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if you’re lookin for a fun time...

the Power Rangers movie, my guys.

Look, ok. It is hilarious character-driven action-packed fun times. all things I and most long time PR fans are 100% here for.

All in all, I adore my sons, 

Zack [“My mom’s the BEST”] Taylor,

Billy [actual heart and soul of the film] Cranston and 

Jason [will literally bitch slap idiots who mess with his team] Lee Scott,

 just as much as I full on love my daughters 

Kimberley [reformed queen bitch and baddest fucking ass] Hart and 

Trini [jumps an actual fuckin chasm to avoid the chit chat (tbh same)] Kwan/Gomez/what-is-her-surname-here-I-do-not-know.

seriously, go watch this film. I just know it’s gonna be underrated as hell, and I cannot watch it fail in the box office because the critics have never watched a single Power Rangers episode in their lives.

It’s really hard to put into words just how good the Power Rangers movie was, on many different levels. It was good as a Power Rangers movie. It was good as a summer action movie. It was good as an origin story and as a character piece.

It had just the right amount of cheese and heart and product placement that was hilarious in it’s bold, unapologetic use.

It was one of the only American produced films to have an Asian lead, and the majority of the cast were fully developed characters of color. A nerdy, sensitive, Black autistic teenage boy was the heart of the film.

I went in expecting nostalgia and aome good fights and left genuinely emotionally connected to those characters and I seriously hope they make the sequel they left a stinger for.


and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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