ranger outfit


For people who interested, 21 Feb 2017 they will released DLC called Booster Pack.. the power ranger outfits if you can see 😂😂😂 and for Glaiolus DLC will be out on 28 March 2017! Can’t wait!!! And the rumour said Prompto will be on June 2017 😊😊


I’ve been watching so many Power Rangers episodes in the last few weeks I got inspired by some of the cool outfits that the villains wore 🕷🌺✨ Also, I wanted to experiment with styles and colours 🙂

idk, Winter is coming for Sinjir Rath Velus (from Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath series)


to celebrate me finally getting my Rockruff in-game, I wanted to draw Ellie with the whole family!
But I got extreme choice paralysis over whether or not to do the normal color scheme (because it matches the pokemon Ranger outfit??) or the shinies because they are so pretty and match her #gothAesthetic so I’m like “whatever it’s Sun and Moon themed”


Some random notes on the training outfits which will probably only be useful for cosplayers:

  • The armor is made of foam. It looks like it’s either eva foam or L200. (If you’re making the female armor, I’d use thin pieces of eva foam at least for the breast plate since you can probably get a nicer-shaped breast plate than what they have in the actual show by heat forming it.)
  • The colored insets in the armor are fabric glued to a layer of foam. Then another layer of the foam was then glued on top, creating the insets.
  • The under-suit looks like a mix of matte stretch vinyl and spandex. Note that there are differences in the male and female ranger outfits designs, like the sizing and spacing of the different elements.
  • Fabric details: the “arrow” points on the sleeves, aren’t sewed down on the bottom edge.
  • The hood looks like it’s made out of a sturdier fabric, like a twill, and is fully lined. It’s also probably interfaced/stuffed/has a foam insert of some sort to get it to stand up like that. I hope to see more of it to figure it out.

So, I’m not part of the guild or in any way affiliated with @leftpawsrighthand​ but I am in love with the posts I’m seeing from the GW2 Fasion Week event they’ve organized and I wanna show off my characters too! I missed the first day, so I’m cheating and double dipping today. 

Name/Race/Profession: Rekiara Malevu, Human, Ranger

Outfit: Reading Glasses, Seeker Shoulders, Noble Coat, Seeker Gloves, Council Watch Leggings, Rogue Boots

Weapons: Chuka and Champawat; Gargoyle Axe and Torch

Outfit Inspiration: I made Chuka and Champawat a few months ago and, well, I needed something that matched it while keeping the overall look simple(ish).

Pets (not pictured): Just a Soft Kitten (Tiger); Just a Scaly Bird (Electric Wyvern); Just a Pudgy Rock (Bristleback); Just a Good Boy (Krytan Drakehound)

Name/Race/Profession: Vakiara Malevu, Charr, Engineer

Outfit: Magitech Armor in all slots, Blood Ruby Backpack for that extra kick

Weapons: Fix-r-Upper, Fractal Rifle

Outfit Inspiration: The Blood Ruby Backpack. I already had the Magitech armor skins unlocked from ages ago, and when this back was added last summer, I liked the combo and knew it fit best on this character.

Favorite Toolkit: Flamethrower! If it can’t be fixed by burning it harder, it can’t be fixed at all.