If you see him,
Tell him I’m still here
Tell him I’ll still answer his call
Tell him I’ll still listen to his stories
Tell him that he’ll always be my favorite
If you see him,
Tell him she’s fighting battles
And losing
Tell him she’s hiding scars
And bleeding
Tell him she’s still healing
From a wound you left open
If you see him,
Tell him she tried to love others
And ended up leaving them
Because they’re not you
Because they don’t sing her song
Because they don’t see her
Because they’re trying to understand her
And you know she can’t be understood
She can only be loved

If you see him,
Tell him I miss him,
Tell him I still need him
When my world falls apart
Tell him I still want to run to him
When I need to run from the world
Tell him I can’t forget him
Tell him I do nothing but remember him

If you see him,
Tell him I’m sorry
For not being able to tell him
All that myself
For being a coward
For being prideful
For being scared
Tell him I’m sorry
I wasn’t honest with him
I wasn’t brave with him
Tell him I’m sorry
Because I didn’t fight for him
When he left
Because I didn’t try harder
When he gave up
Tell him I’m sorry
Because I couldn’t love him fearlessly

If you see him,
Tell him I’m still here
And he can come back
And I will still let him in
In a heartbeat.

(Source: thoughtcatalog.com)


I do not search the internet or read extensively through comments because as a rule, I only worry about things that I can control. Therefore, all of my focus is directed towards going onstage and doing a phenomenal job. Concerning myself with reactions (good or bad) would ultimately just be a distraction, so I opt to remain oblivious. All I have really seen in passing is the love directed to me on Twitter and Instagram, and it’s so touching that I can inspire people.

Nadia had decided to stay back in the shop to fix up a car. Something she usually did to have some time to herself and enjoy the quiet time alone with some music playing in the background to keep her focused  With the hood up, she leaned in working on the inside when she heard footsteps echoing in the garage. “Shop’s closed.” She called out without removing herself from under the hood.

To be honest, I don’t like Alex (Rania) being in a kpop group and before anyone says I’m being racist or something, it’s not because she’s black it is because she’s not very good. Like, I know people can list other kpop idols that aren’t talented either and they have debuted. But she came over from the US to try and make it in a a country which is known to have prejudice towards black people (half black idols have had to hide their heritage before) and she has not done well. She isn’t very good and I’m kind of disappointed for her.


RaNia’s Alex is VERY aware that A1sts(RaNia stans) ship her and Youngguk. She’s liked several posts that A1sts have created about her. She even tweeted earlier this year that she was(kiddingly) awaiting his call. WELL SHE JUST MIGHT GET THAT CALL! Yesterday Youngguk found her Instagram and liked her picture.  He doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram and Alex doesn’t follow him so he had to have looked her up himself to get to her profile. YONGGLEX SHIP IS SAILING YALL.

Honestly Dr Music wins the award for the worse management. All they’ve done has made broken promises  put out vague statements and have left Rania stans completely in the dark. They didn’t make announcement about Di, Xia , and T-ae leaving the group or that they’ve already  3 new members or anything about Rania project which now MakeStar  has already refunded the participants .I’m surprised how long Xia , T-a and Di were able to stay under that kind of company.  Dr Music has truly ruined this group over the years and it’s sad because the remaining  girls are so talented and do not deserve this.

I’ m just going say it anyway, I can’t understand why Alex Was added in kpop world, she looked like she was doing very well in US, so why come to Kpop industry where she has to struggle to fit in since  koreans don’t look at black people very well. Now I know people are gonna start saying that maybe the industry will change a little and she will get better with singing, dancing etc but my point is that, If she was already succsessful in the US and had great earning why she had to come to Korea where she won’t be as sucsessful as she was in the US?