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Power Ranger Funnies #3: Well, I ain’t feeling neurotypical!

Billy’s true superpower should be not so casual and unapologetic reminders of who he is.

Gosh where do I even begin with this? I, as in me this artist of this comic, am autistic. For years I have learned to love myself and be open about being autistic. And for years I have dealt with poorly written autistic character after poorly written autistic character (side-glances at Rain Man) as well as poorly written autistic obviously coded characters created to be laughed at and then slapped in the face by writers who claim they are not on the spectrum (another side-glance at BBT).

Then along comes Billy. Who is autistic, who stims, who claps when he’s happy, who rearranges his pencils, who obsessively makes explosions and calculations, who doesn’t take social queues the same as other people, who desires emotional and close relationships but doesn’t know how, who becomes the most emotional driven character of the movie, who becomes a freakin’ badass superhero, I could go on but in the end;




He is autistic and not some allistic inspirational wet dream or a cruel joke. 

God bless this movie and everyone involved in it.

Please do not repost on this or other sites or remove caption thank you.

EDIT: Finally got around to changing it a little because I didn’t feel Kimberly’s skin wasn’t accurate. My apologises, please reblog this version.


⚡️we should start a band⚡️

I’m so proud of this one!! I’ve never really finished any digital drawings so this is one of my first completed works and I’m sooooo happy with how it came out. There are two versions, one with the overlay of all their ranger colors and one without. Enjoy ❤


Power Rangers Fan-Made Opening

I feel like writing a letter to the CW

And telling them that they have irresponsible teams for most of their shows. Teams being a general term to cover cast/crew.

And that if they want to remedy relations with the LGBT community, which they keep fraying, they should make a show just for us. A show featuring 90% LGBT characters and relationships, including the main relationship and characters, just for LGBT viewers. Obviously non-LGBT individuals are welcome to watch, I know plenty of people are open-minded and down for equality.

And if they’re concerned that there isn’t a market for LGBT content, they can always have a look at their Clexa stats. The difference in ratings between their numbers now as opposed to the Clexa-heavy days is that market. And if they feel that’s not good enough, remind them that there was a day where The 100 was 0.4 viewership and it still got renewed for another season.

For real. So much progress has been made for the LGBT community, especially in legislature, and that’s STILL not enough for them to not be scared about broadcasting LGBT friendly and thriving content?

They know that they have an LGBT audience, and I feel like that’s why they gave us Sanvers. And I’m not saying that Sanvers isn’t a valid ship because of this suspicion, I’m saying that the CW thinks that giving us side-romances are enough.

“Why ship Supercorp when we already gave you Sanvers?”

“Why still talk about Lexa when you have Clarke and Niylah?”

“Why ship Beronica when we gave you Kevin and Joaquin?”

“Why are you still holding onto Beronica? We’re giving you a bisexual Serpent?”

It’s like they’re saying “Isn’t ONE enough?!”

And the answer is: No. And to give the LGBT community some credit, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Granted we would love to see many LGBT ships and characters, but we want quality, and the ships that we support and promote are ones where we see quality, positivity, healthy chemistry and the like.

You know we don’t have much, you know this CW. So why are you mocking us for seeing more than you do in your characters and shows?

Because you know what, when I publish my books, regardless of the size of my following, I will never tell a reader that their ship (or the reason why they associate with the ship) is a joke or invalid. Even if I already know that the characters will never be a canon ship, I will not tell them to stop shipping what they do. I won’t pull the “you never knooooooww” bait either.

I’ll be honest. I’ll either say:

“I never considered this pairing. I will do some evaluation, and I promise that if it makes sense and does not threaten the original ending to the main story, I will do my best to include it for your pleasure.”
“I do not plan on making that relationship happen, but you are still more than welcome to see what you do. Please continue you art, playlists, metas, and fics. Never stop.” Because not every ship can happen, we know this, but that’s not a reason to not ship and CREATE. It is a muse for you. A source for your art. Please never stop.