pjo musical: the rundown

so i went to see the lightning thief with @angelicomma yesterday and um. oKAY GUYS GALS AND NONBINARY PALS LEMME TELL U ABOUT THIS MOTHER!FUCKIN! SHOW!!!! because it was SO GOOD this is just like. the short list of what i loved about it because oh my god 

prepare for the longest post ever 

  • the set was such an aesthetic? it was all very metallic like there was scaffolding and greek columns with graffiti on them? it was very chb and very nyc and overall a Blessing 
  • every time they needed to show a different location they’d do it with the lights so like there were these lights lining the scaffolding that would change color ?? in the underworld they’d flash red, yellow and orange and were made to look like fire and near the ocean theyd be blue and if they were talking about trees itd be green and! if they wanted u to focus on a certain part of the scaffolding it’d be a different light color than any of the other parts which was rad af
  • the overhead lights were used really well too like when percy was singing about being the son of poseidon or when there was water the lights would be blue and when they were in the forest theyd be green
  • there is an entire song about how they hate new jersey and how they refuse to die in the garden state. know this
  • the show was very low budget like oh my god it was great
  • they didnt make some of their own props so sally walked in once with a trader joe’s bag and also the most important bag in the world (containing the master bolt) was a fucking jansport 
  • their representation of water was just to attach toilet paper rolls to leaf blowers and turn the overhead lights blue like what even
  • they covered the first 4 rows in toilet paper at one point 
  • also they fuckin deca-casted everyone except for percy (chris mccarrell, the light of my life actually he was so good) 
  • jonathan raviv played chiron, auntie em, random chb girl in a bike helmet and braids (?), random tractor guy (?), a bus driver, a train conductor, hades, and poseidon and im probably missing someone. he had very distinctive characters for all of them not to mention horse puns 
    • “the gods are kind of dicks”
    • medusa’s eyes were just light up swim goggles
  • sarah beth pfeifer, who probably has the best comic timing ive seen ever, played clarisse, katie gardner, a fucking squirrel?, mrs. dodds, lotus casino girl, random camper assistant to mr. d, and thalia 
    • *chases annabeth down a flight of stairs with a sword while screaming* 
    • “for their sixteenth birthdays my friends all got cars. I got a fern and a mason jar!” 
  • they had the most roles and they were GREAT 
  • george salazar was such a wonderful grover and mr d oh man 
    • mr d’s whole gag was he’d kick a chair when he got pissed which was hysterical bc the camper assistant would start pouting every time and he also wanted to turn percy into a dolphin 
    • “grover, are you ever going to wear pants again?” “NOPE!” 
    • his solo song was about thalia and how he couldnt save her talk about EMOTIONAL he cried
    • dam jokes
      • we might have more drachmas if you didnt spend them on those DAM SNACKS” “HEY! IT WAS THE HOOVER DAM” 
  • let me talk about. carrie compere for like multiple hot seconds bc GODDAMN GIRL CAN SANG 
  • she was such a good sally. can she be my mom. she sang a song abt percy being special and wonderful and i got a lil teary 
    • “you saved my life, percy. It’s time i learned how to live it.” cryin g 
  • her silena was really funny? like very whiny but very funny.
    •  “every time i bring a boy home, my mom’s there in her nightie […] she steals my mascara and all my dates!” 
  • she also played sort of charon? underworld guide in this awesome gold dress (she looked SO GOOD) who smacked grover’s goat ass (?????) 
    • “you know, bringing people to the underworld isn’t my only job. I also have a band. wanna hear a demo?” “not really?” “sorry, i can’t hear you over this SWEET ASS RIFF” 
