It started when he was 7, idly coloring a spaceship decorated with sharks while the teacher rangled the other kids.

A girl, with curly hair and warm eyes, come up to Lance and sweetly said the words,

“I love you, wanna be my boyfriend?”

Lance remembered how excited he was as he vigorously shook his head, smiling so hard his cheeks twitched.

But his smile quickly fell when the girl suddenly laughed, walking away toward her friends who were pointing at him, laughing.

“I told you he would believe me!”

Lance never felt that small before.

It happened again when Lance was thirteen, when he realized that he looked at boys the way he looked at girls. And it scared him.

But then he came along. Became Lance’s friend. Best friend even. Lance told him his deepest secrets, desires. He felt accepted.

And he was just so kind, and accepted Lance, and had the prettiest smile. How could Lance not fall for him?

It was during lunch, when he sat in front of Lance, giving him a crooked grin.

“Hey Lance. This might be weird and awkward, but I have to tell you.”

Lance still remembers how his heart leapt when he took his hand and ran a thumb over his knuckles.

“I like you. More than a friend. I know it’s crazy, but I couldn’t help it. Hell, forget like, Lance…I love you.”

Lance grasped the others’s hands, eyes bright and glistening. But before he could even open his mouth, the boy’s smile turned twisted.

It stung when he jerked his hands away.

“Wow, you seriously believed me? You’ll fall for anything, won’t you Lance?”

And that was the first time Lance cried over a boy.

It then became a game, a running joke throughout school. “Let’s see who can get Lance to fall for them.” And what a cruel game it was.

Lance remembers crying into his mama’s arm, spilling his heart out. He remembers feeling her thumbs wipe away his tears and holding him tightly.

Her words still rang through his head.

“You’ve just got to hide your heart. Keep it safe and lock it away. And only give the key to someone who truly loves you.”

And that’s what he did.

So Lance became a flirt, cheesey pickup lines, fingerguns, and flirtatious wink thrown carelessly. That way, if anyone didn’t like him, he would know right away.

And when someone flirts back or just accepts his antics with a small smile and eye roll, his heart soars.

Lance became a flirt because he believes it’s the closest thing to love he’ll ever get.


Title: Roommates

Genre: smut

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Length: 2715 words

A/N: So sorry this took me so long to get out. TBH it’s been sitting in my WIP folder for months now.

“Shhh” you giggled as the guy you were sneaking into your apartment pushed you too harshly against the door, causing it to slam open. “My roommate’s asleep.”

He hummed into your neck as he continued leaving deep, sloppy kisses on your skin, his hands already reaching back to unhook your bra and failing. You giggled once more, the alcohol in your system relieving you of any inhibitions and let him fling your shirt off. You reached past him to throw the door close, too lost in his touch to register your noise level. You walked backwards into the room a few steps before he pulled you into him, kissing you hungrily as you quickly rid him of his shirt.

You pulled away from him and smiled as you saw his eyes rake over your exposed skin and giggled when you saw the way his tongue flicked over his lips. You flashed him a smile before turning around and letting your skirt fall to the ground. Your skin was hot where you felt his eyes on you as you walked towards your room, disappearing from view for a moment before he came after you. You felt him press against your back, his mouth returning to your neck as you let out a hoarse moan. Yoongi would definitely yell at you about this tomorrow, but for now all you could think about were the hands trailing down your body.

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If Morty Was Gone For A Week

Honestly I think Morty should just go away for a few days. That way the rest of the family is left to babysit Rick and they have to do all the things that Morty would normally do, i.e: Be dragged out of bed at two in the morning because Rick just felt like stealing some top secret government experiment on a whim, listen to him manically ramble about Israeli politics, clean up after him because he vomited green sludge all over his bed, prevent him from accientally destroying the entire human race, take away his phone before he drunk dials Area 51 again, etc.

And when Morty returns he just walks in like, “Hey I’m back from summer camp! 😀😀” and there’s a rocket-sized hole in the roof, the house has been seized by an army of cyborg pandas, Summer is in the backyard rangling a dinosaur, Beth is shooting at the pandas with a bazooka, Rick is passed out on the stairs and everything is on fire.

And when they see Morty they’re like: “THANK GOD HE’S BACK.”

Because that boy is a treasure who is the only thing stopping Rick from self-destructing like a fucking atom bomb, and taking everyone he loves down with him. And he deserves some goddamn appreciation for that.

Two Truths & a Lie | 6

A/N : Just a little fun and short thing I wrote for a post I had earlier.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

creds to thedolangifs ^

The oasis of the woods had always been a place Ethan and I found ourselves at any given time of the year. We grew up exploring everything inside, from the river that ran right through the middle, and even right down to its secret hiding spots. It was like time was altered there when we would spend hours losing ourselves within its twisting paths and shaded greenery. It was the place we first met, 10 year olds full of immaturity and energy. It was also the first place Ethan ever kissed me, short but sweet and much unlike the kisses we shared now. And when he’d dragged me there at 20 years old, I’d thought we’d grown a little too old for it; that was until we spent the day dirt biking and cliff jumping, just before the sunset and he had asked me to marry him.

