My DnD character! She is a Tiefling ranger called Beefling (my nickname is Beef so one of my friends came up with the name ‘Beefling the Tiefling’ and he seemed very proud of himself, so I used it). She has a tragic backstory and so spent most of her life growing up in the woods by herself. 

 Age: 20 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 122Ibs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

 We’ve had 2 sessions so far, and all of us in my wonderful group are currently at level 4. There is a page on my blog that contains some funny stories of stuff that happened during these 2 sessions

d&d 5e ranger idea:
  • roll a gnome beastmaster and get a giant frog companion
  • giant frogs can swallow small creatures, like gnomes
  • train it to swallow you without harming you
  • construct a gnomish clockwork periscope and snorkel
  • climb into your giant frog and hide there all day every day
  • in combat, pop out and fire arrows then pop back in
  • enemies look where arrows came from but it’s just a frog
  • for bonus points, use minor illusion or ventriloquism to speak through it so everyone thinks you’re a giant awakened frog

so some dudes have been reblogging my axolotl people and tagging them with “dnd”, and it’s got me feeling inspired! I’m going to draw some of these guys as a few different dnd classes, because the thought is actually pretty cute.

First up, here’s a little axolotl ranger! Like real axolotls, her people don’t have very good eyesight, but what she lacks in accuracy she makes up for in enthusiasm.

(see more pictures in this series in my axolotl tag!)