    • We got everyone! we got kurt kobain, we got beethoven. any requests?” “um, do you have josh groban?” “we will.” 
    • “being a good kid gets you nowhere at all” bruh 
  • they couldn’t have a scorpion onstage so luke just. fucking stabs percy in the back??? 
  • He was also a really funny ares and gabe!! 
  • ok and my gal KRISTIN STOKES 
    • fun fact abt me and kristin stokes ….. so we were walking in the same direction after stage door and so me and @angelicomma just walked with her….to the train…. she gave us dessert recs…… and talked about the show (she’s so salty about how rangey her big solo is but trust me she was so good on that song) and also waitress with us…. it was the best experience of all time she is so nice and cool and was wearing jurassic park leggings how rad is she oh my god
    • her annabeth? was awesome? she was witty and tough and aggressive and i was ABOUT IT 
    • she called out sexism all the damn time 
      • “annabeth, i get it. do you know how many schools i’ve been kicked out of?” “yeah, percy, but when boys mess up they get a second chance.” 
      • “hey, annabeth, who’s your dad?” “he’s a history professor.” “i thought everyone’s dad was-” “a god? that’s my mom. sexist.” 
        • longest yeah boi ever 
    • the moment where she betrayed luke at the end??? YES GIRL
  • chris mccarrell was such a perfect percy i am elated 
    • “Tartarus? LIKE THE FISH SAUCE???!!!?!?!” 
    • *swings riptide like a lightsaber while making lightsaber noises* 
    • *packages medusa’s head* “To Mount Olympus. Signed, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.” “the gods will think we’re impertinent!” “*winning smile* we are impertinent.” 
    • *pouts* “i know how to hold a sword! like this!” annabeth corrects him and he swings it “oh wow actually that’s a lot easier” 
    • in good kid he was like? running around the stage and climbing the scaffolding and shit? and i cried??? the no mom line was the WORST i wanted to actually scream and his voice is so pretty 
    • and he was so shook by his own powers oh man 
    • he was just. so good at the twelve year old thing it was fantastic he was all fidgety and Dramatic ™ god bless
    • he loves sally so much!!! all the demigods were salty af abt their parents and he was just quietly singing like “my mom loves hugs and scary movies” and i just. screamed quietly
  • there were rlly cute percabeth moments too. 
    •  percy’s knocked tf out the first time annabeth meets him (she infiltrates his dream a lil) and he sings a lil song abt how she’s beautiful and stuff and he wakes up and she’s all “YOU DROOL IN YOUR SLEEP” shook 
    • she shows up at capture the flag (percy hasnt officially met her yet) and he points at her and was just “gasps YOURE MY DREAM GIRL!” and annabeth side-eyes him hardcore and he goes “UM. THE GIRL. FROM MY DREAM.” 
    • “the god is my mom. sexist.” “NO NO I LOVE GIRLS!” annabeth is shook yet again and percy panics and is like “I MEAN UM THEYRE VERY NICE” 
      • percy gets serious side eye from luke
      • it’s great  
    • when percy gets stabbed they almost kiss and then grover RUNS ONSTAGE “HEY! here’s your ambrosia percy” goddamn it was DRAMATIC
  • im definitely missing shit but oh boy it was so so good
  • i’d kill a man for that soundtrack  
  • if you have the chance (and the money) it’s just. such an Experience and everything i could have ever dreamed of. the cast is great (and theyre all so freakin NICE s/o to kristin especially). 
  • i’d highly recommend it!!! A+ 1000/10
  • @preternaural-aura asked: I wanna see what age groups are exclusionist and in what ways are they queer/lgbt and if within exclusionists if different age groups are queer/lgbt in different ways (so if older exclusionists are terfs) and i cant remember if it was in the survey but it would be cool to know how involved in local communities exclusionists are (all of this versus inclusionists)