It seemed that these woods would always be the place for our most intimate and special moments, so I figured now was as good a time as any. It was muggy and hot, the middle of June, and even the shade couldn’t keep my shirt from sticking to my back like a second skin. I felt so nauseous and woozy, politely declining to ride the dirt bike clutching to Ethan’s back, although he did look almost too good to say no to. He knew that, even at 22 years old, wearing a fucking snapback was an automatic turn on for me. Sometimes I think he did it just to spite me. I clutched the college lined notebook paper in my hand as I maneuvered around fallen branches and patches of poison ivy. They’d somehow rangled me into filming with them, a stupid game of two truths and a lie, not to mention I’m horrible at lying. The loser would be sleeping in the woods, so I was banking on my final round to crush them. No one would see it coming, and even I hadn’t seen it coming when I’d learned the truth. 

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Can you imagine the kids from Spring Awakening doing Rocky Horror? Because I think about it quite often actually. 

-For starters, Melitta is 100% the director and she got the idea one night when she and Otto accidentally stumbled upon a showing of it, and she just knew that she wanted a go at it.

-Of course fucking Melchior wanted to be Frank N Furter, as he believes himself to be the most sexual, but Hanschen blew away Melitta in auditions and already had his own pair of heels. You already know that Hanschen’s confidence and flair is so fitting for Frank N Furter

-That leaves Melchior begrudgingly playing Brad which can mean there’s only one person who can play Janet: Wendla. And Wendla is in love with the entire musical and super excited to play Janet. You know she’s definitely a Janet–is ignorant and naive but a lot more defensive and feisty than everyone thinks.

-Moritz (especially after DWSA) plays a natural Eddie; he is all about some hot patootie and rock and roll. He doesn’t really like the idea of rehearsing at first, but once everyone knows their lines and there’s nothing to do but have fun with it, he goes so hard. His favorite part is when Hanschen has to kill him, they have so much fun with it.

-Georg, Otto, and Ernst all wanted a minor role, maybe an extra or playing Riff Raff because they were all a little on the shyer side when it came to some of the costumes, so Melitta tried the Riff raff bald cap/wig thing on all of them. All Georg had to do was bend over a little and take off the glasses and he was a dead ringer, leaving the other two boys to await their fate.

-The Role of Rocky Horror still open, Hanschen and Georg rangle Otto and Ernst into shiny gold speedos. As the two most innocent of the guys, no one expects either of them to looks so good or confident as Rocky. Otto looks really nervous but jokingly kisses his biceps and all the girls love it. Ernst, meanwhile, looks straight at Hanschen and signs, You like me like this, don’t you. Everyone is sold and Ernst and Otto take turns being Rocky, both adding their own creative twist on the character.

-That leaves Anna to be Dr. Scott. Anna has no problem taking on the role, but does make Melitta let her mouth/sign the Science Fiction/Double Feature song in the beginning to make up for her predictably playing the guy in the wheelchair.

-OKAY BUT ILSE PLAYS COLUMBIA LIKE A QUEEN. Ilse is the Goddess of being Happy and Bubbly even when she doesn’t feel it so the Columbia role fits like a glove. And the glam of wearing a red wig and all sequins, Ilse revels in it. Plus, I mean, I always thought Columbia was always bitter towards Janet and despite the fact I ship some Ilse x Wendla, I bet Ilse would be somewhat bitter because Wendla was mostly pretty privileged. Anyway, that’s off-subject. No one else can even try for Columbia, they just can’t do it.

-Thea and Martha both try for Magenta, but ultimately Thea feels somewhat uncomfortable with the role. Magenta is melodramatic and somewhat smug-looking and Thea feels it’s too ridiculous. Martha handles it well, especially when put next to Georg. Plus Martha’s hair easily is teased into Magenta’s signature curls.

-Thea settles for Criminologist. It fits her unsurprisingly well.

Falling Slowly 14

Pairing: Steve Rodgers x Reader

Warnings: swearing, sass, mentions of drinking

Word count : 1145

Part 13

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Another One [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: earth 2 barry’s an animal….

My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

Barry’s perfect green eyes stare at you, wide in shock. “Are you…are you sure?” he whispers, fixing his thin glasses on his face. You nod, biting your lip. “How long are you, sweetheart?” he asks in a giddy tone, kneeling in front of you. His blue bowtie hangs around his neck, white collar popped, gray sweater unbuttoned.

Grabbing his hands, you smile wide, placing them on your growing baby bump. His cheeks wrinkle, touching the thin frame of his spectacles. “A month. I wanted to tell you, but you had work, and the kids… I wasn’t sure if you even wanted another kid. I mean, christ, we have five already-”

His lips touch yours, drawing you into a deep kiss. One of his hands snake around you, pressing to the small of your back. “I’m gonna be a daddy…again.” he giggles, forehead resting on yours; you nod, laughing. “Can we tell the kids? Like, right now?” he pleads, scrunching his nose underneath his glasses. You hum, nodding again. “Okay. I’ll go rangle them up.” he jokes, pecking your lips.

As Barry does that, you head downstairs, chuckling at the loud stomps that surely belong to your husband. Abby and Jace are already in the living room, playing Uno. You try not to snort, noticing the bored expression on the fifteen year old’s face. “Hey mom.” he says in a monotone voice, tossing a card on the pile. “Blue… Abby, this is torture!” he bellows, pulling his orange hoodie. The girl frowns, legging covered butt touching her heels.

“Mom… dad’s freaking me and Luca out….” Sara grumbles, climbing down the steps, brother following after her. You sigh, motioning for all of them to get on the couch. Grabbing Abby, Luca plops down next to Jace, tank top riding up. “What is this about?” the nine year old huffs, brushing her light brown locks out of her eyes.

