rangers up

just want everyone to understand

i loved power rangers so much growing up that i wanted to change my name to tommy and i even grew out my hair in my early teenage years probably because i subconsciously wanted to be like him. basically i love tommy. it actually has less to do with the power rangers than i thought, i think i’m just tommys biggest fan

I watched Power Rangers tonight with a group of friends and there a few great takeaways from the film. Keep in mind that we are all what society would consider adults and have all watched Power Rangers on television while growing up.

1) Power Rangers can be summed up as a movie with an elaborate plot to rob a donut shop.

2) Effectively, the film is a two hour Krispy Kreme commercial.

3) They used the original theme song for a brief moment. Yes. They actually did.

4) It doesn’t matter who you think you are, we are all Billy, the Blue Ranger.

5) Zords. Megazords.

6) Slapping is now again an effective method of defeating your enemies, most notably bullies.

7) They had a Team Rocket scene at the end. Yes. They did that as well (minus Meowth).

8) Power Rangers was essentially a Saturday morning from the 90s set in 2017.

That is all.

One of the reasons the original Cybermen are so creepy and the later ones aren’t is, well, look at them. They don’t just look like shiny robots—the traces of their humanity are very obvious. And there’s something far more horrifying about one of those creatures saying “this is what we want to turn you into” than a cool, sleek robot saying it. Because let’s be honest, being a cool robot doesn’t sound all that bad—even the no emotions part might seem like a plus to some people. But when one of these guys stands before you and claims to be superior—to have improved themself—the horror and tragedy is immediately apparent.