Keith, at the store because Lance is having his monthly: :< 

Clerk: How can I help you?

Keith: Oh I’m just picking up some pads for my boyfriend. 

Clerk: That’s so sweet. :3 

Keith: :3 


And that’s how Bruce became an alcoholic.

Dispy…suggested to myself and i am so so sorry. That is the creepiest thing i’ve ever drawn and i never want to draw it ever again. I questioned my life those few minutes.

Lucky Charms (maybe i should have given him orange hair?) and green power ranger, i think i saw them in tags and i was like “omfg that’s a yes”. lol. 

it’s 4 in the morning. i’m so tired.


Remember when i drew Ed and Jon in high fashion and high heels and dressed them is sexy costumes? what happened to those days? how did it come to this?

Lance: :((( 

Keith: Babe are you okay? :0 

Lance: :(( Yeah, I’m just sad because my binder isn’t working that well. 

Keith: Do you want me to buy you a new one? :3 

Lance: :0 !!!!! Really??? 

Keith: Yeah, let’s pick one out that fits you comfortably. :333 

Lance: Keith…I mclove u 


seriously there are so many unmarked spoilers right now ;-;

Guildbreaker (Ranger Archetype)

Two weeks ago we did an entry on the Guild Agent archetype, and talked about thieves guilds in general. Now today we’re exploring an archetype that wants to destroy such organizations.

To clarify, the guildbreaker is not specifically anti-thieves guild, but rather trains to face off against organizations that they cannot abide, be they good or evil or something else. Some may be lawbringers seeking to put the kibosh on organized crime or insidious cults, or they might be anarchists or villains that want to undermind authority. Regardless, they study their chosen foes much as others do specific groups of beings to better defeat them.

This comes with its own challenges, of course, since organizations are a part of civilization, for the most part. Meaning intrigue and politics factor into the tactics of these foes, and those the guildbreaker must use against them.

Though they can still train against specific creature types, these rangers also can train themselves against specific organizations, learning their methods, their calling cards, their tactics, all with the purpose of bringing them down as they would any favored enemy.

To a guildbreaker, the city is like a jungle in its own right, but also like a body of water, every action affecting each part, and with a keen eye and ear, be traced back to its source. As such, but simply listening to the local rumormill and interacting with others, they can learn about the goings on of the city, all without asking any direct questions.

To make their desires to defeat organizations a reality, these warriors learn to turn their knowledge of an organization against it, allowing them to masquerade as a member to infiltrate within. This goes so far and so deep that they can even fool truthtelling magic, but only in regards to direct questions about their membership and loyalty. Indirect questions can still trip them up.

Being in an urban environment means dealing with crowds, and these rangers learn to rapidly navigate them, finding no hindrance.

Interested in an urban ranger more suited to taking down the villainous organization(s) the party will be facing? This might be the right choice. Most ranger builds will apply here, but the choices of what organizations and guilds to target with their abilities will be affected by the presence and relevance of such opposing groups.

The reasons behind their enmity with various organizations are likely as diverse as the organizations they might possibly go up against. An archetype like this is just begging to be paired up with the villainous groups from the new Villain Codex. Have fun and be creative!


Convinced that the arcane academy of Spenza is a den of evil, Detective Baldana has been digging deep into their history, and practicing with casting spells from concealed wands, all to get closer and blow the “conspiracy” wide open. What she doesn’t realize it the truth is more terrible than her wildest suspicion.

Having had enough of adventurers foiling their well-laid plans, the secret society has been orphaning children with agents posing as sellswords, then summarily adopting them, hoping to create agents trained to tear apart adventuring guilds with bloody-minded intensity. It will be years before it comes to fruition, but the recent rumors of murderous adventuring troops are disturbing to say the least.

The specially assembled squadron of the guard devoted to breaking up organized crime would be well on their way to eradicating the thieves guild of Mareonne, if it were not for them being hamstringed at every turn by the corrupt officials and nobility. The frustrations of these justice-seekers only grows, and now a mysterious patron has appeared, offering them a new target, the very nobility that impedes them.