Sorry about the weird publishing style. Trying to answer the ask directly kept posting an empty block or just utterly crashing my page. I think tumblr doesn’t care for the amount of maths I’m doing.

So, first off, here is a link to a table of the complete age data for the questions “Do you identify as an exclusionist” and “do you identify as an inclusionist.”

The image above is a pie chart of the following data.

For those explicitly identifying as exclusionists

  • 3.1% are under 15 years old
  • 24.6% are 15-16 years old
  • 30.8% are 17-18 years old
  • 20% are 19-20 years old
  • 15.4% are 21-25 years old
  • 4.6% are 26-30 years old
  • 1.5% are 46-50 years old (Note: only one respondent identifies as exclusionist and is 46-50 years of age).

58.5% of those identifying as exclusionists are 18 years or younger. 6.1% are over 25 years of age. The single largest age group is 17-18 years old.

The image above is a pie chart of the following information:

Among those explicitly identifying as inclusionists, the following ages were listed:

  • 4.7% are under 15 years of age
  • 15.7% are 15-16 years of age
  • 19.2 are 17-18 years of age
  • 19.3 are 19-20 years of age
  • 26.8 are 21-25 years of age
  • 10.2 are 26-30 years of age
  • 2.7% are 31-35 years of age
  • 0.6% are 36-40 years of age
  • 0.2% are 41-45 years of age
  • 0.2% are 46-50 years of age
  • 0.1% 51-55 years of age
  • 0.2% 56-60 years of age

39.6% of inclusionist respondents are 18 years old or younger. 14.2% are older than 25 years. The single largest age group was 21-25 years old.

Overall, inclusionist identifying respondents had a wider range of ages with a more even spread over several age groups, and tended to be older than those identifying as exclusionists. 

The above image is a bar chart (vertical) displaying the absolute values (rather than percentages) of inclusionist and exclusionist identifying respondents based on age.

  • Under 15
    • Inclusionists: 66
    • Exclusionists: 2
  • 15-16
    • Inclusionists: 223
    • Exclusionists: 16
  • 17-18
    • Inclusionists: 272
    • Exclusionists: 20
  • 19-20
    • Inclusionists: 274
    • Exclusionists: 13
  • 21-25
    • Inclusionists: 380
    • Exclusionists: 10
  • 26-30
    • Inclusionists: 145
    • Exclusionists: 3
  • 31-35
    • Inclusionists: 38 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 36-40
    • Inclusionists: 9 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 41-45
    • Inclusionists: 3 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 46-50
    • Inclusionists: 3
    • Exclusionists: 1
  • 51-55
    • Inclusionists: 1 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 56-60
    • Inclusionists: 3
    • No exclusionists in this age range

I will make up a complete demographics table for inclusionist-identifying and exclusionist-identifying a little later on, since there is apparently a very high demand for one. For the time being, let’s look at those who identify as radical feminists, and those who hold opinions on gender identity that overlap with the prevailing opinions of radical feminists.

  • Those identifying as radical feminists also identified as exclusionists 129.3% more often than the general response pool, at 9.4% vs 4.1%.

  • Those identifying as sex work critical also identified as exclusionists 231.7% more often than the general response pool, at 13.6%.

  • Those identifying as kink critical also identified as exclusionists 153.5% more often than the general response pool, at 10.4%.

  • Those who believe trans women are not biologically female identify as exclusionists 63.4% more often than the general response pool, at 6.7%.

  • Those who believe nonbinary people are not biologically nonbinary identify as exclusionists 82.9% more often than the general response pool, at 7.5%.

In contrast, those groups identified as inclusionist:

  • Radical feminism: 13.9% less often
  • Sex work critical: 18.8% less often
  • Kink critical: 12.1% less often
  • Bioessentialism re trans women: 7.7% less often
  • Bioessentialism re nonbinary people: 7.5% less often

Overall, there is a very distinct tendency for those who either identify as radical feminists or hold popular radical feminist beliefs, to identify as exclusionist more frequently, and identify as inclusionist less frequently, than is the case in the general response pool.

And finally, this survey did not collect information on the definition of abuse, or for local community engagement, which have both been highly requested, and will likely appear in subsequent surveys.

As a Mercy Main;

This rework is horrendous.

I’ve only been playing since about mid Season 3, and I have 100+ total hours on Mercy. I have both the Huge Rez (which is a really fun yet hard to get achievement) and Group Health Plan achievements.

