ranger eyes


Velcro backed Ranger eyes in Cyalume cyflect , SOLAS , GITD moonglow tape and orange reflective (US Coast guard approved ) for a good customers Tad gear Stealth hoodie for use with a UK Search &Rescue team .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

Dressing up w/ Tom

I know Halloween is long gone and I honestly wish I would’ve thought of this then but here we go!

  • “We should be Bonnie and Clyde!” You suggest
  • “No we need something that will include Haz, Sam, Harry , Y/F/N”
  • You groan, “The power rangers.”
  • His eyes lit up, “Awesome!”
  • “I didn’t really mean it-” You got cut off with Tom’s excessive planing
  • “As long as I get to be the Pink Ranger, Y/F/N is gonna have to be yellow.” 
  • “Of course. I’m gonna be the green one.” He winked. 
  • Tom showing off in his costume and doing hella flips. 
  • “Show off.” Haz says. 
  • “I don’t want to get helmet hair.” Your friend whines.
  • “Oh lets take a selfie.” You say pulling her in. 
  • “We need a group pic.” Harry says. 
  • “With the helmets on!” Sam adds
  • “If it’ll fit over your huge head.” Tom teases. 

You and Tom:

  • “You guys are fucking gross!” Harry says covering his eyes.
  • “Can you two stop!” Haz says rolling his eyes. 
  • Tom ripping off his helmet, “Oh you look sexy with your hair all messed up liked that.” You smiled, taking off your helmet. 
  • “You like?” He winks
  • “I love. I’m actually getting kind of horny.”
  • “Okay can you guys please not be that couple tonight.” Your friend begs. 
  • “We can’t help it.” You shrugged, running your hand up and down Tom’s chest and biting your lip. 
  • “You want to go make brown?” He asks.
  • “What?”
  • “Pink and Green mixed together makes like a weird brown-, You want to have sex?” He asked more straight forward.  
  • “Yeah let’s do this.” 
  • You two running back to the car to have a quickie. 
  • “Okay, let’s go beat some bad guys!” Tom clapped after you two finshed boning in the car. 

The only reason I’m doing this long imagine is because I never did anything for getting 2,000. Thanks for reading this. x

Requested by Anon #218

Rick was walking in front of Task Force X and he could hear them talking about how they are the bad guys and shouldn’t be here helping the people they torture and have fun striking fear into. Suddenly he heard a voice that made him roll his eyes “Hey Ranger Rick!” he sighed as he felt arms around his shoulders. “Where are we going exactly? I mean not that I don’t love having romantic walks with you…” Rick interrupted her and asked, “How is any of this romantic?” he stopped to look at her as she spun around in the streets with a wide grin on her face. “Well look at this place. The corruption, the chaos, the disasters that we can only think happened here. This is the most romantic place I have ever seen.” he looked at the rest of them as he saw Harley nod as she said, “I agree I wish Mr J would take me someplace like this.” Rick could only shake his head as he said, “Seriously, what the hell’s wrong with you people?” he turned to the girl spinning around and he pulled her by his side. “Y/N, will you just walk normally?” he asked clearly annoyed, she smiled and said, “Anything for you baby.” Rick felt the need to kill her because she was being so annoying “I bet that if you wanted to you could become a great bad guy like us.” the rest of the task force laughed and she glared at them. Y/N ran ahead of everyone as she saw some movement “Y/N! Come back!” Deadshot shouted, the rest of the task force ran ahead of Rick and the soldiers so they could get to their squad mate “Get back here!” Rick shouted. One of the soldiers held up his gun and aimed it at Y/N who was still running, Rick hit his hand away and shouted, “What the hell are you doing?! If we hit them we alert others that we’re here! We have to go after them!” the soldiers ran towards the task force and just as Rick saw Y/N shooting at the creatures attacking her. “Y/N!” Rick shouted, she turned to smiled at him but she shouted his name and suddenly Rick felt an electric cage trap him and his soldiers. Y/N shot one of the creatures in the head as she ran to him, she went to touch the cage but Enchantress stopped her. The rest of the task force took this as a way to escape being part of this terrible team. The ran and Enchantress grabbed Y/N and dragged her away from the cage but Y/N kept her eyes on Rick until he was out of sight. Rick sat on the floor and for some weird reason he felt like something was missing, there was a pain in his chest like there was a hole. He threw his gun on the ground and shouted in frustration because not only did he fail the mission but he also lost the most dangerous villains ever. “You’re gonna break your gun if you do that.” Y/N said, Rick’s head shot up and saw Y/N with that stupid wide grin on her face and suddenly the pain in his chest was gone “I’m here to save you my love.” she said. “You can’t get us out of here. You need the others.” he stated, Y/N feigned a look of hurt on her face before laughing “What do you think I did before I got put in this stupid team? Watch and learn.” he stared at her as she climbed up rubble of a building and she disappeared into the what was left of that building. After five minutes the electricity turned off and the cage fell apart Rick picked up his gun and his soldiers followed his lead “Ta da! Impressive right?” Y/N shouted happily. One of the creatures had a gun and shot at Y/N which caused her to gasp and fall down the hill of rubble she was on top of. Rick ran to her and picked her head up and onto his lap Y/N started to cough and she whispered, “I saved you. I guess I’m not so bad after all.” Rick shook his head and said, “No you’re no THAT bad.” Y/N smiled and closed her eyes. Rick felt pain spread throughout his whole body. “Y/N! Y/N! Wake up please!” he shouted, he put his head down and saw that Y/N opened one of her eyes. “I didn’t know you care that much baby!” she squealed happily, she sat up and kissed him then stood up and ran ahead. “Let’s go get the rest of the squad!” Rick’s feeling of disappeared as the feeling of wanting to kill her came back and chased after her.