Right now you two are co-operating for this purpose.

A quarter mixed girl who returned from abroad. Also a classmate who’s able to use persona. In order to save people who are suffering like herself and her best friend(s), she bravely stood up for them.


*I suppose those two kanjis are 復讐, which means revenge. but i’m not 100% sure cuz it’s blurry.

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Scritti Politti: “The Word Girl” (Cupid & Psyche 85, 1985)

Like “The ‘Sweetest Girl’” this functions as a reggae song. Unlike “The ‘Sweetest Girl’” every instrument here is rendered crisply, precisely cropped, details lifting from the song’s surface like temporary relief sculptures. “The Word Girl” is only dub at its edges, in the weird, shuddering percussion that opens it, like a bloom of dark smoke pouring into the track.

Otherwise it’s severe and glossy, sharing the topography of every song on Cupid & Psyche 85. It’s less crowded with information, though; the only element of the song that implies the crashing mosaic structure of the rest of the album is the bright constellation of notes that develops out of each chorus, as if the song had sprouted crystals.

This is another of Gartside’s songs about the language of pop music, this time focusing on a pervasiveness of “girl” and its associations. As he told 200%, it’s meant to interrogate “[‘girl’’s] reasons of meaning, its emptying out of meaning.” The song assimilates theories of language originated by Ludwig Wittgenstein and Julia Kristeva. Wittgenstein’s early work suggested that the limitations of language corresponded to the limitations of thought. Kristeva, who modified Lacanian theory, suggested than in a child’s development, after they recognize themselves in a mirror, they enter a hybrid symbolic stage and semiotic stage, where identity, instead of solidifying, remains in flux, a kind of absorbent blur, always in the process of making itself and making meaning. This stage is primarily associated with women. Kristeva also coined the term “intertextuality,” a process by which different works of art modify or are consumed by each other, and with all the philosophical data and in-jokes Gartside compresses into his songs they could be considered functionally intertextual acts.

“The Word Girl” identifies the abstractions and prescriptions packed into “girl,” which, as a word used by men in pop songs, is a method of fictionalization and manipulation; it’s used to imprint ideals and restrictions (which are basically the same thing) on the identities of women. “A name the girl outgrew / The girl was never real,” Green sings. “She stands for your abuse / The girl is no ideal.”

A remix entitled “Flesh & Blood” appears on the B-side of the single; the instrumentation is essentially identical but Gartside’s voice is subtracted and replaced by dancehall DJ Ranking Ann. Ann was known for the fierce yet relaxed couplets she delivered over knots of bass and drums produced by Mad Professor, making long, digressive reggae that could be both radical and gentle. On “Flesh & Blood” she raps in slanted, conversational syllables which transfer the perspective of “The Word Girl” to a woman: “Me say no use me, abuse me / I’m flesh and blood.”


Ranking the Six Wives of Henry VIII: #1 Anne Boleyn

If you’ve glanced at my blog then you’ve probably noticed that Anne Boleyn is not just my favorite of the six wives, but my favorite person in history. Period. This is not because I think Anne was a flawless human being - quite the opposite. She was an incredibly flawed, fabulously complex person, and I love her for it. So, instead of going on and on about Anne’s life story, I’ll keep this simple by listing the top 5 reasons why I love her:

1) Since the sixteenth century and continuing even today, Anne has inspired both admiration and hatred from people. This is why we still talk about her so much.

2) According to most contemporary observers, Anne’s beauty did not come from her looks, but, instead, from her style and personality. And her eyes.

3) Anne was as loving as she was ruthless. By all accounts, she was a good mother to Elizabeth. She also elicited love and devotion from Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, one of the few people to speak up in her defense in 1536 (albeit, not for very long). Anne was also ruthless, and she openly rejoiced at the death of her predecessor, Catherine of Aragon.

4) Anne was genuinely religious and interested in reform. She didn’t simply support Henry’s religious changes because they made her queen, she believed religious reform was best for England. She also didn’t always support the king’s policies, particularly when the funds from dissolved monasteries were transferred to the royal treasury. Anne argued that some of that wealth should have been used for charity and education.

5) The main reason for Anne’s eventual downfall was her inability to change her character and personality once queen. She was who she was. Once she was married to Henry, she continued to give him advice (whether he wanted it or not) and she argued with him. She continued to surround herself with male admirers. She refused to excuse Henry’s wandering eye. And she made enemies of some of the king’s most influential counselors, such as Thomas Cromwell. Unlike Henry’s other wives, including Jane Seymour and even Catherine Parr, Anne refused to outwardly change much of her personality once she was queen. Admirable though this was, it cost her her life.

Anne does not inspire or fascinate people because she was perfect. No woman, or person for that matter, in history was completely black or white. Every person’s character contained shades of grey. Anne Boleyn is one of the most important examples of this. This is the main reason why she tops this list.

Agree or disagree with this placement? Want to tell me your own rankings? Let me know your opinion!



DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg Seals $391 Million Payday After Comcast Buyout
By James Rainey

“On Tuesday, executives and board members got their turn, as Comcast’s $3.8 billion purchase of DreamWorks closed  — with outgoing CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s writing a heartfelt final memo to his workers, on the day he received a more than $391 million cash-out package. The founder (along with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen) of one-time uber studio DreamWorks SKG walked away with 10 times more money than the next highest ranking studio employee, President Ann Daly.

Katzenberg suggested in a farewell memo to employees that his final hours as DreamWorks boss were filled with anything but thoughts about newly-claimed riches or about ‘the beautiful campus, the fountain, the panini maker or even the movies.’ Instead, he said said that when he drives out the DreamWorks gates for the final time he will think about people — 'incredibly talented individuals from around the globe, united by an amazing goal: to bring joy, wonder and laughter to the world.’

[Katzenberg] will work as a consultant to Comcast. And he will serve as Chairman of DreamWorks New Media, including looking for growth possibilities for properties like the studio’s Awesomeness TV unit.

Sources said Katzenberg got to sell a total of 9,186,260 shares he held variously via direct ownership, a trust and a series of entities he owns with his wife Marilyn. That part of the deal netted him more than $376.6 million. He also got to exercise options on more than 1 million additional shares, priced at $24.28 a share and at $35.30 a share — bagging $14.9 million more.”