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i've been thinking a lot about something I read recently about Hamlet, and I was wondering if you could help me understand? there's apparently something significant about the you/thee pronouns which Hamlet and Horatio use for each other, but I can't quite grasp what that might be, or how it's significant.

I’m not certain what it said on what you read, but the long and short of the difference between you and thou pronouns is that ‘thee’ implies either intimacy or that the person being addressed is of a lower rank. Check out this post I made ages ago about conjugations.

As regards Hamlet… Generally, Horatio addresses Hamlet as ‘My Lord’, and therefore as ‘you’, which is fitting since it shows a recognition of the difference in rank. Hamlet switches quite freely between ‘you’ and ‘thou’ when addressing Horatio (more ‘you’ at the beginning of the play and ‘thou’ towards the end), which he can because Horatio is of a lower rank than him, though not low enough to be entirely a ‘thou’ from start to end. This does make it difficult to tell whether Hamlet is expressing intimacy through the analysis of pronouns alone… Although lines like 

Give me that man
That is not passion’s slave and I will wear him
In my heart’s core – ay, in my heart of heart –
As I do thee (3.2.67-70)

help a lot. Given the circumstantial evidence, the switch from the initial ‘you’ to the more familiar ‘thou’ is most likely a reflection of his closeness and regard for Horatio’s friendship than an assertion of rank. A good contrast might be Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, who seem to be of a similar standing to Horatio in rank, but who are addressed by Hamlet as ‘you’ throughout. 

Still, in spite of Hamlet’s apparent affection for Horatio, Horatio tends to keep up formalities (and given Hamlet’s general obsession with rank this might be one of the things that endear him to Horatio). The one time Horatio does use ‘thou’ is once Hamlet can no longer hear him, in his final ‘Good night, sweet prince, / And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest’ (5.2.343-44), which suggests a degree of intimacy, or personal grief at Hamlet’s death, which is not about rank.

So it’s a small thing, but the pronoun difference can say a lot about a relationship. 

I’m an unranked support main and I like keeping it unranked for no reason at all. I usually get paired with high ranked ADCs and they keep flaming me for my rank and some common mistakes like failing a skillshot. I even save them two to three times when they suddenly engage in a 1v2 but I still get flamed. They usually brag about their mastery or their rank and I’m there getting flamed for my rank. I wish they could be kinder to me because I just started Season 6 and I’m just learning.

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Ep. 6 Produce 101 Team Rankings

*This is how each member ranked in their team

너였다면 (VOCAL)
1. Kim Yongguk
2. Kim Seongri (Center)
3. Joo Jinwoo (Leader)
4. Kim Yehyun

Right Round (DANCE)
1. Joo Haknyeon
2. Hong Eungi (Leader)
3. Yeo Hwanwoong (Center)
4. Byun Hyunmin
5. Yoo Heeseung
6. Kim Namhyung

Boys And Girls (RAP)
1. Im Youngmin (Center)
2. Kim Donghyun (Leader)
3. Kim Dongbin

Shape Of You (DANCE)
1. No Taehyun (Leader & Center)
2. Kim Taedong
3. Justin
4. Kim Donghan
5. Lee Junwoo
6. Park Sungwoo

Fear (RAP)
1. Kim Jonghyun (Leader)
2. Lai Guanlin (Center)
3. Kim Taemin
4. Jang Moonbok

Playing With Fire (VOCAL)
1. Jung Sewoon (Leader)
2. Kang Dongho (Center)
3. Lee Daehwi
4. Choi Minki

The first officer doesn't need to be a science officer.
  • TOS: Kirk is Command trained with Engineering background. Spock is a scientist who becomes first officer under Kirk.
  • AOS: Same thing, only I suspect Jim is more tactically based since all of AOS is more tactical.
  • TNG: Picard AND Riker are both command track through and through. (Data's the closest they even get to a science officer,which makes me sad.)
  • DS9: Sisko is command. Kira is Bajoran command. Dax is the science officer, and she's not the first officer.
  • VOY: Janeway wears a command tunic now that she's captain, but she was a science officer in the past. Chakotay is NOT her science officer although he is first officer.
  • ENT: Archer is in command, with a heavy engineering background. T'Pol is his science officer and made first officer. BUT originally Trip, the chief engineer was to be first officer of NX-01.
  • Logical conclusion: James T. Kirk would not be the chief science officer, or a science officer at all, but he could be Spock's first officer.

So I was re-reading the new Thrawn book and decided to rewatch all the Thrawn episodes of star wars rebels when I noticed Governor Pryce is wearing a Grand Moff rank plaque. I find this strange since Wookieepedia has no mention of her being promoted. So what do you think is the cause? Is it just poor editing? Or was it done on purpose? Also regardless of her rank being governor or grand moff she should have 4 code cylinders but she only has 2. This leads me to wonder what that’s about. Mistakes like this can be seen in more than just one scene so that means it most likely isn’t a mistake but something else.

Ep. 6 Produce 101 Rankings

1. Kim Jonghyun
2. Kang Daniel
3. Park Jihoon
4. Hwang Minhyun
5. Lai Guanlin
6. Ong Seongwoo
7. Kim Jaehwan
8. Kang Dongho
9. Joo Hakyeon
10. Lee Daehwi
11. Yoo Seonho

12. Im Youngmin
13. Yoon Jisung
14. Bae Jinyoung
15. Jung Sewoon
16. Park Woojin
17. Kim Samuel
18. Choi Minki
19. Seo Seonghyuk
20. Ahn Hyeongseob
21. Park Woodam
22. Lee Woojin
23. Kim Sanggyun

24. Takada Kenta
25. Lee Euiwoong
26. Jang Moonbok
27. Ha Sungwoon
28. Kim Taedong
29. Lee Gunhee
30. Jung Dongsoo
31. Park Sungwoo
32. No Taehyun
33. Kwon Hyunbin
34. Kim Donghan
35. Kim Yongguk

36. Yoo Heeseung
37. Kim Taemin
38. Hong Eungi
39. Kim Sangbin
40. Woo Jinyoung
41. Kim Donghyun
42. Joo Jinwoo
43. Lee Gwanghyun
44. Byun Hyunmin
45. Yoon Heeseok
46. Lee Giwon
47. Kim Namhyung

48. Justin
49. Kim Taewoo
50. Lee Yoojin
51. Kim Seongri
52. Yoon Jaechan
53. Kim Yongjin
54. Yeo Hwanwoong
55. Kim Yehyun
56. Lee Insoo
57. Jung Jung
58. Lee Junwoo
59. Kim Dongbin