ranger key set


Ranger Key Set - Kyoryuger

Ranger Keys

  • Kyoryu Red
  • Kyoryu Black
  • Kyoryu Blue
  • Kyoryu Green
  • Kyoryu Pink
  • Kyoryu Gold
  • Kyoryu Cyan
  • Kyoryu Gray
  • Kyoryu Violet (Doctor Ulshade)
  • Kyoryu Violet
  • Kyoryu Silver
  • Kyoryu Red Carnival
  • Torin

Each Ranger Key comes with a respective sound cylinder that plays the roll call of each warrior when a key is inserted. The exception is the Kyoryu Violet cylinder, which is shared by both versions of the Kyoryu Violet key. The cylinders are voiced by Shigeru Chiba, the voice actor behind the Kyoryuger equipment, and the actor representing Doctor Ulshade.


Ranger Key Set - Movie Edition (Part 3)

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters’ Greater Power - Buddyroid Keys

  • Cheeda Nick Buddyroid Key
  • Gorisaki Banana Buddyroid Key
  • Cheeda Nick Buddyroid Key
  • Enetan Buddyroid Key
  • Beet J. Stag Buddyroid Key (NOT INCLUDED)

These keys are unique in that two of them introduce the “backwards” style of Ranger Key. The Usada Lettuce Buddyroid Key and Enetan Buddyroid Key both stand on what would normally be the heads of normal Ranger Keys, and their heads flip up to form the key face rather than their legs.