Zivot ide dalje. Preboli staru ljubav koja te je ranila, slomila ti srce. Ne brini naicice nova. Ako ti se desi da izgubis jednog prijatelja, shvatices da on to nikad nije ni bio. Niko od njih nije bio vredan tvoje paznje, ljubavi, truda. Isplaci se, shvati to i bice ti lakse.
—  Aurora

Families from Savidal

It’s done ! After a week of work, all my families from Savidal have been updated ! Some of them have changed a lot, others less, but they all look better (It’s not always obvious, on these portraits !). I put the names of all of them after the Read More, because the list is a bit long !

I have created some other sims, of course, but I wanted to update these families before showing you more ;)

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