rangers tickets

me, receiving power ranger screening tickets: idk if i’ll go… it looks pretty bad

Power Rangers: the yellow one is gay

me, first in line at the screening: It’s Morphin’ Time!

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power rangers! my brother told me he walked out after watching power rangers and bought a ticket for the next showing! im gonna have to see it soon!

it’s honestly SO good. I’m autistic and I never get to see myself represented on screen and the blue power ranger is on the spectrum and it’s like seeing an autistic superhero??? amazing. and the cast is just so good. 


So I don’t know if they mentioned this on TV I still haven’t went back and watched the broadcast, whoops, but at the Stars @ Rangers game in February Cam Talbot had left his water bottle behind when they switched sides for overtime. Kari had brought his own bottle with him, switched it out, and then rolled Talbot’s back down the ice with a cute little, “That’s yours” gesture with his stick.