Barry smiles, holding Nico in his arms, nodding for you to say the news. Swallowing, you toy with the hem of your gray t-shirt, a grin teasing your lips. “Well, guys, it looks like, um-”

“Your mother is pregnant! We’re gonna have another kid!” Barry cuts you off, squealing, bouncing Nico. You blink at him, frowning. “Sorry, sorry. I got excited. Sorry, sweetheart.” he apologizes, kissing your cheek.

Jace and Luca’s mouths hang open, eyes wide; the girls squeal, much like their father, clapping. “Another?” Luca questions, running a hand through his blond hair, whistling. “Geez, dad, you’re an animal.” Jace snickers with his brother, fist bumping him. Barry blushes, fingers curling around Nico’s Winnie The Pooh shirt.

Abby gasps, “Is it a boy or a girl?” Sara mutters a little ‘yeah’.

Shrugging, you turn to your husband. “I’m not sure yet.”

“I’m betting on a boy!” Luca declares, frowning when Jace snorts. “Wanna make a bet? Dad, what do you think?”

Barry gulps, peering at Nico. “Why am I always in the middle?”


  The Garden of Words FC & Bookshop is Recruiting!

Looking for Friends, Staff, & More!

Hello everyone! Pardon me while I blow up your dash a little but I really wanted to take the time to do something like this for a while now :)

I’m Illyirana Usagi. With my hubby Yuri Usagi we run a small RP FC Called The Garden of Words located on Balmung. ICly we are a small Library & Bookshop that hosts a Bi-weekly Open RP Bookshop Night! With that being said we have been actively looking for fun loving members, staff,RPer’s or people who just want to chill since we launched our FC a while back.

Our FC is an OOC FC with focuses on socialization and having fun as a group of friends over anything else. While we do have a mix of RPer’s with us we also have a mix of people who are new or not fully interested in RP but want to join in on the fun (which is 100% ok with us!)

Since the content lull has hit our FC as well as a few others have been hit with a spike in inactivity and we’d really love to find more active players to socialize with, RP with, run content with and all those other FCly things! So if you’d like some more info about us click that little fancy “Keep Reading” at the bottom :) I’ve taken up enough dash space as is xD!

(Reblogs are 500% appreciated. If you like what you see here please feel free to share this post. I have a very small tumblr and its hard to reach out on my own. Thank you so much in advance!)

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miraculan  asked:

Headcanon that Hanzo has a kid from a previous relationship that hangs around base! Everyone is still wary around Hanzo but it's hard to ever actively dislike him when they see him struggling to rangle a squealing toddler for half the day. She adores McCree too, even before he and Hanzo are super close, and one day she bursts into the kitchen with McCrees way too big hat one her head and just screams "reach for the sky!" At the entire team. I am weak for Dadzo.

I am weak as mcfuck for dadzo.
this is so so sweet and omg can you imagine the shenanigans that would go on? then they’d have to draw straws or have a rotating baby sitting schedule for missions and lord have mercy………..she’d be so spoiled and loved and happy. it’s perfect.

ID #57566

Name: Madalynn
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hi, I’m Madalynn. I’m a pretty boring person. I spend most of my time watching youtbe, netflix or hulu. I like talking to open minded peolle that I can have controversial and/or deep conversations with. But I’m really bad at start conversations with. I also like dark things and love conspiracy theories.

I also would like a Pen Pal because I want friends. i really don’t have any. THe only person I talk to is my girlfriend.

Preferences: I don’t care about gender. But age rangle would be 16 to 19. 

Only The Beginning

Author: marj-n-ken
Fandom: South Park
Pairing: Butters/Kenny
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Series: one-shot
Beta: basicbewitch
Summary: When Butters calls crying, all Kenny wants to do is make his best friend happy again.

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“Rangle” rattles are attested to in later medieval Norwegian traditional witchcraft for use against trolls (i.e., hostile supernatural entities or malignant sorcery).  Rangles were made using several smaller iron rings attached to a larger ring, sometimes with hanging clanger or charms affixed to the smaller rings. A rangle was designed to be used as an animal husbandry tool. When tied to a long cord it was used to herd sheep and goats with noise, particularly when in steep and wild terrain. To use it one would throw it to make a loud noise near the animals when it landed so that they would move. The rangle was then retrieved by way of reeling in the cord. This is similar to the mechanism in some traditional witchcraft rituals in which a stone axe, “thunderbolt,” was thrown out and dragged back with a rope. In both cases, there appears to be symbolic associations with the returning, ‘boomerang-ing,’ nature of Thor’s Hammer Mjollnir. (Speculating still further, there may also be an association to the myth where Thor reels in Jörmungandr.)

“Goads” are staves used to herd and move animals, such as teams of oxen pulling loads or herds of animals. When a rangle was placed on the end of a goad, it became a tool used for driving wagons. Pictured above is a Norwegian example of such a tool, called a “klaprestokk.”