I have suffered some of the most insufferable, entitled players in the game, adn this ranges from DPS to Support (though… more often than not, DPS and Tank, chill, please). I have pulled off multiple of the full-five-man rezes in my time, and each one was either really hard to get or ridiculously easy to.

I am that Mercy that you should fear not seeing on the kill counter.

However, this isn’t why I’m against the rework. I love love love the concept of Valkyrie. I know my lovely heal-bird Mercy needs a rework. But this is not what we- as Mercy mains- wanted, or asked for. 

Now, those of you who think that the new Mercy rework makes them ‘actually play the game’ can eat my boot. Mercy players- and I mean the ones who earned their golden weapons and played her to perfection, the ones that would quad or quintuple res you, the ones that were truly your guardian angels that you LOVED to have on your side but HATED on the enemy- have learned to play their game exceptionally well. We know how to fight back, how to lash out, how to get that last 5-10% of our res in a pinch.

And as a heads up, I’ve never seen a single Mercy player ‘hide and res’.

I myself have hidden before. This occurs when the entire enemy team blows their ults at once and I’m not near the Graviton/Blizzard and can escape. I do this because it’s better to let them blow their ults and kill who they do before I walk in and res them to push again.

I’ve also been in the middle of teamfights where ults go off all around me and I pull off a three to four man res. (Once, a five-man, but that was because Ana nanoboosted me and I could Battle Mercy my way to my ult.)

This new res, however;

is a death sentence to Mercy due to range

is basically a death sentence for her single res

puts her even more into the fight

has such a long cooldown that the moment you wind up rezzing that one person that was valuable and then got instantly targeted/killed, that when you get back to your team, it’s still not up and you can’t rez anyone on the payload.

and puts her more in danger than ever before as she can no longer keep her range.

Her Valkyrie is AMAZING. I’ve played it on the PTR a few times, yeah, but it’s not… It’s not what she needed.

She still has no way to fight back and heal, unlike EVERY OTHER SUPPORT (Symmetra doesn’t count we all know you’re actually a defense.)

She can fly, but this escape isn’t entirely viable.

Torb now counters her even more.

Her beam still only hits one person. Just, from really far away.

Her infinite ammo is fun, it’s not hard to really aim, but there’s no… there’s no point. She either becomes a DPS superwoman, or she becomes a long-range heal monkey.

There is literally no reason to pick her anymore beyond that single, wimpy res.

What I would have LIKED to have seen is them make Valkyrie into her E instead. A five-second ability to get her out of tough spots or get to her team faster, with a thirty second cooldown. (A massive fucking cooldown, by the way, two of Valkyries and a majority of good players can get their ults up anyway) or something similar, and kept the rez or nerfed it slightly. Maybe lower the amount of health the rezzed players received (make it ¾ or ½, add to the skill that’s already required to keep the team alive post-rez).

To all of those who complained about Mercy to begin with, I say this; you’re just mad she was on the other team. I cannot tell you the amount of you people that I have met twice in a row and switched teams, where you recognized me and focused me and then flamed me for being good. For doing my job.

While you had just told me less than an hour prior, “good rez!”.

Five man rezes are not an instant PoTG steal, either. I’ve done a few that didn’t get it. I’ve done rezes that saved the game and didn’t get PoTG. 

I’m convinced, totally and utterly, that this only came about because you wish, you beg for a Mercy that is a true Guardian Angel and doesn’t charge into battle with her wimpy pistol, that doesn’t just heal/boost her duo  and actually stays with her team. And when you see her on the other team, you got angry, you got upset, and you whined about it to get your way.

You want that Mercy, and since you can’t have her, nobody can.You threw a fit, you whined and cried until the rez that you loved to receive but hated to get countered by got wiped entirely from the game. She needed a rework, but she could’ve kept the rez.

Those of us who main her, to this day I will tell you, we just want a way to fight back and heal at the same time for when that Genji or Tracer comes around back and you don’t help. Or a reliable way to escape, such as a five second flight ability to get us in the air and out of the way. Both would’ve been nice. One would’ve been awesome. A five second flight doesn’t even keep us out of the teamfight or prevent us from death-

Those Widow mains are a pain to deal with lmao-

and a reliable combat method that won’t get us screamed at for not healing would’ve been even nicer.

