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Greats Of The Game - Rio Ferdinand, Central Defender

Played 81 times for the England national football team between 1997 and 2011, and was a member of three FIFA World Cup squads. He is regarded by many to be one of England’s greatest ever players and he is one of the most decorated English footballers of all time.

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Power Rangers: Star League

Decades after the Silver Ranger Joe West had stepped away from crime fighting to build a family, a new threat arises in Central City. It’s a good thing he spent all that energy teaching Iris and Wally to fight. It’s an even better thing that his kids had become friends with research scientists Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon who had, along with their friend Dr. Caitlin Snow, done thorough research into the metahumans surge. It’s time for a new era of Rangers.

{image: eight gifs from The Flash and Power Rangers. each character is next to their corresponding Ranger. the character’s background matches their Ranger color. Iris is the Red Ranger, Wally is the Yellow Ranger, Barry is the Blue Ranger, and Cisco is the Green Ranger.}

November Writing Challenge: Write a story set in the old west

With the sun beating burns into my shoulders and arms, I dashed down the dirt road to the river. I finished cleaning my daddy’s gun just five minutes ago and rushed down to the spot where I normally met my brother. Every day around noon he brought his horses down to the river to drink. In the distance, I saw him finishing with the last horse. He looked around. I saw the disappointment when he shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t think I was coming. I called his name. I wasn’t supposed to disturb the peace out there. He always yelled at me about that. 

To my surprise, my brother looked in my direction and smiled when he saw me. He let his horses get a second drink to give us time together. 

“I thought that today was the day you couldn’t get away because you had to work indoors,” he said to me. 

“It was. I got away.” A sneaky grin fell on my face. 

My brother looked taller that day, like he went into some overnight transformation. His skin held a deeper tan. He smelled of sweat and lifting bales of hay. 

“Don’t sneak out tomorrow. Stay there and do whatever work they give you. Instead, wait for me to come back for you.” 

“Come back for me? Where are you going?” I panicked. Every day for the past ten years we met by that river to make plans to leave that place. The once beautiful land was crowded and dry. There was fighting from the people who were forced into the land. and the white men who kept stealing the pieces of the land they wanted. Overcrowding led to fighting and killing. 

“Don’t you listen to anything the adults talk about? My dad and your dad are going off to find Butch! They’re going to put an end to the train robberies. They want me to come with them.” 

My brother looked happy, but I wasn’t. My father was a man known as the Lone Ranger. He was on a mission to make a name for himself, but the real hero was my brother’s father, Tanto. Our mother, a slave woman named Daisy, came up with all of their plans to catch the robbers. Secretly she was concocting a plan to make it back to South Carolina to find her husband at the plantation she was sold from before she ended up out here as a mother to two children who weren’t allowed to grow up in the same home. I feared that my brother was just going to be a nameless face who did all the work but got no credit. 

My father was not a good man. He was lazy. Most times he only showed up to the scene of the crimes after Tanto had the bad guys wrangled. He got his praise, and then he went on to satisfy his vices- bootlegged liquor, tobacco, and women. Somehow, though, he got the praise while Tanto was regarded as some sidekick. I wished Tanto was my daddy. That way I’d be able to spend actual time with him instead of being handed a gun to clean once a day. 

“Be careful out there,” I told my brother and gave him a long hug. I turned to walk away before he could see that I wanted to cry. 

“Hey!” my brother called out to me. 

I looked over my shoulder. “It may take a few years, but I’ll see you with our mother in South Carolina.” 

I smiled, hoping that my brother survived doing my dad’s dirty work while my dad became the hero my brother was.