We should strongly consider the klaprestokk as a likely model for re-creating the staff of sorcery used by Loðmundr the Old, as well as that of Thor’s staff Gríðarvölr. If one puts two of the elements mentioned above together - goats and wagons - you have the perfect tool for guiding Thor’s chariot (actually a wagon called a “wain”). If one adds the sorcerous similarities to Thor’s hammer - sound, returning, battling trolls - the possibility is even stronger.  Further, we should consider that the other major staff of sorcery - the völva’s staff - appears to be modelled on a stylized distaff; which is also an everyday tool turned magical. In addition, the klaprestokk is of the correct size for being able to hold it in the manner noted for its’ use in the Landnámabók account, where the end was placed on the ground in water, the staff held in two hands, and a “ring” at the top placed in the mouth. This body positioning is very hard to accomplish with a short völva staff with no clear rings, a ring-topped sceptre like the Sutton Hoo example, or a simple travellers staff with a ferrule ring bound close to the wood; but it can be accomplished with a klaprestokk.


Sibley, J.T. (2009) The Divine Thunderbolt: Missle of the Gods. USA: Xlibris Corporation.

Sibley, J.T. (2015) The Way of the Wise: Traditional Norwegian Folk and Magic Medicine. USA: Xlibris Corporation.

Catching Feelings - Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

A/N: Warning: Contains physical violence and offensive language. 

‘He’s weird, that’s for sure.,’ Hyunjung fluffs her hair, tossing it over her shoulder, before picking up the wine glass resting on the table. ‘Don’t tell him I said that, though.’ She eyes you intently as she sips her wine, her pink lips pursing delicately against the glass.

‘I wouldn’t… You don’t even need to tell me not to.,’ You shake your head, your fork moving to push the densely creamed pasta around the plate. Both you and Hyunjung hadn’t been hungry when you’d ordered. It was just that this restaurant had the best selection of wine in Seoul, so you often came here together to chat and drink, ignoring the food on the table you were required to order to get a seat. ‘Where is he tonight anyway? I saw him post something on instagram earlier.’

‘He’s on a company night out. I assume it’s at a strip club because I wasn’t invited. Girl, you’ve got it bad stalking his socials…,’ She smirks deviantly at you from behind the rim of the glass, nudging your foot under the table. Her mention of the outing to a strip club was casual, rolling off her tongue without a blush like she’d said it a thousand times before. She knew in her line of work it happened more often than not. ‘Who would have thought you’d be banging my boss when I got signed to AOMG, let alone catching feelings for him.’

‘I don’t have feelings for him!’ You snap quickly - too quickly to be natural. You can’t deny some of the truth in her words, though. She - Hoody - had been your best friend since high school, and the sole reason you had met Jay. She’d been the one who had invited you to your first ever AOMG party - the exact one you’d met Jay at. The rest had been history.

‘Whatever you say, y/n.,’ She lets the smirk linger on her face, her shoulders shrugging in feigned disinterest. ‘I guess you don’t really have much interest in the fact that I overheard a little birdie saying he has feelings for you too.’

‘Stop.’ You protest, unable to hide the annoyance creeping into your voice. ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to talk about this.’ You pick up your wine glass, draining the remainder of the liquid in a second, the tang of the alcohol lingering long after the liquid had been swallowed.

‘He’s been weird lately, right? A little extra cautious? Treating you a little bit nicer than he usually does post fuck?’ She peaks an eyebrow at you, her gaze unrelentingly drilling you for more information. You place your wine glass down on the table with a heavy sigh, reaching for the bag you’d slipped under your chair.

‘I’m done.’ The words slide off your tongue coolly as you make your way to stand once you’d latched onto your bag.

‘Okay, okay… I know I’m hitting too close to home with all this. I just overheard him talking to Simon in one of the halls outside the studio. Girl, he’s into you something bad.’

‘I don’t want him to be, though.,’ You release your bag, turning to face Hyunjung. You knew you could tell her anything. She’d been your ride or die since you’d met in elementary school. She’d been there for you every time you’d needed anything. And, most importantly, she’d never told a secret you’d shared in confidence to anyone else. Ever. ‘Hyunjung… He’s adorable and sweet. But he’s Jay. He’s a good friend and a good time, but he’s nothing more than that… I know what he does. He goes to strip clubs and bangs random girls. That’s not the kind of guy I want to be around.’ Your phone vibrates on the table, as if on cue, drawing both Hyunjung and your own gaze towards it. You take in the picture of Jay, shirtless, his tongue poking out of the cheeky grin plastered on his face. He must have changed his caller display picture while you weren’t looking. Hyunjung stares blankly at it for a moment, snapping into action to rapidly reaching her hand out to pick up the phone and answer before you could ignore the call. She waits, before a giggle escapes her lips.

‘You can call me baby again tomorrow when you come into the office to work on my song at 7AM.,’  Her relationship with Jay was just as playful as yours, except the boundaries were much more defined. They had to be, for professional reasons. ‘Y/n? Yeah, this is her phone… You called the right number.’ She winks cheekily at you, and you reach across the table, stretching over the pasta dish to snatch the phone from her.

‘Give it to me!’ Unable to hide your agitated tone, you instantly regret speaking.

‘We’re just hanging out drinking some wine at a restaurant. She’s begging me to give her the phone… Should I, Jay?,’ She lets out a reaching laugh. ‘Okay, I’ll pass you on.’ She hands the phone over toyingly, and you snatch it angrily from her outstretched palm.

‘Jay?,’ You question nervously. ‘What’s up?’

‘My dick.,’ He replies abruptly, the alcohol dripping from his words already. ‘Come around, we can finish off what we started the other day.’ It takes you a minute to decipher his sentence due to the slur of words, but when you do a wave of displeasure washes over you instantly. He was booty calling you.

‘I’m with Hyunjung.’ You respond shortly.