I’m not going to enjoy playing her anymore. Salty, toxic players will yell at me for not rezzing them when I still have a massive CD. I will have people yelling at me for rezzing x and not y even when I think X is more valuable.

“Single rez me” will become something I will wish and love to hear in the next few, tiring days before rework goes live. 

sunlitshowers  asked:


i know u guys don’t know any of the songs so i’ll explain everything i mention under the cut!!!

Song I wish was longer: Luke’s Good Kid Reprise (listen i know it’s part of The Last Day of Summer but like. It should get to exist in its own right). but if we’re talking full songs, probably Strong. 
Song I wish was shorter: The Last Day of Summer (except Luke’s part)
The one song I always skip: um there’s no soundtrack yet but i could probably go without Drive. or The Oracle. 
Song I sing the best: Good Kid is the only one I’ve tried but i sound p good i guess. I’ve also sung the only 3 words of Son of Poseidon that i know and they are right in my range god bless
Song I still don’t know all the words to: fucking….all of them. i want to know the words to my grand plan tho
Song that honestly deserves an award or five: my grand plan
Song that’s terrible but I still love: Lost! (it’s not bad at all it’s just a little cheesy haha. honestly one of my favorite songs) 
Song that’s really good but I hate: i loved them all! 
Song I think could change the world: good kid
Song I wish I’d written: the tree on the hill 

Also shoutout to other songs that were great but i didn’t mention: DOA, The Campfire Song, and Another Terrible Day! 

send me a musical!

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Gear Recommendations

I need some gear recommendations for this summer. Consider the climate to be very hot and very humid.
Looking for a  good pair of hiking shoes, lightweight pants, and shirts.
Ive got a decent northface pack already but i’m considering other options, like a good backloader in the 35L range. Also looking into a compact camera in the $250~ budget range
I know a lot of y’all have a good bit of adventuring experience, and any input is welcome.

anonymous asked:

Any tips for writing guns + gun scenes ?

Guns are ranged weapons.

No, really, people forget this one a lot. A gun, whether it’s a pistol, a rifle, or a gattling gun, is meant to be used at range. If the opposing person is within eight to ten feet from the person with the gun and the gun is still in its holster, they won’t have time to clear it before they’re reached. The advantage of the gun is distance. If your character is using their gun at close range, then they are making a mistake. If your character is pressing a semi-automatic pistol against another character’s body, then they are (usually) going to be disabling the pistol. On most semi-automatics, pressing the slide back will unseat the battery (the chamber that holds the bullet about to be fired), and it will temporarily disable the weapon.

This is actually one of the main issues with the gun as a self-defense weapon. Most self-defense situations happen within the eight foot range, usually within grabbing distance. Reaching for the gun first is a great way to get killed if they’re too close.

The gun is not some ultimate god weapon or instant win button. In all it’s types, they very effective and dangerous. However, like any weapon, they also come with disadvantages and situations where they don’t shine. This is the main reason for training with and carrying different kinds of guns, and also different kinds of weapons such as knives and training in hand to hand.

There are many different kinds of guns and they all come with their own quirks

“Guns” is a very broad term for a very large variety of weapons. When I say it, I usually think of semi-automatic pistols but really if you’re also thinking assault rifle, shotgun, black powder pistol, machine gun, or blunderbuss, you wouldn’t be wrong. This is long before we leave general categories and get into sub categories like compact, sub compact, automatic, semi-automatic, pump action, and different manufacturer. Many writers (including me when I’m lazy) will use terms like “gun”, “pistol”, or “rifle” to convey a general term and, you know, that works with characters how have no idea how to tell a Glock 17 from a Colt 1911 to a Smith & Wesson. However, if you’re writing a character who owns a gun, then they should probably know what it is.

