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Hello! This might be a weird one but think what if HTTYD/RTTE characters were Power Rangers. What colors would you choose for each? Their powers and weapons? Would their dragons be their symbols and Zords? Who can be their mentor, allies, and enemies? And what do you think would be their hobbies while they're in their modern selves?

Heyo, this could be a pretty fun! Unfortunately, I’ve never watched Power Rangers, so I wouldn’t be able to do a good analysis on the topic myself.

I got very excited over Pacific Rim 2, though, I keep forgetting it’s an actual thing we’re actually getting and now with those set pictures ??

I’m super stoked, I wanna see what the world is like after the Kaiju war (or rather, as is more likely, between Kaiju wars), I wanna know if people kept up that unified stance everyone had, the whole “world saving the world” attitude, or if they fell back into the usual divisions and squabbles as everyone collectively tries to pick up the pieces.

What happens to the PPDC? Is it dissolved because the threat is (as far as they know) eliminated? Do they keep training Rangers just in case? Do they have Jaegers on standby? And if countries start fighting again, what happens if one of them happens to have a Jaeger team handy in the hanger?

Like, I’d love to see the cooperation continue. It took a team of Japanese, British, American, and Australian to take down the Breach (not to mention all of the support teams in Hong Kong) and it would make me super happy to see the world keep on like that, work together to start rebuilding 

but I’m also super curious what it would be like if people went back to their usual scraping for every last resource, fighting over jurisdiction (who has to clean up the Kaiju Blue if it’s in international waters?) only this time with giant robots to back them up. And then, of course, only to need to come together again when the Kaiju decide they aren’t done with this ridiculous little planet.

I’m really excited for Maelstrom guys

Looks like were not cool enough to be made into a Power Rangers team *sigh*

Yeah we know how it feels guys our wristbands even said “It’s morphin time!” we made it so easy for them.

At least they didn’t steal one of your members and all your shit while you weren’t looking.


Skateaway train!

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NSFW Love Gas AU with Ranger Saihyo~ ;D (tag nsfw-manda-of-the-6) It was fortunate that the rookies knew to clear out the spar room off of GTS when they saw Saihyo and Manda training, knowing that the ranger's training forms took a great deal of focus for both master and student. It was in the middle of a sparring session -with Saihyo pinning Manda on her back against the mats while teaching her another kata- when a strange pink gas filtered in from the ventilation shafts and into the room.


“You let me take your knee. But you’re getting better.” Saihyo said as he put his knees on her thighs and held her down by the shoulders. The room was warm with the effort they had been putting in and his bare chest was slick with sweat.

The gas hissed as it came in through the ventilation and saihyo stiffened. Immediately looking for options, he barked out a stiff “don’t move!” and pulled Manda’s unfortunately thin shirt up and over her mouth and nose. He covered his own airway with his arm as best as he could, though in the moment they didn’t dare change position as the gas settled around them


Hohenfels, Germany – U.S. Army Rangers with the 75th Ranger Regiment conduct a training raid at the Hohenfels Training Area, Germany during exercise Swift Response 15, Aug. 26, 2015.

Swift Response 15 is the U.S. Army’s largest combined airborne training event in Europe since the end of the Cold War. More than 4,800 service members from 11 NATO nations – including Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States – will take part in the exercise on training areas in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Romania, Aug. 17-Sept. 13, 2015.

Swift Response 15 is designed to integrate multiple allied nations’ crisis response forces into a cohesive team and demonstrate the combined ability to rapidly deploy and operate in support of maintaining a strong and secure Europe.

(U.S. Army photo by Visual Information Specialist Markus Rauchenberger/released)


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Toddles and signature PerformanceTimeshipping pose ♥

Finally introducing the infamous Leo Reid, Dento and Elle’s youngest son.

13 years old. Quick-tempered, gullible, passionate and goal driven, Pokemon Ranger in training and part-time model. Selfies king and poffins enthusiast.
Leo was adopted by Dento and Elle Reid from the Aluria Children’s Home (on Nacrene City) when he was 4 years old (and Charlotte 6). His biological parents’ whereabouts remain unknown but it’s assumed they were one of the victims of the very first Inferius attack.

CV: Junko Minagawa


8/17 Drawn

More Asagao Guilds stuff! I’m getting quicker at putting these together, so luckily it shouldn’t take all that much longer to draw the other half. (I was going to be consistent in art style for this, i said… and then I wasn’t ;-;)

Jared The Rogue
Under the hood and behind the mask, Jared is just too gorgeous for questing, therefore he covers up most of the time to prevent any distractions. Charming, swoon-worthy, and carrying with him a dark secret…

Jeff The Ranger
Often the voice of reason within Hidden Block and the peace keeper when negotiating with Normal Boots. Bright and cheerful, but stern when he has to be. Devoted to his work and best friends with PBG.

PBG The Ranger
He and Jeff were trained as Rangers together. A bit lazy, but a huge fan of adventure. Originally not from Asagao City, keeps a bit of a close eye on Hana when she first arrives, although it quickly is seen how kind he is to her. A huge fan of naps.

Wallid The Cleric
A well educated man with a bit of a jokester side to him, however one of the more level headed and perceptive members of Hidden Block. A good mentor to Hana and a fundamental member of the team seeing as everyone struggles to stay not-hurt.

“• Canadian Tuxedo •
Bringin’ the boots back to the roots.
Iron Rangers on a train/track.
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