‘She won’t mind… come on, baby girl.’

‘No.’ The word slips out wrapped in angry finality.

‘Everyone else went to a strip club, and I didn’t even go so that I could hang out with you… Now you won’t even come and see me.’ He moans impatiently.

‘Jesus, Jay… I’m not sex on tap. I don’t really care that you didn’t go to a strip club. I’m busy, and I’m not coming over.’ The volume of your voice had subconsciously increased with your growing anger. Hyunjung breathes a quiet sushing sound as you draw looks from the table opposite you.

‘You won’t even come and cuddle me?’ He pleads gently.

‘No.’ You reply.

‘I miss you… I miss you every night you’re not in my bed.,’ His slurred words are interrupted by a hiccup. ‘When they said let’s go to the strip club, I missed you. I’m laying here on my back in my bed missing you. I told everyone, you know? It kinda just came out… but it’s true.’

‘You told them what?’ Dread was creeping through you. He was too drunk to be telling anyone anything.

‘I told them I thought you were beautiful. And I told them I thought you were funny… then I said you were cute. Then someone asked me if I liked you because I wouldn’t stop talking about you. And I said I do, because I do. I really, really like you, and I want to stop missing you all the time but I can’t because I like you. I think I might even love you.’ You’re stunned into temporary silence by his admission. Even though you’d known, and even though the signs were there, you hadn’t realised how much you’d led him on.

‘Jay, I’m not coming over tonight. You’re too drunk.,’ He starts to mumble a protest, but you cut him off, refusing to give him any more airtime. ‘I’ll call you tomorrow. Maybe we can meet for lunch, okay?’ You say the first thing that might appease him enough to get you off the phone, despite the fact there was zero chance of you wanting to meet him for lunch tomorrow.

‘Okay. Goodnight, Y/n.’ Defeated, he resigns himself to the fact you would not be visiting him.

‘Night, Jay.’ You hang up the phone swiftly, returning it to it’s position face down on the table. Your elbows rest gently on the top of the wood, your head coming to sink into your hands, a deep groan escaping your mouth.

‘Was it that bad?’ Hyunjung asked sympathetically.

‘He told me he thinks he loves me…’ You peek out from between your fingers, registering her shocked expression.

‘Oh, shit.’ The words are all she can manage as she blinks dumbly back at you.

‘Oh, shit is right… What the fuck am I supposed to do?,’ You complain. Hyunjung sits for a second, contemplating.

‘What if we get you a boyfriend…,’ The loud laugh that escapes you draws the err of the guests next to your table again, and Hyunjung shakes her head. ‘Okay, maybe just a date. If we get you a date, he might back off a bit.’

‘How am I meant to get a date? And how is Jay even going to see me on a date?’ You groan.

‘Honey, you would have no issues getting a date… I have someone in mind already.,’ She tilts her head, gazing at you contemplatively. A spark flashes across her face in the visible representation of the conception of an idea. ‘Bring him on Saturday! We have Jay’s concert! Ahhh, It’s the perfect excuse for Jay to see you.’ You sit back in your chair, your eyes admiring Hyunjung’s bravado and quick thinking.

‘That just might work…’

True to her word, Hyunjung had found you a date. Not just any date, but an attractive date. Not just an attractive date, but one that had a long and rich history of friendship with Jay, stemming back to his time spent in the United States. The perfect candidate. She’d even managed to rangle two backstage passes for you - not that it would’ve been difficult. Jay had expected you to come regardless of whether you bought a date or not. So you found yourself standing side stage peeking out at the performance clutching a beer. Charismatic was the only way that you could describe the show. The energy the boys had was captivating, and your eyes had been barely able to steal themselves from Jay as he swayed around the stage, luring the crowd in with his dramatic swag. Tonight, he was somehow different to the many other times you’d seen him. His words were coming out with a throaty growl that was a touch deeper than usual. His hips were twisting with a subtlety that was absent from previous performances. His aura was addictive and you were sure he was throwing quick glances in your direction throughout the entire performance, everyone causing a flash of longing in the lower pit of your abdomen. He was on fire tonight, and it was all building to complete realisation that you’d fallen for him. Massively.

‘You alright?’ Derek’s hands snake around your shoulders as he leans close to your body, speaking directly into your ear. The smell of the beer on his breath overpowers you slightly, your body reeling away from him subconsciously.

‘Yeah. Just enjoying the show.’ Your voice comes out as a shout over the loudness of the music. His hand remains draped over your shoulder, despite your uncomfortableness with his closeness. You attempt to shimmy slightly with the music to get him to release his hold, but he doesn’t. The song comes to an end, and you catch Jay flicking a quick glance in your direction. A blush rises in your cheeks at the closeness.

‘Alright, aliiiiighhhht. Everyone feeling a little hot in here? It’s about to get even hotter, y’all.’ The crowd starts screaming as Jay launches into the next song, the opening bars of arguably his most scandalous song - Mommae - vibrating through the room. In an instant, he is peeling his shirt off, exposing his toned torso glistening with the wetness of his sweat under the stage lights. His hips grind against the air, smoothly repeating a motion you’d become so familiar with feeling against your hips. He moves towards one of the back up dancers, and she bends, her ass mere inches away from his crotch. A flash of jealousy shoots through you as you watch. You redirect your gaze to Jay, his eyes staring intently at you as he presses himself into the dancer, his hips jutting against her in a sexual motion. His hand reaches to slap her ass, and you look away as Derek’s hands wrap themselves around your waist, swaying gently against you. You shift uncomfortably as they slide higher around your ribs, his crotch pressing into your ass. You attempt to shift away, your displeasure visible on your lips, but his grip crunches around you, stagnating any kind of movement you attempt. You scrunch your shoulders towards your ears as he attempts to plant a kiss delicately on your cheek.