There’s a wide range of variety amongst the different manufacturers. Not all pistols will carry the same amount of ammunition. Different manufacturers are popular in different areas of the country. While the Glocks are very popular amongst law enforcement groups in the United States, for example, each precinct has their own preferred standard. It varies, sometimes wildly.

So, do your homework.

You want to write about characters using guns, then you need to research them. Find out how they work, find out how to care for them, find out different scuttlebutt, research the different pistols you see characters using in movies and television shows. Research the history behind those weapons, see if the production staff has ever offered up any particular information on why they picked those particular ones and not others. You can use a character’s choice in their weapons to communicate character traits and their combat preferences. Source the real world information on it. That way, you can make executive decisions and you sound more like you know what you’re talking about. (You do!)

Besides, you’ll never know if you never look. One part of being a writer is the acceptance of being a student. Go through gun manuals at your library. Learn about the different kinds. Visit a gun range. Take a few lessons. You don’t ever have to like guns or approve of them, but you should make an effort to figure them out. (Yes, some handguns have a safety that’s a button, some have a switch, and some don’t have them at all.)

Never fire until it’s empty

Continuously firing until you run out of ammunition is a Hollywood trope and a mistake made by people who don’t know how guns work. You don’t drive your car until it runs out of gas. Don’t get caught trying to shoot someone with an empty gun. Also, save those magazines for later, don’t just toss them on the ground, bullets, and magazines, are expensive to replace.

Count your bullets

Your characters can’t really keep track of their enemy’s bullets (and if you’re writing from their perspective you shouldn’t either honestly, not having a full picture of what what the enemy is doing keeps them worrying and tension high), but they should try to keep in mind how many they have.

One bullet is not enough

If you’re going to shoot someone, then shoot them several times. This usually means three to five times to center mass, or until they stop moving. A single bullet is not a guarantee that they are out of the fight. People are durable, they can take quite a bit of punishment and keep going. Guns are not magic, neither are bullets. So, don’t get cocky.

The sign of skill is not in how few bullets a character needs to get their job done, it’s in how efficiently they work and how well they cover their ass. Their ability to close off alternate avenues, to lock their opponent into a predictable path, and finish them off at minimal risk to themselves. A character who is ignoring basic procedure because they think the rules don’t apply to them is an idiot. Yes, the rules still apply to them. Yes, they should probably shoot that guy or girl several times to make sure he’s/she’s down. If they aren’t doing that, then there should probably be consequences.

The bullets have to end up somewhere

So, where are they? Bullets will continue to travel until they hit something. A responsible shooter tries to ensure they don’t hit someone unintended in the process. Bullets go through walls, car doors, and plenty of other objects. Fire randomly into a crowd and you will hit someone, though probably not the one you wanted. Blow through and overpenetration are real issues. Shoot someone with the big ass hand cannon and you may end up hitting someone in the next room. It could be a friend, family member, or random stranger. Manslaughter is still manslaughter. If your character is going to shoot at a burglar, it’s best if they don’t accidentally murder the neighbor’s cat. (Or their neighbor.)

This is all a really fun way of saying: not only do accidents happen, there’s a element of random chance at play no matter who you are. As the writer try to keep track of ammunition spent and where it landed.

Don’t shoot into the sky

What goes up, must come down. Falling bullets can still kill you, protagonist or not, or anyone close to you. This is a real problem that affect real (stupid) gun owners in real life who have watched too many action movies.

If you must fire a warning shot then, please, aim at the ground. It’s safer. Shrapnel will still be a problem and the bullet could bounce, but at least your character has some idea of which direction it went.

Go to a gun range

I didn’t really become comfortable with writing guns until Starke took me shooting. Not until I actually held one (several, actually) in my hands. Practicing on different ones really hammers in the idea that they don’t all feel the same or fire the same, and how loud they are.

In the end, the best teacher is experience. Now, there may be extenuating circumstances for why you personally can’t do this but it’s something everyone should consider.

The best way to develop skill at writing about anything is to learn about it and go in with an open mind. Make an effort. You will be rewarded with knowledge.


