ranger eyes


Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later

DM Forgot I'm neutral evil.

After the mayor nearly gets the entire party killed. The party manages to save the town from an orc invasion. The fighter lost an eye, the ranger lost a finger, the halfing rogue broke most of her ribs, the cleric died, the bard is unconscious and critical condition and my sorcerer made it out mostly unscathed except for the death of my crow familiar. Needless to say I’m not in a merciful mood. They are all chaotic good except me, myself and I

DM: The Mayor looks at you with thinly veiled contempt as he turns around from the window from which some of the scenic view overlooking the town is marred by smoke and a couple burning buildings. His daughter is limping and swathed in bandages. Visibly swaying her one arm obviously broken its clear that she’s teetering on death’s door as she slowly makes her way slowly to your position to exit the room to make it to the temple.

Mayor: Expecting a thank you? You have some nerve coming here alone sorcerer. You and your friends have an hour to get out of my town before I have you executed.There will be no payment.

Me: *Laughs* My friends are naive. Always looking for the good in people.They doubted me but I know it was you who opened the gates Mayor.“

DM: The badly wounded daughter slowly turns around her blade in her unbroken hand to face her father.

Me: I slowly raise my hand in a straight line targeting the daughter with the ring of the ram aiming it so both of them will be blasted out the window. “I’m just here for my pound of flesh”.

DM: Chaotic good doesn’t do spiteful murder. You will become evil for this.

OOC Me: You forget DM. I was never chaotic good. You just assumed I was.

DM: Oh shit.

OOC Me: Yep, they’re screwed.

Me: I expend three points for the maximum damage. *Rolls* an 18 targeting her and an near providence roll of 19 targeting her father in front of the window.

DM shaken: They both vanish in a horrid combination of breaking glass and terrified screaming. Its a long way down and the screaming ends with a sickening splat as its not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop at the end.

Trini and Kimberly sneak into a movie theater (because they’re power rangers why not?) and they find it full of children watching Moana. Trini complains about how it’s not some horror or action movie and Kim some how convinces Trini to stay and watches it.

For the next month Trini and Kim are constantly singing “How Far I’ll Go” and Billy is so confused and constantly asking Jason, “Where are they going? Why do they keep talking about leaving??”

Eventually, Trini and Kim watch Moana with Billy and they’re all obsessed with the soundtrack.

  • Zack: This is almost disgusting to watch.
  • Trini & Kimberly: *in unison* What?
  • Zack: I don't want to say it because then it will happen again. *jumps in the pit*
  • Trini: Seriously? He isn't gonna tell us.
  • Kimberly: I almost don't want to know.
  • Billy: *comes up from the pit* Who won the staring contest?
  • Trini & Kimberly: *look at each other*
  • Billy: *whispers to himself* Did they start a new one?

Kim: that girl’s really cute

Zack: you should talk to her!

Kim: oh, no, i couldn’t!

Zack: uh, you totally can? i’ll even help you out! tell you my secrets

Kim: really? well, alright then!

Zack: nice! ok, come here, (whispers something in Kim’s ear) got it?

Kim: yes! ok, i’m going to talk to her now,

Zack: remember what i told you!

Trini: oh! you’re Kimberly Hart, right?

Kim: yes! that is my name. it’s Kim. um (quickly glances over at Zack)

Zack: (giving her a thumbs up and smiling encouragingly)

Kim: so…. (mustering the Smoothest voice she can) ya like jazz?