‘Hey, hey hey…,’ Jay’s sharp voice echos in a yell over the song, the music continuing despite his voice losing beat with the lyrics. ‘Hey, man, stop… She’s not into it. Don’t fucking touch her if she’s not into it.’ His pace moves quickly towards you, his arm raised and index finger singling you out. You blinky dumbly at the fury spouting through his eyes. Derek releases you instantly, stepping back with his arms raised in the air in defence, and you understood. Jay was looking out for you. He’d been doing it the whole time he’d been on stage. Kiseok’s hands wrap around Jay’s torso, struggling to prevent him from advancing further in your direction, and he presses his head against the side of Jay’s whispering something to him which distracts Jay, who turns his head to take in Kiseok’s worried face. He nods, losing the momentum he had built, before casting a final look in your direction.

‘Don’t fucking touch her.’ He said before dropping his hand, pivoting on the heel of his white nike sneaker and returning to the crowd.

You hear the argument before you see it. Escalated voices coming from a small group near the drinks table.

‘Take it back.’ Jay’s voice is raised, his anger evident. Your lips purse in surprise. Usually alcohol made him laid back, his reaction was ridiculously out of character.

‘Why? It’s true.’ The voice of your date causes your heart to jump slightly, and your head turns towards where they are.

‘It’s disrespectful. I’m not going to have you come here to my show and talk shit like that.’ You briefly make out Jay move towards Derek in the thick of people. The entire party has turned their attention to the drama. You stand, quickly making your way over to the two. Derek, as annoying as he was, was someone you had brought along and therefore your responsibility.

‘I’m not taking it back. I bet she’d do it.’ Your ears perk at the use of the feminine pronoun. Could they be talking about you?

‘I can’t even believe you’re saying that… It’s your first fucking date.’ Jay confirms your suspicion, and you slip between two people in the circle.

‘Jay, calm down…’ You try to dispel the tension in the air.

‘Me? Calm down? Your date needs to leave.,’ Jay shoots you a look, the anger on his face evident. ‘You need to take him and go somewhere else.’

‘Yeah, she’ll take me back to my place and I’ll know for sure if she really does.’ He smirks at Jay, and before you see it coming, Jay has connected a punch to his chin, knocking him temporarily off balance and spinning him into the circle. People scatter to avoid him.

‘Jay! What the fuck are you doing!’ You step towards Derek, but before you could see if he is alright, he has sprung up, charging towards Jay and connecting with his abdomen, pushing him sideways into the drinks table. A crash of bottles is heard as they both collapse into it, throwing punches in a desperate attempt to connect with skin and inflict harm. You run forward, tugging on Derek’s shoulder, who is laying on top of Jay, pinning him to the table. In an instant, Jay has over powered him, flipping him around in a swift motion. A shard of glass flies from the table, connecting with your arm, causing you to withdraw it instantly. You feel the sting of sharpness, followed by the warmth of blood dripping. You put your hand up to clutch it, stepping backwards. A pair of hands grasp you, pulling you back from the circle, guiding you backwards to the corner of the room. You can’t tell who it is, so you struggle against their arms to return to the table. You had to stop them fighting.

‘Shhh… Y/n, it’s fine.,’ Kiseok’s deep voice soothes you. ‘Just stay here…’

‘Kiseok… I’m bleeding.’ You manage in a quivering voice, the shock of the incident still raw in your memory. You glance down at your arm, a deep, thin slice of scarlet dripping blood onto your leg. His white t-shirt is speckled with your blood, stained in red dotted along his torso.

‘I know. I’ll get HyunJung… Just stay here, promise?’

‘I’m here.,’ You look to the sound of your best friends voice as she takes a position next to him, her face churning in paleness as she sees your arm. ‘Shit.’ The word is all she can manage. Simon nods from her to your shaking arm. Hyunjung moves to try and help you instantly, and Simon dissapears again to deal with the fight.

‘What happened?’ You question numbly as she lifts your arm, holding it upwards to stem the flow.

‘You’ve got two men acting like completely fucking idiots over there is what happened.,’ She looks around the room desperately, her eyes falling on a box of tissues left on the corner of a table near both of you. She grasps a handful, her eyes looking at yours sympathetically. ‘Y/n, this is going to sting.’ The pressure of her hand attempting to stem the flow of scarlet from your arm shoots through you like hot needles.

‘Fuck…’ The white hot sting of pain is clouded by the approach of Jay through the sea of people in the room. Your eyes glance away.

‘Jay, fuck off.,’ Hyunjung snaps bitterly as he nears the both of you. ‘She sure as shit doesn’t want to talk to your stupid ass right now.’

‘Hey, I’m your fucking boss.’ His white t shirt is ripped, his hair dishevelled, jeans dotted with spots of what you assume to be your own blood. You can already identify the welt of a deep bruise rising in his arm.

‘Well you aren’t fucking acting like it, you idiot.’ She snaps back with renewed vigor. Jay changes tact, refusing to engage in conversation with her.