Title: A Little Pussy Never Hurt Anyone
Ship: Sam/Dean/Castiel
Rating: Teen
Link: AO3
Word count: 1347
Tags/Warnings: Cuddling, cats, that’s about it.
Created for:
Adopting a pet 

Sam, Dean, and Castiel can’t quite agree on what the best pet is, but Castiel is pretty sure he knows best.

“Definitely a dog,” Sam hummed. He rolled over onto his left side, scooted back into his brother and latched his arms onto Castiel, burying his face in the angel’s shoulder. “Dog’s the only good pet.”

“That wasn’t the question,” Dean protested. His voice rattled low against Sam’s skin, his thick body wriggling to get closer. “What’s the best pet. Not just a good pet.”


“Goddammit, Sam - “

“I don’t get your semantics, Dean! And it’s kind of a…personal thing, anyway. It’s not - “

“It is totally quantifiable. Low maintenance, high reward, great relationship. That’s why you get a pet.”

“You’d both be terrible pets,” Castiel blurted out, half-turning in their direction, “If that’s the criteria.”

Sam snorted. “So what, objectively, is the best pet?”

Castiel didn’t answer. He hummed in thought and Sam knew sometimes not answering was worse than answering. He fell asleep before Castiel even said anything else.

A few days later, they piled into the car, the angel in the back, Dean driving, Sam shotgun. Castiel doled out mysterious directions until they were out of the town and into the country. Sam rolled down his window, breathing in the somewhat fresher air, watching sprawling farms speeding by, losing count of all the sheep and cows and horses.

“This is it,” Castiel said, eventually, and Dean turned down the crunchy gravel driveway. The house stood back on the property, faded green with a wraparound porch, screened in.

“Again, why are we here?” Dean repeated, his tone tired but with an edge of curiosity that Sam shared.

“I believe we were discussing the objectively perfect pet,” Castiel answered, swooshing out of the car with his coat trailing behind him.

All of them looked out of place in the farm but no one so much as Cas, although he walked up to the house with an ease that Sam envied.

“I can’t believe this is about the goddamned pet argument,” Dean muttered, walking beside Sam towards the front door, shaking his head a little, kicking at the dirt.

The house looked even worse up close, flaking paint and clawed up screens but it had a distinct homey vibe at the same time, something Sam didn’t get from the bunker.

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Wedding Day
Sarah Lacey Ann
Wedding Day

My brand new track ‘Wedding Day’, from my upcoming album ‘Wasteland’. I hope you enjoy, & let me know what you think (I think this song is a bit of a step up from my previous music). A HUGE thank you to @failuretoflywiththeothers for producing this song and adding a few instruments. I love you!

a wasteland of twisted train tracks and soiled plastic bags
dreams someone once had

rabbits and coffins and milk, trees nailed to death in the summertime
but my touch was always kind

send out the love tonight
church bells ring, and i’m dressed in white
oh they’re strangers now
but they still dot the town
with snow and armed crowds
but it’s my wedding day and i’m proud
nothing can stop me now

cut the grass, my haven is an archery range
i always had an arrow pushing me to the rocky terrain

poisoned black berries dripping from my mouth
and figures watching from the windows of their house

and i would run
until i couldn’t feel my feet
but i don’t have cold feet


Death to the imposters, label me the king,
My dreams could win Oscars, my niggas turned mobsters.

My white friends doctors, fatherless child,
Listen how I got this knowledge is wild.
Streets taught me, speak softly nigga watch from the crowd,
Cause any nigga that’s loud, just want attention and eventually blaow.
No fake niggas allowed in my circle dawg,
You been through half the shit I been through it’ll hurt ya dawg.
Tread softly, my nigga moving state to state running late watch ‘em,
Tryna avoid state troopers, that’s the weight watchers.

Run this dope set this cake till they say “Gotcha”,
Or till the fat lady sings, and niggas hate oprahs.
And Oprah hate niggas.
Make no mistake that we know the stake still, we hope to make over eight figures.

