rangers west

It was suggested to me today, as I wrestled yet another smelly shopping trolley from yet another smelly West Lothian bog, that finding large items of hidden junk on community clean-ups was akin to going big game trophy hunting. What do you reckon? Do you think it will catch on? I’m not sure I can see those nobheads who pose with dead animals going for it myself, but I do feel a whole new line of ‘Ben poses with…..’ photos coming on 😉

power rangers || west
hey guys!!!! so i haven't made a video i nearly two years, so i thought what better way to get back into it than power rangers (2017)!!! seriously this movie...

guys i made a video!!! please go check it out if you can, its about the whole power rangers team and i’m really proud of it (and i promise you won’t regret it!)

enjoy :)

Yesterday I was mostly dealing with this, a car that had been stolen in East Lothian and ended up burnt-out on top of one of our reclaimed bings, taking out two of our waymarkers in the process. It was particularly frustrating given we’d promoted the site and its waymarked loop just two weeks ago :( Just another day in the office.