‘He was being fucking ridiculous, Y/n. This whole thing is bullshit.’ You can feel the weight of the whole party’s ears listening to your conversation. You didn’t know where Derek had gone, and frankly you didn’t care to find out. In an instant, you realise how truly exhausted you were. You just wanted to go home.

‘Jay, stop. I don’t want to talk about it.’ Your voice is drained, your weakness causing your head to sag in tiredness.

‘That’s the fucking problem, though. You never want to talk about it. Every time I try and show you I like you, you just ignore my feelings. Fuck, I even stopped mid-blow job for you and I still got nothing.,’ You feel Hyungjung’s body tense tightly next to you. ‘You owe me an explanation. You can’t keep fucking with me like this. I’m not a damn toy. I know there is something there.’

‘Jay, she doesn’t owe you shit.’ Your friend bites back furiously at his comments.

‘Hyunjung, fuck off. This has zero to do with you, huh?’

‘She’s right. I don’t owe you shit. I don’t owe you an explanation. I don’t owe you anything.,’ You stand, your hand taking over from Hyunjung, your fingers linking over the tissue already damp with your own blood. ‘I’m so fucking done.’ With that, you turn on your heal and leave the party.  

plethoraofkitkats  asked:

hey. could you make me/refer me to a timeline of twenty øne pilots? (including events like no Phun intended, separation of original tøp, and any event that has shaped the band)

best question ever. here’s my best effort at an unfinished (i’m not including certain skits/songs with churches for example) tmi timeline. start it by watching this timeline video. also, self promo- today i updated a playlist of unreleased top songs.

2007/2008: high school senior tyler joseph releases solo ep no phun intended

2009: in columbus, ohio, twenty one pilots is born, named after the play “all my sons”. tyler joseph recruits college friends nick thomas and chris salih to make music, and mark eschleman helps design the logo. a remake of the npi song save is released on the website. somewhere in here, tyler records dollhouse as a college theater project with friend jocef.

december 29, 2009: twenty one pilots releases their self titled album. this lil band plays shows obsessively. mom rangles people to buy tickets. they play wherever they can… bars, churches, festivals, frat boy’s living rooms, couple’s bedrooms… wherever music can be heard, they’ll be there. they build their fanbase by building tiny pockets of fans.

2010: twenty one pilots releases a couple more songs on soundcloud, myspace, and youtube: time to say goodbye and trees (originally written by 17 year old tyler) and a jar of hearts cover. tyler is also a part of jocef’s song live (josef is later part of be concerned on rab).

2011: tyler meets josh, a cute emo kid who works at guitar center. josh plays live drums for house of heroes. tyler is interning at his church in the worship department and consequently stars in The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango.

may 2011: regional at best webseries teaser. (so important.)

mid 2011: both members leave twenty one pilots, leaving tyler as the only member of twenty one pilots. they leave tearful messages on Facebook. tyler starts hints at a new album with forest poetry. (originally called forrest?)

july 8, 2011: with the help of josh, twenty one pilots releases a mixtape, regional at best. now tyler says that the album is generally unfinished, but is an essential part of the development of the band. this album gets the band noticed…

november 2011: twenty one pilots sells out the Newport Music Hall (i wonder how much tyler’s mom helped with selling tickets this time.) this show brings pockets of fans together, into one, beautiful crowd. around the same time, the band also gains about 8k likes on Facebook. the combination of these events draws the attention of several labels. 

also in 2011: two and the original house of gold are released.

february 11, 2012: video for goner is released.

april 2012: twenty one pilots sell out the LC pavilion and reveal that they have been signed to fueled by ramen. (also this video)

summer 2012: korean tour.

june 2012: twenty one pilots record their first studio album.

july 17, 2012: ep “three songs” released.

august 2012: can’t help falling in love cover.

november 14, 2012: holding onto you video released.

january 2, 2013: guns for hands video released.

january 8, 2013: vessel released. reached top 58 on billboard, No. 42 on the Digital Albums chart, No. 17 on the Internet Albums chart, No. 15 on the Rock Albums Chart and No. 10 on the Alternative Albums Chart. this included their first radio single, holding onto you.

april 19, 2013: car radio video released.

october 2, 2013: second house of gold video released.

november 2013: tyler and josh spend time on a farm idk why.

december 2013: british migraine video released and deleted.

december 31, 2013: truce ‘an ode to 2013′ video released.  during 2013, the band went on several small tours with fall out boy, neon trees, and others.

april 2014: mad world cover.

april 13, 2014: twenty one pilots perform on MTV movie awards.

summer 2014: twenty one pilots performs at many big time summer festivals for the first time.

september 2014: quiet is violent tour starts. sometime in 2014, tyler records doing backing vocals for panic!

december 21, 2014: ode to sleep video released.

february 2015: blurryface twitter account created and information is “leaked” in march. and so the incredible blurryface era begins. those were some intense times, lemme tell ya. i dont think we slept for a good three months. 

march 16, 2015: fairly local video released. around this date tyler gets married to jenna.

april 5, 2015: tear in my heart video released.

april 27, 2015: stressed out video released.

may 11, 2015: twenty one pilots leaks their own album bc that’s such a great way to stress out the clique. blurryface tour also begins in the uk.

may 13, 2014: ride video released.

may 15, 2015: blurryface is released early. it becomes a number one album.

july 20, 2015: lane boy video released. 

december 31, 2015: @stillstreet i’m literally still waiting for this year’s video thanks.

someone fact check me, i’m wiped out.

