Trini IS an LGBT character and even though it’s not made a big deal in the film, it’s still part of her character. And it’s most likely gonna be explored more in sequels. Plus none of the rangers had any serious romance stuff in this movie and the people behind the movie confirmed she isn’t straight so it’s not queer baiting. We don’t know if she’s gay or bi, but we know she isn’t straight even if it’s only a small reference. Don’t erase her sexuality just because it wasn’t made so explicit in this first movie of a possible franchise

Can we take a minute to talk about how excited Candace Cranston was for her son? First it was “Billy, Jason Scott is here to see you!” And then it was “Jason Scott and Kimberly Hart and Zack Taylor and some girl named Deedee (Trini) are here to see you!”

Just… imagine Candace trying to raise a son on her own, especially when he clearly gets bullied and has a hard time making friends, and over the course of eleven days, he goes from no friends to four other kids coming to pick him up, actually initiating positive interaction with him and I can only imagine how happy it made her to see her son making friends.