ranger man


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Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?

Jeremy Shada:  Because they’re definitely more rivals in a lot of places but the nicest thing is sometimes seeing him and Keith kind of have to come together at times. And when they actually do work together for a common goal they actually end up working really well together and they’re almost like space ranger partners which is-you know-which will be cool


Yeah so everyone’s like “I never expected park rangers to be leading the resistance” and I’m over here like


I worked with park rangers for six years ok? They are some of the most passionate, most badass individuals you will ever meet. Their commitment to history (since we were in a historical park) was unwavering. They read history books for FUN ok? FOR FUN. They are excellent fact checkers. If they don’t know something, they will find it out. They are unflappable.

When I worked on an island with the rangers there, they were committed to both history and nature. They are caretakers and deeply passionate about stewardship of the earth. They want people to have knowledge. They want to spread information far and wide.

So yeah. Park rangers, man. They are BADASS.


Spider-Man geeks out with Deadpool over Power Rangers!

Height means nothing

Context: Our dwarven Paladin is really protective of our human Ranger. It’s kind of endearing since there’s a ridiculous height difference between them. The Ranger is 5'11, the Paladin is 4'9.

Paladin: *running at a man who slapped the ranger* DON’T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER
Man: Your daughter? *Looks at 6’ ranger, then 4’ Paladin* Did you have a kid with a giant?
Ranger: *restrains the man and pushes him up against the wall* I’m adopted, loser.