Schrödingers Katze

Eine Stahlkammer: Darin befindet sich ein Geigerzähler, daneben eine radioaktive Substanz. Wenn eines der Atome zerfällt, schlägt der Geigerzähler aus und durch ein vom Geigerzähler betätigtes Hämmerchen wird eine mit Blausäure gefüllte Ampulle zerschlagen. Die entweichenden, giftigen Dämpfe töten eine Katze, die sich ebenfalls in dem Kasten befindet.
Was ist der Sinn hinter dieser Höllenmaschine?
Die Physik ist in die klassische Physik und die Quantenmechanik eingeteilt. Die klassische Physik beschreibt alle großen Dinge wie z.B.: wir, Sterne, Planeten,… Hingegen beschreibt die Quantenmechanik alles extrem Kleine wie z.B. Photonen, Neutronen,… Dieses Gedankenmodell stellt die Frage, ob quantenmechanische „Aktionen“ (zerfallendes Atom) in die klassische Welt (Katze) übergehen können. Also; ist die Katze tot, lebendig oder vielleicht beides?
Zu diesem Gedankenexperiment haben sich folgende Interpretationen entwickelt. (Um nur einige zu nennen)

Kopenhagener Deutung:
Hier erfolgt ein Kollaps der Wellenfunktion, wenn die Kiste geöffnet wird. Wenn die Kiste geschlossen ist findet in diesem Modell noch keine Messung statt. Also sind die Dinge im Kasten, so lange keine Messung stattgefunden hat, in einem Zustand der Superposition. D.h. dass sich in dieser Zeit das Atom noch nicht „entschieden“ hat was es macht; zerfällt es oder nicht. Daher ist der Zustand des Atoms „verschwommen“; es ist also beides gleichzeitig. Demnach ist auch die Katze tot und lebendig. Wenn die Kiste geöffnet wird, kommt es zum Kollaps der Wellenfunktion. D.h. im Moment der Messung „entscheidet“ sich das Atom und einer der beiden Zustände tritt ein. Der letztendliche Zustand der Katze hängt vom Zufall ab.

Die Dekohärenz beschreibt den Übergang eines quantenmechanischen Objekts in ein „klassisches“ Objekt. Erst ist ein Teilchen kohärent, also quantenmechanisch (Superposition usw.) danach entscheidet es sich in welchen Zustand es eintreten möchte, dann ist es ein „klassisches“ Objekt, da der Ort usw. bestimmt ist. Bei der Dekohärenz-Theorie tritt die Messung nicht erst bei der Öffnung der Kiste ein, sondern schon in der Kiste. Das  Atom wechselwirkt nämlich mit der Umgebung in der Kiste. Bei jeder Wechselwirkung „entscheidet“ sich das Teilchen welchen Zustand es begehrt. Es ist also ein „klassisches“ Objekt. Danach wechselwirkt die Umgebung mit der Umgebung usw., bis es bei der Katze angekommen ist.

Laut dieser Interpretation teilt sich das Universum, wenn ein  Zustand eintritt. Erst ist die Katze lebendig und in dem Moment, in dem das Atom zerfällt, teilt sich das Universum in zwei Universen. In einem ist die Katze tot und in einem lebendig, aber es gibt keine Superposition; die beiden Zustände existieren unabhängig voneinander. Wenn diese Interpretation wahr ist, würde sich das Universum in jedem Augenblick in unendlich viele Teile teilen, da jede Möglichkeit eintreten würde.

Bohm’sche Mechanik:
Die Bohmsche Mechanik ist eine deterministische Interpretation, d.h. alles was war, was ist und was sein wird ist festgelegt. Es ist also bestimmt zu welchem Zeitpunkt das Atom zerfällt und wann die Katze stirbt, es gibt keinen Zufall und auch keine Superposition.

Bei dieser Interpretation wird das Ergebnis auf die Gesamtheit mehrerer Systeme bezogen. Man findet das Ergebnis also einfach heraus, indem man sehr viele Kästen mit Atom, Katze,… aufstellt und bei jedem hineinschaut und das Ergebnis notiert. Der Durchschnitt ist das gesamte Ergebnis. Je mehr Kästen man aufstellt, desto genauer ist das Ergebnis (Gesetz der großen Zahlen).

Fucking. Bullshit. 

Everyone knows Azibar to be rude, abrasive, and over all not one to listen to rules. So, when the camp went into lock down and he refused to leave his spot because, ‘You rangled me once, and now i’m here. I ain’t moving again’, He got a decent thwap to the face with a security baton, which put in out just long enough for them to drag him down to the bunker and promptly zip-tie his arm to a bed. Just for extra safety measures. When he woke up, he gave an over the top groan. “Fuuuckk!” He yelled, tearing his arm away from the zip-tie. For a moment he thought about getting up and putting up a fight, but decided on just slumping back in defeat. He patted his pants pockets.  At least they didn’t his cigarettes. 

okay but headcanon that lucas totally under dresses for everything and like when maya is getting ready for her first date with lucas riley and maya keep arguing bc maya doesn’t see the point in dressing up for a boy who’s known her since she was twelve and riley manages to rangle her into some sort of dress and when they go to meet lucas he’s just sitting there in jeans and a decent-ish sweater riley thinks her grandpa owns and she just sighs deeply and is like “oh my god you guys are soulmates”