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I don’t really need “previously on *TV series name*” but I’d be super grateful for sth like that in fanfictions

Road Trip AU
  • Will: Backseat. Wouldn't shut up for the first half of the trip, and kept asking every five minutes when they were going to get there. Is the reason Halt eventually agreed to turn the radio on. Fell asleep halfway through the trip and hasn't moved. Is he even alive.
  • Halt: the driver. Refused to have the radio on at first, but eventually gave in in the hopes it would drown out Will. Insists he knows where he's going without instructions. Gave up on any hope of conversation 10 minutes in and now only speaks to tell the others to shut up.
  • Crowley: shotgun. Is singing along to the radio loudly and frequently changing stations to annoy Halt. Keeps wanting to pull over and look at random stuff like cows and trees. Has instructions written out and is trying to convince Halt to use them. Is in charge of snacks.
  • Gilan: backseat. Is pretending not to know how the radio works and keeps making song requests to annoy Halt and Crowley. Claims that he's dying because the backseat is too small for him and is trying convince Crowley to switch with him. Exaggerates every story he tells, and keeps shouting out random directions to confuse Halt.
  • BONUS:
  • Horace: the middle backseat. Has patiently listened to both Will and Gilan the entire trip. Stole and ate all the snacks in the first half hour of the trip. Asks to pull over and eat whenever they pass a restaurant. Should really be sitting in the front seat, he is too tall. Save him.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the first thing Will did once he was out on his own was adopt a dog.

Imagine how many times he tried to adopt pets while he was living with Halt.
He shows up after hunting down bandits and “please Halt she’s adorable we can even keep her in the barn because cats hunt mice right”
Or Will shows up after patrolling the fief and “I know rangers don’t have dogs but loOK AT THIS ADORABLE FACE HOW CAN YOU SAY NO”

And then Will shows up at the gathering grounds with Shadow and Halt’s just like “for fuCKS SAKE why am I not surprised”

  • Will: From now on, we'll be using codenames. You will address me as "Eagle One"
  • Will: Evanlyn. Code name: "Been There, Done That"
  • Will: Alyss is: "Currently Doing That"
  • Will: Jenny is: "It Happened Once In A Dream"
  • Will: Horace. Code name: "If I Had To Pick A Dude"
  • Will: Halt is..."Eagle Two"
  • Halt: Oh thank god
  • (bonus)
  • Will: (looks at Gilan) "I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It" is in position.
If RA Was a TV Show- Bloopers *PART 2*

Scene: Will singing at the Cracked Flagon [Book 5]

Will: *Strums cord dramatically and clears his thoat* Let it GOoooo LET it GOOOO! Can’t Hold it back anyyMORE! 

Scene: Will, Horace and Alyss say goodbye [Book 6]

Will: *Leans in to kiss Alyss* 

Alyss: *does a small burp*


Alyss: *covers her mouth, giggling* IM SO SORRY!

Will: That was so attractive, wtf

Scene: Gilan helps Will out [Book 7]

Gilan: Something on your mind Will?

Will: *Slaps Gilan really hard across the face*


Will: Sorry, there was a mosquito on your face

Scene: Horace attempting to be enigmatic [Book 8]

Horace: *Walks purposefully* 

Horace: *trips over his own feet*

Scene: Morgarath inspecting his army [Book 1]

Morgarath: This calls for an evil laugh! MWAHAHAAAAACK *Coughs loudly* *Chokes* AAHAGGG *Breathes raggedly* HAHAHAAAA *coughs some more*

Morgarath: *takes a deep breath and nods to himself* …that was good.

Scene: Horace asks about One Raven Pass [Book 9]

Horace: Still though…One raven can’t have great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren by itself can it? 

Halt: Its a legend Horace


Halt: *looks at camera like The Office*

Scene: Salt Peter [Book 1]

Salt Peter: Says something stupid

Halt: *looks at camera like The Office*

Scene: Horace, Halt and Will sitting around a fire [Any Book]

Horace, Halt and Will: *Sipping coffee really loud and drawn*

I want a fanfic where Gilan and Will pull some prank that’s pretty risky but they think they haven’t been caught and go home right.
Then the next day Halt has to go and talk to the Baron and the Baron’s all like “look at what your fucking apprentices did”
But Halt’s obviously like “my children are perfect little ANGELS they would NEVER do such a thing” but he gets home and is all like “you litTLE SHITS”


My headcanons for Will and Alyss! post apprentice years bc they all look to old for that lol also I’m only up to book 8 so no spoilers pls!

but trans girl alyss I mean.. shes way tall and is described as having a deep voice for a girl.. I think its perfect….

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