rangers apprentice

  • *goes in to a bookstore*
  • me:*squeals of excitement*
  • me:*gently strokes all the books*
  • me:*whisper* I am going to be your new mom
  • *buys books*
  • *goes home*
  • me:*looks at bookshelf* but on the other hand I have only read these books twelve times... I should probably read them again.
  • me:*looks at the new books* please don't judge me!
Ranger's Apprentice Titles

Ranger’s Apprentice: I Want To Go To Battleschool

Ranger’s Apprentice: My Friend and I Burn Down a Bridge

Ranger’s Apprentice: I Do Drugs For the First Time

Ranger’s Apprentice: We Team Up With Some Vikings that Had Previously Enslaved Me

Ranger’s Apprentice: Time Skip - I’m an Adult Now

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Vikings Help Me Save A Castle

Ranger’s Apprentice: I’m a Kid Again and I Lost My Horse

Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt Has a Brother?

Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt Almost Dies 

Ranger’s Apprentice: I’m A Butterfly

Ranger’s Apprentice: NOOOO TUGGGG *cries*

Ranger’s Apprentice: In Which The Author Uses a Common Fanficiton Trope and Gets Away With It, or AKA My New Apprentice is Sassier than Me

  • Horace:"Any sign of them yet?"
  • Will:"Yes a party of fifty Scotti came through just twenty minutes ago."
  • Horace:"Really?"
  • Will:"Oh my word, yes, they where rideing on oxen and playing bagpipes and drums. Of course not, if they had come past, I would have woken you-if only to stop your snoring."
  • Horace:"I don't snore."
  • Will:" Is that so? Then in that case, you'd better chase out that colony of walruses who are in the tent with you...of course you snore.”