Slim chances, but niggas bet against the odds and who am I to criticise how, you play your cards dawg.

Cause I done beat the odds going way too hard.
I been getting slept on for way too long.
I been patiently waiting for way too long.
I been quiet dawg for way too long.
You can’t know the hustle dawg it’s way too strong.
It’s way too strong.
I said you can’t knock my hustle dawg it’s way too strong.
It’s way too strong.

Look, I never admit it, tryna get my brother acquitted,
Yo’ tell the judge I be happy to pay him off if he’s with it.
My flesh and blood, hauled off to the cell,
I search for heaven as I see him getting lost in this hell.
Headed for coffin or jail,
To never try is the ultimate fail.
But love is wanting more for someone than they want for themselves.

Deep, I guess I love a lot
Because the more I do my thang the more I feel the guilt and shame that my brother’s not.
Reminisce as we was kids screaming “Fuck a cop”.
Guess he took it serious, for me that shit was just for props.
Arms too skinny to hug the block.
I found comfort in my dreams, of things seen on the screen of fortune and fame.

Decisions, decisions, the Porsche or the Range.
I take a trip back to the 'Ville only corpses remain.
Some of them niggas still breathing but they dead inside.
Victims of a genocide.

Tears fill my eyes dawg.”

Cozz - Knock Tha Hustle (Remix) ft. J. Cole


RICE: hal, i can’t even.

PRINCE: … what’s wrong timmy?

RICE: he’s giving me these impossibly rangey melodies. whoever ends up playing this part is going to be a DEE-VAH.  no sane person will sing this 8 times a week.

PRINCE: nobody in this industry is sane.

PRINCE: and don’t feel bad for the girl who gets this part. in 40 years, they’ll be the one who you’re begging to be in your new show.

RICE: you’re right.

RICE: another nutcase in another hell.

It’s easy being cool when you’re from Manhattan. Strokes? Interpol? Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Not impressed. Try it when you’re from rattlesnakes-and-one-armed-bandit country. The Killers are from casino city - their first UK shows were advertised with the girlie- enticing strapline “Four Heartbreakers From Las Vegas” - and wrote their imminent debut album, the appropriately- named Hot Fuss, in a garage under the 120-degree dry heat of the Nevada sun.

The “Heartbreakers” tag isn’t too much of an exaggeration: they have that boy band something-for-everyone factor (long hair, short hair, big hair, shaggy hair). Singer Brandon Flowers, who also plays keyboards (like Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays), with his serious, Tarantino eyebrows, skinny tie and prowess with a five iron - he’s interviewed in this month’s Golfpunk magazine - has a certain Rat Pack suaveness. Bassist Mark Stoermer is tall and rangey, guitarist David Keuning, with his zig-zag guitar and Jagger tongue T-shirt, is the Nick Valensi of the set-up, and drummer Ronnie Vannucci, with his cartoon gurning and habit of standing up to play, is very much their Keith Moon.

They’re clearly Anglophiles, and the love is beginning to be reciprocated. Re-released debut single “Mr Brightside” is number nine midweek, and Morrissey - the Anglophile’s Anglophile - hand-picked them to support him at a recent Los Angeles show, and sat in on their soundcheck.

And all this (hot) fuss is not unjustified. The Killers have a habit of doing exactly what it says on the tin: one of their songs is called “Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll”, and that’s about the size of it. Tracks like “Believe Me Natalie” and “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” are stylish New Wave, intelligent but not verbose, emotional but not Emo. They are, as Vincent Vaughan would have put it in Swingers (the ultimate Vegas movie), so money.

—  The Independent - May 30, 2004

see i can actually truly understand an artist not drawing a thick character as thick as they’re supposed to be cos that’s currently out of their skill range

i had to learn how to draw thicker characters and it takes some getting used to but you gotta practice so you gotta start sometime

but some artists are trash and don’t wanna draw fat characters fat and only wanna draw them skinny then say its because of ~*artistic style/interpretation*~ like bitch pls u have the ability u just lazy and hateful