rangers tickets

me, receiving power ranger screening tickets: idk if i’ll go… it looks pretty bad

Power Rangers: the yellow one is gay

me, first in line at the screening: It’s Morphin’ Time!

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My dad just bought rangers tickets for November 4th for my birthday (which was yesterday) But he forgot we have to go to a wedding that day... so we have to return them unless we lie about getting the tickets months in advance

omg fuck the wedding sports are more important 


So I don’t know if they mentioned this on TV I still haven’t went back and watched the broadcast, whoops, but at the Stars @ Rangers game in February Cam Talbot had left his water bottle behind when they switched sides for overtime. Kari had brought his own bottle with him, switched it out, and then rolled Talbot’s back down the ice with a cute little, “That’s yours” gesture with his stick.

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Clint/Darcy hey takes her to a baseball game and he did not know she is a hugeee fan so when she stars yelling at the umpire and he starts to get a little turned on :P

Dear anon. I don’t really know baseball. But I yell at hockey games, so I took a bit of artistic license. I want to be very very clear here, I am not a Rangers fan. I am Canadian. For better or for worse, the Canucks are my team. But the Habs were the only horse I had in the playoff race… Goddamn Rangers.

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