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Can you paint realistic faces? Like REALLY realistic?

I ended up spending several hours playing around with brushes in Krita between other stuff today because of you anon, and it’s nowhere near done.

But yeah, this is usually as close as to realistic as I can get. IF I’m lucky.

Grosse régression en perspective : les articles Disney savent comment me rendre folle & me pousser à l’achat compulsif. Ce qui, en soit, peut être une bonne nouvelle puisque si les études supérieures ne me mènent nul part, je pourrais toujours ouvrir un Disney Store à domicile !

List top 10 favorite characters (one per series/fandom) and then tag 10 people!

Sorry this is late, I was at the airport almost all day yesterday and got home really late. But never mine that, I was tagged by sanctuarycolumn and teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship, thanks a bunch for tagging me! Now let’s get this show on the road~

(I’m going to be splitting Saint Seiya into separate series.) 

Saint Seiya: Lyra Orphee (I love a lot of them but he is the first and foremost)

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas: Libra Dohko

Saint Seiya Omega:  Libra Genbu (an angel too good for this world *gross tears*)

Red vs. Blue: WASHINGTON!!!

Power Rangers: Robo Knight (my baby~~)

Agent of SHIELD: Phil Coulson (who doesn’t love the Super Nanny?)

Transformers Prime: Soundwave

Transformers Armada: STARSCREAM!!!!! (I just wanna hug him so bad!! *more gross tears*)

Ninjago: Lloyd Garmadon (the only Lego character I’ve actually found hot~ ^////^ )

Pokemon: May

Alright, I could go on and on but I still need to tag people. (Sorry if I’m tagging you second time!) akita-covethunder  ashinypegasus  johnny-storms-hair  sweetdreamssaintseiya  the-legend-of-nessie  unicagem  amusing-saint-seiya  spuddy133  bioniscribbles  kochei0 

(You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, don’t feel obligated because you were tagged. Just have fun!)